Friday, March 31, 2017

[Outside Directors Shareholders' Meeting ⑤] senior Samsung choegyuyeon former Central Savings Bank President

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Samsung has recently conducted before choegyuyeon in "2017 General Meeting of Shareholders, the Central Savings Bank elected a new president this outside.

The new outside directors appointed at the last regular shareholders' between Samsung affiliate progressed to 24, are seven. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card 2 kill each had Newly appointed appointed a new Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS, Samsung Engineering is one outside director.

By the subsidiaries spotlight ssolrinda choegyuyeon the former Central Savings Bank President elected as a new outside director of Samsung Card. Last naeteumyeo not a central savings bank president from December 2012 to December 2015 and from March 2011 until May 2012 he served as the first 29 jodalcheongjang. The term of office of the former president Choi is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is. Samsung Card's latest addition, former chairman appointed former Ministry of Strategy and Finance Minister Kwon Ohgyu as a new outside director.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has appointed former Park Daedong Deposit Insurance Corporation President, Park Semin Graduate School of Korea University professor beophap new outside directors. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS · Samsung Engineering has appointed a new yujibeom Sungkyunkwan University College of Natural Sciences, Vice Chancellor, yujaeman before the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Special Department Part 1 examination, Seo Manho former BC Card Risk Management Vice President.

Re-elected outside directors is 17 people. Re-elected the highest number of outside directors is where Samsung SDI. Samsung SDI re rested four outside directors, including Kim Seongjae Korea University of Foreign Studies School of Business professor, hongseokju Locus Capital Partners representative, gimnando Seoul National University College of Life Sciences, Professor, Yonsei University Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Professor gimjaehui. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2020 23 Is.

Samsung SDS has rested re-elected to three people. The Park Jeongho Korea Electric and Electronic Engineering Professor, Yonsei University College of Business Administration Professor bakyangyeol, Hongik University Department of Business Administration Professor yijaeeun them. Their term of office is coming Jeddah 3 May 2019 23 Is.

Samsung C & T, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Securities rested the election of two outside directors, respectively. Samsung C & T Korea gwonjaecheol Employment and Welfare Center jangdaljung Chairman and former Foreign Policy adviser, Samsung Electro-Mechanics gwontaegyun ago jodalcheongjang, choehyeonja Seoul National University life was again appointed professor of consumers. Samsung Securities also economic Sungkyunkwan University economics professor Kim Gyeongsu, Kim Seongjin rested before the election of outside directors Small and Medium Business Administration.

Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card was re-appointed one each by one. SHI sinjonggye Seoul National University Department of Ocean Engineering, Professor Korea, Samsung Life gimducheol Sangmyung Industrial University Risk Management / boham professor, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Samsung Card rested reelection Chapter ago Busan High Prosecutors' Office Moon Hyonam and Yang Seongyong former FSS non-bank responsible buwonjangbo outside directors .

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