Friday, March 31, 2017

Benz E220d · Le bantte Maserati recalls 350, etc.

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter - Benz E220d · E300, Maserati Le bantte was recalling 3,000 imported vehicles, including 350 exchange.

The production defects in the Mercedes-Benz Korea (State), ㈜ FM K, Hanbul Motors Co., Ltd. Korea Motor Trading, Sunny boss, Ltd. Car-motorcycle 2998 imported and sold in large - Ministry of Transportation has 31 days Mercedes was found today announced corrective action (recall).

Uther 4 Mercedes-Benz Korea, including income and sales in one E220d car is likely to have a passenger ride magnet detection system assembly failure to recognize that adult children are boarding boarding though, the air bag may not function were found. It recalled the four passenger car models such as the 489-to-multipoint E220d production from 22 December 2015 until 29 June 2016. Its Mercedes car owners from 31 days can receive a free repair (after checking the relevant parts replacement, etc.) from Mercedes-Benz Korea Ltd. Service Center.

2, and FM Kay import and sell one more car in the Maserati Le bante 350 passenger cars was found to manufacture defective engine control unit software errors, etc., intake pipe connection parts. That car owners can have from 31 March 2017 (Note) FM free repair service center in K. (software updates that parts replacement, etc.).

Citroen DS3 1.4 e-HDI passenger cars imported and sold in Hanbul Motors has revealed the fact Prize motor type is incorrectly labeled as a specification notifies failure of importers. Recall is a many-to-many Citroen DS3 1.4 e-HDI 120 passenger cars manufactured between January 23, 2012 to April 19, 2012. That car owners from April 3 2017 car registrations rebirth and vehicle registration reissue (commission can apply for Owner direct application or Hanbul Motors Co. service center in the country DMV, replacement costs in Hanbul Motors Co. It can be a burden).

2 car motorcycle if damage to the joints in the design defect of the part that connects the fuel tank and the chassis of fire potential and a power switch (sub-switch module due to fuel leakage, South Korea imported, sold Yamaha YZF-R3 in the motor trading ) it is likely to turn off the start-up was found when drainage design related failure to break due to corrosion. Recall is free of charge at the Korea Motor Trade Service Center from April 18, 2015, 8 years 2016 January 16, a large YZF-R3 such as two vehicles motorcycles 2050 production to a corresponding car owners from 4 April 2017 repair can (replace those parts, etc.).

Sunny one boss, Ltd. imported and sold in the Indian CHIEF CLASSIC including six motorcycle models is a possibility of fire due to a fuel leak was discovered when the clearance in the joints caused by defective production of the fuel hose. Recalled in June 2016 from November 07, 2013, made July to 9th Indian CHIEF CLASSIC including six vehicle motorcycle 154 is that car owners in Sunny boss Ltd Service Center on March 31, 2017 no charge can be repaired (the fuel hoses to prevent damage to the component mounting, etc.).

Land unit 'in connection with this recall its brand in and announce such a car owner corrective way by mail, the car owner before the enforcement of the recall can apply for compensation for the cost of repair, the manufacturer if the repair at his own expense the defect information' I explained said.

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Pension, Gold Award for Choi Woosu acting of the year

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] NPS is the last 30 days in Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel in Asia authoritative financial investment magazine "Asia Asset Management paper (Asia Asset Management) '' Choi Woosu smoke gold of the Year is awarded with the (Plan Sponsor of the Year) 'said the Prime Minister.

Asian Asset Management which was established in 1995 to specialize in the Asia-Pacific financial magazine, has selected the Choi Woosu organization to annually evaluate the pension fund management institution pension solvency targets, operational strategy, operational infrastructure and investment performance, including in the Asia-Pacific region.

NPS has achieved a return of 4.75% (provisional) over the last Breck Sheet, United States presidential election, including the world economic uncertainty, increasing low growth, low interest rates despite the difficult investment environment, successful fund portfolio management is based is sustainable.

Lee Wonhui Chairman acting is a "This award is an excellent Global Fund will receive an internationally recognized competence," "future, successful investment diversification strategy and operations infrastructure enhanced, including through increasing operating reliably than precious retirement funds of public long-term profitability we nagagetda, "he said.

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"POSCO urgent, non-steel businesses improve profitability," Korea Investment & Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment & Securities is the most important challenge for the 31st Posco has kept a target price of 360,000 won on the said investment to improve the non-steel business profitability BUY.

POSCO is the first consolidated interim operating profit of 1.2 trillion won to achieve the expected earnings surprise to see the market outlook or above 37.4%.

Korea Investment & Securities choemunseon researchers said, "Spread the rise of the steel part of the two major subsidiaries, including the construction of significant improvements to the driving force dwaeteuna expected," "The first quarter aspect this has changed as much out an earnings surprise due to the earnings of the subsidiary" he says.

Choi researchers are judged on the "yet to be convinced about the sustainability, but it is clear that the eliminated part acting as a weakness so far," said, "This week a positive impact, reflecting the improvement subsidiaries than-expected 2017 and the return on equity (ROE) and forecast upward from 6.2% to 6.7%, "he said.

As he followed saying, "by 2019 over the next three years a unique technology-based steel business advancement, improved non-steel business profitability between future growth promotion, group work smart screen key initiatives, such as four kinds is an important strategy," "Kwon Ohjun President of the most important challenges because non-steel businesses cited improved profitability in subsidiaries and forecasts, it is necessary to increase the interest. "

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Interest rates rose only tteoleojineunde, mortgages

All [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] lending and deposit rates of banks last month showed a downward trend. But of household loan mortgage interest rates showed an upward trend yieogan.

Bank of Korea on the 30th released by the look "of the February 2017 financial institutions weighted average interest rate, mortgage rates last month, deposit money banks (hereinafter referred to as the reference newly extended) 1 rose 0.03% points (p) than on an annual 3.19% .

Mortgage lending was 7 months consecutive rise since July last year rose from 2.66% to 2.70% in August. February figure is the highest level in two years since Feb 2015 (3.24%).

Among the additional rate hikes of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) it showed the US central bank is expected long-term market interest rates rise in the country. Total household lending rate of banks was 0.01% p a slight decline from the previous month to 3.38%. Albeit in household lending is only six months since August last year.

Each group got off loans 0.02% p, for example, savings, loans are 0.04% p General credit fell 0.05% p. Fixed-rate share of household loans in banks last month was 1.5% p higher than the previous month to 40.1%.

Decline in corporate lending was greater than household loans. Corporate lending rates are 0.11%, 0.06% is more than in January fell 3.49% p conglomerates (3.09%) p, SME (3.75%) and 0.04% p, respectively fell.

Last month, the bank received the savings interest rate fell 0.02% p to 1.49% fell for two consecutive months. Regular deposit interest rate fell 0.03% p to 1.44%.

Deposit ratio of the product of interest is greater than or equal to 2.0% was only 0.1%. Of the total lending rate (3.45%) of the bank and deposit interest rate difference was reduced to 0.04% in January than 1.96% p p. Deposit rate of non (非) bank institutions and climbed substantially, except for savings banks. Credit cooperatives also climbed 0.04% p, 0.02% p, respectively were 0.03% p to 2.03% rise mutual financial and community credit cooperatives. While the savings banks fell 0.01% to 2.11% p.

If the interest rate savings banks, but low 0.39 percent since last month to 11.36% p Community Credit climbed 0.10% p to 4.02%.

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Held "preliminary parent class' for Samsung F & M, newlyweds

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] Samsung should hold fire "preliminary parent class' at COEX targets next month on the 8th newlyweds.

The event was arranged to support a healthy pregnancy for newlyweds with gu Health Family Support Center, you can participate by anyone preparing a newlywed couple to get pregnant.

'Spare the parent class' was composed of informative lectures and health knowledge to know the parents before the pregnancy and childbirth ∙ Support Policy and Investment Strategy for the newlyweds.

It is also prepared a variety of gifts. Receive a "parent ready box" to the participants, including the pregnancy test, folic acid, multi-vitamins, etc., and may also receive prizes when winning SNS site events.

"We want to be prepared to help plan healthy children ages birth rate of the newlyweds 'reserve base class'" Meat call Samsung Fire & Marketing Planning pateujang is said "is obtained through informative lectures I hope," he said.

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CJ O Shopping, TV channels will grow out of poor standing - Shinhan Investment Corp.

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment is on the 31st TV channel, saying the escape thrive BUY on CJ O Shopping's target price was raised to 24 million.

1Q11 separate OP CJ O Shopping is expected the 38.2 billion won, up 5.5 percent from the previous year.

Shinhan Investment Park Huijin researchers can be "one-off gains reflected in the previous year (commissions reversal, etc.) pay for about 40 billion won, there is no specific one exists IF YOU operating profit" and "profit thanks to high-margin channels of TV growth it is, "he diagnosed.

Park researchers "because of sales promotion and increased commissions poor TV growth was compared to the impression width 2013 2015 Operating margin declined," he said, "This year looks positive for the TV growth rate in that pressure on commissions haejyeotdaneun less." It was analyzed.

He added, "presents a positive outlook for the hike, but fell and fixed costs are expected to decline gotta rebound Ido TV channel" "2017 commissions hike is expected 4% hike width is high," he said he predicts.

In addition to the investment point proposed a lower valuation, TV handle large rally against competitors, including commissions hike down.

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[Game companies March 2017 brand reputation - 1st Nexon, NCsoft second place, third place game NetMarble

Was analyzed in [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] Korean game company's brand reputation survey results of March, 1st 2nd Nexon, NCsoft 3 2017 above NetMarble Games.

Korea Institute has a reputation brand reputation big data analysis of 25 game companies. Since 29 February 2017 were analyzed for the domestic game companies Brands Big Data 11730642 dog until March 30, when compared to last February and dogs Brand Big Data 10307020 rose 13.81%.

Reputation of the brand is to share big data work for consumers on the brand value of the participation, communication value, social value, market value, financial value. Game corporate brand reputation index was analyzed with the participation index, media index, index communication, community index. Brand Reputation Index is the amount of dialogue in geung negative evaluation, media attention, consumer engagement and traffic, social for the brand by finding that the online habits of the consumer exerts a greater influence on brand consumption created by the brand Big Data analysis indicators It is measured in.

Samsung and Hyundai Development Consortium, Dongnae Raemian I'Park half pre-sale

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] The pre-sale in the second half of the 'Dongnae Raemian I'Park, one of Samsung C & T and Hyundai Development Collaboration.

Samsung C & T has announced plans to embark on the 31st Raemian Dongnae Dongnae-gu, Busan I'Park general pre-sale on Hot 2-dong 855-2 Street one. According to Samsung C & T official pre-sale will be between November to December.

The consortium built by Samsung C & T and Hyundai Development apartment consists of 4 floors underground and 35 stories above ground, 32 buildings, a total of 3,853 households. This will be a regular pre-sale only 2490 households in 59 ~ 114㎡.

Pool just in order to increase the satisfaction of the residents, and will house a variety of community facilities such as a screen golf, a sauna, a guest room, kijeurum.

In particular, these apartments are conveniently used, and located in a traditional residential area of ​​Dongnae-gu, Busan is already well established transportation infrastructure life.

There is one of the best in the prestigious district of Busan Dongnae district, is also expected to attract close attention of parents with young children and hakwonga one of dongnae station.

In addition, there gotta build the Lotte Department ∙ Sajik Baseball Stadium ∙ Children's Grand Park ∙ Bokcheon Museum ∙ variety of life infrastructure, offices of cultural facilities, such as the Busan High Court ∙ Busan High Prosecutors' Office, including Jinjiang Botanical Gardens as well as shopping facilities, including Lotte Mart within 2km distance.

Occupancy date is September 2020 year.

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KB Insurance, Financial Holdings and synergies expected -IBK Securities

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] was IBK Investment & Securities has given 31 days for life insurance KB synergies with KB Financial Group expects doendamyeo recommendation to BUY Target price 35,000 won.

In February 2017 net profit of KB's non-life insurance declined 12.5% ​​YoY to 25.1 billion won, fell 40.1% in the previous month bihaeseodo.

IBK Investment & Kim Jiyoung researchers dwaeteuna improvement "why profits have decreased long-term risk loss ratio and the expense ratio attributable to the rise and investment profit reduction" and "Looking at the security classification ratio general insurance loss ratio was 16.1% points YoY to 70.6% were to rise by 6.0% points compared to the previous month, "said diagnosis.

This is because it was despite a 4.8% drop respectively compared to the same month last year and last month auto insurance loss ratio to 76.4% and 5.7% of accidents line.

Kim, the researchers said, "because the long-term loss ratio was year earlier and rose 0.7% MoM, 1.2% to 86.0% while the claims of the Lunar New Year holiday in January escalated in February was the long-term risk loss ratio rose by 6.6% points." " It also increased the expense ratio was recorded a year earlier and 0.8%, respectively, compared to the previous month, 1.1%, up 19.9%, which was explained as due to a special one-off costs such as severance pay was 4.5 billion won. "

He added, "I investment profit in February this year decreased by 12.5% ​​and 40.1% YoY in the same month and the previous month to 59.7 billion won, the cumulative return on investment is the level of concern to the 3.5% level, no," he said, "compared to 9.1% last year, up 322.6 billion won the two-digit return on equity as a stable net income (ROE) is expected, the earnest KB financial stock prices due to the synergistic effect of the holding is expected and predicted. "

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LG Chem targets upward -NH Investment in quick earnings recovery trend

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] NH Investment & Securities are saying show a rapid earnings recovery trend than expected on the 31st LG Chem has raised the target price to BUY with 40 million.

NH Investment & Securities, said even brighter LG Chemical 1Q earnings doendamyeo unexpected strong outlook based on the material spreads and strong second quarter earnings as the main raw material butadiene price plunge. Following the first quarter operating profit of 768.3 billion won, the annual operating profit in 2017 increased 68% compared to the previous year was estimated to be 2.7798 trillion won, up 40% compared to the previous year.

NH Investment & Securities Huang learned researchers "electronic materials are estimated first-quarter operating profit recorded since 2015," said "the won / yen was introduced raw material prices to the exchange rate, polarizing film costs in China factory production capacity utilization rises the reduction is expected, "he said.

He added that jungyimyeo polarizing film capacity utilization rising in China as Chinese LCD module production increase, can reduce costs of transportation and the like.

Huang researcher for saying "polymer batteries and seasonality, 3G sized battery R & D investment, enhanced by cell division operating losses will continue in the energy storage device." "But the technical advantage by proceeding 3G cell development that electric cars are commonplace faster than other to maintain deemed to be significant, "he said.

He added, "Palm Hannong is half black, and QoQ operating profit growth rate in the fourth quarter for the second half deficit structure is estimated at 71.4 billion won," and "Life Sciences ago merged into enterprise-based, reflecting the first results the first quarter after the merger insolvency He had predicted that because of the fully depreciated assets will be maintained, the existing operating profit increasing as is ".

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Next month, the FSS in the banking industry, as long as the Joint Inspection

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to the Financial Supervisory Service and the Bank of Korea it entered a joint inspection of the Development Bank next month.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service and the financial sector as long as 31 days it is coming to an assessment on April 3 to 4 weeks Schedule Management Development Bank status. The banking industry under the inspection of the FSB and the Bank of Korea is only four years since 2013.

FSS periodically in the practice of the banknote management status evaluation conventional banks is two years, the national bank is back every three to four years.

The banking industry inspection FSS official said, "as long as the periodic dwaetgo also to check the time with the right quality, internal control systems of the assets or capital will be a key test subject.

In that being evaluated regularly goes to the Development Bank last year naetdaneun large losses this test has attracted attention.

Industrial Bank naemyeo a net loss of 3 trillion won by restructuring costs of shipbuilding and shipping insolvent last year recorded the largest deficit since the Asian financial crisis in 1998. Specific restructuring costs 3.5 trillion won Daewoo Marine Shipbuilding, Hanjin Shipping is a 900 billion won, STX family businesses both 5.6 trillion won, including 1.2 trillion won.

In particular, prospects rea recently treated to be made is determined by the additional support for the financial sector Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering In a perfect world than the main creditor banks and the largest shareholder of Industrial Bank Credit quality assessment has also been raised.

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Yiyongguk former stock exchange in corporate governance circles, Bo appointed Deputy Head of Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Corporate Governance information source is elected yiyongguk former Korea Exchange Stock Market Division to the new Deputy Director.

Source (CGS) held a fourteen won the last 28 Corporate Governance Conference. That at the appointed place before yiyongguk information exchange securities market in the Central Division 7 Deputy Director said 31 days

Yiyongguk new Vice President is a graduate of the Central Appeals and Keimyung University Accounting. Following the incident after the stock exchange listing in 1989 served as the team leader Korea Stock Exchange in 2007. Also in 2012, he served as the Securities Market Products Division Manager, Section 2015 Derivatives Study Center, including 2016 Exchange Securities Market Division Director Bo.

Corporate Governance is conducting such an investigation, research and ESG assessment, analysis of the Shareholders' Meeting agenda of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Financial literacy scores, the highest and 20 the lowest 50s

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] for three consecutive years the fifties highest financial knowledge scores showed that the lowest twenties financial knowledge scores.

31 days, according to the Korea Financial Results Investor Protection Foundation survey of adult men and women, despite expanding financial education and financial literacy score did not change for three years. Survey is 10,025 to 64 years, men, women, 2,530 people are investigating term week about 2 from October 13, 2014, October 2 weeks from the 30th, 2015, about two weeks from 9 November 2016, etc. It was held over.

2016 financial knowledge scores 3.15 points compared to last year, rising by 41.98 points (5.04 points out of 12 points) out of 100, but there was no big change, after 2014 showed a similar pattern back and forth 40 points.

Household financial decision maker, if inflation were basically, if you do not know also many investment risk you need to know, know how to distinguish between the rate fund investment fees and commissions were lower.

Middle and late third consecutive year 20 young people recorded the lowest score. (Out of 12 points 5.53) 50 46.10 stand point by 2016, showed a difference of about 8.2 to 20 points versus 37.89 points (4.55 out of 12 points).

Financial Investor Protection Foundation Kim Eunmi researchers to target employees from saying "establishment" 20s work around various faces financial transactions, and this lack of experience, and now urgently study the situation Building yen a challenging environment for financial literacy as a nutty like job preparation " such as the introduction of mandatory financial education explained that "to consider.

In addition, the average scores of the general financial knowledge and experience financial fraud appeared to be higher than financial fraud inexperienced person.

Kim, the researchers plan to secure and "effective" because financial literacy is high, rather high probability of being a fraud in confidence is the need for a separate finance education expansion for financial fraud prevention voice phishing, financial investment fraud. " it is also imperative, "he said.

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Two gyohyeop, Korea Cyber ​​University of Foreign co-development courses open

To develop [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] jointly with the National Investor Education Council (Chairman hwangyounggi, less investment gyohyeop) Cyber ​​Korea University of Foreign Studies (President Kim Incheol) Financial Accounting Faculty in collaboration with 3 credits majors of 'Everyday Life Financial Investment' It was launched from the first semester of 2017.

This course is mostly workers of Cyber ​​Korea University of Foreign Students Special Cooperation Program can be through team teaching of the industry's top experts for a semester learning the basic knowledge and wise investment methodology for financial investment, financial and industrial stocks / It consists of bonds / derivatives / fund / securitized derivatives and investment products and investment strategies, retirement life design through asset management and pensions.

This course is a second grade class and the number of students and courses, each professor of expertise is not boring for a week by describing the student's eye level, regardless of the grade, but fresh and evaluation of the students of informative subjects.

Faculty of investment gyohyeop Lee Heunggeun Senior Research Fellow of the course "students has led the real questions about the financial investment was wonder in everyday life," he says, "that help to multiply and manage the assets required for current and old yeoseo interesting lecture with learning enthusiasm is very high, "he said.

In addition, two gyohyeop plans to continue expanding the Academic (産 學) linking the college financial education to be held within two to three times a semester offline lectures to hear directly from experts in the financial market issues, in addition to online courses.

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Former President Park Geun-hye issued an arrest warrant, detention in prison

The arrest warrant for the [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] President Park Geun-hye was issued. It became the wavefront from the Constitutional Court is 21 days.

Prosecutors Special Investigation Division (Division of Seoul Central Lee Youngryeol jigeomjang) was arrested 31 days ago, President Park by including specific criminal law penalties weighted bribery charges.

The Seoul Central District Court River Irene warrant a dedicated judge has issued a warrant for the "main accused of the vocation and there is a reason for concern for evidence destruction and the need for redemption is recognized," said Park President.

Night President has received a specific criminal-law penalties weighted bribery (bribe third parties, including sorghum), hinder exercise of rights abuses, extortion, attempted extortion, leaking official secrets charges, including all 13 criminal charges in the prosecution.

Former President Park was a real warrant screening for about 8 hours and 40 minutes from the day before (30 days) 10 am 30 minutes evening until 7:10. Choesunsil gate of warrant Lee Jaeyong Samsung vice maximum time of the recording is suspect passed the examination time (7 hours).

31 days 4:00 a.m. about 30 minutes before completing warrant a substantive examination night the president headed to Seoul Detention Center in Uiwang the game to jail to get on the prosecution gwanyongcha.

The night before the President is subject to prosecution remains detained in Seoul Detention Center solitary along. Criminal Procedure Code the prosecutor may redeem the accused up to 20 days.

Park Geun-hye, former president was to spend the five people detained in the detention of the former third former president. Before 1995, former President Roh Tae-woo to bribery charges, former President Jeon Duhwan was imprisoned bound by military revolt and 12.12 slush fund allegations, etc.

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LG G6, lighted advertising shoot Yeouido Twin Towers standing

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics has carried out a unique lighting advertising 'G6 time, LG Twin Towers in Yeouido.

LG Electronics is exposed to the LG Twin Tower buildings used, symbolizing the 'G6' name the lights in the room until 9:00 pm April emitter 2 months from January to midnight.

LG Electronics Announces actively 'LG G6' to take advantage of the geographical advantage of the location to the river side, LG Twin Towers seen from several directions to spring outing customers.

LG Electronics has conducted a bar lighted advertising strategy using a smartphone 'G', 'G3', 'G5', 'V20' name and title of all English TV in Red 'OLED' in the LG Twin Towers before.

LG G6 is easy to handle optimal grip and the front was tight filling implementation of a large screen at the same time part 18 on the one hand: 9 aspect ratio was mounted 5.7-inch QHD + (2880X1440) 'Full Vision (FullVision)' display. In addition, it passed the 14 items such as the US Department of Defense military standard of 'MIL-STD (Military-Standard) -810G' center including waterproofing, thermal shock drop test transport (Transit Drop Test) was recognized for superior durability.

LG Electronics MC division responsible for marketing FD Kim Suyoung, managing director emphasized that "will give an interesting ad with dichroic lights to customers, strengthen the brand image of the 'LG G6' through distinctive marketing".

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Seoul, Hapjeong yeoksegwon Youth Housing Project Approved

The yeoksegwon Youth House stands in the [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Hapjeong nearby.

Seoul has designated as a corporate rental housing to promote district and approved by the Housing Business Plan for yeoksegwon youth housing projects in Mapo Seogyo said Hapjeong 31.

Its business through which the business plan is a concession received by the private sector during the last 30 days last October, according to the "Regulations on the Seoul yeoksegwon youth housing support 'special law on private rental housing, and.

Mapo Seogyo yeoksegwon youth housing projects gotta build a five-story basement, ground floor 18 to 24 on the grounds of 6735㎡ achieved a total of 973 three youth homes. Enterprise rental housing (news Tay) of 973 798 households are households, public rental housing (Happy House) consists of 175 households.

It also provides a community youth facilities, as well as to youth residential hall, library. This wide range of activities associated with youth and communities through is expected to contribute to local economies.

The project is to start construction in coming May, it will be completed in November 2019.

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SPC Group, ln Lilia merit points open

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] that SPC group is open to a casual Italian restaurant Dawley Lilia "merit points" said 31 days. Ln Lilia merit that took place in the neighborhood of 100 seats, Hyosung Harrington Square 'A Dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 2nd floor Gongdeok Station.

Ln Lilia merit points are operating as 'pub restaurant' concept to meet all of the family unit customers in and around the workers.

"Beef On The Stone ',' Royal kkareubonara", "seafood casserole Fuck Pinot Pasta ', which can be in addition to' Garden Bianca pizza, etc. ln Lilia representative Menu workers on lunch time to eat at a reasonable price" fan steak three kinds' sell.

In the evenings, you can enjoy with homemade beer or wine Buffalo Wings (8900 won), shrimp fry (8,900 won), etc. can taste a variety of the small plates menu and five kinds of homemade beer at the same time, empty the sampler (19,000), the sell.

Equipped even for the famous cloth commercial customers with ribs, rib fan steak (15,900 won), "Specialization for sale 'beef salad (15,000 won), only such merit that menu.

For the family unit customers' plump sausage pilaf (12,500 won), "operates the dongle, dongle meatball pasta (12,500 won), including a children's menu, and was equipped with a children's chair and a children's table set separately.

Ln Lilia said, "ln Lilia is riding a word of mouth equipped with 'pseudo non-Restaurant' to a reasonable price on the taste and quality is gaining popularity" and "will showcase the concept and marketing differentiated by the store's entry focused core commercial areas," he said .

Ln Lilia is an Italian casual restaurant where you can enjoy with the 'Grill (The Grill)' of Italian grilled on charcoal as a means wine gravy and grilled pizza and various pasta and steak and oven where you can enjoy the same flavor beer.

Last Since launching in 2008 Yangjae, Gwanghwamun points, SPC Square point, Itaewon points, including Shindorim D-Cube City Point, Eunpyeong Lotte moljeom, merit points, and operates a total of seven opened to sell wine and beer in the Gangnam SPC Square and IIA ' bar (bar) 'form of' bistro bar Dawley Lilia "has opened three operations.

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SK Networks leads Speedmate "good maintenance"

Preceded the [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Networks Vehicle Speed ​​Mate brand management and good maintenance campaign spurred on customer satisfaction. The excess being pointed to the problem of long-maintenance and maintenance industry is that the excessive cost issues essentially solidifying its role as a leading company in vehicle maintenance fix the plan.

Good maintenance campaign was planned in the spirit suggesting communications based on customer eye level for a vehicle maintenance area where consumers can feel a sense of distance.

This Speedmate are getting a high response driving customers to seek rational consumption by introducing a pre-quote characters to advanced services such as ship parts quotes △ △ guide mystery shoppers introduced.

In particular, through the mystery shopper scheme was introduced in April last year Speedmate is under went a step better is parallel to the transparent maintenance services spread. The customer selected as a mystery shopper vividly convey the problems and the benefits felt when visiting the store, and has performed the role of a bridgehead improve Speedmate services.

Speedmate was gatgido the time to share the last 30 days, have participated in the meetings with target customers in the Mystery Shopper strengthen the field-based service plan. Speedmate is expected to reflect a positive policy in several service sectors, including the future has a regular mystery shopper meetings, imported car maintenance and tire assemble the idea motif.

Speedmate are going to enable yet more good maintenance campaign. SK Networks said, "the vehicle maintenance industry is considered a specialized technical area has gotta recognize this limited market information, accessibility of whilst consumers" and "not just a one-off campaign practice through the fundamental mindset to improve the maintenance field, good maintenance culture he will go to make, "he said.

Speedmate roadside assistance, extended the imported car maintenance, tire distributors, auto parts exporting business to the area, based on the competencies gained through the maintenance business, and plans to offer differentiated value to our customers.

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KB Securities 20 Target 28 million won competitions held digital scale

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] KB Securities said that 31 hold 'KB Securities Digital Contest to target 20 days.

The event proceeds to the event prepared to be widely known as a digital image of KB securities brokerage, as awardees scale 112 people from a total of 28 million won prize. Choi Woosu winners will be given the opportunity of KB securities internship 3 months, depending on conditions.

"KB Securities Digital Contest is like Republic of Korea 20 all persons or possible team to support, and Digital KB Securities' as the theme slogan UCC video or non-face-to-face account opening apps' Start able 'to inform Real Madrid, Posters, Cards News recruiting content. It is possible to come online application at KB Securities asset management platform, up campaign encouraging hundred years' home until the 28th.

Winners are 1, 2, etc. are determined through online voting targeting 12 gongmojak selected through the primary internal audit. 1 including one patient, and this, ten $ 1,000 prize winnings 500 Yuan, including two of whom 300 million, 3, and awarded, Excellence 100 patients is presented a department store voucher worth $ 100.

Gimjaebong Digital Customer Director, said, "I hope the opportunity to 20 are familiar with online through this competition young customers to experience a wide range of financial services, including non-face-to-face account opening KB of digital Securities".

Detailed information about KB Securities Digital Contest will be confirmed, or contact us via the KB Securities official Facebook blog or in the 'up campaign encouraging hundred years' website.

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Korea Finance Institute, excellent instructors appointed Adjunct Professor 17 people

[Sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter Korea] was appointed as Adjunct Professor of 1,000 17 patients excellent instructor of instructors who teaches at Financial Training Center Financial Training Center on a 30-day South Korea (Director contrast).

An adjunct professor appointed time is 5 people Corporate Finance in each area as a financial expert in financial company employees, university professors, lawyers, certified public accountants, five personal finance, legal / compliance, five people, exchange one person, IB / International Finance 1 a person.

These adjunct professor is equipped with more than 10 years of practical experience and excellent teaching skills, particularly those acquired the Choi Woosu instructors teaching competency evaluation conducted by a Class A or higher in the last three years the Institute.

Financial Training Center has meantime been focusing all capacity to continue to develop and gain excellent gyogangsa For this training program to reflect the latest trends for the domestic banking industry more competitive.

It plans to have the latest knowledge and financial authority and prestige rich practical experience and actively ensuring excellent teachers with excellent teaching skills, and worthy of this commission and the excellent instructors qualified among them as an adjunct professor.

Finance Training Center is expected to continue to consistently pursue improving training effectiveness case studies and ceremonies Saturday classes, such as class participation and expanding advanced training methods with the appointed adjunct professor.

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Camcorder, 66.7 billion won scale foreclosure property auction

A 66.7 billion won scale, 648 cases of goods, including residential buildings, 83 cases, including [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] camcorder (Korea Asset Management Corporation) is from April 3 to April 5, three days onbideu nationwide apartments, with houses The public auction.

Auction items are commissioned by the auction items on your camcorder public institutions such as the tax office and local governments to collect tax arrears. The auction There are included 70% or even more than 259 cases of goods connoisseurs end users are worth seeing for your interest.

Be aware of the auction bidding rights to analyze and lightness responsibility for the tenant should pay attention to it to the buyer. Also keep in mind that for reasons including taxes, delivery may be impossible to cancel those goods auction before bidding.

New goods auction target has more details and announcements through April 5 onbideu can be found on the website onbideu 'real estate or personal property> Announcements> camcorder to seize the property.

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Watching the event, Korea Investment & Securities excellent customer invited "Lee Eun-gyeol magic '

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Investment Holdings subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities is the 30th Seoul Chungmu Art're performing a great success in the Center Theater "The ilrusyeon of Lee Eun-gyeol (The illusion) 'a bang Kiss (BanKIS) online service brand to show loyalty It had invited to the event to watch.

In the event planned as part of the diverse cultural experience events, to convey our gratitude to the excellent customer who's with last year, Bang kiss was better spot to watch the ilrusyeon performances introduced information unique directing and collaboration with a wide range of genres. After watching the show had a great time, and with Mr. magician Lee Eun-gyeol a family photo taken time.

Lee Byeongcheol General Manager eBusiness "This event was ready to put a special thanks to those who kiss bang customers. To continue the rapport with customers online will offer a variety of programs, such as cultural, leisure and experience, "he said.

For more information related to the event are invited to contact us if you kiss bang your team.

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[Obituary] yigangrok (Kyobo Securities chief researcher) Mr. mochinsang

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] ▲ bimolecular's death, yigangrok (Kyobo Securities Research Center Senior Researcher) Mr. mochinsang = 30, Busan Busanjin beomcheondong civil funeral, Room 303, balin April at 9:30 am daily. 051-636-4444

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[HR] Korea Development Institute (KDI)

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] △ Center for International Development Cooperation seolgwangeon

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This year 94% of global insurers selling plan ... M & A activity

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] came the comment that insurers worldwide mergers and acquisitions (M & A) is conducted briskly this year.

Accounting and consulting firm KPMG is among the 84% of the 1-3 cases of takeovers this year, the global insurance plans, 94 percent were diagnosed 31 days it was considering the sale of at least one gun.

According to the KPMG report, global insurers have been actively excavated and analyzed that the M & A opportunities for business innovation in a situation where the economic uncertainty continues.

KPMG said surveys such as annual sales of 1.5 billion US dollars (about 1.6 trillion won, Hanwha) or more global insurers subject to the executive 200 people conducted over the next one year M & A and corporate strategy. Asia Pacific (33%) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (33%), had responses from North America (33%), respondents sector life insurance (25%) and non-life insurance (25%) and reinsurance (25% ), others were composed of insurance brokers (25%).

According to the survey, it indicated that they are about 67% of global insurers are planning a cross-border acquisitions this year. When 55% of respondents considering that the presence in the market for less than five Currently, some insurers have response would seek business opportunities in new markets.

Where most consider as acquisition targets many countries hyeotgo the US (25%) sees, it was the Chinese (12%) followed. By region, Asia Pacific was the most common (47%), accounted for more than twice the second largest in North America (21%).

The United States provided a short-term strategy to underwriters and investors seeking a diversified global business, and predicts that Asia will provide long-term growth opportunities as a place that represents the emerging markets.

On the other hand, the magazine said this year's most significant assets ahead of Western Europe (48%) and Asia Pacific (21%) in the area to sell. The report predicts that the sale by the opportunity to experience the new capital regulatory regime (Solvent City Ⅱ) applied in most of Europe, except northern Europe last year.

Solvent City Ⅱ is a system that gained some reserves so that insurance companies are able to fulfill the obligation to pay insurance if losses occur unexpectedly, KPMG explained that insurers can not raise the capital they need these may withdraw the project.

Global insurers (62%) have either established themselves as a corporate venture capital (CVC) to drive enterprise innovation show that the planned establishment. In particular, global insurers and strengthening the corporate venture capital capacity primarily in such a way to invest in innovative technology capabilities, in fact, 54% of the responding companies established model CVC said they are investing in technology uninsured.

Samjung KPMG Financial Business Division Han Eunseop deputy is "insurance debt market evaluation system and a new regulatory environment, including new solvency regime introduced based on the Ⅱ when Solvent is competitive in also a big challenge, but raise capital soundness international financial markets, the domestic insurance companies there can as an opportunity to secure, "he said.

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Prefectural Housing, Suncheon, Jeollanam-standing public rental apartment supply three 349

That [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] The Prefectural Housing Supply Public rental apartments in the 349 three Suncheon Jeonnam ohcheondong announced one 31 days.

Suncheon five thousand global block C1 'love' sub-picture apartment is composed of B1, the ground 12 to 20 layers, only the area 6 buildings 63㎡ 63 generations, 84㎡ 286 generation, total 349 generation.

Special offer is fed to the next month 5 days, 6 days General Supply 1 rankings, seven days a regular supplier goes second priority subscription receipt. Winner announcement is expected next month, 13 days subscription agreement winners are held in prefectural Suncheon Houses to 18-20 days.

Rental price exclusive area of ​​63㎡ monthly rent is 249,000 won to 67 million won deposit and rental, charter is 130 million won. Private area 84㎡ monthly rent is 364,000 won to 86 million won deposit lease, charter is 178 million won.

Suncheon five thousand districts will be built within the vast pond 0 won only Sunchon of 1,110,000 ㎡ given Fenugreek country garden 1 Country Gardens and residential district. 1 Water symbol of clean water flowing Suncheon took emitter Dongcheon by the river.

Here's one NH-Mart, E-Mart, supermarkets and traditional local markets such as Home Plus, of course, Mega Box, it is also convenient living facilities available such as Suncheon City Hall, Suncheon Hospital.

Occupancy is expected in September 2017.

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[Obituary] Son Gapseung (GS Construction Construction Design Team Manager) Mr. mochinsang

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] ▲ Seo Deokyeop's death, Son Gapseung (GS Construction Construction Design Team Manager) Mr. mochinsang = 30, Dongjak Heukseok-dong, Seoul National University Central Hospital, one room, one day balin 6:30 a.m. funeral next month. 02-6299-2466

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4th Industrial Revolution right and need to expand investments in technology companies

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] At the turn of the 4th Industrial Revolution era of funds in the capital market growing ability is one trillion months pageupryeok of new technologies emerged opinions that need improvement.

According to the 31st Seoul Credit Rating & latest technology financial policy, as has started in earnest gotta create indirect financial center (banks loans) that credit rating reflects the company's technology skills (TCB) rating of South Korea companies. Whereas direct financing (investment type) did not have significant indirect financial scale.

Standing Sinpyeong Lee Jiyoung researchers diagnose and said, "The important point efficient capital allocation for excellent technology companies." "But today's funding environment for technology companies have any difficulties will fit a lot of development and commercialization of new technologies."

Korean technology companies have gotta limited funding means the central bank loans, financing from the capital market was vulnerable. Technology finance loan type accounted for 98.75%, dependence on indirect financing of SMEs has reached 99.6%.

TCB loans is expected to expand to 130 trillion won of its own technology through the introduction of a large bank rating system by 2019, while investment-type financial technology scale is not less than 1 trillion won in 2016 criteria.

In order to create an environment in which businesses can grow and have excellent technology funds vulnerable to financial technology companies take advantage of the technology assets it must be one trillion months. This means that you can receive timely supply of capital is needed when the technological experience a temporary liquidity crunch in excellent condition.

The document was presented Sinpyeong technology assessment bodies to cooperate with (WIPS) intellectual property (IP) Asset Securitization and evaluation linked to the serial investment.

The researchers "IP securitization has signed a license agreement for IP then transferred special-purpose corporation (SPC), and resolved by that securitization technology royalties receivable generated by them so that the consumer technology providers to recognize divergence problem with IP values ​​simultaneously there can be, "he explained.

Led by technology companies by securitization some royalty cash flow is confirmed information that enables financing through technology assets, such as patents.

Serial investment that enables the technology company conducted a restructuring assessment to receive capital supply and timely technology companies standing out that the funding from the capital markets through technology and investors to equity investments in the reasonable price on the excellent technology company a Sinpyeong side feedback.

From such researcher, he said "these investments synthetic structure when implemented become reasonable financing of technology companies available in the capital markets, will be a long-term investment culture which has excellent technology can grow to form" "Initially, the government funds it requires risk capital flows, "he said.

This is because you need time to build up confidence in the results of the market for technology assessment did not reflect directly on the existing market.

Standing Sinpyeong side if the government investment products, such as technical evaluation is reflected royalty bonds backed securities through guarantees and serial investments, subordinated investment, including for the securitization structure that can be distributed in the market, building up market confidence, risk capital, government revenue Earn money while he expected would be able to contribute to the voluntary market activation.

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KEB, Hana Bank branches Mobile branch launched online

The [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) today announced a new online virtual channels of "mobile branch" services.

Mobile branch to implement all branches of KEB, Hana Bank on the line, the new online channel to apply for credit and credit cards issued by any branch in the future without the app installed and registering process.

The new mobile branch of the release KEB, Hana Bank is capable of connecting to a variety of sources, including the URL △ product leaflet received through the △ branch staff in the smart phone in your name QR code △ KEB, Hana Bank Mobile Web Banking △ internet portal , security, media, oil, etc., than the existing bank KEB one part, and the certificate can be used without any radish.

In addition, for the first time in Korea may submit no credit assessment branch visit or faxes sent by photographing the documents you need a smartphone to, it can also apply for account opening and electronic banking services through non-branded check-facing with integration with mobile banking.

In addition, you can enjoy a variety of financial benefits, such as conventional hard-line channels and other friendly service and currency exchange rates, preferential coupons available in a variety of greetings vary over time.

Hanjun St. KEB Hana Bank's future financial groups buhaengjang is "expected to be through this KEB" mobile branch "of a bank enhanced convenience to the non-face-to-face service for customers greatly," said "We difficult guests when visiting a branch directly anywhere I will try to develop and provide a variety of services to make use of financial services in KEB, Hana bank, "he said.

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Increasing debt reduced income, household economic risk

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] indicator, the ratio of household debt to disposable income than "representing a debt burden of households (household chaebiyul) showed a nearly 180%. While household debt is increasing rapidly, the economic downturn in household incomes will fall mimihae debt repayment ability of households gradually.

Democratic lawmakers around the neck, with the (Political Affairs Committee) appeared as a result, the ratio of household debt by the Bank of Korea analyzed the announced '2016 funding cycle trends' data is skipped 29 days to 178.9%. That soared 10 percentage points from the end of 2015 169%, and 19.4% point rise over the past four years.

Chaebiyul households fell by 5.8% credit card crisis point in the early 2000s in the aftermath of 124.8% in 2002 to 119% in 2004. After rising for 12 years it has been down since 2005.

To compare the level of household debt across countries, individual net disposable income in the national accounts; utilizes your personal debt ratio (NDI less household income) compared to financial circulation trends. The official statistics of the OECD household debt has also been released through this indicator.

Poles Bank of Korea's capital circulation trends household was counted as the end of last year 1,565,810,000,000,000 won. 142.74 trillion won (10%) compared to 2015 the increase in value. Poles households rose to 95.6% of the total annual GDP (1637 4208 one trillion won).

Whereas household income was aggregated 875.3659 trillion won increase of 4% compared to the previous year. Household debt compared to household income ratio it will surge 169% in 2015, 10 percentage points to 178.9%. East indicators in household credit (1344 trillion) basis rose by 153.4%.

The higher the ratio is due to the increase in debt width keotgi much more of household income. Poles against household year increased 10% (142.74 trillion won), but household income mere increase of 4% (33.5132 trillion won). Household debt is four times more French than I increased income.

Korea's household chaebiyul is internationally very high level. The high state at least 44% points higher than the OECD 30 countries, an average 135%. Moreover, the major industrialized countries such as the US or the UK I have lowered considerably since the ratio of the width to the global financial crisis in 2008, Korea was rather rise by 40 percentage points. Since the global financial crisis, Korean growth rate of household chaebiyul is the highest among OECD countries was higher than the national bankruptcy in Greece driven.

The first around the neck Senator, "the government is coming up Jiro was rather ceiling would reduce the household chaebiyul up to 155% by 2017," he said, "Park Geunhye government increased the household poles 411 trillion won increase per household average of two debt of 12 million won for four years." he said.

The lawmakers, increasing the debt of households dependent sikigetda the match government threw a bomb in household debt, but criticized that failed completely. He stressed that the new government's example in writing 'debt' is not fundamentally change the economic policy as 'income' center must resolve household debt issue first.

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[Food & Beverage Short] Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme Donuts

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] △ Coffee and release of two blank blossom season Korea's right to 'Cherry Blossom Latte' and 'Cherry Blossom Ice Extended Bren' one day next month. Cherry Blossom Drink Edition is characterized by that all ages can enjoy the 'Red Velvet powder, rice coffee (Non-coffee) as the primary beverage. The price is based on a S size 5,800 won and 6,300 won, respectively.

△ Starbucks Korea next month will be released on the 4th of nine kinds of new products such as Cherry Blossom mugs and tumblers, water bottles, glass in stores nationwide. In addition, we are also proceeding with the event presented an Americano or cafe latte purchase of over 30,000, including the Cherry Blossom MD, excluding collaboration products next month 4 to 10 days.

△ Dunkin 'Donuts is to launch April 04 species' Donuts in spring' Donuts in two months. " New product is characterized by a donut-like "glazed in spring 'pitch lavender tart, plus a fruit and flower scents. In addition, from next month on the 1st to celebrate the launch of new products should show the app Happy Points for up to three days can buy a donut four kinds of the month at 15% discount.

△ Krispy Kreme donut is a donut Exclusive use of three kinds of tea, such as raspberry, peppermint and green tea to match the spring until May 15, one day next month. Particularly through collaboration with new products featuring "O'sulloc 'you can feel dark tea flavor. Tea time is also introduced, including new products and promotions stall Dozen Combo Set the original glazed is also configured to proceed with plans.

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"Divided base portion, Deputy Prime Minister eliminate" more democratic economic ministries reform public

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] along came the next government economic ministries organizational reform in the Democratic think tank. Split the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Financial Supervisory Commission also included the resurrection has wavelengths are expected to feretory.

Democratic seconds, re-elected lawmakers further future research institute are (director gimgisik) is the last 30 days, open the "after the Republic of Korea Presidential core Agenda 2017" discussion Moon Jae, Ahn Huijeong, Lee Jaemyeong invited hubocheuk representative meantime 10 times the field-specific discussion in the National Assembly It announced after the completion of the government organization reform Final.

Remove the 'dinosaur tissue, it called the core of the reform is linked to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the financial supervision reform.

Substrate section reform proposal was presented two.

1 is a plan to separate proposal to the Ministry of Planning and Budget and the Finance Ministry abolished the wealth base and Deputy Prime Minister. Budget Planning and Budget, in charge of financial planning and economic strategies, taxation, domestic and international monetary policy is transferred to the Ministry of Finance. Another current Finance Committee is incorporated absorbed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

2 inside a way that it separates the base unit behind the new international financial sector "Banking" financial integration above. Base unit turns to the national Ministry of Finance responsible for tax, budget, economic policy, planning and so on.

Measures to revive the Financial Supervisory Commission have also been included in the reform. Currently, there is a financial crisis has both financial oversight and policy deliberation and voting features will separate suggesting it. Up financial supervision is provided to the Financial Supervisory Service.

According to the above financial reform is the situation gotta disappear absorbed into the Ministry of Finance or the organization naejwoya financial supervision. While the FSS is expected to be enhanced phase now than when the FSC is installed on the inside.

The contents of the reform are observed to be reflected in a certain part of the commitment of the Democratic presidential candidates in the election to be decided next month without a presidential transition committee.

The Future Laboratory gimgisik chapter 'base bridle differentiate the huge dinosaur tissue and the need to reform the financial supervision system, "said said" improve departmental accountability and professionalism to meet the age requirements.

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[Outside Directors Shareholders' Meeting ⑤] senior Samsung choegyuyeon former Central Savings Bank President

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Samsung has recently conducted before choegyuyeon in "2017 General Meeting of Shareholders, the Central Savings Bank elected a new president this outside.

The new outside directors appointed at the last regular shareholders' between Samsung affiliate progressed to 24, are seven. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card 2 kill each had Newly appointed appointed a new Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS, Samsung Engineering is one outside director.

By the subsidiaries spotlight ssolrinda choegyuyeon the former Central Savings Bank President elected as a new outside director of Samsung Card. Last naeteumyeo not a central savings bank president from December 2012 to December 2015 and from March 2011 until May 2012 he served as the first 29 jodalcheongjang. The term of office of the former president Choi is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is. Samsung Card's latest addition, former chairman appointed former Ministry of Strategy and Finance Minister Kwon Ohgyu as a new outside director.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has appointed former Park Daedong Deposit Insurance Corporation President, Park Semin Graduate School of Korea University professor beophap new outside directors. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS · Samsung Engineering has appointed a new yujibeom Sungkyunkwan University College of Natural Sciences, Vice Chancellor, yujaeman before the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Special Department Part 1 examination, Seo Manho former BC Card Risk Management Vice President.

Re-elected outside directors is 17 people. Re-elected the highest number of outside directors is where Samsung SDI. Samsung SDI re rested four outside directors, including Kim Seongjae Korea University of Foreign Studies School of Business professor, hongseokju Locus Capital Partners representative, gimnando Seoul National University College of Life Sciences, Professor, Yonsei University Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Professor gimjaehui. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is.

Samsung SDS has rested re-elected to three people. The Park Jeongho Korea Electric and Electronic Engineering Professor, Yonsei University College of Business Administration Professor bakyangyeol, Hongik University Department of Business Administration Professor yijaeeun them. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2019 23 Is.

Samsung C & T, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Securities rested the election of two outside directors, respectively. Samsung C & T Korea gwonjaecheol Employment and Welfare Center jangdaljung Chairman and former Foreign Policy adviser, Samsung Electro-Mechanics gwontaegyun ago jodalcheongjang, choehyeonja Seoul National University life was again appointed professor of consumers. Samsung Securities also economic Sungkyunkwan University economics professor Kim Gyeongsu, Kim Seongjin rested before the election of outside directors Small and Medium Business Administration.

Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card was re-appointed one each by one. SHI sinjonggye Seoul National University Department of Ocean Engineering, Professor Korea, Samsung Life gimducheol Sangmyung Industrial University Risk Management / boham professor, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card rested reelection Chapter ago Busan High Prosecutors' Office Moon Hyonam and Yang Seongyong former FSS non-bank responsible buwonjangbo outside directors .

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April first week, 6,686 households nationwide 11 gotseo offer accepted

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - the first week of April (3-8 days) Nationwide apartment subscription amount is found to be 6,686 households. Doctors said that all apartments are just 31 days into accepting an offer 11 places.

Four days there will be an offer received in two places. Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) supplies the public rental housing seonpyeong Suncheon Suncheon Jeonnam the building just 3 written seonpyeongri 984. Private area and 26 ~ 46㎡, consists of 536 households. Highway entry is convenient, it is easy to move into Suncheon via Route 17 Route The residential environment is pleasant it is Dongcheon flows Dongcheon waterside park just next to it.

5 days to accept the offer in four places. The best pre-sale and building a new city the best international Godeok punggyeongchae central building in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province seojeongdong Godeok international new city block A17. Only 84 ~ 99㎡ 1,022 households. Godeok International New City is rich hinterland demand for Samsung Electronics semiconductor plant, the world's largest subjected. The primary and secondary school grounds nearby and can walk you can use the central business district.

Taeyoung E & C, Hyosung and pre-sale of Metro City seokjeon to jointly redevelop the area seokjeondong seokjeon 1 Masanhoewon-gu Changwon. General pre-sale of a total of 1,763 households is 1,019 households. The Shinsegae Department Store, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, living facilities and bukseongcho stone seconds ∙ ∙ ∙ uneducated uneducated Girls' Middle School Haunted Haunted ∙ one day school facilities abound.

6, it should accept the offer in four places. Daelim is the pre-sale and e comfortable world Yangzhou New City in Gyeonggi Province Yangju third building block A15 okjeongdong okjeong earth. Only area and 66 ~ 894㎡, consists of a 1566 households.

7 days to accept the offer in the first place. The pre-sale of residential Officetel e comfortable world city cut band Samho the building in Incheon Nam yonghyeondong 665-19.

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Shinhan geumtu, the first real estate fund IPO "Nine Tree 'below ... In 10000000000

Side [South Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporters] to the poor offer of this was high Shinhan BNPP Nine Tree Real Estate Investment Trust 'attention to the first real estate IPO Fund Shinhan Investment Shinhan was below the amount in determining its own equity investments for about 100 million.

31 days, according to the financial investment industry, Shinhan Investment has almost completed a 365 billion won recruits for the result of recruiting "Nine Tree Realty IPO Fund from the last 23 to 28 from a total of recruiting amount of 46.5 billion won about 100 billion won its own funds said the decision to put.

Than previously Aegis Asset Management and Korea Investment & Securities, one asset management, real estate IPO funds of Mirae Asset wanpan they came out somewhat different results.

"Nine Tree Premier Hotel" is a brand of professional Large Business Enterprise Montparnasse business hotel consists of a total of 408 rooms, located in Myeong-dong. Signed a long-term lease agreement with a total of 20 years of the scheme raised the minimum investment security through a guaranteed annual rent of 6 billion won, it is likely that investments Opening ceremony due to the recent situation of Saad and China.

"Nine Tree Realty IPO Fund is to complement the seven-year ban redemption fund type the minimum subscription amount is 5,000,000 won a total of 0.52%, lien fee of 2%. Expected rate of return is 5% a year.

Due to Saad Revenge of China in recent years, the hotel industry Duty sales were hit. For the Chinese tourists to be the main target customers of Myeongdong one business hotel was also close to the maximum 30% reduction.

Industry official said, "The recent real estate funds are popular, but other wanpan the funds were overseas real estate," he said.

In addition, the Nine Tree Fund explained that due to a side Shinhan Investment Shinhan conservative about investment risk rating is high risk with first-class development as such.

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18 adverse market withdrawal Korea 3M "Automotive coatings, etc.

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] gotta human body harmful substances detected in the over-18 Company Products 3M Korea, have manufactured, such as the Bulls won for household chemical products are withdrawn from the market measures.

Ministry announced on the 30th that coatings, such as deodorants concerns stop selling 18 products in violation of safety standards, the results survey of 785 product-recovery command for action.

The Ministry of Environment has issued a number of preferential Bar command on 28 products ahead of a January safety standard violations are identified.

Family in violation of the safety criteria is six coatings, three air fresheners, deodorants three, two adhesives, one detergent, one Kim Seorim agent, de-objects, one dye, one including both the disinfecting agent 18 fold.

Coatings for car imports from Korea 3M 'G4016 Supreme Shine' and '3M powerful Coatings, Liquid Wax' was in excess of 3.08 times the formaldehyde the threshold (0.005%), respectively, and 3.7-fold.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen when inhaled it into a substance that can cause shortness of breath, asthma, chronic bronchitis symptoms.

In addition a deodorant Paula Family with air conditioning, heater easy takeover, production was detected in the Bulls won the figure was 17.3 times greater than the reference value IPBC (0.0008% or less) in the production in the previous self-examination. IPBC is a toxic substance which causes severe damage to the case of the skin and the cornea and blindness.

Products that exceed the threshold gotta have a product barcode registration system will stop selling the products sold off in large national retail stores and online shopping for.

Consumers who have the recalled product may contact you in the production and import company customer center of the product can be exchanged, refunded.

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Lotte 50th ... "100 years company become a new growth '

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Confectionery has celebrated the 50th anniversary.

The company started business in earnest Shin Kyuk-ho Lotte Group Executive Chairman and Korea were established on April 3, 1967.

Lotte had the 50 anniversary ceremony at Lotte Kim Yongsu, CEO and Lee Jaehyeok Chapter Food BU, located in one of more than 200 employees attended the 31st Yangpyeong-dong, Seoul headquarters.

Wednesday 50th anniversary has opened a photo exhibition to see the 50-year-old Lotte glance at the first floor and the seventh floor auditorium. Further progress was also recognition and awards for 35 years geunsokja and excellent temples and excellent distributor.

Kim Yongsu Lotte CEO through ginyeomsa "provisions in the last 50 years of Lotte Confectionery, innovation and challenge" and emphasized the "qualitative growth" for the future 50 years "and" the social value of the company and the new growth engines and by directing the future value through hope Lotte confectionery 100 years as a company, "he said.

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This year is extended as long as the financial network closed one hour

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] Bank of Korea plans to extend one hour to 6:30 a hefty payment system, as long as the net financial deadlines at 5:30 pm this year.

The Bank of Korea is expected to decrease 31 days' intended for Funding convenience of a financial institution 'in the' 2016 Year Payment Report "said," the payment deadlock possibility of the closing time payment concentrate lowered as long as the financial network operating risks "he said.

Meanwhile, as long as the financial network is used dwaetgo concentrate after 4:00 pm The business hours of banks end, financial institutions have suffered the end, quarter-end, the end of the year that payments difficulties are concentrated.

However, detailed work by closing time it was to differentiate. If the price of the securities simultaneous payment (DvP) will keep the finish time to 5:30 pm, as the current. The Bank of Korea said, "If you extend the closing time are likely to be sunyeon million settlement pattern was considered a low point demand of the participating institutions for a closing time extended.

Last year, as long as the financial network has participated in the 130 financial institutions, both domestic banks and financial investment companies, local branches of foreign banks.

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Sinhyeonwoo Hanwha Techwin, the cooperative robot market finally scramble

It serves the [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - Hanwha Techwin co-robots (HCR-5) led by representatives sinhyeonwoo started to catch the 4th Industrial Revolution initiative.

Hanwha Techwin is a domestic company on the 30th at the Seoul COEX is the first time announced the launch cooperative robots true.

Cooperative robot is a robot that helps the business in the near distance and the worker to work in a factory. Advanced manufacturing robot is one of the 4th Industrial Revolution stem key.

In the meantime, based on aircraft engines and energy equipment, industrial equipment, including a wide range of skills and competencies gained in robotics projects accumulated while played a real business is entered in the robot market.

Sinhyeonwoo Representative plans to develop an increasingly influential yichame Branch cooperative robot market was led by Japan and Germany.

This product is an advantage that can be used in a simple and narrow space operations compared to conventional industrial robot. Weight is level enough to move people to 20kg. This robotic arm working radius is also possible precision work within a wide 0.1㎜ 91.5㎝.

New representative "HCR-5're able to control the two robots by one controller, the initial investment cost is reduced," he explained, "is operated at a lower cost by 30% compared to other products."

After he pledged that "We continuously invest in the robot business, we will expand into global markets such as Asia and Europe."

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BC Card Chae Jongjin President "to strengthen the platform dominated the global market."

"I will lead the global market as well as strengthening domestic competitiveness variety of platforms," ​​[Korea's financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Chae Jongjin BC Card President said.

Chae Jongjin president told reporters at the inauguration of President was held in the head office of BC Card in the last 30 days. Wednesday BC Card held a shareholders' meeting and the board of directors and was elected as the new president Chae Jongjin CEO.

Chae Jongjin said "the advent of the digital era, while the financial and new businesses in a variety of industries are entering the payment market," he said, "would have helped to enhance the competitiveness of member companies and clients using the BC Card".

It also emphasized the importance of differentiated marketing platform.

While the president is "domestic, we need to strengthen customer loyalty with differentiated marketing platform with built convenient payment environment" and "Indonesia, technology leadership in competitiveness and pin-tech sectors in the global market had promoted and recognized overseas, including China a must go to secure, "he said.

Chae Jongjin president proposed a plan to 'economies of scope' and 'strategic investment' two strategies for achieving them. And at the same time expand the scope of BC Card and adjacent areas, and ensuring the Breakthrough and the new growth engine for the aggressive investment plans that successfully promoted the next generation system that can flexibly adapt to future changes in market and business.

Through a step further bound to cooperate and spread of a fair corporate culture in various fields to help with the KT group it said it would make every effort to ensure that all employees can be a fun company to work.

Chae Jongjin president, graduated from Kyungpook National University electrical engineering in 1961, born and had served as the first incident after the enterprise communications business division, Enterprise Business Consulting Division, KT Telecop CEO of the KT 1986 years, there bar serving as 2015 BC Card Sales Executive Division .

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"Virtual currency, to avoid civilian contracted", as long as the government discussed TF

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to avoid civilian contracted to the virtual currency Bitcoin institutionalization process, including the Bank of Korea said it is in consultation with the Government.

Heo Jinho at the Bank of Korea announced buchongjaebo is 31 days' payment year 2016 report "briefing reporters" not to shrink in the direction of the pin-tech innovation and private sector-led discipline contemplating introducing systems for virtual currency "she said.

Before the government and the Bank of Korea are discussing ways to institutionalize the virtual currency to configure the joint task force (TF) from November.

According to a report published as long as the payment this day, interest in Bitcoin virtual currency such as private is growing again. Bitcoin price has surged since the end of 2013, but fell sharply in the regulations of the Chinese government, the major exchanges hacking incidents such as those that show a steady upward trend since the second half of 2015. Ether Solarium (Ethereum), and new virtual currency also appeared, such as zero cache (Zerocash).

Current virtual currency is a universal means of payment, but not widely used in the sale or retention of an investment objectives around some users made.

The Bank of Korea is jipeot the "high price volatility and embezzlement, because of the hacking deda User damage occurs at high risk even illegal transactions, such as money laundering and tax evasion, drug and arms trafficking are also known to have some advantage, that is. Major economies such as the US, Japan and Europe are in response to these virtual currency-related crime appeared introduce a virtual currency regulation system.

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Releases, finance, technology and export fused conference held

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Credit Guarantee Fund will hold a financial, technology and export fused conference.

Releases said 31 days had held the 3rd Financial Technology ‧ ‧ exports convergence business meeting in Thurs the 30th Seoul Garden Hotel to target small and medium-sized ventures ‧ CEO and employees with Seoul National University, KOTRA.

"4th industrial revolution! Opening the future of the global Jiangsu enterprise The conference held under the theme of 'is the event SMEs, this provided a joint three institutions to seek financing, Export Development Listening and solutions to matters having difficulties in the field areas .

The event includes institutional main job description followed tailored professional one that targets more than 100 companies involved in: That was the theme of one-site consultation, 4th Industrial Revolution, small businesses and future challenges' with also special lecture at Seoul National gimjanggil Professor .

Releases officials "held a fusion consultations with domestic leading professional organization for SMEs to respond proactively to the changing business environment, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution" and "the future growth of SMEs convergence ‧ through complex linking the support of the relevant agencies It said it will continue to faithfully serve the stepping stone. "

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Baekbok of KT & G boss, jump to the declaration of the second export enhanced

"I will strengthen the right to perform export and management innovation, and social responsibility to lead the doyakgi 30th anniversary of the first" [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter]

Baekbok of KT & G said the 31st president of the Future Vision at 30th Anniversary of the founding ceremony of the event held at the Training Center headquarters in Daejeon Daedeok.

Anniversary of KT & G is the transition from 1 April jeonmaecheong to resell Korea Ltd. in 1987. Since 1989, the name changed back to Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp., was changed to the current "keyitiaenji (KT & G) 'four people in 2002.

KT & G was improved performance starting at privatization in 2002 significantly. Last year, revenue was 4 trillion 503.3 billion won, operating profit of 1 trillion 470.1 billion won all born as compared to 2002 increased more than 100%, the market capitalization was also up more than four times as 13 trillion won.

Since 1988, the first exports, KT & G has played an aggressive overseas expansion strategies, including the establishment of a local factory and corporation, and acquired a local company. As a result, beginning in 2015 exports surpassed domestic demand that KT & G said.

In the previous 29 days KT & G said, joseonghae a shopping complex in Sejong City sets out to large leasing businesses. The industry believes that KT & G in addition to the tobacco business focusing on real estate, such as bio-pharmaceutical ‧ establishing business with profitability and growth portfolios.

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Asset management industry delegation to visit South Korea, Australia capital markets

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Korea Financial Investment Association hwangyounggi president and the 19 constructed as an asset management company CEO and 'Korea Asset Management industry NPK (New Portfolio Korea) delegation (total 20), the Australian capital market trends, and Australia pension • visit the Sydney to schedule six days and 4 nights from April 1 to such networks with the asset management industry up to six days.

'NPK' By delegation consisting of president, investment bank CEO to visit the overseas capital market institutions participating in local industry events and is conducted to determine the global capital market conditions and seeking cooperation with overseas institutions.

The delegation Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC; Australian Securities and Investment Commission), Retirement Association (ASFA; Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia) visit, including by looking at a Capital Markets Regulatory and institutional key issues in Australia, the Australian Asset Management Association; and held (FSC Financial Services Council) members and the CEO round table meetings, one - will discuss cooperation in the arc asset Management Quarterly.

The private sector, to visit the most annuities AMP Capital (asset management) and global management consulting firm PwC, etc. held by the subscriber in Australia learn about Australian Pension • Current status and prospects of the asset management industry, and also the development direction of the future, Korea Asset Management It will be sought.

In addition, through the Australian Trade Minister, relevant agencies and chief financial CEO, including exchanges with senior personnel will also expand the global network of the Korea Asset Management Investment industry.

Gold tuhyeop official said, "The NPK is expected to help to find a way to be Korea Asset Management are further by identifying and asset management related institutions and investment trends in Australia's highly regarded in the global asset management industry." He said.

Participation buying Macquarie, Samsung, Samchully, Shin Young and Shinhan BNP, Asia, East Spring, Kiwoom one Howe, modern, contemporary investment, DGB, KTB, NH-Amundi, Orion, the idea Bridge, Korea Daesung, FN Guide 19 buy.

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Tuhyeop gold, foreign private equity investment process outlined

A "foreign private equity investment," the process to acquire the specialized knowledge of [Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Korea Financial Investment Association (Chairman hwangyounggi) Financial Investment Education The investments by types of foreign private equity funds, strategy, investment methods opened from May 15 to receive a course registration until April 24th.

"International private equity investments" process investment, research, risk management, international private equity and related services practitioners due diligence and investment techniques centered lectures targeting features a, do it through an understanding of the investment process, acquired the investment practices and product development capabilities, be a short-term training.

The curriculum is international private equity fund was structured to study the best practices and investment strategies, and students international private equity market conditions and the identification in accordance with the market and recruitment status by strategic acquisition due diligence and investment techniques, investing their own It is expected to be formed in the system.

Training period from May 15 to May 29, a total of 7 days 28 hours, three days a week in the Yeouido financial investment institute (Count • May • Fri), goes to night. Enrollment and other details can be found in the Financial Investment Education Institute.

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Internet Shinhan Life Insurance, Pay as 'cacao pay'

Introducing [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Life Insurance Easy Payment Service "page cacao 'to increase the payment convenience of the Internet insurance customers subscribe directly announced on 31.

"Cacao and pay is based on KakaoTalk it signed up more than 42 million people easy payment services.

This simple internet clients to join Shinhan Life Insurance to pay the introduction of the premium payment is possible only easy payment password you entered is registered in 'cacao and pay no cumbersome procedure for entering the card or bank account information.

Internet insurance can sign up to your PC or mobile and can be joined in an "exciting bout 'services available in mobile app representatives of Shinhan Bank, cards, investment banking, life.

Shinhan Life Insurance offers a range of benefits for customers using the Internet insurance.

Jehyucheo customers such as Shinhan Financial Group Tops Club Premier is a 5 percent premium discount after the 2nd of protection-type insurance. Through Shinhan FAN Club Rewards Service integration of Shinhan Financial Group from 1 up to 60 percent of the time premium you can earn a "My Shinhan points.

Shinhan Life Insurance is committed to providing services and products with the customer's point of view, such as a service that is fun and easy guide as counseling for term insurance, insurance claims outside Flick procedures.

Said, "have built a service-based for the digital environment, which last year established the digital department to introduce a biometric authentication service first in the industry," said "in the future by incorporating new digital technology, customer-focused non-face-to-face service Shinhan Life digital strategy team officials the plan to provide in order, "he said.

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[Obituary] Won Ganghui (KTB Investment & Securities Managing Director) Mr. buchinsang

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] ▲ Won Yongchan's death, Won Ganghui (KTB Investment & Securities Managing Director) Mr. buchinsang = 31 days Yonsei Severance Hospital mortuary room 3. Balin April 2. Zhang Yong seonsan. 02-2227-7500

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ISA days imhyeong average cumulative return 2.91% ... 2x Securities Bank

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] in February based on one imhyeong private wealth management account (ISA) average cumulative return appeared to rise to 2.91%. Financial sector by yield securities 3.54%, the bank showed a 2-fold difference in 1.81%.

31 days in February based on the financial institution by one imhyeong ISA model portfolio (MP) representing yields figures which rose 0.83% points from the previous month to an average 2.91% this year, according to the Korea Financial Investment Association.

Target is should be a minimum of three months to a total of 201 MP 25 financial institutions.

The last six months the average yield was gradually will look better with 1.14% (2.28% a year), the average return on the last 3 months is 2.40% (9.60% a year).

Representative yields are for illustration investment performance of the operational strategy of the finance company, MP release means the fee after deducting the expected return home the same day if you geochisik investment.

According to the Bank of Korea Economic Statistics System 2 based on one year fixed deposit interest rate January it has recorded 1.53%. Since the low point seen in November last year, 0.5% have been rising for three consecutive months flow. Write down the last three months an average yield of 2.4% (9.6% a year) was significantly elevated compared to 0.61% last month.

Gold tuhyeop baksangcheol WM Support Manager explained, "because the US and Possession of a strong international index developed countries such as Europe, domestic and foreign financial markets was the rising generation."

Type in the net rate of return was like the more high-risk MP showed a relatively good performance ultra-high risk of 6.04%, 4.24% higher risk, Medium risk 2.22%.

For some brokers MP actively put into operation the international advanced funds, including the United States, Germany, Russia recorded a Ko Suik of more than 10%.

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