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11th Shilla Hotel opened on stay, Haeundae

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] to open the 18th come to the premium business hotels in Busan Haeundae special tourism zone of 'Shilla Stay' in the Hotel Shilla. Accordingly Shilla Stay was placed in both the domestic main attractions of Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, three major cities.

Shilla Stay is a premium business hotel, plus a new sensibility on the value of goods and services, the Shilla 'Smarter stay' as the concept.

Shilla Stay Haeundae is the 11th since the open after the Shilla Stay Seocho April 1 this year launched the second year open interest, November 2013 The first hotel.

"Shilla Stay Haeundae" is an underground three layers, in addition to a cafe (cafe) rooms and 132-seat modern and casual buffet wider 407 rooms on the ground 18 floors debut Rooftop Pool & Poolside Bar (Bar) and a Finnish sauna also it is equipped. In addition, it will also showcase a variety of facilities including a fitness center, meeting room, terrace garden.

In particular, this' Shilla Stay Haeundae "will showcase the upgraded facilities than the existing Shilla Stay. The rooms were newly upgraded in terms of size and view, organize. All the rooms are large and generous even three customers sharing than traditional Shilla Stay rooms.

Facilities also showcase rooftop 18th floor, the top floor aimed at the younger customer. Create a simple menu bar and swimming and enjoy the sauna and rooftop pool poolside was very laid even a Finnish sauna and jacuzzi facilities.

Summertime was also equipped with dedicated facilities for vacationers. First floor, there is also, as well as enjoy refreshments and cool under a parasol by providing a 260-pyeong of the terrace garden that can be used by hotel guests private lounges made it possible relaxing sunbathing.

Also, Shilla Stay Haeundae 'plans to embark actively, even with optimized MICE facilities to attract customers for business customers.

"Shilla Stay Haeundae, Korea's leading summer months are often nearby attractions including boasting unspoilt scenery of the resort of Haeundae, there are also large global business facilities. Therefore, it is expected that the higher the demand for leisure and Global Business.

Nearby attractions are in the first two minutes 'Haeundae' walk. The access to such a dense camellias' Dongbaek Island 'and famous for its spring cherry blossoms, Evening Primrose Hill', 'APEC Naru Park, "Marine City" boasts "haedong yonggungsa' and Korea's best skyscraper is easy. Also in close proximity is also 'BEXCO' of the country's largest exhibition and convention center.

Thus was equipped with a three-layer and five-layer, the middle and small business meetings, meetings, seminars, corporate events, including a ballroom that can proceed to the boardroom, meeting room facilities, a ballroom can accommodate up to 200 people. Every room LCD projector and screen, a perfect metaphor ∙ equipped facilities such as wireless Internet access, the latest sound equipment. It will also have the self-operated laundry washing and drying available 24 hours a day for long stay customers.

The Shilla Stay Haeundae is an open showcase to celebrate the one month 'Grand Opening package "on April 18th. "Grand Opening Package 'is comprised of a standard room per night with breakfast buffet restaurant, two cafes, open a special gift of Shilla Stay signature bear. It advances also open to provide Benefits April promotion to upgrade to deluxe room only for 17 days prior to booking customers.

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Hyundai Department Store Children's Drawing Contest '32 times' reception starts

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai Department Store should start a "Children's Drawing Contest" received from 9th. The event over the 29 and 30 is positive progress in the four domains, including Seoul, Incheon, Daegu event theme will be available the day of competition.

Competition will recruit 3,500 people to 23 come first-come, first-served basis held in elementary and kindergarten destination. Registration can go directly to the Hyundai department stores, outlets or received through modern department stores, online website or mobile app. Entrance fee is 5,000 won of Hyundai Department Store card members, non-members is 1 million.

Winners are announced on the 12th of next month, a notice to the winners in the individual notice and homepage.

Award details Environment Prize (one, three million won), Hyundai Department Store, President of the (one person, one million won), South Korea Art Association Chairman Award (6, 30 million), South Korea Children's Fine Arts Chairman (6, 30 million), the dean of the college of Fine Arts, etc. (18 people, advanced guseteu), will be awards for a total of 1,000.

Hyundai Department Store is scheduled to proceed 'Children's Traffic Safety Education "with Kia's right for this competition. Utilize the character of Kia Motors 'engineers' crossing crosswalk and proceed with various experience and education targets children's viewing angle parent education, safety quiz.

It is a modern department store opened a children's drawing competition, and this year is the 32nd child of the 12 million people so far, including when accompanied by a parent, such as customers took part in the 300,000 tournament.

The figure may be held in the region drawing contest participants who presented a picnic mat, etudes as seonkaep, Dust masks produced with Pixar Animation global character of production.

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- 64th Anniversary of the founding] stronger export power to SK, Hynix acquisition

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Group is equipped with one or more of the ICT-based export engine has been enhanced global constitution.

Founded in the year 64 anniversary (4 1953 8th founding) and SK Hynix incorporated the 5 anniversary of SK Group has, adding to the previous addition to the Energy ∙ Chemicals' core 'ICT' wings ran the New (新) growth go .

In particular, while exports increased by a large width of the ICT subsidiary of SK Group in catching position as export enterprises have a central role.

According to the 9th SK, subsidiaries within the ICT (SK Telecom, SK Hynix, SK㈜ C & C, SK Planet) SK Group recorded a turnover of 37.4 and one trillion won and 17 trillion won exports. SK Hynix in 2011 incorporated the previous year ICT sales affiliates (17.6 trillion won) neuleotgo than 2.1 times, exports increased by a whopping 127 times than in 2011 (1,300 million).

Chairman Chey Tae-won of SK will ensure a strong ICT exports power to Hynix acquisition decision. In particular, experts have estimated that the SK Group gotta ICT exports has been added to the power of energy ∙ Chemical centered much more reliable and robust exports transformed into a group.

SK Hynix is ​​also clear growth since the incorporation of ICT companies. SK Hynix subsidiaries incorporated first year of the ICT exports was 9.5 one trillion won 2012, steadily increasing to 16.2 one trillion won in 2014, 17 trillion won in 2016.

This is because, rather than simply SK Hynix added that the total ICT exports only came affiliates continue to grow.

In fact, in the meantime, if SK㈜ C & C which was classified as a domestic company to export 760 billion won in 2016 had grown closer than seven times five years ago. It groups within the overall exports of ICT affiliates are up to 30% because of the non-ICT subsidiary SK Hynix were there and the global growth.

Thus, ICT is affiliated to the seonbongjang of the global territory expansion of the SK Group Chey Tae-won was derived from the insight and determination of the President.

Choi, President of SK Hynix acquisition was preceded since grown to a bold investment and technology development can be a central axis of the SK and the national industry.

SK Hynix has increased the R & D was only in 2011 (8% of sales) 834 billion won by 2016, 2.0967 trillion won (12% of sales).

Also it agreed to invest up to 7 trillion won this year to keep the spirit of initiative semiconductor memory. Compared to before transfer to SK investments (3.5 billion) is more than twice the amount increased.

Recently, while SK, as well as the competitive semiconductor market in the fourth round of inter-industry type business model ICT subsidiary of the group and prepare for the post-semiconductor era.

Meanwhile, SK Energy Group in 2016 ∙ Chemistry and ICT, including full Exports totaled US $ 52.4 billion. Considering that last year the country total exports of 495.4 billion US dollars (aggregate Korea International Trade Association) SK Group, which is responsible for 11% of exports of the Republic of Korea.

SK Hynix's Republic of Korea exports contribution of acquisitions SK Group just before the 6-7% also increased almost two-fold. Also cumulative exports of SK Hynix acquisition of SK Group after five years amounted to $ 318 billion.

SK can Pécs seek council PR team leader yihangsu Executive is based on the ambition and intelligence of the "SK Group SK Hynix acquisition since the last five years he has steadily responsible for over 10% of Korea's total exports," said "64 years after the group of founding corporate citizen as well as the role through the export drive nagagetda actively contribute to the national economy, "he said.

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Samsung Galaxy phone S8 Asiana Launches

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung Electronics will launch a dedicated smartphone for 21 days Asiana customers with Asiana Airlines · SK Telecom, the Galaxy S8 Asiana phone.

Galaxy S8 Asiana phone 'is a sequel to last year, smartphone manufacturers and carriers, the first collaborative project Galaxy S7 Asiana phone, one carrier is in progress together.

Asiana Airlines customers can meet with special benefits for the Galaxy S8 'of the more powerful performance with this promotion to a new design and an intelligent user interface.

Galaxy S8 Asiana phone 'is deducted Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines 30,000 miles from home to come off the 17th being the terminal price, you can purchase as a condition of booking to pay the remaining amount. Scheduled purchases products can be opened from the 18th to the 24th.

After booking sales period is terminated plans to sell the Galaxy S8 Asiana phone 'Asiana Airlines website.

Samsung Electronics has its own finished one company customized solutions "Knox customization (Knox Customization) 'developing' Galaxy S8 Asiana phone 'is by applying a sensational Asiana design theme at the beginning and end screen, home screen ticket inquiry and reservation, check-in, etc. the base year with Asiana Airlines application was possible to maximize the convenience of Asiana Airlines customers.

Samsung Electronics said, "Galaxy S8 Asiana phone industry-leading three companies holding hands Galaxy S7 Asiana phone 'with a greater sense in that it followed the progress of continuous co-promotion products," said "a wide range of industries, customers such as airlines, financial targets to provide differentiated services customized for a particular platform is expected to continue to show a new trend in the mobile market, "he said.

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'LG G6' ultimate durability test, reproduce comic imagination

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics premium smartphone strategy harsh safety and durability testing in line with the global launch of the LG G6 with a reproduction of images in comic imagination started to enhance online marketing.

LG Electronics has unveiled the 'Goldberg device (Goldberg Machine)' video, showing a distinct advantage and quality testing of the 9th LG G6 symbolically by SNS.

"Goldberg device" US cartoonist Rube Goldberg (Rube Goldberg) jangchida machine-made comic imagination to go through a complicated process in order to reach the goals that you invented. The device can deliver up message with the viewing pleasure naesewo fun and efficient than gibalham used much like video ads.

Of 2 minutes and 30 seconds of this video it has represented the highest level of durability and safety through the look out to the Goldberg device made of obstacles up to step 40 LG G6 pass.

The video begins with vibration sound of LG G6 placed in the starting block smashing through the static. Leaning vibration starting price is LG G6 enters slipped into Goldberg device. LG G6 falls in a deep water tank, and write a bunch of flip the dust, and then fall vertically down 1m out to overcome the subsequent consecutive falling and -20 degrees (℃) low temperature, 60 degrees without obstruction up to the high temperature of the new rest (℃) of .

LG G6 then passes to a cramped niche sleek design that tuktwi car through the fast charging and battery safety tests, Dolby Vision / HDR10 high quality inspection.

Finally, LG G6 is nureuja button at the final destination drones flew ohreumyeo 18: shoot the entire Goldberg device made by LG G6 9 ratio wide-angle camera. The Goldberg device was produced in the same proportion as "Full Vision Display aspect ratio of LG G6 horizontally in a rectangular set of 8m, vertical 4m.

In addition, this device Goldberg Unlike typical case of using the easy to handle materials such as wood or paper was produced using luxurious materials metal and glass, symbolizing the LG G6 mainly. Dwaeteumyeo the 26 days it takes only production time, he found the capture vivid images with a high speed camera.

LG Electronics has launched the LG G6 actually has been through strict quality tests than international standards, for a total of more than 1,000 items for about 5,000 hours, this video was produced to inform the testing process and more fun for consumers effectively.

With this strict quality control LG G6 was recognized sufficient durability to perform military standards acquire the standards 'MIL-STD 810G', military operations approved by the US Department of Defense.

In particular, the continuous thermal shock test, smartphones among the most testing of 14 items in existence, such as salt spray to repeat soaked in brine, dried 24-hour intervals for a total of 96 hours of repeats, as well as to withstand the simple impact ranging from cryogenic temperatures had "passed (pass) '.

The fabrication of this device Goldberg art director Volodymyr Rod rinseuki (Volodymyr Radlinsky) is "admired the durability of LG G6 could finish the shoot without being damaged even under a lot of shock and repeat the test without falling number of situations," he said.

LG Electronics MC Marketing FD Kim Suyoung, managing director "has produced this video to show the benefits of strong and safe LG to consumers worldwide G6 intuitive" and "will strengthen the ongoing marketing activities for the successful global launch of the LG G6" he said.

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South Korea LG Electronics Business Division, LG Building, Seoul 'bird's nest'

The work in [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics Korea Sales Headquarters employees in a bird's nest 'LG Seoul Station building, from the 10th.

Korea Sales Headquarters office has conducted previous work Huam-dong, Jung-gu, 'LG Building Seoul, Seoul Square building in Jung-gu, Seoul Namdaemunno until recently. Sector headquarters staff of about 1,000 people work in eight layers to 5 layers to 12 layers.

LG Electronics has introduced a change in the mainly working in the field and considering the characteristics of the group youngeopjik seamless communication necessary to eliminate the plunge desk partitions. Sales for on-site training was also provided professional superintendent decorated like a real store.

8th floor there is a work area of ​​'multi-Place' for intensive work, meetings, customer service, etc. 'Lucky Cafe (樂 憙)' means the same floor has captured the leap to suggesting that businesses endure over 100 years on the basis of entrepreneurship that come from the womb of Lucky Chemical Co., Ltd. Founded in the year of LG Group of 70 anniversary.

LG Electronics to lead with welfare facilities such as fitness center, in-house restaurant for physical strength, the second half of the year will also start operating daycare centers.

LG Electronics, Korea Sales Headquarters choesanggyu president emphasized, "I will drive change in the way work created an innovative business environment in the center of the field."

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Samsung, 'TV plus a' real European markets advance

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung Electronics has started the 'TV Plus' service in Europe in earnest in May, sets out the market.

"TV Plus is a virtual channel service that Samsung may at any time to enjoy a free, working with CJ E & M, EBS, JTBC, a variety of content such as Netflix providers from 2015 various programs such as dramas, movies and music on the Samsung Smart TV All.

Samsung Electronics, South Korea and Southeast Asia, as well as existing in the United States in November last year, started the 'TV Plus in Germany in January and expanded services in North America and Europe.

Samsung has introduced the Open 'MIPTV 2017' 'TV Plus' event held in Cannes, France during the period from 3 to 6 in the local market, said European 4K HDR expansion plans.

'MIPTV' is related to the content providers around the world such as the total mobilization producers, distributors, buyers are the world's largest market for broadcast video content out to lead the global entertainment industry.

Samsung products Elegant keys will begin (Rakuten Wuaki) to collaborate with 'TV plus, since in the five major European countries in May, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Elegant key products are as VOD streaming service companies representing Europe, including Hollywood blockbusters such as content offers more than 10,000 global hit TV series.

Samsung Electronics is expected to be only available in the latest Hollywood content to 4K HDR premium quality products in collaboration with elegance as well provide the key kids, action, content of various genres, such as comedy meets a symbol of European consumers.

'TV plus "it offered in Europe at this time was to combine the advantages of conventional channel services can be seen crossing the VoD system and channels just watched provide the latest Hollywood blockbusters or any content on the Smart TV Home Screen or Browse to enter the number It raised more consumer convenience.

Samsung Electronics plans to introduce this year expanded to all regions of Europe 'TV plus' until the end.

"This partnership to be able to showcase premium content in 4K HDR image quality to European consumers through excellent QLED TV from Samsung is very pleased," he said "The TV Plus launched the 4K HDR content products Elegant key Jacinto Roca (Jacinto Roca) representative will be a very significant starting point in market expansion, "he said.

Samsung Electronics' Visual Display Division yihuiman managing director "Samsung QLED TV consumers and continues the whole range of international partners work together to enjoy a richer premium 4K HDR Image" and "the most popular consumer can easily and quickly enjoy the good content through the 'TV plus, Samsung's only independent service that will deliver real value of 4K HDR content, "he said.

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LGU + "will introduce more easing U + Pro Baseball"

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters] to support the further easing baseball-only app, U + Pro Baseball to six core functions Cow gifts pour.

LG U + is Korea's largest online baseball community 'emelbi Park (MLBPARK)' in for the event giving generous gifts to enjoy the six core functions of only the U + Pro Baseball Commissioner introduced heoguyeon commentary by leaving a simple comment through a lottery six weeks It said yesterday that progress.

In the online community emelbi Baseball Park event together with the U + Pro Baseball it will continue weekly for six weeks from 11. Check the emelbi Park to connect to the event page heoguyeon commentator introduced U + Pro Baseball Special 6 million of which for functional and can participate by leaving a comment in such an interesting comment.

By participating in the event should bring a generous gift Comments for six weeks, including △ Shinsegae 100,000 won gift certificates (5) △ age old fried chicken (50) through the lottery every week.

You can also meet the heoguyeon commentator in the U + Pro Baseball app. U + Pro Baseball to connect to the app enters 'the heoguyeon Baseball News Menu foreign mercenaries sexual or expected 2017 season outlook, including predictions contained Knowing and' heoguyeon game gwanjeonpyeong "nice simple baseball knowledge and support culture, baseball readily understand you can meet a number of rich content such as "baseball Guide for beginners", so described.

In addition, you can enjoy to "baseball Real Madrid 'packed fun, etc. containing the experts speak of the theme that all of baseball, Baseball Talk", containing precisely hitting moments of the match, hitting close image', a weekly review and trending.

'U + Pro Baseball' is released and surpassed 100,000 downloads in three days last month by LG U Plus launched the 29th baseball-only app is scrambling to popularity.

U + Pro Baseball has viewing optimized △ watch by turning the main goal scenes in real-time, scoring moments Returns Show "△ real-time pitch tracking (PTS · Pitching Tracking System) display the 'View ball just threw' △ real-time hitter 對 pitcher Power Analysis baseball △ captured six innovative features, such as Korea's first own team! customize screen △ Korea's first mobile game to a maximum of 5 simultaneous viewing △ straight video playback, ad-free.

In addition, LG U + customers U + so that baseball images in baseball can enjoy without data concerned KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) league average match time (2016 standard 3 hours 21 minutes) to meet increasing data provide hours of additional service such benefits was also strengthened.

Customers are able to provide better without it the customer wants to pay U + 4 hours Data Pro Baseball video to add an hour for 3 hours Free data that can be used for unlimited data for a desired time. 3 is a time Free data is 1100 W / once (including promotions with 4 hours, VAT).

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Korea Finance Association, P2P, P2P financial loans accumulated 734.4 billion won

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] P2P cumulative financial loans appeared to 734.4 billion won.

Korea Finance Association P2P Researching the cumulative loan aimed at 40 members, March 31, P2P loans, said dwaetdago nine days counted a total of 734.4 billion won. P2P cumulative financial loans were increased by more than 100 billion won from the previous month (627.5 billion won), referring to the type of credit was 195 billion won, 161.9 billion won real estate loans, construction financing is 295.2 billion won, 82.2 billion won and other mortgage lenders.

Of domestic P2P loans more than 90% funding from South Korea showed that intermediaries P2P Finance Association members. The average interest rate is 13.93 percent said each company loan interest rates for distribution in the 4-19%, kkajida loan maturity from 1 month up to 48 months.

And each vendor are ready to apply for a grace period of three months applies to the deposit management, investment limit restrictions, banned capital investments only in existing businesses, and providing alternatives after last February 27, P2P lending guidelines released . The association held a P2P lending guidelines aimed at briefing last March 24 domestic P2P companies.

The main conditions for joining the △ annually accounting through an external accounting firm audits agreed △ companies operating funds and customer deposits account separate operating △ CB share register your loan history on your credit rating agencies for the multiple debts and redundant lending prevent mandatory △ January is the monthly cumulative through the Association's website once a loan, loan balances, delinquency, etc. busilryul disclosure.

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Credit Finance Training Institute, conducted the industry's first officer training target

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Credit Finance Training Institute is carried out, the industry's first officer training target.

Credit Finance Credit Finance Association Education Institute is proactively respond to rapidly changing domestic and international financial environment, changes and progress of the industry's first loan financial company executives targeted training 19 to 21 to explore ways that strengthen the competitiveness loan financial industry said yesterday.

The course was made up of programs that can be shared strategic thinking skills and cultivate humanistic knowledge, key industry issues and management know-how necessary to the goddess financial industry leaders. The celebrities and experts in each field will leave the faculty.

Yigiyeon Credit Financial Education Institute President's "card, leasing, installment, technology finance business characteristics synergies for loan finance industry to communicate between different loan financing gwonbyeol leaders are expected to ', saying' the goddess financial institutions for this training as a cornerstone officer training course will actively strive to be settled in the regular course of specialized, differentiated industry, "he said.

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[April 2 NOTE savings bank deposit prime rate up to 2.32%

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] two weeks in April savings bank deposit interest rate is the highest flyer was 2.32%. In particular, it appears to be the case in most of the 19 savings banks, except for the one where the non-face-to-face to join without visiting the branch's cash management and higher interest rates are expected to be shopping easier.

The 9th Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures according to the Financial Instruments glance ', 239 savings banks daebaek savings banks' deposit' which term deposits are the highest goods up to the prime rate of the goods preferential interest rates to 2.32% (compounded ), it was a modern savings banks 'deposit' (welfare) and true savings banks 'deposit' (welfare).

Indeed both savings banks and savings banks, in addition to modern branches join can join both the Internet and smart phones.

True Savings Bank If you subscribe to the Internet Banking, Smart Banking is preferred 0.1% a year. Since the default pre-tax interest is 2.22%, even if the branches close it is advantageous to join the Internet or smartphone.

Modern Savings Bank has opened 0.1% is preferred when you sign up for at least 12 months to Internet Banking or Smart Banking. Modern Savings Bank headquarters near Gangnam-gu Office Station, putting the shepherds, Songpa, Bundang three points.

However, daebaek savings banks must join a visit to the branch, so the product can not be non-face-to-face subscription. Daebaek Savings Bank has a branch in Daegu Suseonggu beomeodong.

The next highest prime rate up to 2.3% in the Savings Bank was the modern "deposit" (isolated) and daebaek savings banks 'deposit' (isolation), true savings banks 'deposit' (isolation). Daebaek Savings Bank may both goods than to join a non-face-to-face.

Pepper savings banks' rotation deposit (non-face-to-face) "(welfare), to provide the highest prime rate to 2.27%, the rotation of deposit (Internet, mobile) (welfare) was followed. Both products are no preferential terms to join the non-face-to-face product. The same product the highest prime rate of interest paid by cleavage of Pepper savings banks was followed by 2.25%.

Korea Investment & Savings Banks' e-PLAN deposit (compounding), collecting savings banks' e- collect deposit (compounding), Incheon savings banks' time deposits than e- '(welfare), three kinds of savings banks' e- Regular deposit (compounding), JT savings banks' e- deposit (compounding), Union savings bank 'e- deposit (compounding), eg Garam savings bank' e- deposit (compounding), MS savings bank 'e- deposit (compounding), three kinds of savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (welfare), three days Must savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposit (compounding) is offered up to 2.22% prime rate.

All these items have no default interest and the highest prime rate is the same, the special preferential conditions. Korea Investment & Savings Banks need to sign up on the Internet and there is no special preferential conditions. Incheon savings banks 'time deposits than e-' (welfare) should sign up over the Internet, smart phones, Internet banking, private goods. Savings banks are not collected goods preferential conditions is a non-face-only subscription.

More products with interest rates, preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products and integrated comparative disclosures for each Savings Bank Main Financial Instruments glance.

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[April 2 NOTE savings bank time deposits up to the prime rate of 4.8%

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] two weeks in April savings bank time deposits are highest prime rate was 4.8%. To receive the highest prime rate is realistically difficult to actually receive a preferential rate to the prime rate conditions it must be met. If the prime rate is hard to determinate the best solution for you is to take the high default rate products.

9 days FSS integrated financial products Compare disclosure According to the "at a glance Financial Instruments ', the highest the highest prime rate of 155 savings banks, time deposits Item is a fair savings banks' Giving savings. The highest basic interest rate thing was very Savings Bank, Savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five.

Equity Savings Bank "Giving Savings' shall be issued a card from KB branch to receive a preferential interest rate. The preferential interest rate is issued in accordance with KB Kookmin Card using performance received. The default rate is 2.6%.

Very savings banks 'savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five' is higher in the next higher default interest rate 3% OK to save up to 4.5% geumrieun preferential bank. 5 people need to join simultaneous preferential interest rates, which can be up to 4.6%. Very Savings Bank operates a community co-buying cafe to find a common subscriber for customer convenience. When you sign up for a joint purchase cafes, so you can easily find a subscriber is not fussy conditions than other products.

OK Savings Banks' OK VIP regular Friday "is the highest prime rate as high as 4.6% Equity Savings Bank. These items are products available to subscription customers bancassurance. But February is larger payment amounts considerably less interest right. The default rate is 2.2% and is lower than the August amount paid 200,000 won over $ 25 is more than 2.4% and less than 200,000 won 300,000 won 1.5 percent, or more than 300,000 won 500,000 won customers provide preferential interest rates to 0.9%.

Ceram savings banks 'savings I designed' prime rate up to 3.2%, the basic interest rate is 2.7%. Prime rate Joe conditions due re-deposits, time deposits Customers, long-term trade customers, first Savings Up, Savings Automatically Post Office, debit card use, dajanyeo family, over the age of 60, the disabled welfare card, workers, monthly payment amount of 500,000 won It helps provide more, heonhyeoljeung possession, pregnant women, 24,36 months over the contract period, from 0.1 to 0.5% a year according to the prime rate applicable number of two or more associated subscription, donation pledges. If ttajyeobogo preferential interest rate conditions, there are many details that you will join a visit to the branch. Ceram savings banks can join in a minute headquarters, where two thousand points.

Must savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' gotta apply the preferential interest rate of 0.3% a year if the deposit due to the termination of the gold deposit can enjoy the preferential interest rate benefits for up to 3%. The default rate is the same as Ceram savings banks to 2.7%.

The next highest preferential interest rates are higher by 2.9%. Its products include such as smart savings banks 'e- peaceful time deposits, "Savings Bank of the Orient' time deposits ', for savings banks' time deposits" corresponds to this. Smart Savings Bank has no special preferential conditions to the highest prime rate and the default rate is equal to 2.9%.

Smart Savings Bank products are smartphone-only subscription products and savings banks and savings banks Oriental can join in the branches and the Internet. Eastern Savings Bank 0.1% interest rate is preferred when you sign up for more than six months as Internet banking.

Eastern Savings Banks' time deposits, provides 2.85% and was followed. Eastern Savings Bank products can be joined to the branches, the Internet in two ways. When you sign up for Internet banking deposits opened automatically when you pay 0.05%, the Bank paid a total of more than average Recurrence in deposit accounts 3.2 provides a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year.

In addition to the highest prime rate before tax and interest of 2.8%, the same items as a dog 7. Coins savings banks' e- happy the lot regularly Gold 'Equity Savings Banks' non-face-to-face time deposits, savings banks instead of' smart time deposits', considering savings banks' time deposits seeds' central savings banks' time deposits', Cheongju savings the banks' time deposits' smart savings banks' time deposits "corresponds to this. Instead, savings bank product does not have to visit a branch to the smartphone-only product.

Sky savings banks 'time deposits', a modern savings banks 'time deposits', Soulbrain savings banks 'time deposits' prime rate up to 2.8%, the basic interest rate difference was 0.1 percentage point to 2.7%.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products compared to integrate Disclosures on Financial Instruments at a glance.

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"Eopgetjiman April crisis tightly enclose the remaining embers."

[Korea Jeong Huiyun financial newspaper reporter] embers remain alive so formidable that even if the missed April wigiseol is noted that a multilateral response is required over a long period of time.

Early April is even visible when viewed from the end point to be sensed without deteriorating their runaway can issue which was discussed during a reason not to remind factors will naturally disappear.

Hyundai Economic Research Institute, because the last four factors which attracted the most attention from 'April wigiseol Evaluation and Implications' uncertainties released in September smoked a day sinjungron things to do in the future does little.

The first DSME structures not related to the adjustment career sachaegwonja Anti-debt adjustments have been passed Musan did not rule out the possibility of promoting the 'P Plan (pre-recovery planning system), the government-led.

If the policy if the financial burden is increasing but do not have the full repayment sachaegwonja yirwojiji the opinion that considering the P plan is more advantageous.

The researchers "need to restructure the direction set by the national economy and the regional economy and comprehensive consideration of the industrial and financial," added point out meaningful.

Both about the possibility of being designated as a currency manipulator another station to the second issue "should be classified as countries observe the time being provide by multilateral countermeasures as most likely suffer the most from your card the next ordinary pressure," he advised.

Regarding the sensitive North Korean provocations risk act in the presidential election in May hyangbae said, "requires a variety of political and diplomatic efforts to strengthen its presence in South Korea in Northeast Asia region."

Deobuleoseo the nuclear risk expansion policy also he said that efforts should be combined does not lead to financial market instability, huh.

Finally, the European crisis, one factor in the former French presidential candidate Le Pen right-wing parties won the Star - Spangled less likely to occur but the possibility of EU risk is constantly checked and looked it is necessary to ensure the ability to respond.

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Crown Haitai rakeum gukakdan, the 10th anniversary of 'hyonyeo Shim Chung' performances

The [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Crown Haitai civilian Orchestra 'rakeum gukakdan' founded to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Music Playing "hyonyeo Shim Chung" was held at the 9th Seoul Namsan gukakdang.

This concert is a concert of a new way to configure a new pansori 'simcheongga' Music to break away from the traditional musical forms were mainly instrumental chamber music performances blend of music (樂), song (歌), dance (舞).

Shim Chung hyonyeo of four films are raised to maturity gukakin of various genres, such as concerts are national intangible cultural asset No. 1 seed jeryeak ilmu graduates' songyoungin, including East myeongmu jeongjae, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property Preservation sounds Dodge bonus once.

Rakeum gukakdan was founded in 2007 under the auspices of the Crown Haitai. This has played a gukakdan 1500 performances at home and abroad over the past decade in the nation's first and only private Orchestra. 2015 was chosen as gukakdan only professional arts organizations designated by Seoul.

Park Yongho rakeum gukakdan refurbished "rakeum gukakdan founding was a good precedent provided a new electrical coexistence and cooperation between businesses and cultural organizations," and "our traditional music is out to continue a new and challenging attempts to receive Korea, as well as love for world will, "he said.

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Fierce Gangnam 4 pre-sale matdaegyeol 10 construction firms, by June

War unfolds between two pre-sale [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters from the Gangnam four 10 builders.

Today, despite nine days, according to the real impact of the measures 11.3 and the first quarter pre-sale Gangnam scores were improved. In January, the competition was one of the pre-sale, Bangbae art Jai 'and a pre-sale from Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul popliteal just one', each 9.84-to-1, 53.88 to 1 in Seocho Bangbae.

1Q11 earnings pre-sale yieotdamyeon warm-up stretches baegida a real fight come June this month. Hyundai Engineering and Hyundai, Lotte Engineering & Construction, Samsung C & T, GS E & C, such as last year's construction proficiency top 10 builders are preparing the pre-sale and Gangnam iteoseoda belongs in the top.

As well as the resident chamber has gained a reputation higher worth the investment because they often have pre-sale only location where the Han River, including yeoksegwon outstanding.

Gangnam War 4 pre-sale of modern engineering is 'Heel State lioness' breaks the start. Two months from a total of 460 supplies the 313 household furniture-only area 59 ~ 84㎡, Seoul Jiangdong Amsa-dong 514 address members. Just as you can use the Metro Line 8 Amsa Station and Gwangnaru Hangang Park by foot, some households may also be possible to expect a premium jomanggwon river views.

Hyundai plans to the pre-sale, Seocho Hill State 'in 1592-1 Seocho-Gu one won this month. It consists of a dedicated area 80㎡, a total of 320 households. Available Seocho Station Metro Line 2 and Line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station on foot and equipped, including an excellent school district of Seocho said, Seoul Stopover.

Lotte will come pre-sale for "Godeok Lotte Castle Veneto Luce" to rebuild the sangil-dong, Seoul Godeok jugong just 7 May. Only 59 ~ 122㎡, and the general pre-sale for 867 households from a total of 1,859 households. Seoul Subway Line 5 sangil-dong Station Godeok Station, as Cheonho, adjoins etc. Seoul Ring Expressway.

Samsung C & T in June and the pre-sale 'Gangnam Raemian Forest "to rebuild the Gangnam Gaepo Gaepo municipal apartments. Private area 59㎡ ~ 136㎡, and normal pre-sale 220 from a total of 2296 family household. Available Bundang Line Kowloon Station and the surroundings are pleasant, including the close Yang Jaecheon, dalteo Park, guryongsan.

GS E & C is planning to pre-sale for "Central Jaipur" to rebuild the Seocho Jamwon sinbanpo 6th June. -Only area 59 ~ 114㎡, and the pre-sale furniture 145 from a total of 757 households. Subway Line 3, and Line 9 can be used in the transfer station Express Bus Terminal Station on foot, it is rich in amenities such as Shinsegae Gangnam department store, Mega Box, Central City.

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Hayounggu Union Bank president, financial cooperation car to visit Indonesia

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] hayounggu visit comes two days 11-12 Indonesian national bank Union Chairman (photo).

According to the 9th Bankers Association, hayounggu president signed an agreement (MOU) for promoting Indonesian Association of Banks and the private exchanges during the visit.

Financial Cooperation Forum to share your experiences with the two associations co-sponsored also provided. Indonesia has advanced to the 20 domestic financial institutions, including Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, Hana Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Export-Import Bank.

Also it is provided free of charge by the Indonesian Association of Banks to take advantage of the financial Bankers Association web drama 'The Thing MONEY?' Produced with the financial education materials for the local youth.

Jakarta Peroni Yerba also bears scholarship support services agreement worth 100 million won in Nasu University.

The visit includes 26 institutions and 42 people attended with such jeongeunbo Finance Committee vice chairman, contrast agents including four won the representative Bank Financial Training Director.

KFB official said that "securing the future growth of the domestic banks and to as part of a global exchange and cooperation projects that are promoted for mutual growth with Asian countries followed in Myanmar, Cambodia visiting third countries of Indonesia ' .

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FSC vice chairman, global market trends discussed in Singapore

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] jeongeunbo Finance Committee Vice-Chairman is visiting Singapore to discuss the global financial institutions and economists recent market trends and risk factors.

9 days Finance Committee Vice Chairman jeongeunbo come the 11th ASEAN + 3 Macroeconomic Survey Organization (AMRO), Singapore's DBS, Australia ANZ, met with officials of the US UBS further rate hikes, Breck Sheet (withdrawal of the British EU), including the World It announced discuss the impact on the economy and Korea's economy.

Another 12 days are to attend the Korea-Indonesia financial cooperation forum held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is where jeongeunbo vice chairman proposed plans to strengthen the financial infrastructure, SME finance, pin-tech cooperation, including South Korea and Indonesia relations in various fields. Indonesia has local branches of domestic financial institutions such as banks 100 per cent, and financial investment company six places, five insurance companies, five specialized credit financial institutions.

Jeongeunbo vice chairman is scheduled to meet with South Korea finance companies operating in Indonesia listening to the grievances and pass to senior financial officials including central bank governor, the Financial Services Authority Chairman Indonesia.

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[April 02 NOTES bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] April 2 Parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) deposit yields showed that Kwangju Bank deals with the highest annual 1.90%.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "on the 9th Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site, I compared the bank deposit average interest rate rose above yields Rank 1 in Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool deposits' annual 1.90% (before tax) .

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages feed)' annual 1.80%, third place Jeju Bank 'cyber preferential term deposits (maturity payment type) "This was an annual 1.75%.

4. The above three items (open 1.70%) and Korea Development Bank 'KDB Hi deposit ", 5th was counted as a" deposit in my hands' (open 1.66%), Daegu Bank.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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[April 02 NOTES bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] April 2 Parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) time deposits yield the highest product showed that Kwangju Bank to open 2.00%.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "on the 9th Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures sites, bank time deposits (1 year, isolated, cum earned) I compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' annual 2.00% ( pre-tax) was recorded in the rate of return ranked first place.

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

2nd Guangzhou banks 'time deposits smart collection Dream "and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' This was an annual 1.70%.

No. 3 recorded the three goods' Savings in my hand, Daegu Bank opened 1.65%.

Fourth it was counted as four items (open 1.60%), and 5 above, Jeonbuk Bank Mutual Smart installments (annual 1.55%), including the National Bank 'KB 1 Konomi Smart Savings.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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The Fisheries banks are bruised.

There is a saying called HR (人事) is Manzanillo (萬事) of means well sseoyaman all this is a good man [Korea gimuiseok financial newspaper reporters. Writing to load excavated a good place talent (適 材 適 所) is the Chief Executive Officer of competence (力量). Also how things depending on the personnel and it is also a mesh (亡 師). Such personnel CEO is sensitive and sensitive. In particular parachute personnel regardless of age and make a well in the upcoming climb ipbangah of hosaga (好事 家).

Recently Fisheries as the next CEO edge delay loud every day. Only the Fisheries Bank yiwontae term expires in three days dagawatji forward iteoseoda experiencing a hiatus in the successor edge (人選). Sh beginning Fisheries Bank and the 9th month it was supposed to be the new CEO intervention process drift (漂流) near the edge one month. Fisheries Bank next Nomination Committee consisting of five people is because beonbeonyi but failed attempts to elect Bank over four times so far. But to hold a meeting tomorrow (10) Again, just look at the situation progressed so far seems not easy.

Undergo the next Fisheries Bank elected hiatus (難 航) is due to friction (軋 轢) and a bowl of rice a fight between the government and the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, which has split the bank president elected authority (權 賀). Each person must sit unconditionally self-motivation anahseoda retreat even one step from the existing position. If both sides of the conflict to end the next election Fisheries Bank is impossible.

As you know Fisheries Bank is a subsidiary of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives with a stake (持分) 100%. National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives is related organizations receiving public management and supervision of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (公職). At the same time they got the Fisheries Bank 1000000007000 yeoeok public funding sources (公 的 資金) receives the input management control (經營 統制) of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance Committee. sh Fisheries Bank is based Shem four 'mother' of National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Financial Services Commission.

Yireotda it does gandanchi the Bank elected (選出) process. Every three years, is composed of the CEO Nomination Committee (推薦 委員會). Inde of five members, the Minister of Strategy and Finance and the Finance Committee, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister and one by one each recommendation, the remaining two said the chairman of the Central Fisheries parent (母 會 社) is recommended.

When only the government and the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives 3 2 numbers on Cedar The Government breath. However, Fisheries banking bylaws, elected Bank is subject to the consent of at least two members recommended three minutes (同意). 'Gotta have that. More than four members of five people have to vote (贊成) will be elected CEO. When the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives either rejected (拒 否) eventually recommended the government and two members recommended that the three members can not hire a CEO structure.

The talk that can also liable to face up to the situation (事態) of colostrum called acting system. Before the Commercial Code and apparently a successor is confirmed that the former CEO to take a temporary measure (臨時 方便). In this case, it assumes the yiwontae Bank. Whatever the administrative space is inevitable in the early count.

For this reason, recently to come forward in the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Council issued a resolution (決意 文) that requires immediate decision of the CEO Nomination Committee. It is "almost a blank business according to CEO tenure expires seen the fire and the damage which affects up to fishermen.

What more after another as the noise surrounding the next CEO, senior (選任) reported a member of the Fisheries sh banks are too big to wear the scars. Here's to the bank's brand value (價 値) falling consumer confidence and financial (信賴) decline including loss invisible that it does damage formidable.

Bank CEO position is that a powerful authority. In addition, Chief Executive Officer (最高 經營 者) of large organizations are seemingly should always keep calm. However senses danger (危險), which lurks everywhere, and must respond preemptively (先 制 的). What is the role of CEO (役 割) and function (機能). Master of modern Business Administration (經營 學) Jim Collins has talked repeatedly about the "great company" conditions a group of leaders of great companies in the relevant book (條件).

"The signing of prominent leaders from the outside is rather negative (否定 的) to jump (跳躍) as a great company. Upstage the leaders of a noun, a great personality to decorate media headlines was not the leader of a great company. Quiet and careful and good person with humility (謙讓) and willingness (意志). Lizzie does not brag in public, "he said.

The problem is a mental age (時代 精神). Current sh Fisheries Bank should be an important measure of the edge does any CEO, needs some styles of leadership. Even now that we must care separatist entity first phase validated the ability of the banks themselves bankers Fisheries edge triggered (檢 證) expect the appearance of 'strong Fisheries. With this urge (促 求) the period of time to change the existing suit changing times for Fisheries bankers elected for the government. The government ultimately try to expect from this place itgie the belief that wish to be well-sh Fisheries Bank.

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Seoul Motor Show closing nine days, 610,000 people audience chamber ... Proven Family Motor Show

'2017 Seoul Motor Show (hereinafter referred to as the Seoul Motor Show)' [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] that ended Tuesday. In the 10 days from July 31 held a ceremony to visit the actual audience of 610,000 people, similar to the last 2015 years has faithfully carried out the proposition that "family-oriented Motor Show.

Seoul Motor Show Organizing Committee cited "growing family audience, the biggest feature of this show. Seoul Motor Show took place various exhibitions, such as automobile parts on display outside · IT · · Tuning and camping goods / services. Some one will regret the absence imported car brand is carried out under the proposition of 'Motor Show in family-oriented. "

Organizing Committee official said, "By Kami technology, culture and fun in car family visitors increased noticeably, and in the spring the family, such as watching the 10,000 or more 3,000 students organizations in, and, the University of more than 100 outings and students high-tech fusion industries 'saying' plan will won a performance to provide a venue for excursions on was to improve the backward elements of the model show in the past and shows that make focusing on the nature of the car to the younger generation and future prospects, including students' high evaluation was.

Gimyonggeun Organizing Committee is the Seoul Motor Show is a fairly unfavorable conditions in Geneva, Detroit, Frankfurt, Paris, Shanghai, such as the continental type than the global auto show history and face the inherent limitations in the domestic market and the public accessibility, saying, "But other countries Motor Show strengthen the high-tech industry convergence and environmentally friendly of global trends, including the autonomous car to differentiate and to expand family-friendly, hands-on-training-type exhibition with a meaning that was positioned to establish the identity of only the Seoul Motor Show I want "he said.

He added that "We will endeavor to continue to develop out of the Seoul Motor Show, including the reinforcement of entertainment and country market opening in accordance with progress in new and expanded exhibit, enhancing the convergence of the IT and auto Korea's strengths, experience a variety of events.

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Jeongseongrip Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine president, "HMM orders trust the results."

Were the DSME [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is awarded the super tankers of up to 10. Whilst the recent performance of the trust built up like the Greek super tanker contract Maran Tankers Inc..

9 days DSME announced that it has signed a letter of intent dried (LOI) for the HMM and super tankers (VLCC). The dry letter of intent has been given the option to order the first five, and add order to a maximum of five. This agreement will be signed until the end of July.

Hyundai Merchant Marine in 2011 were domestic shipping companies have ordered the operation the largest 10,000 3100TEU grade large containerships 5 of the container ship that Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the last in 2013 the British Zodiac 社 an order and only the HMM Charter 1 TEU-class container ship 6 yieoohgo scale treatment has a deep trust that goes along with such Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

DSME despite recent difficult business environment in order to succeed one after another based on high trust of many customers, such as contracts for the Greek tanker Maran's 社 a super tanker. This order is also expected to be a major force to restore confidence in the markets of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and management normalization.

Jeongseongrip Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine president, domestic and international ship owners are still a treat to spend the high technology and trust for the competitiveness of the marine shipbuilding, saying, "I will repay provide a good quality of these vessels to shipowners and to normalize the Company said.

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Doosan Infracore 'rosy outlook, continued

It rose in Doosan Infracore's global construction industry rankings achieved a turnaround in the booming [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea; last year, China's excavator market to sixth. This year the situation is a rosy outlook comes as China's booming market, which expected to continue the strong performance of its subsidiary Doosan Bobcat.

Doosan Infracore announced dwaetdago selection of the 9th British construction machinery group media 'KHL' of 'yellow table' Last year, construction machinery industry top six in the world. Construction machinery sales last year were 49 world records up to 6 billion 30 million US dollars and rising two places from the previous year (8th).

The performance of Doosan Infracore reason is considered the first year of the restored Chinese excavator market. Chinese excavator market is the main market for Doosan Infracore. Last year, China's excavator market, Doosan Infracore's sales recorded a 7.4% market share in 4649.

China's excavator market experienced the difficulties whilst there are multiple records, the recovery Dodd monthly sales of 13,918 units last month, up to past levels. There is a positive outlook on emerging core business of excavators, wheel loaders, Doosan Infracore with the engine business.

Steady increase in profitability of the Doosan Bobcat also considered as another good news of the year, Doosan Infracore. Doosan Bobcat accounted for about 70% of sales last year, Doosan Infracore. Last year, Doosan Infracore's sales of 879.1 billion won 3000000000005 1 trillion 729.6 billion won 68% of the revenue was generated from Doosan Bobcat. American Donald Trump after the government launched gotta expect a strong recovery in the North American construction market, Doosan and Bobcat in the market as the main industry is still believed it would also lead to the year.

Doosan Infracore official said, "to develop products that meet the needs of markets and customers, to market and enhance dealer service capabilities further enhance customer satisfaction nagagetda 'said' by expanding the Doosan Connect (DoosanCONNECT) services utilizing ICT skills It announced that it will expand its product offering smart solutions.

Depending on the continued strong Doosan Infracore expects the earnings this year after taking office, President Son Dongyeon. He was sworn in as president last Doosan Infracore 2015. Doosan Infracore is expected this year, sales of 6.1 trillion won, operating profit of 504.6 billion won, which is a shame, respectively increased by 6.46%, 2.81% compared to previous year (5.7296 trillion won, 490.8 billion won).

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'All New Cruise' National Customer Marketing implementation

[Standing Korea's financial newspaper hyomun News] Chevrolet to start the Gwangju want to go after the show can go on, the all-new cruise "raised more than 2,000 sales in just two weeks after the start of sales last month earnest in Seongnam, Gunsan, Daejeon, and Chuncheon nationwide has entered the unfolding Unique Customer experience marketing said yesterday.

First, the program was established to experience new cruise in 8th and 9th yangilgan in Gwangju, Kwangju Women's University opened the "Chevrolet amateur badminton tournament, the players on the pitch and found the target more than 2500 spectators. Enhance brand familiarity through Sport for support and this will be held for the all-new cruise promotions led to a great response from participants in large-scale promotional activities such as exhibitions and provide a rich prize for new cruise destination in the participating customers.

Joinsang Korea GM Retail Marketing Division Managing Director will inform the superior marketability of the all-new cruise through this distinctive marketing activities Getting directly to the saying, "The party found a national sport enthusiasts and customers Chevron announced the sales start of the Chevrolet all-new cruise 'area It announced that it will expand its customer base. "

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Hyundai Oil Bank, followed by GS Caltex, the US crude oil imports

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] come spend a Hyundai Oil Bank for US crude in the country.

Hyundai Oil Bank said yesterday that an agreement to introduce the 200 million barrels of crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, oil company Shell and the southern United States in the last three days. Domestic refiners will be introduced to the US Crude Oil Following the GS Caltex to second. Contract size is 100 million US dollars level.

The GS Caltex is the first time in November last year, the domestic refiners hanba American Eagle Ford introduced the 100 million barrels of crude oil (Eagle Ford Crude). At the time, GS Caltex 'gotta have economical to secure West Texas crude oil (WTI) prices weakening, global crude oil transportation tariffs drop, reducing ancillary costs resulting from the transportation with Mexico crude oil, etc. was introduced to American oil', saying 'economic future, which it has said it plans actively embark "on new oil discovery and diversification introduced.

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[April 1 NOTE domestic oil prices, fell 7.3 won the previous week, eight weeks falling '

April first week of domestic gasoline, diesel price (price per 1L) 7.3 won each of the previous week, fell 7.4 won [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea. The eight weeks consecutive decline.

According to the Korea National Oil Corporation on the 9th April, one week gasoline, diesel sales were recorded at 1489.0 won, respectively, 1279.4 won.

By the decline in oil refiners SK Energy was the largest gasoline. SK Energy won dropped 7.9 compared to a record last week (1514.5 won) to 1506.7 won. Following S-OIL (1488.1 won, down 7.5 won), Hyundai Oil Bank (1478.4 won, 7.3 won drop) · GS Caltex (1492.8 won, down 6.4 won) went down in order in the price.

Stops in the SK Energy was the largest decline. SK Energy has gone down 7.8 won to 1298.5 won a record than last week (1306.3 won). Following Hyundai Oil Bank (1267.8 won, 7.7 won drop) · S-OIL (1270.2 won, 7.5 won drop) · GS Caltex (1283.6 won, 6.7 won drop) was a net decline in prices.

Korea National Oil Corporation has predicted that "the domestic oil prices fall as US refinery utilization rates and international oil prices refined oil demand growth trend of the dosage increased, decreased, such as rising US gasoline inventories will be relieved."

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