Friday, March 31, 2017

"Divided base portion, Deputy Prime Minister eliminate" more democratic economic ministries reform public

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] along came the next government economic ministries organizational reform in the Democratic think tank. Split the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Financial Supervisory Commission also included the resurrection has wavelengths are expected to feretory.

Democratic seconds, re-elected lawmakers further future research institute are (director gimgisik) is the last 30 days, open the "after the Republic of Korea Presidential core Agenda 2017" discussion Moon Jae, Ahn Huijeong, Lee Jaemyeong invited hubocheuk representative meantime 10 times the field-specific discussion in the National Assembly It announced after the completion of the government organization reform Final.

Remove the 'dinosaur tissue, it called the core of the reform is linked to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the financial supervision reform.

Substrate section reform proposal was presented two.

1 is a plan to separate proposal to the Ministry of Planning and Budget and the Finance Ministry abolished the wealth base and Deputy Prime Minister. Budget Planning and Budget, in charge of financial planning and economic strategies, taxation, domestic and international monetary policy is transferred to the Ministry of Finance. Another current Finance Committee is incorporated absorbed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

2 inside a way that it separates the base unit behind the new international financial sector "Banking" financial integration above. Base unit turns to the national Ministry of Finance responsible for tax, budget, economic policy, planning and so on.

Measures to revive the Financial Supervisory Commission have also been included in the reform. Currently, there is a financial crisis has both financial oversight and policy deliberation and voting features will separate suggesting it. Up financial supervision is provided to the Financial Supervisory Service.

According to the above financial reform is the situation gotta disappear absorbed into the Ministry of Finance or the organization naejwoya financial supervision. While the FSS is expected to be enhanced phase now than when the FSC is installed on the inside.

The contents of the reform are observed to be reflected in a certain part of the commitment of the Democratic presidential candidates in the election to be decided next month without a presidential transition committee.

The Future Laboratory gimgisik chapter 'base bridle differentiate the huge dinosaur tissue and the need to reform the financial supervision system, "said said" improve departmental accountability and professionalism to meet the age requirements.

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