Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Shilla Seoul "Spring Tea Brunch" package launched

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Seoul unveiled a "Spring Tea Brunch" package right for spring.

This package is a business deluxe room products in more libraries Spring Tea Brunch Benefit 2, Wedgwood, including night Selective Gift Box 1 provides red wine bottle of welcome chocolates in room settings, outdoor Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool dry sauna benefits 2 in, free access to indoor sauna, indoor pool and fitness benefits, valet parking was free 1 circuit configuration.

Package usage period is March 1 comes to 30 April. Prices are as from ₩ 340,000 per night (tax and service charges), and proceed with the $ 20 off promotion when booking online through one website.

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LG Household & Health Care secure VDL, age-specific customer base ... Muse picked a new 3

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] LG VDL life and health were chosen Chae Jung-an actor Chun Woo-Hee, Han Seung-yeon 3 selreop a new beauty. This is a strategy to secure a wider audience.

VDL is apsewoogo actor actress Chae Jung-an, Chun Woo-Hee, Han Seung-yeon counted as a wannabe who recently finished 20-40 in selreop beauty advertising shot of a flagship product "Metal Expert VDL foundation cushion.

VDL Expert metal cushion Foundation is represented by a smooth skin and long lasting makeup foundation cushion available as possible, the existing four-color lake's it going to expand No. 10 made it possible to express a variety of skin tones. The price is 45 000.

If I did not know exactly what the skin tone or difficult to pick a color to match the color can be found under the Intel 2.0 Service provided by VDL stores.

Intel services to individual color 2.0 color matching system that cosmetic and skin problems like skin tone by custom products, we propose a measuring instrument with the color of the cap Shure products match your skin tone exactly analyzed.

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Yidiya non-stick coffee agonist, sales exceeded 100 million sticks

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] yidiya stick of coffee with coffee beans' non-Zionist "has surpassed 1 billion sticks sold.

Ediya Coffee was launched in May 2014, the non-Zionist starts falling beyond the increasing sales more than 100% cumulative annual sales volume of 100 million sticks said Tuesday.

Last May 2014 launched "non-Zionist" Followers of consumers led to a mini-size packaging of 1g coffee tailored to the drinking habits of South Koreans take a drink instant coffee in paper cups. Dwaeteumyeo relevant market 10 million sticks are sold, the cumulative sales have exceeded 100 million sticks sales increased by over 100% per year sales.

Non-Zionist has one containing roasted coffee beans directly from Ediya Coffee Institute, uses 100% Arabica beans to revive the deep flavor of the coffee. As a result of the re-gumaeyul customers in the retailer's an explanation of the high Ediya Coffee.

It has increased the lineup so that you can enjoy food and wine in particular, vary depending on the taste. Enjoying the sweetness and aroma of roasted nuts if you want to tie Caravan "non-Zionist original Americano" If you have, feel the subtle and soft flavors and crisp acidity is jegyeok a "non-Zionist mild Americano '.

In addition to the "non-Zionist dark, heavy yet smooth and boasts a Colombian beans as a base to properly blend in Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia beans in a deep, rich flavor.

May 08, 2012 are non-Zionists were first introduced in the domestic coffee shops. While sales in the country since Ediya Coffee Merchants Mart and GS25 gotta launched in October 2014, I went to widen the distribution channel. It is currently sold in a variety of sales also expanded marts and convenience stores, and online channels.

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Galleria Department Store, Premium PB 'and 494 Mei red pepper paste, soybean paste' release

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] launched the "high Mei red pepper paste, soybean paste 494 'PB New Hanwha Galleria is a tradition in the production of electrolytic six generations descended from Kyungpook 0 shares jonggajip way.

Origin of Kyungpook 0 weeks 'dry village' of this PB product boasts a clean environment that is free from contaminants, such as housing and chemicals near Sobaeksan foot placed in a clean area, where myriad Village has Jade Spring ago (全), Mr. jonggatjip third daughter-in-law of the mayor soyul night stick to the traditional hand-made methods and has been observed in the 500-year-old gotaek six generations of tradition jangmat such as miso and red pepper paste.

"Mei said 494 miso" soybean is among the finest in the country subject to evaluation 0 shares as local specialty products 'section seoktae' beans, 'said Mei red pepper paste 494' is created using a selection of apples and chili 0 shares taeyangcho specialties. Part of the soybean raw materials, especially seoktae is characterized in that a bean developed in conjunction with the National Food Research Institute in Yeongju, 1.5 to 2 times greater than normal soybean peel thin and jumped into the Nutritionally cometh taste counts.

Also made hot pepper paste is made using apples instead of 10 hours or more a permanent pepper 100% 0 shares taeyangcho jeongjedang the cauldron month syrup. The aging process is unique host Meju spawn from 500 years gotaek this adds a deep flavor of miso produces no objectionable flavor. Serve the natural ocher glaze pottery for over 100 years not correct the causes ripening through natural fermentation in maintaining a good component of Meju intact.

May 494 and miso bean paste, unlike the 1-2 years of aging in circulation on the market, after liver and separation and aging over 3 years, 3 months or kochujang through the aging process and added the depth of jangmat.

Meanwhile, Hanwha Galleria has presented the production and sale of only 330 bottles, 494 and Mei organic sesame oil and perilla 'PB products that hat a hat with sesame sesame cultivation eco-friendly organic farming in terms of Uljin North Gyeongsang geumgangsong last November. At the time of the launch limited edition products are popular enough to be caught in a week wanpan Period.

Yihunseong buyers Hanwha Galleria F & B team "existing domestic sesame oil, perilla PB ages of goods followed by ambitious product to be in the production process to find a natural environment and a skilled artisan producers Magister of the production area prepared selection on to the packaging carefully took the ball "said," we would be able to meet the country the best luxury soybean paste, red pepper paste. "

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"Change one million customers, Starbucks ... My Starbucks reviews 100 million break

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Starbucks Coffee Korea and the mobile survey "My review Starbucks' response number that progress has surpassed 100 million a year to launch. My review Starbucks is a mobile survey program conducted by My Starbucks Rewards members to order, payment via mobile ordering system in order Starbucks siren.

This particular point is part leaning attention that Starbucks is not just to collect the opinions of the customers, go out to reflect this in actual operation. Based on the mobile survey results over the last eight times to reflect customer feedback in real production or the improvement is currently about 20 cases. After every round of the survey has been conducted reflects the average 2-3 of customer feedback quickly on operations.

The many new products based on real customer feedback was released. Starbucks has introduced a 'Starbucks Card Holder (album)' that can be placed together to one end of last year, Starbucks card. Recently released without caffeine "Apple Chamomile Tea" is also a product created at the request of asking customers to develop the concept of non-coffee drink of the fruit.

Apart from bread to eat tear that contains three beans "samkong the bread ', the last color and type of Christmas since case that serves a variety of logo coin chocolate' in combination with 'All sorts of packages, the variety of snacks including also suggested customers It is based on the newly introduced products.

The sales were also asked to continue the case last year, the 'Grapefruit Honey Black Tea, available in a seasonal drink. As a result, Starbucks is switching to a permanent change Drink this beverage sales, it was able to meet in the current year Starbucks.

When ordering drinks for the view that the packaging is uncomfortable in the drive-thru store changes to functionality improved packaging, the beach was also buried. Orders can also order menu Sirens out to upgrade diversification, sustainable current electronic receipts issued on the basis of complaints and improvement ideas of many customers.

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[Weekly market funds - KOSPI 200 futures index fund leverage Hanwha top ↑ ...

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Fourth week of February leverage funds KOSPI 200 index futures are rising beat excellent performance.

According to the fund rating agencies epeuaen Guide 24-day domestic equity recorded a 1.16% weekly return of 0.08 points below the yield BM (KOSPI TR, 1.24%) and maintained a continuous positive returns in two weeks.

Active fund returns (0.97%) fell short compared to index funds (1.44%). Details to type while the chemical sector stocks active in the sluggish flow of the energy sector due to the excellent performance of leveraged funds in the stock index KOSPI 200 futures index rose 1.47 percent recorded the other showed a relatively low flow to 0.75%.

AUM 10 billion won or more domestic equity funds (excluding ETF) among the 'Hanwha 2.2 times leverage index securities investment trust (equity-derivative ingenuity foldable) Category A' of one is above the index stocks other day type yield (1.47%) 1.83% points 3.30 recorded% of yield.

Followed by 'NH-Amundi Korea twice leveraged securities investment trusts - equity - derivatives] ClassAe', 'KB Star Korea leverage 2.0 Securities Investment Trust (equity-derivative) A Class',' one UBS Power 1.5 times leverage index securities investment trust [CO-derivative] ClassC 'recorded a performance of 2.84%, 2.57%, 2.24%, respectively.

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[Weekly market fund] chindiah fund returns 2.5% pt rise ... MAS 'excellent'

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Fourth week of February chindiah fund returns last week (-0.20%) rose 2.46% points as compared to India and Hong Kong stock market is rising. The chindiah Mirae Asset Fund, India Fund that the operation was considered excellent yields.

As equity weekly rate of return is based on 24 days abroad one weeks 0.64%, according to the fund rating agencies epeuaen guide, BM yields (World-MSCI-AC WORLD INDEX FREE (KRW Unhedged), 0.28%) higher than the 0.36% points, three consecutive weeks plus a rate of return retained.

By region it recorded the details chindiah the best results with returns of 2.26%.

Followed by India, China (Hong Kong H) showed the highest rise in yield of 1.92%, 1.18% respectively. Despite the stable value of the yuan currency manipulator issues and led. Up to cement political event ahead of the state-owned enterprise reform expectations are higher standards 23 days Shanghai Composite Index posted a 0.67% increase. Indian Sex Sen index also increased significantly in January and imports and exports are recovering investor sentiment as news of the buyback TCS has contributed to the local fund performance.

On the other hand, Russia and emerging Asia, emerging Europe is -1.89% and -0.38%, showed a decline of -0.20%. As the fall in international oil prices as US crude oil inventories increased concerns Russian stock market was falling, and Vietnam VN Index was driving the poor flow of funds to emerging Asian fairy tale depreciation and distressed assets banks handle uncertainty.

International equity funds with individual records for a return of 3.24%, Mirae Asset Securities Investment Trust 1 7 KorChindia focus (stocks) Category A 'and showed excellent flow.

Following "Mirae Asset India Discovery Securities Investment Trust 1 (CO) Type A ',' Mirae Asset India Solomon Securities Investment Trust 1 (CO) Type A ',' Samsung press Burger Berman China Securities Investment Trust H [CO - ingenuity foldable] _C ' recorded a return of 2.54%, 2.54%, 2.35% respectively, it won the top.

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E-Land Retail, functional, non-caustic raised 'PB Denim Week' progress

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] to proceed with the 'PB Denim Week' E-Land Retail, which can meet a wide range of own-brand jeans than 100 branches.

The denim Week 'you can see the year SS denim trends at a glance specializing in denim E-Land Retail operating brands J. Beam, Indigo bank, Indigo kids, including Little Bren children's clothing brand staff kids, Cindy Kids, Felix Kids and total seven different brands to participate.

In this week denim jeans Adult 10,000 won ~ 3 9900 9900 10 000 won, children denim showcase the 9900 ~ 9900 2 10 000 won.

In addition, modal material that does not occur even after almost a fluffy Lycra material with excellent resilience and laundry, using a higher moisture content than the soft, cool eco-friendly materials Tencel linen than silk also increased functionality.

The first women's brand J. Beam has released eight from basic skinny fit jeans fit boot cut, straight. Body Correction effects and resiliency can meet superior Lycra denim.

Men and women casual wear brand Indigo, the bank showcase the comfortable denim products such as dark good stretch Lycra New slim mud-coated skinny and slim taper relief deupit of open-style activities.

Brent Little Junior brand in the exhaust, etc. can fit fit, comfort fit to wear the body from super-skinny to big for skinny junior child comfortable and you can buy a pair of jeans for your body type fits all. Especially it prepared a denim dress with embroidered skirt, wide range of products available, including full-coordinated denim jacket for girls.

The Indigo Kids for Kids and Toddler bank can meet the best non-caustic products such as super skinny and skinny, the gingseu.

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2.1 Net income fell 34% securities, yoy ... Self-marketing profit decline

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] net profit last year, 53 securities firms is 2 trillion the previous year fell by 34% by 1000 Lorna billion. Thats the largest self-marketing profit plunged.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) 26 days net of securities companies 53 companies in 2016 net profit of 2.1338 trillion won the previous year 3.2268 trillion won compared to 1.093 trillion won, or were 33.9% drop in. This income is also summed up last year's figure of December 30, 11 of the Mirae Asset Securities merged with KB Investment & Securities May.

Return on Equity Securities of the Company in 2016 (ROE) was 2.7% points year-on-year decrease by 4.6%. The securities ROE showed a trend of the year and 4.6% in 2015 4.1% 2014 7.3% 2016.

Last year, revenue was 434.4 billion won year-on-year decrease (-5.5%) to 7.4912 trillion won. The previous year due to reduced commission in accordance with the stock trading volume declined compared to reduce the 869.7 billion won, 19.0%.

Self marketing year profit of 2 trillion year-on-year decrease was 1.7005 trillion won (-40.9%) to 453.1 billion won. Stock-related profit fell by 224.3 billion won (-41.5%) year-on-year to 315.9 billion won, bond-related gains 3.981 trillion won to 1.2329 trillion won year-on-year decrease (-23.6%) were the main causes of self-harm sales profit decrease .

FSS side said, "The US interest rate hike after the presidential gotta switch to the rising trend in increased uncertainty, such as bonds, disposal gains or losses resulting from the reduction together."

Derivatives-related losses dwaeteumyeo 1 trillion 843.9 billion won to 243.4 billion won year-on-year to expanding the Drawdown (-15.2%), sales and administrative expenses compared to the previous year of 7.5 to 7.3132 trillion won compared to the previous year according to number of employees, salary payments reduced due to the reduced profits, etc. % it fell away from the 592.4 billion won.

The total assets of the entire company's securities was 355 trillion 800 billion won by the end of 2015 increased 344.4 trillion won compared to 11.4 trillion won (3.3%). Compared to the previous year's 4.8 trillion won debt holdings, equity holdings rose 3.2 trillion won.

Total liabilities of all securities increased by the end of 2015 is 298.4 trillion won compared to 9.8 trillion won (3.3 percent) to 308.2 trillion won. YoY selling securitized derivatives was 6.7 trillion won, Jesus debt has increased 2 trillion 300 billion won. Equity securities of the entire company rose to 47.6 trillion won late 2015 trillion 600 billion won compared to 46 trillion won (3.5%).

Johyoje FSS Financial Investment Director said "We will analyze the impact of potential risk factors, such as the US interest rate hikes on the profitability of the securities company, etc., and continually check the responsiveness of the securities of the company, market liquidity deteriorated."

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CJ Lee Jae-hyun President of Business imminent return ... March shuffled regular personnel

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] is expected to return to front-line business in the first half of the year last year, Liberation Day amnesty of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun. Even if the independent counsel investigation ends remaining variables, such as, but because the owner is desperate to return to the large global investment and M & A.

The president was scheduled to receive intensive treatment of genetic diseases and kidney transplantation adverse events in the US this winter. But a US visa delays and special counsel investigating the aftermath of the financial world, such as staying in Korea has been ready to return to management.

CJ is planning to pursue the management of return in earnest as the president somehow entered a special counsel investigation finishing phase. Itneundeda looking for a stable health of the president is because the owner needs to embark on a large direct investment and global business.

CJ makes a personnel and organizational restructuring, investment and management normalization, such as the employment rate starting from March to come.

After the amnesty of the President CJ it was troubled atmosphere due to the external environment, such as choesunsil gate. CJ is not unheard of for a normal shuffled personnel from 2013 to the investigation and trial of the President. Which was originally scheduled to greet the end of last year, was not acting in ending the external noise such as special counsel to the business community discussed the investigation expanded.

CJ this year has prepared several plans, including the return of the President to frontline management group internally. First, prepare the ammunition was more than double the 5 trillion won increase from the 1.9 trillion last year investment.

Last year, total sales of the CJ Group is about 31 trillion won, it surpassed 30 trillion won for the first time. Sales exceeded 30 trillion won this year, the CJ had to raise the sales target for Vision "Great CJ" that 2020 sales of 100 trillion won, the overseas sales target 70 percent to 40 trillion won.

The President, before 2012, CJ redemption has invested up to 2.9 trillion won in history. In 2013 the President of the redeemed 2.6 trillion won, 1.9 trillion won 2014, 2015, 1.7 trillion won in capex is a situation which had continued to decline.

Last year, CJ's actual abandonment of net all the bids and items such as McDonald's Korea Tong Yang Magic, and has received a brake on expansion. Insuga trillion won was giving up the argument of the Chinese plum amino group of companies that were expected. In this sizeable M & A decision will need repeatedly, but could not get past the drinking Kobe.

Since Independence Day Special Envoy of the President of the United States it has had close a bio-venture company Meta Ball Riggs assets acquired (11.2 billion), CJ Malaysian logistics company, Century Logistics acquisition of Korea Express (471 billion) CJ CJ. However, more than 100 billion won to date is a big deal, not the state.

CJ is shuffled personnel subsequent to year-end deferred from the last flare of management normalization next month. The personnel is expected to be made by the president before the return of the management of the maintenance organization for global business expansion with emphasis on CJ.

According to the CJ and out of the president is expected to personnel reorganization and the finished work or around April-May embark on a full-fledged business, such as visiting the sites.

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'Cheongdam-dong Lee Hee-Jin' Block ... Financial crime history can not party like investment advisory five years

If history is a violation of the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] financial future laws it will not be able to make similar investment advisory five years.

Financial Services Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service announced a "similar investment advisory and supervisory system improvement plan" that includes these details 26 days.

It had similar investment advisory business conduct multi illegal possession only two possible sales report. This financial crisis is a new reporting requirements for such disqualification finance laws violators. Similar investment advisory mandate to receive the self-check is performed wholesome pre-sales training, etc. Financial Investment Association, and the expiration date sales report periodically renewed every time it limits eligibility to five years and also sales training again.

This authority is canceled when the partial legal business conduct. However, the abolition, to change business reporting for duty, but this provision no sanctions had been doing business with some ghost companies. Check operating behavior of the monetary authorities results of the 1075 Vendor Report carriers have revealed that 26.3% of the 283 individuals who have a tricky business to continue despite the closure report to the IRS.

If you have a closure report to the IRS business registration if the erasure, who laid the legal basis to cancel the complaint ex officio, and data submission requirements breach, reported in succession three times or more violations of obligations imposed fines has on the market It is withdrawn.

Similar investment advisors will be added penalties, including criminal penalties, even imprisonment of less than 30 million won or less imposed a fine of 10 million won and less than 1 year when undeclared sales if you breach it without a legitimate reason for data submission requirements. Criminal law for undeclared similar to the current investment advisors Legislation is under review.

Business Conduct Survey transfer the operating behavior at all times supervised transition to a regular 2-3 years, and such complaints occur around the company it plans to focus on checking the illegal activities. Damage occurs to build a cooperative system with related agencies such as the police, the Korea Consumer Agency it plans to respond quickly and efficiently hagetdan.

It also plans to build even the Korea Communications Commission, Securities TV broadcasters as cooperation so that checking the illegal business conduct, unsound using regular broadcast, and the broadcast debut of the limited unauthorized indiscriminate similar investment advisors. This can be interpreted as a willingness of the authorities getdaneun just like last year, Lee Hee-Jin crisis.

Sales behavior for power bloggers, including many annual revenues are more than 100 million won Members advisors also strengthen supervision and financial authorities are also planning to conduct Lava check for the closing of the sales advisors directly and negatively signed up as a paying member.

FSC gimgihan Asset Management Director, said, "The annual 40-50 will conduct checks on the supplier Lava" and "will enable the market-friendly tort surveillance report using illicit financial reward, such as the paparazzi."

The financial authorities that promote systemic improvements are possible amendment bill is passed this year, director improvements made plans to build a rapid cooperation channels and related organizations.

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Shilla Duty Free Kids Park, welcomed the new spring wedding promotion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Duty Free Kids Park is subjected to a wedding promotions by the end of March targeting domestic customers ahead of the new spring pre newlyweds marriage.

This time promotions featuring wedding may be just wedding documents submitted offer discounts, benefits are given to the rich shop, depending on the purchase amount helps affordable than pre-marriage preparation couples.

The head office Bring proof such as wedding invitations or wedding halls offering shopping vouchers reservation certificate in accordance with the purchase price as soon as the target customer visits, including duty-free VIP card issuers can receive discounts of up to 20% of the amount. Shopping vouchers are given orders ₩ 40,000 - ₩ 60,000 each day more than $ 400, $ 600.

In addition, $ 1,000 can receive an additional $ 1500 prepaid card, prepaid card, in addition to the benefits given to regular domestic purchases purchase over $ 2000 each ₩ 50,000 - ₩ 70,000 .12 million. For customers who purchase more than $ 2000 wedding given the benefit of the final ₩ 420,000 prepaid cards.

Duty customers use the Internet also provides each couple ₩ 10,000 reserve and up to 16% discount coupon after the wedding submit documents approved and given an opportunity to issue Gold Membership provides up to 15% off.

It also presented a reserve of up to ₩ 150,000 and movie tickets bought over 300-2000 US dollars in accordance with the combined purchase couple as a gift.

Affiliates benefit from the professional wedding vendors and wedding season, according to also remarkable authentic. When the 'Wedding and Wedding Fair, customer engagement and consultation reservation for the customer ₩ 10,000 new subscribers only prepaid card that opens this weekend at SETEC, Internet Duty Free Join The Internet presents a reserve $ 50. In addition, it plans to offer prepaid cards for purchases over $ 50 ₩ 20,000 only in the honeymoon package booking customers.

Wedding invitations and wedding specialist wedding invitation card Avenue sample application through the customer will add a gift to the Internet duty-free reserves $ 50.

Silla I'Park Duty marketing teams Chong Ho Lee said, "was the wedding promotion that supports affordable shopping than the right new spring rush authentic wedding preparations showcasing" and "as well as the head office and internet point via a partnership with the wedding specialist events also, knock appreciate your interest and support of the pre-honeymoon couples as designed, "he said.

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Short-term financial transaction information, "Daily" FSC, should be reported to the Bank of Korea (BOK)

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper News] Depository or the future financial agents, etc. should be a daily, short-term financial transactions and deal with the Company's financial information for each business Financial Services Commission reported to the Bank of Korea. The report accepts that transaction information is reported on a monthly basis on a daily basis in order to systematically monitor the anomalies in the markets.

Finance Committee that 27 days notice comes from the 'legal enactments on the money market' of such information until April 10th Legislative said Thursday. Short-term financial transactions are financial transactions that expire within one year of issuance and sale of call transactions, repurchase trading (RP), certificates of deposit (CD), commercial paper securities (CP), Electronic short-term bonds (without shear).

FSC is "systematic discipline is lacking situation reflects the characteristics of money market 'saying,' short-term trading information from financial markets're being reported to the financial authorities on a monthly basis, to check the risk of the market on a daily basis and the corresponding limits there 'said the notice promoting legislative background.

This financial crisis was the intermediary depository institutions, and deal a daily, short-term financial transactions of financial institutions to report to the Financial Information above the Bank of Korea every business day. It is one of the short-term financial transactions if limited to a finance company or the like, the parties to the short-term financial transactions, there is no obligation to report if the country and the Bank of Korea.

Call transaction information, money brokerage companies, while off-RP · CD · CP · Print this Depository transaction information, transaction information intestinal RP should report the exchange. However, short-term financial transactions, financial brokerage company is not a securities depository Depository on or not via intermediaries has ever direct reports and other financial companies.

In addition, the bill is a short-term financial transactions related agencies to disclose to refine the type of interest rate and transaction information is also provided. Short-term interest rates and financial market trading information, including but some are also published today, market participants sufficient information is not being disclosed hagieneun used. In addition, some details are different circumstances that information is disclosed to each other.

This financial crisis is the over-the-counter RP · CD · CP · Print without involvement Depository two, intestinal RP related to the exchange that, while CD · CP · Shear call rates are KOFIA is, koribo, junior nose fix respectively Bankers Association It has to disclose to the Internet. Disclosure information will be disclosed by segment, depending on the shape of each transaction type for each credit rating, interest rate, transaction type, of the other, maturity and the opinions of market participants. Call your transactions and call rate, but are published by the Bank of Korea, was required to disclose information to the Bank of Korea.

Indicators for the credibility of the rates specified in the "index managed interest rates, and advice was also released and regulations. Advantage 'managed index rate "means financial transactions above a certain level in the (contract) or is an indicator that interest rate worries undermine the smooth financial transactions of economic entities calculated on break. The FSC checks this indicator to specify the rate to managed and negotiated the adequacy and reliability of the interest rate calculated based on methods and procedures, and the Bank of Korea. Specified interest rate index will also calculate and disclose management agency to manage the overall management of interest rate target indicators.

If you have two indicators calculated on the managed interest rates difficult or inappropriate disclosure process so that there was a financial crisis to impose necessary measures such as information providers, financial companies.

FSC has said "whenever there is a problem with the widely used reliability of short-term money market interest rates in such loans, by law governing the member has administrative guidance or respond to ad hoc through regular supervision events ',' short-term financial markets It announced that it would promote legislation to improve the effectiveness and reliability.

Before collecting the financial crisis, which had been raised in the opinion of two short-term financial market legislation Direction Seminar "held on May 9.

After the legislative notice period of 40 days after the regulatory and legal examination and loans from April to June and the Cabinet plans to submit a bill to the National Assembly in June.

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FSC, twice a year by expanding the branch Ombudsman ordinary session

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters] to expand the financial authorities of the two circuit by the Ombudsman ordinary meetings once per quarter in the previous quarter for an in-depth review of the agenda for such grievances and complaints of consumer protection in financial companies.

Financial Services Commission has announced a 'Ombudsman first anniversary of operating performance and future plans "included these details 26 days. FSC was launched in February last year, Ombudsman for the implementation and financial consumer protection watchdog role for financial regulation. Ombudsman may consider to seven consists expertise and financial laws voted by external recommendations manner. Current Chairman and enteric Investor Protection Foundation and held regular meetings on a quarterly basis.

In July last year, it stated Tuesday in effect, whether such sanctions in accordance with the operating regulations for a total of 565 cases Shadow Financial Regulatory scene, reviewing the results were issued to non-action comments. Deliberation about the shadow quality regulations in 46 cases eopgwon and voted.

Also consider investigating the transfer Bankers Association, Saint-Insurance Association, the Korea Financial Investment Association, the goddess Association, the Korea Exchange, the savings in form validity and excessive regulation and whether or not for a self-regulatory organizations, including the Korea Federation of Banks. 99 245 cases of self-regulation affecting citizens rights has also recommended overhaul.

Financial companies were seeking improvement through the nine meetings against 11 cases filed civil complaints anonymously via portals such as financial regulatory complaints. Based on this review, and adjust downward to 18 years of age postpaid traffic card issued only a combined debit cards, also plans to improve the website to enhance consumer convenience.

FSC japyeong side was that the financial crisis last October, performing a bridge between the two agencies seeking in-depth institutional improvement through the FSS joint meeting with the Ombudsman.

FSC official said, "we will discuss mainly the result of conduct on-site inspection Monthly Theme Support Group" and "Checking the results expected from the review process will also reflect further improvement through independent and objective vision of the Ombudsman".

In the first half of the Ombudsman it plans to open a blog, and the general public to promote reconciliation, strengthen the various anonymous reporting channels.

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Camcorder, 818 billion foreclosure property auction

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] The camcorder will auction the seized property size 81.8 billion won.

Camcorder is 27 to 28 over the two days 26 days onbideu said that the auction 818 billion items, including 371 cases of residential buildings in 26 cases, including apartments, houses in the country. This auction has been included less than 70% of the appraised value goods 226 cases.

Auction bidding should be aware of when rights for tenant is responsible for analyzing and lightness to the buyer, so be careful. Also keep in mind that the object can be canceled before the auction bid on the grounds of tax payment, delivery disabling, etc.

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[February 05 Lord savings bank fixed deposit prime rate up to 2.37%

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] February 05 showed that the main savings bank term deposits up to the prime rate increased by 0.03% points to 2.37% ww. It is a non-subscription products face non-face-to-face time deposits also increased the number of subscribers increased jimyeonseo offer high interest rates is increasing customer accessibility.

26 days FSS Financial Instruments integration compared to disclose according to the Financial Instruments at a glance ', 229' rotation of deposit (non-face-to-face) 'savings in bank fixed deposit products Pepper Savings Bank (compound interest) and the "rotation of deposit (Internet Banking smart Phone Banking) (welfare) showed the highest prime rate is the highest with 2.37 percent. This is 0.03% points higher than the prime rate up to 2.34 percent last week.

That was the next highest preferential interest rates are high commodity also pepper savings banks 'rotation deposit (non-face-to-face) "(isolated) and" Rotate deposit (banking, smart phone banking)' to (isolate) Top prime rate was 2.35%.

Pepper Savings Bank Product subscription to Internet Banking, Phone Banking Smart is possible even without visiting the branch. Additionally, the product is identical to the pre-tax interest rates and the highest prime rate no special preferential conditions.

The third was the highest prime rate is 2.32% higher. These items Anguk savings banks 'term deposits' (welfare), the true savings banks 'term deposits' (welfare), double the savings banks 'term deposits' (welfare), Oriental savings banks 'term deposits' (welfare), mobilized the best savings banks 'time deposits' (welfare), IBK savings bank was "truly praiseworthy IBK savings bank fixed deposit (compounding). Mobilize savings banks, except for the best savings banks, savings banks Anguk are all available on the Internet or smartphone subscription term deposits.

Oriental savings banks' term deposits' (isolation), double the savings banks' term deposits' (isolation), true savings banks' term deposits' (isolation), it mobilized the best savings banks' term deposits' (isolation), Anguk savings banks' periodic deposit '(isolation), IBK savings banks' time deposit savings bank IBK indeed praiseworthy "(isolation) that was followed by the highest prime rate of 2.3%.

The next highest prime rate is the best possible product to all non face-to-face Sign up 2.27%.

Its products are smart savings banks 'e- peaceful time deposits (welfare), smart savings banks' e- term deposits (welfare), Union Savings Bank 'e- term deposits (welfare), Union Savings Bank' non-regular face-to-face deposit (compounding)

More products with interest rates, preferential interest rates and terms can be found on the homepage of each savings bank 'at a glance Financial Instruments Financial instruments Financial Supervisory Disclosure integrated comparison.

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[February 05 Lord regular gold savings bank prime rate up to 4.8%

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] had five weeks to February regular gold savings bank prime rate up to 4.8%. Time deposits in most cases leave over 24 months, so you can safely roll a lump sum In terms of savings banks, BIS ratio and NPL.

26 days compared to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrated disclosure According to the "Financial Instruments at a glance ', showed that 152" Giving Savings' chief preferential interest rates of time deposits of savings banks, savings banks, equity products with the highest at 4.8%.

Equity Savings Bank BIS ratio (based on last year's third quarter) was 8.88% and was fixed loan is 6.73% or less empty. BIS ratio is expected to require more than 7% adhere to the law On capital adequacy ratio to risk-weighted assets.

OK Savings Bank was 'OK VIP gold regularly', followed by the highest prime rate to 4.6%. OK Savings Bank BIS capital adequacy ratio is 13.76%, the NPL ratio was 8.35%.

The highest prime rate of 4.5%, following a very savings bank followed its BIS ratio was favorable in both indices was 9.9%, the NPL ratio of 8.08%.

Ceram savings banks 'savings I design' is the highest prime rate was higher by 3.2% in the fourth. Ceram Savings Bank NPL ratio is 11%, BIS ratio was 9.53%.

It must provide the highest prime rate to 3 percent savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' This was followed. Must savings banks three days, but the BIS ratio favorable to 8.89% NPL ratio has exceeded 8 percent to 19.34 percent.

That was the next highest prime rate up to 2.9%. These items' regular smart savings banks' e- peaceful time deposits' and 'e- regularly Gold', a double savings banks' time deposits', we savings banks' time deposits', oriental savings banks' time deposits', for savings banks Friday, June gaeyeotda.

Smart Savings Bank BIS ratio was 11.42%, the NPL ratio was 7.68%. Double Savings Bank NPL ratio was not more than 8% to 2.53% BIS ratio was 10.58%. We Savings Bank NPL ratio is less than 6.97% yeoteuna No. 8% BIS ratio was lowest with -18.18%. In particular, we should note that it is a savings bank savings banks, regardless of our bank.

Savings banks, BIS ratio and NPL ratio can be found on the homepage of each savings bank or savings bank federation disclosure.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions are available on the "at a glance Financial Instruments Financial instruments Financial Supervisory Disclosure integrated comparison.

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Hyundai Motor, the first half of 2017. Employment Fair held

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] three days from next month, 7 to 9 days for Hyundai to come communicated to the applicants for recruitment and job information associated with the first half of employed in 2017, starting 28 days at Hyundai Motor studio Seoul Jobs held a briefing and said that 26 days conduct a live online.

The presentation adopted is that diverse and is characterized by introducing a system to provide live online for more information about caring volunteers to participate in a vibrant volunteers also employed anywhere session does not come on the scene.

Information which was conducted briefing sessions on the existing recruitment and selection of Hyundai Talent introduction as well as a place where employees and job counseling practitioners are able to obtain vivid information about how to actually do perform some duties is also provided. In addition to employing personnel for this information session is scheduled to run adopted in the form of concert talk of dividing the applicants and two-way communication and a sincere dialogue among the employees participating in each sector.

Jobs briefing schedule will be presented ▲ 7 days R & D for the start sector ▲ support eight days strategic sectors ▲ 9 days Manufacturing, S / W, Design Division order by two times and 3pm at 10:00 am every day, the whole process of modern car through the recruitment Facebook is broadcast live in real time. The adoption of a detailed timetable is available at a separate briefing session adopted a Web page.

Hyundai Motor official said, "As part of the various efforts to employ one this recruitment session is talent introduction of online live," said "we will continue the applicants, not just job seekers think of the future colleagues and continue to actively communicate."

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Granger, 2017 car won this year in Korea

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] '2017 Car of the Year Korea (Car of the Year)' Hyundai Grandeur of the honored award.

Hyundai said the past 24 days to the Korea Automobile Journalists Association of Korea awards ceremony organized by the Grandeur of the car this year in Seoul Marina (Yeouido material) won the 2017 Car of the Year Korea said Tuesday.

In addition, the 2017 year, South Korea design, the G80 is the sport of Genesis, '2017 Green Car of the Year Korea, Kia Niro has won.

Granger won the Car of the Year is the sixth generation model, launched new products under development philosophy of November last year, the best maturity. The 27 000 University launched three weeks ago and attracted a pre-contract tremendous popularity.

In particular ▲ ▲ The advanced design is further boosting the competitiveness assessment of advanced active safety features such as the Grandeur only for a well-balanced driving comfort powerful power performance ▲ ▲ ▲ best-in-class collision safety accident prevention.

Car award of this year's Grandeur of innovation and customer value as well as the pride of the Republic of Korea representative who will keep the sedan received de facto recognition across the three best car Hyundai said.

Yigwangguk Hyundai's domestic sales Division is "The Grandeur is in name only, except designs from driving performance, emotional quality to reach to all sectors in the innovation clinch" and "the future best completeness and satisfaction of calling for it to order a thorough self-innovation, the stop will not "he said award.

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Hyundai, the Sonata model, change parts exterior rendering public

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Motor is scheduled to launch early next month unveiled a rendering of the exterior "face lift Sonata (partial change) models.

The "Sonata facelift model 'rendering of the public is very unusual that Hyundai has released a rendering of the new car before the launch year (full model change) so far.

Hyundai is because the "face lift model, though it is within reason for the public to render and exterior design as well as massive applying the latest technologies and new specifications have changed dramatically in the new car sikyeotgi level. Sonata facelift model gave a shocking change to look beyond the current Sonata look under the concept of 'dramatic design changes (Dramatic Design Change)'.

Existing Sonata, while emphasizing simplicity and refinement, the new Sonata midsize sedan was reborn as a young implement a more delicate sense of beauty through feeling stressed biryegam volume.

The new Sonata is yet reflect Hyundai latest design direction applied to the new Grandeur develop further refining the 'line' of the existing Sonata was given a strong first impression, and elaborately emphasize a sense of emotional contrast to the trimmed detailing the original of the Sonata only design identity It implemented a.

Sonata facelift model design has dual to "basic model" and "Turbo models, the turbo model to get a great response from customers who have large numbers apply sporty design elements than the base models seek pleasure (Driving Fun) on the drive It is expected.

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Hyundai starts 'Radiant eksi 03 supporters' activities

That [South Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Hyundai customer communication programs in operation to reflect strongly on goods vehicles to improve feedback to hear the vibrant voice of heavy truck customers' eksi Radiant supporters 03, began formal activities announced 26 days .

The right to enforce the third year in this year 'eksi Radiant Supporters' program will put the commitment of Hyundai to be actively converged to a large truck customer feedback, starting with the 1st 50 people in 2015 100 people two groups include, but are not limited to 2016, the year three groups by selecting 150 people we are going to expand the operation scale to reinforce the supporters personnel each year.

Hyundai, as well as improvement from last 6 days 17 days over a period of about two weeks had conducted a ceremony to officially appoint a 'eksi Radiant Supporters' from 24 commercial branches nationwide by, supporters are promoting for eksi gradient over the next one years made, market reactions will convey the opinions of the various customers to grow out of the role of the prosumer eksi Radiant with modern cars.

Hyundai Motor to effectively support the activities of the 'eksi Radiant Supporters' find the site on a regular basis to hold the offline regular meetings of' Getting eksi Radiant supporters interview 'directly listen to the voice of the customer and the online "eksi Radiant supporters' own SNS It plans to raise chapter of real-time communication through the community.

Other plans to support a variety of programs including motor show and event invitations to a full activities of the 'Radiant eksi supporters. Customer feedback received through these activities are valuable when planning a three to quality improvement in all areas, from the response of the product, as well as a modern service vehicle.

Hyundai Motor official said, "In the commercial market, listen to the voice of the customer nagagetda to strengthen the overall competitiveness of commercial vehicles from product to service by communicating to the highest level."

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Ssangyong held '2017 SUV Technical Forum

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Ssangyong Motor has held the '2017 SUV Technical Forum and share the research and development achievements over the POSCO announced cooperation with 26.

Ssangyong is hosted by POSCO participated, was the forum sponsored by the Korea Society of Automotive Engineers are taught in the 'intrinsic value and the evolution of the authentic SUV' theme in the last 24 days in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Center, Cebu subject presentation in ▲-driven comparison of vehicle dynamics and performance characteristics such as safety ▲ ▲ took place for second frame weight and performance improvement through the application of next-generation high-strength steel frame SUV-type vehicles.

In particular, academic experts published, as well as provided an opportunity through the convergence of SsangYong Motor's design technology and POSCO steel technology overcomes the limitations of the existing frame structure and share synergies and including the development of a frame with the performance of the world's best practices done.

Yichangno Woosuk Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Professor traveling through the "vehicle motion characteristics and performance comparison of the drive system, located in the engine front (front engine) of the body in the FR method for driving a vehicle body to the rear wheels (rear wheel) is even weight distribution glass explained that ensure the stability and grip. In addition, mainly in the model frame (frame) to be used based on the authentic SUV explained that the noise and vibration and high rigidity frame is absorbed in the space between the road surface and the ride is excellent and quiet, and has a superior off-highway driving ability.

Professor large SUV that require off-road capability and greater traction (towing capacity) with increasing demand for leisure activities Taken together these technical characteristics and development and has made forecast to be extended frames and FR-driven.

Hanbyeonggi Hongik University Professor Emeritus, according to a passenger occupant deaths in the 'next generation frame type SUV safety of the vehicles' published analysis (frequency chadaecha accident), accident type, the incidence of Korea is shown to be the highest side-impact accident frequency different from the US passenger protection It emphasized the importance of safety aspects for the design, SUV vehicles, emphasized that consideration can be relative to the vehicle structure that can sufficiently absorb the impact energy in a collision chadaecha than regular passenger vehicles.

According to Ssangyong vehicles are designed to apply the actual next generation of frames was to maximize the impact energy absorbed through the optimal Crash box zone design, it has secured the Survival surface above the Global target in the event of a side collision itself NCAP Test in collision safety Best Rating 5 reportedly achieved star.

In particular, Lee, Hong - Woo POSCO professional researchers, according to Dr recent global environmental / safety regulations corresponding high strength for by applying advanced high strength tough to get a high ductility at the same time AHSS (Avanced High Strength Steel) This new generation of frames to match the expanding trend of lighter and he said clinch the improved performance.

Moreover, since the initial development of the next generation of newly developed frame that the two companies will cooperate to the best sag resistance (anti-intrusion) 1.5GPa-class ultra high strength steel, POSCO held by the group applying for the first time in the world to have achieved a weight reduction of greater width as innovative structural design, accident when the relative safety of the vehicle to achieve a performance that emphasized improving accompany.

Next-generation frame is extended to the ultra-high strength steel over 590MPa class world-leading 63% to the existing frame (Ssangyong model basis) through design optimization compared to the average tensile strength (tensile strength) 22%, torsional rigidity, such as improving 18% It equipped with best-in-class performance.

Thus Ssangyong Motor and POSCO is expanding its technology exchanges through a strategic partnership between the two companies to strengthen global competitiveness, and the two companies, which had already been through the Tivoli maximize the synergy of technical cooperation.

Among the current model Ssangyong has been applied to the frame and the Korando Sports Rexton W model adopted by the FR method is Chairman W Kaiser, W Rexton, Korando Sports, the Korando Turismo.

RHEE Soue-won Ssangyong Institute of Technology, said, "Ssangyong Motor holds a long period of accumulation of the SUV development expertise has showcase the world-class authentic SUV ranging from Musso, Rexton to start the first domestic independently developed waegeonhyeong SUV the Korando Family" and "next-generation frame through the perfect combination of vehicles, as well as improved marketability plan, "said the passenger and driver's opponent, and showcase the authentic SUV consideration to the safety of pedestrians

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Samsung SDI, the world's largest ESS battery supply, California

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Samsung SDI has supplied the batteries for the ESS largest area in California.

Samsung SDI has 26 days global ESS (energy storage) teamed up with the companies involved in power grid construction project that is going on in California 94Ah (Ampere Hour) cell about 700,000, the ESS battery of 240MWh (megawatt hour) It announced that it has completed the supply. This is the largest order of the ESS in the industry.

The last 24 days, California Escondido in AES Energy Storage (AES Energy Storage, hereafter AES) John-party Flower Nick (John Zahurancik) President and seojeonghwan Samsung SDI Americas President of the Corporation managing the other officials attended one of AES ESS facility opening ceremony that was in progress. AES of the ESS facility was installed in Samsung SDI's battery is approximately 400 000 to 24 containers where the battery for more than half of the volume of the ESS Samsung SDI is supplied to this project 150MWh installed.

The project by supplying batteries for the ESS ESS companies, including Samsung SDI, AES proceeds to install the facility in the form of contract which the company operates power. In particular, Samsung SDI has completed the supply 240MWh equivalent to about 70% of the total project size 350MWh. This is the power available in four households in the United States for four hours.

The ESS 240MWh of supply volume in the United States was a power point for the ESS market 590MWh last year, according to research geonteu Guinea is a scale that corresponds to the extent of 40% of the US market.

The US market is particularly strict as you do not allow the slightest error about the safety. In this market it in the United States ESS could supply the batteries for the ESS is the world's largest pool in He's received recognition Battery safety of Samsung SDI. In particular, it raised the confidence of our customers are global automotive company selected electric vehicle battery with the same product is used in the ESS.

As well as ESS is there is on average it takes about a year to supply orders from Samsung SDI has significantly shortened the duration of the project progress through a proactive collaboration from companies and order steps ESS.

Summary of the project is to supply a large electric power that replaces the ESS for natural gas power plant. In the United States, which would add to high gas generators used in the development of liquidity because it increases the power consumption in the summer and every winter replace them with ESS. The concept of using gas plants, electricity is saved when the surplus electricity produced in solar power plants were stored in a battery for Samsung SDI's ESS to surge in demand.

The ESS can get the carbon emissions reduction through the use environment-friendly energy expansion.

Samsung SDI President Joe M said it "was able to complete the battery supply for the world's largest ESS results recognized the competitiveness of Samsung SDI Battery 'saying' will contribute greatly to the California power supply stability.

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Yigyeongseop Agricultural Bank "pan-cooperatives Synergy product development spurs"

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] NH yigyeongseop Agricultural Bank said, "strengthening the pan-cooperatives and economic cooperation, including financial and affiliates will spur new synergies in product development.

26 days, according to the Agricultural Bank, told reporters yigyeongseop haengjang the past 25 days, the last great crisis with the help of a family commits cooperatives' sales headquarters in Jeju improve marketing workshop he said.

Yigyeongseop haengjang noted this year as corporate strategy 'Back to the Basic' (Let's go back to basics) through a lecture. Yigyeongseop haengjang has said the resolution "encourages staff tried to 111.1 billion won last year's surplus settlement 'and' Let's be sure to achieve 475 billion won profit target this year.

Yigyeongseop haengjang said that "global, it combines the pin-tech olwon bank, retirement planning and asset management, our strengths to possible growth projects such as building big data platform will continue to grow as a new growth engine.

Resulted in staff meetings and meals are yigyeongseop haengjang 'cooperatives all bank employees are fed up Nongshim (農 心) in the chest' 'Let's go do our best to open the "era farm income 50 million won he said.

On the other hand, yigyeongseop haengjang are scrambling to communicate with the management of the last two traveled across the country by the end of this month to start Chungcheong Province June 9 employees.

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Our bank, target youth 'Friends wibi package' launched

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - our bank has announced the release of the 'Friends wibi package "specifically for young people 27 days said Monday.

"Friends wibi package 'is the subject Only registered individual under the age of 18, it consists in goods installment of' Friends wibi Savings 'account and teller expression of' Friends wibi account.

The 'Friends wibi savings "is to choose as my cum installment or interest free installment three years, and provides a range of up to 3 years based on annual 2.5% cum installment.

Group subscriptions (more than 20 per school) or on our bank account debit registration (month over $ 50), we checked the card retention (our payment in bank account), wibi Messenger Notification Service or wibi Members join, friend suggestions, including conditions in depending provides up to 1.0 percentage points.

"Wibi Friends Passbook" is issued when combined student ID card, check account deposits and withdrawals at any time to give the finance charge waiver. It may be combined deposit over $ 50, and if we have a debit card and electronic banking transfer fee other time in our automated bank machine withdrawals and exempt from transfer fees to other banks. Also if I pay more than my month it is not ₩ 30,000 cash withdrawal fee at the time (05 times) in another automated banking machine.

Woori Bank official said that "by featuring products specifically for young people as part of our product life cycle strategies of the Bank.

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Shinhan Bank, Jeju Foreign Investment Support Center inaugurated

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Bank announced that it has launched the island within 26 days for foreigners and foreign companies for customers' Shinhan Jeju FDI (foreign direct investment) Center.

Jeju FDI center will provide specialized financial services such as foreign companies and private clients with a destination of foreign direct investment and investment immigration, real estate investment and asset management to support the early establishment of a stable foreign customers.

In particular, Shinhan Bank has also recruited experts from the Chinese for the Chinese customers.

Shinhan Bank official said that "through the center opening this FDI foreign companies and foreign customers to enter the island will be able to enjoy the best financial services.

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Listed first week of March 5 regular shareholders' meeting held

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] the first week of March 5 publicly traded company plans to hold regular shareholders' meeting.

26 days, according to the Korea Securities Depository 4, etc. in March first week in December settlement traded corporation five companies that securities markets will hold regular shareholders' meeting is gukdong including one company, KOSDAQ Sanya constraints, Virtual Tech, normal Jay LS buy.

December settlement traded corporations, including 10 of the top 2078 companies Nexen plans to complete the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting held this month.

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[Weekly securities recommended stocks · KB] SK Telecom · LG Electronics · CJ E & M

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ SK Telecom (017 670)

- Operating with a wireless network based on competitiveness and wireless subscribers, half focused on four primary industries competitiveness.

- Expected dividend yield 4%, undervalued given the improved profitability in 2017 PBR 1 baesujun.

◇ LG Electronics (066570)

-1 Operating profit year-on-year increase of 558 billion won forecast by 11%, achieving high profitability of the electronics business.

- Price rise expectations transition to profitability in accordance with the strategic collaboration with Google and the expansion of premium revenues.

◇ CJ E & M (130960)

- Net Marble IPO plan is expected to maximize the value of the company shares of the main business profitability outlook after 2017.

- Broadcasting sector growth and cost efficiency and earnings outlook upward to a turnaround in the film sector.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, Shinhan Investment Corp.] SK Telecom, Paradise, NCsoft

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ SK Telecom (017 670)

-2017 Separate headquarters in the wireless business-oriented operating income grew + 4.5% YoY expected 1.86 trillion won.

-2017 Years subsidiaries operating loss of 200 billion won forecast by 20% decrease. SK Broadband sustainable earnings improvement expected.

5G will be released based on autonomous car 'T5' in -MWC 2017.

◇ Paradise (034 230)

- Paradise City opened in April. May sales in earnest from. Operating profit in '17, '18 -95, respectively billion yuan, 22.4 billion won estimated.

- Consolidated operating profit in 2017, 2018 respectively, the expected 54.6 billion won (-16.5% YoY), 837 billion won (+ 53.3% YoY).

-12-Month forward PBR (PBR) 1.2-fold from 2011 to 2012 dropped to Chinese customers to price level growth phase seconds merit attention.

◇ NCsoft (036570)

- Lineage RK new difficulty updates after sales ranking rise. Sales of new game publishing sales ranking rise to above 6 Final blades, one is three billion won.

- Recent share price in the state has gone to the valuation burden existing games and new games, thanks everyone.

-2017-Year sales and operating profit of 1.3 trillion won, respectively (+ 31.7% YoY), operating profit of 486.9 billion won (+ 48.1% YoY) views.

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[Recommended weekly events · SK Securities] KTH · GS Home Shopping and future Company

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ KTH (036030)

- Increase exposure of viewers to the channel 'K shopping, too, expanded opportunities to use the T- commerce.

- Sales target pay-TV subscribers expanded to 19 million people.

◇ GS Home Shopping (028150)

- Check that you can continue the growth of the mobile channel to increase the loyalty strategy only to existing customers.

- Corporate strategy transfer point billings growth is likely to be converted.

-CJ O Shopping showed billings are expected to stimulate growth in TV channels, the company's billings growth needs.

◇ Future Company (049 950)

- Product and customer base that it has been diversification.

- Determined to contribute significantly to revenues when the laparoscopic surgical robot running clinical trials "Lebo kids' commercialization.

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[Instead of weeks recommended stocks, securities] Zinc · All tours and mobile appliances

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ Korea Zinc

- 4Q11 earnings are expected to meet later to achieve maximum results in normalization of margins and favorable exchange rates, third quarter 2011 earnings.

- Separate reference year guidance for sales and operating profit, respectively 4.8 trillion won (-4% yoy), 570.9 billion won (-17% yoy) as proposed.

- Guidance due to disappointing share price plunge presents a good buying opportunity as the current judgment, no need to shake.

◇ all tours

- Business package this year and expect strong things, May is likely to exceed the company's expected profitability in the high season.

-2014 Years from its subsidiaries is also structural deficit gidaedoem core earnings were free tours. The tour is free haeteum significantly reduced losses in the second half of 2016 the volume growth, improved cost ratio, a booming market, covering fixed costs.

◇ mobile appliances

- Domestic manufacturers of the above three Navigation ODM supplier and the German BMW, AUDI black box, HUD, ADAS half the genuine.

- Expected to be a full-fledged black box, HUS, ADAS sales amid growing sharply autonomous market.

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[Weekly securities recommended stocks, oil hits] KB Financial, Samsung Heavy Industries, Com2uS

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ KB Financial

-2017 Year net profit expected 2.2 trillion won, return on equity (ROE) 7.1%, SK shares greater profit growth is possible if sold.

- Hyundai Securities after the acquisition strategy continued strengthening non-banking subsidiaries, additional interest acquired KB Insurance Company.

- Share buybacks, dividend policy, expansion will lead shareholder value.

◇ Samsung Heavy Industries

-1 Quarter of that potential FLNG orders Mozambique. $ 2 billion large-scale size.

- Other Yamal LNG carriers still four measures that China and the possibility of competing orders or during 1Q.

◇ Com2uS

Summoner improved performance over jeuwo -2016 4Q10 sales package.

-2017 1Q Summoner jeuwo paid item sales growth expectations versus mode based on real-time game updates.

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As long as "living will maintain inflation ... inflation rate of 1.8%."

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] The Bank of Korea is likely to rise further as a result of checking the living water, living for some time in the future is likely to be inflation to rise further investigation was not significant, said Monday.

Price rise was recorded live last month in five years to a maximum of 2.4%. Consumer prices rose 2% in April jumped the most significant 3 Only months. The Bank of Korea went on to rise further checks climbing sharply in the life close prices and declining inflation.

According to the Bank of Korea, the recent price rises were analyzed, mainly due to institutional factors, such as supply factors, such as reduced utility rates decline concentrated seafood prices and international oil prices.

Two euros did not have a lot of future lives inflation to rise further Bank of Korea (BOK) 'concentrated seafood prices in the spring vegetable shipments, birds recover gradually stabilized influenza jinjeongse, etc., and oil prices also Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) than the current level of production cuts implemented expectations said that since determined that the probable rise significantly.

Livestock prices are variable according to the foot-and-mouth disease occurred. When the front foot and mouth disease spread yen is that pork prices to rise significantly. 2010 to 2011 foot-and-mouth disease occurs, pork prices rose 19.1% is the bar.

This year consumer price inflation was expected to "look closer for the time being as a whole geteuna level rise of 2% per year is expected to be broadly consistent with the January level (1.8%).

The Bank of Korea said, "Recent significant life right prices are likely to rise further is not big 'said' is just such uncertainty whether oil prices will remain the movement and spread of foot-and-mouth disease.

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[February 4 weeks bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News News] February 04 (excluding savings banks) Parking Bank, Kwangju Bank fixed deposit rate of return goods showed the highest year to 1.90%.

26 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments, Bonnie compare the bank fixed deposit interest rates recorded a return on average 1 ranking in Kwangju Bank deposits ssolssolhan My Cool 'is open 1.90%.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages meals) "1.80% this year and 3 above, Jeju Bank' Cyber ​​preferential term deposits (maturity payment type), this was an annual 1.75%.

4th Korea Development Bank was counted as' KDB Hi term deposits, including three products (1.70% a year), the fifth largest 'deposit in my hand,' Daegu Bank (1.66% a year).

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[February 4 weeks the bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - February 4 parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) Kwangju Bank time deposits yield products showed the highest year to 2.00%.

26 days FSS Financial Instruments integration compared to disclose the site, according to the "at a glance Financial Instruments, bank time deposits (1 year maturity, isolated, cum earned) Bonnie compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' in this annual 2.00% hit the # 1 ranking on return.

Second place was in Kwangju Bank 'smart collected regularly Gold Dream' and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' 1.70% this year.

No. 3 recorded the "Savings in my hand, and Woori Bank, Daegu Bank 'breeches come Savings' 1.65% this year.

4 is the Fisheries Bank 'Sh I made savings, including three products (1.60% a year), the fifth largest bank totaled smart cross installment, Jeonbuk (1.55% a year).

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P2P implementation guidelines according to the original bill from 27 days

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] P2P guidelines containing the personal information limits investments limit investors invested 10 million won is conducted according to the original bill from 27 days.

Finance officials said that 26 days after the consultation process, including experts from the notice last July, P2P companies, including operational, administrative map of T / F to confirm your participation P2P content and guidelines effective from 27th.

27 days based on the existing operators have completed the registration requirements for companies that require redevelopment projects such as building computer systems gotta have three months probation subject to applicable guidelines applicable from May 29th.

P2P guidelines laid down requirements that financial institutions have to determine when operating in conjunction with P2P companies, including savings banks, loan companies and banks.

Set the annual investment limit per one P2P companies for the protection of investors.

General retail investors shall not exceed a cumulative amount of 10 million won a year. Interest and dividend income is income eligible individual investors exceeded 20 million won or business and earned income exceeds 100 million won is possible to invest up to 40 million won per year.

Corporate investors and professional investors, capital market law, there is no separate limit investment.

P2P companies and the investment funds received from investors and companies have managed to separate assets. Banks, mutual savings banks, saying that the investors in the trust estate agent in such reputable institutions must deposit or trust.

P2P companies and finance companies, etc. linked to the act of participating borrowers, investors or P2P lending is limited. For example, the act of establishing direct P2P companies to raise funds for construction of own buildings is prohibited.

Act stating that the investment that misleading advertising when in possession to ensure the 'principal guaranteed', 'fixed income' investors such as investment funds which are the contents is prohibited.

The Home Page has investors including investment risk, borrower information, the estimated revenue must show a variety of information that can be easily understood.

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