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Lotte World Tower fireworks D-Day ... Watching attractions Where?

There is increasing interest in the middle of watching every [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - Today (2 days), together Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival is one, held that. Lotte Corporation has introduced the perfect spot where you can properly enjoy the Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival today.

In the day 19:30 from 9:00 Lotte World Tower 30 minutes and Seokchon Lake one unfolds a variety of events including public art project Sweet Swan, DJ DOC, Hong Jin-young, Diamond (DIA) Celebration, Cherry Blossom Festival with fireworks.

Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival is 123 layers, and Tower fireworks show that domestic progress for the first time in the Lotte World Tower's 555m high, at 9 pm Total 750 different firing points than 30,000 fireworks Seoul sky for about 11 minutes It will be put. This famous Taipei 101 tower, the Burj Dubai will Lipa than fireworks produced long time, large-scale fireworks syoda more than four tons of gunpowder weighs only introduced into the New Year's Eve fireworks show tower.

It is also likely to be that the musical sparks are produced in the gorgeous jazz, pop, etc. are held in the Lotte World Tower building to the music of a total of eight towers and fireworks Seokchon Lake West Lake.

Watching per Lotte Bussan plug in is at the Lotte World Tower in the distance closest to the door of the Olympic Park, Peace Plaza, Jamsil Hangang Park, gwangjin bridge, Ttukseom amusement park, maebongsan octagonal pavilion, Techno Mart Sky Park, Jamsil Bridge southern tip.

Day, fireworks are on-site visit is scheduled to relay to live through the Lotte World Tower official Facebook for those in need. Also you can enjoy the 'live broadcast of the comedian' that jangdoyeon, Yu-Mi Kang, huh Anna process.

In addition to the 10,000-seat arena and provided separately Seokchon Lake waterfront lawn to watch the fireworks show is expected to about 16 million people is the largest ever found Jamsil Citizen and Seokchon Lake area.

The Lotte World Tower in addition to the two days 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 Safety management personnel, its own support staff, Secret Service personnel, total 1,000 500 Songpa-gu Office volunteer personnel with security personnel of the police, fire personnel to ensure the safety of citizens including site plans to deploy a total of 1,500.

Specify the gait and additional safety events just Lotte World Tower and the Lotte World Mall the day of the entire order of vehicular traffic in the access and full control over Area A passage is impossible to April 1st 10 pm on the 3rd 6:00 pm Lotte World only the underpass to traffic between Jamsil Seokchon lake is controlled.

Lotte World Tower fireworks show in Dubai Burj be Lipa, Taipei 101, Paris Eiffel Tower, etc. in the Tower fireworks show installation areas that produce the world famous fireworks show held by the best technology, the French group F. (GroupeF) team from the last 15 days 31, prepared the event over 135 hours on the 17th.

All fireworks materials to be installed in the tower was used only the parts that are not separated to avoid falling hazard, separate the tower radius of 40m in less pedestrian traffic for emergency accident prevention time (am to 7 pm from 10:00 pm) safety managers proceeded safely while controlling.

The fireworks used in the fireworks show will be conducted in Device flame 'type Insert the promotion of gunpowder schedule "tasang Flame" not fired artillery and gunpowder to produce a highly diverse shapes over up shot comes out turned consists of an integrated pumping in firing artillery as there is little probability of normal fireworks show over the fallout or dust.

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L7 Myeongdong, rickshaw outing "Enjoy ahtti 'package released

Unveiled [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte operating Lifestyle Hotel Myeongdong L7 is "Enjoy Seoul Weed ahtti package 'that he said two days.

Package provides a superior room per night, breakfast for two Villa de Charlotte, ahtti Myeongdong experience course 1 hour, Polaroid Instax Mini film and one for hire 10 sheets.

Looking for Seoul Night Rooftop putseupa can also relax free of charge.

Week 19 million, available from week 20 man won 5000 and is available from the discount deohaejyeo when three or more nights man week 17 1000 W, weekend 184.5 thousand won.

In particular, a bike ride combined with a 'rickshaw ahtti' rickshaw include Myeong experience course ahtti coming departure, returning about 60 minutes after the Seoul City Hall and stream sides, Myeong-dong Art Theater in Myeongdong L7.

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E-Land Retail, mamaen Kids Festival

It will hold a festival for kids mamaen [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters - Mother with child from the 5th E-Land Retail coming up to 11 days.

E-Land Retail was planning a key customer of 30-40 housewives choose a life new content you want on April events through big data analysis, the festival in 50 branches nationwide NC department and Newcore Outlet 2001 Outlet, Donga Department Store It proceeds simultaneously.

The festival will be conducted in close-up shopping gift money Augmented Reality (AR) game that looked to the pilot line at some point in the last month, the country points.

When you come searching for 'E-Land Retail "in the search box, turn on the syrup app by visiting the E-Land Retail retailers up to 7 days and can participate in the AR game, touch the characters that appear on the screen can get a preview zoom point up to 50 out of . Points coming period will fall from 5 days to 7 days.

Also Eland over 70,000 won purchase only on membership customers will, and presented not exhausted until a high-quality umbrella, comes five days until after you log on the website or application to draw a total of 200 people leaving a family introduction to the comments Tefal blender, jeonggwanjang ginseng t including plans to present a variety of products.

Festival line around the point, Liao Annex, Flamingo, Joinus such as the product of women's wear brands, to meet the 20% discount, NC River bookstore, nyukoah Bucheon point, NC Songpa points to open the Baby Fair ahgabang, Alor Yen Lu the discount of 18 popular brands of infant products, such as Happy Land up to 90%.

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[HR] our card

[Lower cervical financial newspaper reporter Korea before;

◇ Newly appointed

Head of Corporate Customer Business Partner ▲ win ▲ times Corporate Planning Executive Director Heo Yeonuk ▲ Risk Officer Compliance Officer Managing Director Managing Director Park Seungil ▲ jocheolje

◇ Promotion

▲ Strategic Business Planning treated joseongrak ▲ Coordinate Executive Director Yun Uiyeon

◇ change positions

▲ Marketing Division Managing treat yiheonju

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Hyundai Capital, Inc. and then rent a car delivery business cooperation

[Korea financial newspaper reporter before lower cervical Hyundai Capital Inc. sets out the rental car delivery business cooperation.

Hyundai Capital announced that it has entered into two days carsharing evolutionary model 'dilka (delivery car), business cooperation agreement with Sawa rent March 30th. In a ceremony he attended four of the 80 rented more than 120 staff.

Hyundai Capital is bought and rented benefit greatly in the new carsharing model 'dilka (delivery car) "launched.

"Dilka 'is the new carsharing service to make Corp., Hyundai Capital and Rent. When customers book a car in dilka dedicated mobile apps bring the vehicle to the desired place and time to give packed failure to return a vehicle inspection. It is characteristic to eliminate the hassle of visiting customers directly have acquired the vehicle and returned with improved ease of use. Proceeds from the rental company as an essential vehicle dispatching former car wash and vehicle inspection and vehicle delivery during identification procedure is also to continue existing carsharing problem was the vehicle management and internal cleanliness problems, renters and users are different, arising from the accident vehicle problems are also expected to be significantly improved.

Hyundai Capital is a platform provider role was contemplating buying rental This carsharing market through an agreement with costs and marketing know-how. HCS is responsible for finance and marketing, and supply and operating a vehicle necessary for carsharing is responsible rent Saga partnership. Financial institutions and plans to hire Saga to concentrate their competencies provide the best products and services to vehicle users.

"Dilka 'plans to officially open in the first half of the year after the trial for a month in April. After the first launch of the center of Seoul and the metropolitan area, and Jeju KTX 15 major history is going to gradually expand the use area.

Hyundai Capital said, "Through this ceremony and declared not to advance in the short term rental market," he said, "will be a future platform provider (Platform Provider) to support actively to advance to the small rent buy new carsharing market." .

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Fisheries Bank haengjang next four days re-elected after all discussions

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were misfires once again re-elect conspiracy Sh haengjang nakjeom of Fisheries banks that were accomplished by.

According to the 2nd banking industry, Fisheries Bank CEO Nomination Committee (Acts cold) did not select the final nominee at the next Fisheries CEO candidate target July 31 interview.

Fisheries Bank Row cold had come to re-discuss the next 4 days haengjang finalists senior issues.

Last month, nine days ahead of Fisheries Bank has decided to finally re-bar conspiracy failed to reach an agreement on the next haengjang recommended. But that is not known to have differences between the cold source line narrowing in July 31.

Fisheries Bank Row cold gotta have two masters government side is recommended by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives three people outside directors recommended a total of five people. Final nominations shall be approved (two thirds) or more rows cold committee four.

The next haengjang edge has supported a total of 11 candidates, including the current yiwontae Fisheries Bank and the Bank of gangmyeongseok Fisheries standing auditor.

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Take a very Savings Bank, damage prevention voice phishing merit accolades

It was [Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] very Savings Bank accolades as voice phishing damage prevention merit.

Very savings banks that belong to Cheongju branch manager receives charge of civil fix to prevent the rapid response to customer deposits 150 million won voice phishing scams have received a certificate of appreciation from Cheongju significant contribution to helping the police arrest police said two days.

Last 22 days very Savings Bank customers to visit the 60 women in Cheongju branch was asked to deposit 50 million won terminate halfway.

Min managers detect anomalies such as that you have long-term deposits were deposits continued phones come tell you that, and hastily withdrawing 100 million won in other financial institutions to Phone point and your in business process know that high, and deposits It delayed the termination of business. After several questions customers have greater intuition is the voice phishing-related possibilities.

The civic managers will enable the phone number received under pass your phone to arrest the financial institutions and the police, after confirmation to the customer not the prosecution, voice phishing commits to promptly report it to the police station at the same time reassuring the customer.

Oh centrifugal Cheongju significant police chief is "is intelligent day is helpful at a time when this point the organized voice phishing increasingly growing at a very Savings Bank to arrest the culprit early on and are able to reduce the damage and so glad thank you" and presented a certificate of appreciation said He said "very savings bank so that God will continue as unfair to our customers tell us the voice phishing cases occurred recently and new techniques such as active haeoh damage so far asked for cooperation."

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[Financiers Talk] term of seven sub-ridge beyond the BOK governor Lee Ju-yeol

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] 'operational monetary policy in a direction that supports economic recovery and financial stability will also note'

The Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol (picture) said in a press conference last out around the end of March 2016, inaugurated two years.

The governor Lee Ju-yeol was also mentioned correspond to the difference between our saying, "Korea is the key currency gukin capital outflow should consider the risks involved in the policy stance eased Unlike countries' quantitative easing, negative interest rates, such as major central banks.

And a year later. The Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol was inaugurated the third anniversary date of 1 April. Shem is beyond the ridge section 7 of the term of office of the governor as long as four years.

Bank of Korea's monetary policy stance to maintain the easing 'in the direction of supporting economic recovery "has not changed significantly.

Lee Ju-yeol since the governor took office in April 2014 the Bank of Korea Monetary Policy Committee has cut benchmark interest rates five consecutive times. Interest rate was 2.50% a year during the inaugural fell to a record low level of 1.25% a year. I'm a French household debt accumulation 1300000000000000 won by current interest rate cuts are not a few. In this regard the governor Lee Ju-yeol has been described as "above which would call time, to respond to unexpected economic shocks had such Homers crisis.

Recently gathered attention back to the Bank of Korea is a corresponding part of the US monetary authorities raise interest rates. US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept the old outlook on the impressive number of times since 2019 last month on the 15th (local time), was a surprise policy rate hikes 0.25 percent this year.

Of course, you can see the United States in March, ahead of the rate decision the governor Lee Ju-yeol policy easing bihaeseon said the situation had "surmounted the US interest rate hikes are likely even faster than expected," the officer convening the meeting is ugly.

But is the situation the US policy rate band is going to open up the 0.75 to 1.00% decrease as long as the interest rate gap with the current annual 1.25%. Fed once been adding top Fed policy rate hikes this year, the same as long as the case raised interest rates twice yen may also occur reversal.

Lee Ju-yeol governor July 30 to attend the National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee issues report 'One of the monetary policy operation when the US Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes, but the main consideration is basically focused on the domestic macroeconomic and financial stability situation, "he said. When speaking before Parliament in February governor Lee Ju-yeol was also saying that "not something the United States as long as the interest rate olrindago correspond mechanically.

The governor Lee Ju-yeol said, "If you will expand excessively volatility of price variables such as capital outflow will conduct timely measures to stabilize the market."

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Weather forecast 'mutual savings bank restructuring Special Account Management White Paper "published

The publication is a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Deposit Insurance Corporation "2016 Mutual Savings Bank Restructuring Special Account Management White Paper.

Forecast 2 has issued a troubled savings bank reserves PF estate, containing a process for the recovery of input financing, including the sale of various assets, including ships' 2016 Mutual Savings Bank Restructuring Special Account Management White Paper from the savings bank crisis occurred in 2011 one said.

Forecast last year, PF estate, golf courses, marine, art, etc., Ltd is a custom-selling strategy implementation, including consideration of the type of characteristics of the assets acquired in the cleanup process was recovered 517.3 billion won, strict, including property surveys for insolvency officer caused the insolvency of savings banks through the accused it was responsible for recovering non-performing assets concealment of 117.2 billion won best year ever.

Forecasts were recovered 10.2 trillion won by the end of last year, such as the recovery of the year to 2.8 trillion won last year's dividend bankrupt insolvent savings banks on the basis of these results. This achievement is beyond the operating time of a stop recoverable amount is in charge of accounting firm estimated 9.7 trillion won due diligence.

Forecast is an opportunity for economic recovery for the socially disadvantaged, such as reduction in debt of 734.2 billion won for quick debt restructuring scheme (Fast-track) 1077 people troubled savings banks simply debtors 20,000 through the introduction of for the last year, social disadvantaged did.

For a quick sale of nine insolvent savings banks have a four billion dollar investment in Cambodia 10 sites, including Busan Savings Bank has established an office in Cambodia in March this year.

Going forward, efforts to maximize recovery and a proactive risk management policy to focus on to prevent the possibility of additional savings troubled banks.

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SBI savings banks join 'SBI cider Savings' customers exceeded 10,000 people

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] SBI savings banks 'SBI cider Savings' subscription customers surpassed 1 million.

SBI savings bank announced on the 30th that exceeded 10,000 people sign up customers in more than four months launched the 'Cider SBI savings account' is free withdrawals products released in November last year.

SBI savings banks to join the commemoration of customers exceeded 10,000 people, cider SBI savings account "to proceed with the customer appreciation event.

The event will be conducted one month to target the SBI cider Savings subscription customers from 1 to 30 days.

How to participate in the event you are uploading a cider SBI savings account product reviews in the online community, such as your blog, Facebook, Instagram, and then copy the URL to the comments submitted on the official Facebook event Savings Bank SBI posts.

To draw a total of five of the applicants customers and provide travel vouchers, department store gift certificates and various prizes such as vouchers Bakery, winners will be announced on May 15th.

The biggest factor in the 'SBI cider Savings' success is that withdrawals are jayurowoo yet if it meets certain conditions providing a high level of annual interest rates of time deposits up to 1.9%. It is also possible to utilize an existing bank account to deposit the ordinary while deposit products are the preferential rate applies primarily to the 5 million to 10 million won limit, 'SBI cider Savings' is a short-term lump sum preferential rate applied to 2000 yuan. In addition it maximized the consumer benefits and conveniences, such as being exempt from all fees arising from financial transactions.

Recently it did not find a worthy investment in accordance with prolonged low interest rate environment financial consumers 'SBI cider Savings' massive Molly while customers sign up 10,100 people for a short period of time, it is analyzed that exceeded the average balance of 12.6 billion won.

Savings Bank SBI official said, "claiming prepare an audit event to reward customer support, we will provide the basis for a better future for goods and services than the Bank House customers convenience and benefit."

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Hwang Changgyu President "group of companies 10000000000000 era will open sales"

[Ohahreum journalists Korea Financial News] "KT and affiliates will now move to the idea that chemical in one body" and if the sum of the 'five-platform strategy, ability of the group to run grow my strong global platform and a group 2-3 years will be."

Hwang Changgyu president told reporters in the "first half of 2017 Group Management Strategy Day" one of the group companies and employees more than 400 KT per minute KT Building July 31 to attend.

The event will last 24 days in the first event after the reappointment of Hwang Changgyu chairman at the annual general meeting of shareholders a final decision, 2nd elicit the sympathy of the employees of the management system in the right group management direction, "5 platform business, Group-wide It was planning to discuss the implementation strategy.

Huang said the president at a place to have aspirations, "gathered in the KT group competencies and completely transformed into a platform company, it will become the first innovations, including the group led to the global market."

Hwang Changgyu president has said the February KT Year Strategy △ media △ smart energy △ financial transactions in the workshop △ disaster ∙ Safety △ companies ∙ enhance public value "5 platform for growth in the future core business of the group vowed plan.

In addition to the line chejilhwa a 'communication and collaboration' as a unique corporate culture of KT Group was ordered to employees.

Huang said: "For the success of the five platform businesses need excellent human resources and technology group of companies that have" and "must be created with a sophisticated and execution strategy for the KT and affiliates to become a platform groups," he said.

In addition, Huang said the president "KT Estate is an important group of companies that do business 24 hours a day to make me feel ICT into the skin," "will pony up a 'smart energy' competencies in KT Estate Business Platform," he said.

KT estate last year, smart energy, such as starting a state-of-the-art ICT solutions combine rental housing business and recorded an operating profit of 62.5 billion won in sales and 388.7 billion won, up 103% of the increase of 20% compared to the previous year. This year's goal is to achieve sales of 546.3 billion won, up 40% compared to last year.

One trillion won for the first time 10-year history of KT affiliates sales this basis, operating profit of 500 billion won and challenging to achieve. Last year, group companies Business Results were 2.5% when compared with 2015 sales of 9.26 trillion won, operating profit of 430 billion won. It grew by 18.9%.

Chairman Huang changes and achievements over the past three years through the ceremony general comment is marked appreciation to the lead wire to the employees, saying the results achieved with effort and enthusiasm of the group employees changed.

Following "is the most important success of the five platform businesses to become innovative seonbongjang increase the competitiveness of the KT group, former (全) Industrial line to a new starting point" and "communication and empowerment and have a new perspective KT Group employees competencies the he urged the will to rally once again. "

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Yitong three companies, "Galaxy S8 your prior experience."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] Yitong three companies went on such a large scale promotion deploying smart phone strategy first half of this year, Samsung Galaxy S8 Experience Zone.

According to the 2nd industry, SK Telecom is easy for anyone to do so can experience the Galaxy S8 operational experience exists in the largest 900 stores of domestic carriers and expanding the experience zones come with over 1,200 stores by early May plans.

Accordingly, SK Telecom customers to visit the store Galaxy S8 'voice command' of △ Artificial intelligence services Bixby (Bixby) before release, "object recognition" function △ iris, face, fingerprint reader △ smartphone to be used as a PC Samsung also Dex (DeX) that makes use of them can be seen.

In one particular store operating experience zone from the past day has increased more than 50% of the store, such as contrast the usual weekend visit customers increasing customer inquiries about the experience of Galaxy S8 features to try to join a scheduled event.

In addition, SK Telecom will conduct scheduled to join the Galaxy S8 through official authorized retailers nationwide and online 'T World Direct' seven days from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm on the 17th.

Particularly through the official online shopping mall 'T World Direct "SK Telecom after booking joined the opening, customers can receive a LCD protection film and a transparent case, depending on customer preference shoe pigen wireless high-speed charger, Bluetooth Brits Neckband earphones, Gorilla Glass You can choose one of the cases.

In addition, SK Telecom and Samsung Galaxy S8 gives the 64GB model with Bluetooth speaker level box of 99,000 won equivalent to opening a customer giveaways after booking sign up. When opening the 128GB model after booking sign up you can select one of index Samsung and level the box. In addition it also provides models and one LCD repair 50% Genuine Accessories 50,000 won discount coupons, regardless of Lineage II Revolution items, Youtube red ticket three months.

KT also conducted nationwide from 1 S ∙ Samsung's flagship model Galaxy S8 'prior experience in ZONE store and then proceeds to pre-booked through on-∙ offline channels from 7 days to 17 days.

KT Gwanghwamun Square, including more than 680 national largest exhibition for the Galaxy S ∙ S8 in ZONE store and then proceeds to pre-experience.

Prior experience corner is composed of a display, Bixby / camera, iris / Dex function experience. S ∙ ZONE stores nationwide information can be found in the Aalesund Join Us "store locator / guide.

7 Galaxy S8 reservation is being held from one to 17 days pre-opening is possible from only 18 days, the reservation will be held online at the official channel of the customer 'Ole shop "and KT stores nationwide.

LG U + sets out to greet customers, such as large-scale authentic cheheomdan recruited prior to the launch, the introduction of used phone price guarantee program, the launch of a new partnership card 'Galaxy S8'.

First, LG U + will come to recruit a large U + cheheomdan to experience that in a month the Galaxy S8 to target third-party clients from 7 days to 11 days.

8888 people Customer Selection for this yupeulreoseu cheheomdan to recruit receives an offer of 30,000 points to pay for such communication expenses incurred during the period to experience the Galaxy S8. 1 month after use can still use or to change or terminate exempt other models penalties and residual payments for mobile phones, depending on customer's choice. U + cheheomdan how to apply is if you register your name and phone number in the LG U + 'official website after the Galaxy S8 reservation and select the store opened to the phone. The customer can select the cheheomdan opening the Galaxy S8 from 18 days to 24 days.

In addition, LG U + will operate the Experience Zone from April 1 for customers who want to purchase to try the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 plus the first in the country a major direct and reseller such as Seoul, Busan, Gwangju.

In addition, LG U + was able to choose the installment for months, depending on customer preference to launch simultaneous "used phones Guarantee 'and' U + Galaxy Club, sole of the carrier.

By utilizing this newly released with 'LG U + bikpat one card "can enjoy greater discounts.

When buying a Galaxy S8 payment to LG U + bikpat one card and use the card more than 300,000 won a month you receive a communication fee discount of 17,000 won per month can receive a discount of a total of 408,000 won for 24 months.

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Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 Discover Be the first. "

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] operates the SEC prior experience zones of strategies smartphone Galaxy S8 · Plus, the largest ever released soon after.

Samsung will exhibit a nationwide Digital Plaza, Hi-mart, ET Land, a hands-on Samsung mobile professional reseller store of carrier Galaxy S ∙ ZONE S8 · Plus in 3,000 specialized places.

The S ∙ ZONE was a convenient way to experience the key features of the Galaxy S8 · Plus from one of the tables. In particular, there can be interactive and interesting to see Galaxy S8 · Plus bezel-less (Bezel-less) design, Infinity display, intelligent interface 'Bixby (Bixby)'.

In addition, Samsung is also operating an experiential zones differentiated premium lounge style in a hot place of 40 places across the country.

Good accessibility, etc. Station, Busan Centum City, Gwangju Yu Square in Seoul Familia, the floating population, many national major department stores, shopping malls, the multiplex in experience zones like much more than the Galaxy S8 · Plus consumers can experience deeper It was so.

In the Experience Zone in the open lounge-style decorated around the Infinity display, consumers intelligent interface "Bixby" iris ∙ face recognition, security utilizing biometric information, and smartphones like, such as a desktop PC 'Samsung Dex' that it can be used like while relaxing the main features of the Galaxy S8 · Plus can enable more immersive experience.

Samsung Electronics plans to go operational experience with John through the new media, video content, SNS authentication and events (Online to Offline) O2O marketing in conjunction with offline and online more intimate rapport with consumers and broaden the contacts.

Galaxy Plus S8 · Experience Zone is expected to be expanded to 80 regions nationwide until May, can be in the nation's major banks points 50 experienced an iris function of the Galaxy S8 · Plus optimize financial transactions.

Meanwhile, Samsung has come to start pre-sales of the Galaxy S8 · Plus since 7 days. Pre-sales product is available from 18 days before the opening of the 21st Korea official release date.

For more information about Galaxy S8 'experience zones can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 microsite.

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Kibo, 2017 The first qualification test conducted by Korea Technology Credit rating agencies

Conduct the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Technology Guarantee Fund 2017 1st Technology credit rating exam.

Kibo is said that two days carrying out the technical credit rating agencies (first class grade 0.3) exam for new training techniques finance professionals on May 20 in Seoul and Busan.

Applications are accepted subject to take online credit rating agencies in the technical qualification to the site 15 days. Successful applicants will be announced Thurs., June 1.

Details relating to the eligibility test conducted this time it is possible to confirm via the technology credit rating Qualification site and customer service center.

Credit rating agencies buy technology is a professional company that holds technical evaluation of intangible assets such as intellectual property or specialized skills, are performing a credit assessment of the overall credit and financial information to calculate a rating or rating this amount.

Through the first introduction of the technology in the 2016 Test Year notation credit rating it has been working in the financial professional skills training of financial personnel to discharge the first class 13 people, 187 people second-class, third-class technology, 823 people Credit rating agencies.

The introduction of a qualifications system this year, the second year will be a new course for the training silmuhyeong technical financial experts. The opening for TCB practical training courses aimed at holders Credit Analyst certification exam passers and technology credit rating of banks.

Called Kibo official "notation is planning to become a qualifying examination and training courses a truly technical financial professionals a comprehensive education institutions through, and plans to pursue a public angry civilian qualify for a stable civilian settlement and enable future technology finance." He said.

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LG Electronics Vice Chairman Cho Seongjin "actively cooperating with partners from the development phase."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics and business partners for a win-win (相 生) gathered in one place.

LG Electronics, July 31, LG Electronics CEO CEO Cho Seongjin vice president, Zhang purchase center from LG Learning Center in Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek yisiyong executive, including company executives and 99 of the main supplier representatives attended '2017 LG Electronics Cooperation Conference " opened. Cooperation is a group of LG Electronics' partner firms.

In the event Cooperation Awards were last year and shared the lead partner, and selected 12 partner companies embellish the exceptional performance in productivity and quality improvement.

LG Electronics is focused on promoting shared about the direction of this year, such as building a factory, smart use of building an efficient production system with standardized components and sharer, Big Data.

Cooperation with LG Electronics has decided to continue the boys and girls for the most diverse social contribution activities, multicultural families, seniors, such as social vulnerable groups in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Cho Seongjin vice "to ensure the most basic and important commitment of quality and safety of our customers, it is important to secure the part competitiveness through the active participation of partners from initiating product development" and "the true unwavering in any crises Let's work together to become a "First Class LG 'he stressed."

Meanwhile, LG Electronics has been laid out low-interest loans, interest-free consulting support △ △ various support policies for free education and support mutual growth for △ improve productivity targets suppliers.

Based on this, there is a Seon Sunhwan becomes robust partnerships, including strengthening the competitiveness of parts suppliers.

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LG G6, document sets out an aggressive US marketing

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics USA is ahead of the launch of the "full vision (FullVision) 'strategic premium smartphone' LG G6 'apseun display embarked on aggressive marketing.

LG Electronics is the place to experience the upcoming 'LG G6' 'LG G6' in total across the country more than 25,000 stores and large electronics stores, etc. before the US launched five major carrier stores and Best Buy seconds two months It was prepared.

In addition, through five carriers and proceed to the reservation sales for each carrier per calendar month from 17th.

LG Electronics is the bar which led to acclaim from consumers through a full range of marketing activities, including the installation of a total of 3,000 different experience zones so that you can see and experience the 'LG G6' in advance, even before the domestic market.

In-store visits customers △ while maintaining optimal grip screen is raised 18: Preview the benefits only a 9 aspect ratio 5.7 inches full vision display △ more advanced wide-angle dual camera △ maturity eliminates the car tuktwi high design such as 'LG G6' before release We can see and experience.

Global TV advertising of 'LG G6' containing the full vision display and a variety of convenience features on the upbeat video was also released.

The 30-second ad is dynamic, such as the appearance of using a wide-angle camera with a wide-screen immersive high around the 'LG G6' fixed to the central scene, play games and videos, skydiving and was pleasantly representation.

Ahead of the US market is also active online marketing. According to Invisible Tome Chargers (Visible Measures) for measuring online video attention was ranked 'LG G6' a viral video 'G6' dance 'around the world netizens watched the most in two weeks from March 7 to introduce the viral video 1 .

'G6 Dance "is parkour (sport to overcome urban obstacles) was 1 minute 14 seconds into the video that contains the process of learning to dance hip-hop dancer now surpassed the 6700 total views to manbyu (View).

18: 9 aspect ratio established a full emphasis on the non-image 'Life with Big' also recorded a total of 6200 hits manbyu later, broke the record for two million cumulative video views 30,000,000 views 1 billion. Two images can be viewed on YouTube.

In addition, it is also getting a lot of attention to the image that contains the state to test a Youtube stars 'LG G6', such as video (about 70 million cumulative views View) to see check the waterproof performance of the 'LG G6' in a variety of extreme conditions.

LG Electronics MC Marketing FD Kim Suyoung, managing director "in the smartphone up to the US market with local interests and expectations of consumers for 'LG G6' very high" and "Tell them a distinct advantage of the 'LG G6', including the full vision display effectively will continue to strive for, "he said.

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Credit unions, youth cooperatives incubator after

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] sets out the credit unions in the youth cooperative incubator

Credit Union CSR Foundation announced two days dwaetdago selected last March 28 organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, which organized the "2017 Youth Cooperative business incubator conspiracy 'partners.

Conduct hyeoeun new youth cooperative entrepreneurship contests, we receive not received until 21 pm to 6 pm. Youth Cooperative entrepreneurship contest is open to all ideas and start-up if the cooperative is young (only 19 years old 3-10039) configuration with commitment for more than half of the organizations.

Credit unions are excavated to support cooperatives established youth entrepreneurship team to be founded as a cooperative and serves to transfer the operational know-how of the senior cooperatives. In particular, credit unions will support also provided start-up financing, welfare space based on the expertise and nationwide network of youth entrepreneurship training project team and ensure outlets, public relations.

Current Credit Union Foundation metropolitan areas by region (operating credit unions, Dongseoul credit unions, resident credit unions, Gimpo credit unions, Balan credit unions), Honam's (Gwangju credit unions, Gwangju ichthyosaurs credit unions, beolgyo credit unions) and eighty credit unions, Gangwon Gangneung, credit unions, Daegu, Jeju jemin the 'Youth cooperatives founded Supporters' etc. to the 11 credit unions nationwide collaborative institutions credit unions after the configuration is scrambling to work in earnest.

In addition, the Credit Union Foundation supports together followed in 2016, and also to sponsor the project, excellent young team founded cooperative commercialization funding and financial support costs to equip a viable, cooperative credit unions operating in combination for the program this year.

It has a business model that enables a high growth potential to create social value Cooperatives Youth Cooperatives founded a successful outstanding founding team who will support the commercialization funds necessary to stabilize the initial prototype development and services.

If through credit unions succeeded in youth cooperatives founded the team access to finance for credit unions period of financial jungyimyeo cost of support plans, credit unions online integrated business platform operating to support the tax, accounting and administration of the cooperative (CU bizcoop ) to help you take advantage of.

Ipjeom in the form of either a product of successful cooperatives in the commercialization of the online shopping mall (cumall) of the first credit unions or purchase the services of cooperatives in cooperative credit unions, including youth entrepreneurship support team will have a self-sustaining.

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[Obituary] gangsinwoo (Korea Investment Corporation Investment Management Division) Mr. janginsang

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporter] ▲ forward Mahayana's death, Jeong Myeongok, paintings, master, songbirds, Mr. buchinsang, Heo Youngcheol (former Asan Foundation Construction Division), bakdaewi (KAL director), gangsinwoo (Korea Investment Corporation Investment Management Division) Mr. janginsang = 1, Seoul National University Bundang hospital morgue No. 6, three days balin 8:00 AM. 031-787-1506

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South Korea imported Loan Finance Association, the donation ceremony of love

Had a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] blood donation event in Korea Loan Finance Association is love.

Korea Loan Finance Association announced two days that involved blood donation peddlers of March 31 Im seungbo president and more than 20 days 9 a.m. at the home of Gwanghwamun employees love donations.

Day event was to consider the reality that sharply reduced the amount of the recent donation occurs disruption in the blood supply to help raise the blood supply from the association level.

Seungbo Lim said: "I hope that this helps the blood to the patient's needs, the second half of this year, plans to deploy a larger scale blood donation campaign members are involved with," he said.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, Shinhan Investment] ROK Global, NCsoft, Korea Electric Technology

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ ROK Global (053690)

- Maintenance business market blooming 2017 sales headquarters 122.4 billion won (+ 17% YoY) expected.

- US infrastructure investment subsidiary OTAK 59.1 billion won sales in 2017 (+ 30% YoY) expected.

-2017-year consolidated sales of 201.2 billion won (+ 19% YoY), operating profit of 14.6 billion won (+ 55% YoY) views.

◇ NCsoftÊs (036570)

- Eliminate concerns about delays in Lineage M reservation date (April 12) released.

- Ongoing Revolution Lineage 2 domestic traffic among China, FGT (Focus group testing) and solid expectations for the Chinese market expansion.

- Lineage M is a complete agreement, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau state (2016 Lineage Taiwan sales W10bn).

◇ KEPCO Technology (052690)

Shinhan wool three-year contract with possibility of higher reactor No. 4 development approval.

- in the long term it can moor side-nuclear acquisition is done when power is growing abroad in Korea.

-2017 524.9 billion won in sales (+ 4% YoY), operating profit of 77.8 billion won (+ 1,208% YoY) views.

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Online fund supermarkets professional standing is possible to join private equity

It is possible to [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] forward to join any existing public offering funds, private equity funds, as well as in supermarkets, an online fund sales channel. From the second half of the financial authorities are also planning to launch an online site where you can easily compare fund products, and recruitment of IT companies the largest shareholder equity to fund the expansion of supermarkets.

Financial Services Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) has announced the online sales channel funds into and activation plan "that includes such information two days.

Online fund has provided investors temporal spatial accessibility and relatively low fee of benefits. Gotta skip the face-to-face advice and investment recommendations of the counter staff can be sold at a low cost fund. Recently online fund market, but the rapid growth and vision, share sales compared to total fund is still stopped at about 15%.

The financial authorities should promote institutional improvements for online fund status checking, and online activation and strengthening investor protection fund based on it.

And last year, 51 companies from a total of 62 IPO-type securities fund vendors that sell funds through online, which is the 27 securities firms, 16 banks and six insurance companies, one asset management, funds, online, etc. Korea. 41 of the top 51 companies are mostly being sold all counter sale funds and private funds online from the online channel. Especially in the case of seven companies in the fund are sold only counter sale online company that sells only online only funds were only three companies.

Funds in the amount of sales of the last line has demonstrated rapid growth, such as increased 3000000004000 billion (146.0%) compared to 2.3 trillion won in 2013 to 5.7 trillion won. However, the fund share of the total amount still in online sales to have ceased to 14.9% based on 2016 levels. Online fund sales amount of last year, banks and securities firms accounted for 93.8% of total online sales amount (5.7 trillion won) to 5.3 trillion won. The proportion of the funds of the supermarket was a pattern that slowed growth to 5.6 percent. Counter sale funds and private funds between online sales and maintenance fees each difference was cheaper by 40bp, 32bp, about 45% of online-only funds.

FSC is also set to entice online-only funds if the new setting and founded the contest open securities funds (excluding ETF). But it's gotta Supermarket own limited funds of funds, which is a competitive squad as competitive, open online sales channels. IPO funds handled by supermarkets, an open online sales channels funds amounted to the total IPO funds 3608 1084 of 30%.

In addition, the FSC announced its intention to encourage diverse and good fund products can be supplied cheaply to investors through a fund supermarket. In particular, the fund expanded product supply to the shareholders' fund supermarket sign asset management. In particular, we examine whether the fund supermarket equity capital raising and private equity fund accepted. Promote complementary measures, including if necessary the existing shareholders first assignment (10% maintained the rule) hired IT company and the largest shareholder, private equity limited sales volume as a percentage of the IPO funds in parallel.

In addition to support plans to help establish a cost comparison site published the third quarter to investors to easily navigate through the various online sales platforms.

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[Weekly market fund] biosimilars, healthcare ↑ fund returns

Fourth - South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - March week, recorded the healthcare and biosimilars theme is visible depending on the strong 'Mirae Asset Korea Equity Health Care Trust 1 (CO) Type C2' excellent yields. The fund has invested 10% in the proportion of 20%, the TIGER Celltrion Healthcare ETF.

According to the fund rating agency epeuaen guide 31, domestic equity returns are recorded weekly BM yield (KOSPI TR, -0.38%) was 0.40 points higher than 0.02% and kept for three consecutive weeks plus a rate of return.

With active funds (0.19%) of the actively managed by pursuing exceeded the market return is operating in accordance with the index funds beat the index over (-0.23%) to seek excess returns in a limited range. More types as had most active small and medium-sized stocks rose sharply to 1.04% was the active stocks sector (1.00%) followed. KOSPI 200 index stocks showed a larger decline to -0.30%.

AUM (excluding ETF) domestic equity funds more than 10 billion won, Mirae Asset Korea Healthcare Equity Fund 1 (CO) Type C2 'active equity sector Weekly types yield (1.00%), the yield of 2.05% was higher than 1.05% pt middle of the recorded. Followed by 'Meritz Securities Korea Small Cap Fund [Stock] Type S', 'Meritz Securities Korea Investment Trust 1 [equity] Type S' is recorded for each performance of 1.92%, 1.87%.

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Multi-pension savings, receipt, can be terminated without the payment confirmation from the 3rd

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] is not even issue a payment confirmation when receive or terminate a pension saving multiple subscription from tomorrow.

FSS meantime at least two subscribers, but the pension savings of financial institutions subject to confirmation in each company to calculate the tax when you receive or terminate said that the next two days running a computer system to take care of the finance company.

Late last year, based on pension savings among the subscribers and 650,000 people subscribe to pension savings in the number of companies with 4,320,000 people.

Meanwhile, subscribers to visit all the financial companies that join the pension savings was uncomfortable to be issued for the pension payment confirmation, if you do not submit your pension payment confirmation of all the companies were also likely to be double taxation. However, this improvement was due to relieve the discomfort of having to be a subscriber to visit all the documents issued by the finance company to sign up to submit a pension application termination or moderate pensions payment confirmation.

The FSS said that the side expected to be an easy task when processing pension savings subscriber contract with two or more financial institutions of subscriber initiated (65 million) has been revoked or pension application.

Also he explained that the subscriber does not provide a pension payment confirmation of the other financial institutions to block the possibility of double taxation in advance.

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KT, Jobs underwent the first half of ... Documents received from the 3rd

It shall be effective from the coming 3 days for hiring the first half of 2017 [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT has selected the talent to be a driving force for future growth.

Full-scale adoption of KT Group is an increase of 10% yoy to 1,000 people level 10000 level. Among KT it is expected to employ 450 people, which is the size increase of 10% compared to 406 people last year.

KT shall proceed with the adoption in the first half of the new seats / PhD through the recruitment business / marketing strategy and planning, marketing and sales networks, energy and security · IT · AI eight sectors, 25 duties.

The biggest feature of the 2017 KT talent is talent recruitment starter expand through open recruitment. He unified the Star Audition Master and adopted that KT proceeds with the adoption of open capacity on the existing central to KT Star Audition scale adoption is also planning to expand.

KT Star Audition is carried out on a national basis, including Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan and Gwangju.

KT Star Audition is the enthusiasm of the volunteers can not be represented as a job application and experience with open adoption only KT to freely express five minutes, the person selected in the corresponding selection has been granted the waiver document screening.

Meanwhile, KT will hold a job fair (Job Fair) from KT Gwanghwamun East (East) Building on the 9th of this month.

Applicants attending the job fair can be resolved any questions related to this recruitment, including job counseling, employment counseling. KT job fair is scheduled to be operational for all participants to visit without accepting.

For more information related to the incident support and recruitment and job sectors, upcoming events for up to 17 days from three days this month can be found at the KT recruitment website.

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Internet banking Kay bank workers credit 2%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to initiate a formal service from three days in the nation's first Internet bank Cay specialized banks comes packed goods, such as 2% for workers credit, up to 2% annual interest rate term deposits.

K Bank is a non-face-to-face saving point a bank deposit interest rates increase, lending rates will rush to compete with commercial banks to lower the strategy.

According to the 2nd banking industry, K Bank credit products showcase, starting with 2% annual hubandae.

For the flagship 'K worker credit "is the lowest annual interest rate of 2.73%. March is equivalent disclosure standards major banks average lending interest rates compared to regular credit 1-2% points or lower interest rates competitive.

The two banks 'loan junggeumri Slim K' of K junggeumri banks in lending to compete with P2P loans is 4.19% the lowest level of a year.

Rates of 'mini Minus K Hooper' fingerprint authentication microcredit product was determined to be 5.5% a year.

About 0.3 ~ 0.7% p banks pronounced high deposit rate. Was formulated as "deposit code K 'is the highest annual rate of 2.00% (12-month pre-tax).

In addition to deposit products and interest rate Digital stands out. "Music deposit K 'can be a source site," Ginny Music' passes instead KT recipients with cash created when you receive an interest. The deposit annual interest rate of 1.68%.

On the other hand, Kay bank is planning to introduce major products and services, the inauguration ceremony at the 3rd Seoul, Gwanghwamun Square and KT with applications demonstrated.

K Bank is the No. 1 domestic 21 main scanning Internet-based specialized banks such as KT (8% stake), including Woori Bank (10%), GS Retail (10%) of the.

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KSD, 46 listed companies, 301.74 million shares protected him two months off

It will be released [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters] are protected by mandatory stocks of 46 companies 301,740,000 shares to Jesus as the general investor protection for a certain period of time for Korea Securities Depository year in April 2017.

By market, the securities market 34,940,000 shares (six companies), the KOSDAQ market 266,800,000 shares (40 companies). Two months obligations protecting him off the number of shares grew 112.5% ​​compared to 142.02 million shares transferred, the period has increased 213.63 million shares compared to 41.2% the same year.

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[Weekly market funds - funds in India, Prime Minister Modi wins election 'warm air flow'

Looks to India to fourth sensor sex Index [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] March accent played a large Indian fund returns width. Indian People's Party belongs to the Indian Prime Minister Modi hopes for economic reform geoduja the legislative election victory in major Indian Regional economic indicators show a favorable flow of funds has led to local yields rise.

Assessor guide funds to epeuaen 0.17% Foreign Equity 31, one week, according to weekly yield, the yield BM (World-MSCI-AC WORLD INDEX FREE (KRW Unhedged), -0.26%) and 0.43% points higher than a week only It switched to positive returns.

More By region, the Latin American record of 2.25 percent and drew followed by the biggest rise each in India, Europe is 1.89%, showed good flow to the yield of 1.59%.

On the other hand, the Middle East, Africa, China, Greater China showed respective declines of -1.54%, -0.89%, -0.42%. End of the quarter due to the interruption of the open market operations People's Bank in preparation for expansion financing needs of Chinese banks liquidity tightening concerns and April ahead of the cheongmyeongjeol holiday profit-taking sale this is - taking Shanghai Composite Index down the criteria Minus 1.18% 30 days the area, It led to the decline of performance regimes.

Private equity funds abroad 'IBK India Infrastructure Securities Investment Trust [Stock] A' recorded a return of 2.62% and showed good flow. Following "Schroder Latin America Equity Fund A (CO) Type C 5 ',' Shinhan BNPP Bonjour India Equity Investment Trust (H) [CO] (type A 1) 'respectively 2.40%, recorded a return of 2.39% and it won the top.

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Financial Agency populace, common people, then strengthen vulnerable Support

Development - financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] people Finance Institute and the Korea Institute for Health and Welfare personnel sets out to vulnerable people, supporting enhanced.

Financial populace Agency announced that it has signed an agreement for two days to support vulnerable people, strengthen human resources at the Korea Institute for Health and Welfare Development Finance Agency and the populace headquarters on March 31.

The MOU signing was established to provide the populace financing populace Financial Agency to conduct business with the Health, Welfare and dedicated training for civil servants and training services quality populace Financial Support for Health, Welfare and Human Development through business collaboration to perform.

Both organizations are planning to mutual support and cooperation for the future, etc. △ ordinary financial education programs and human and material resources and other exchanges △ cooperation for joint development projects for operating, △ △ policy development to promote regional training enabled.

Kim Yunyoung ledger "I hope the opportunity that this MOU is to avoid the blind spot of the information to effectively guide the populace financial support schemes for Health, Welfare and vulnerable" and "future Agency variety to strengthen the populace ‧ vulnerable Support I will not stop pushing the effort, "he said.

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[Weeks · KB securities like stocks - NCsoft · SK Telecom, Interflex

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ NCsoftÊs (036570)

- Lineage and M released a new visualization in the second quarter of delays risks eliminated, the second half of the Chinese mobile game market is also forecast earnings momentum.

- Lineage intellectual property (IP) held by the increasing demand for IP value increases, new improved performance in terms of line-up are expected stock price revaluation expectations.

◇ SK Telecom (017670)

-1 quarter operating profit of 415 billion won forecast, the main business area competitiveness gradual recovery expected, the fundamentals incremental improvements.

- View the improvement in growth and restore profitability, valuation external investment in the platform business, expand business areas, etc.

◇ Interflex (051370)

- Operating profit turnaround, full-fledged turnaround expected in four years, with a global customer Musk sales.

- a turnaround from the surging sales forecast, the second quarter to continue until next year for new clients and increased performance will enhance reliability.

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Releases, management normalization after the Kaesong Industrial Complex tenants support

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] Credit Guarantee Fund sets out the KIC tenants business normalization support.

Releases said two days that signed the Gaeseong Industrial Support Foundation and the March 31 joint business agreement and conduct customized consulting to support normalization of Kaesong resident corporate management.

Customized co consulting with new album and the Foundation Kaesong resident companies into joint diagnosis ‧ analysis of and presenting customized solutions according to the consultant production efficiency, market reclamation along and overseas markets such as corporate needs (Needs) for management normalization It is supported collaborative consulting model.

Releases the Foundation plans to eliminate your enemies difficulties of non-financial resident companies according to the Kaesong suspended in the wake of the signed MOU, and continue to work with to help keep the peace bridging the North-South cooperation.

Releases officials said, "This agreement is focused to normalize the management of tenants struggling to Kaesong stopped early," said, "We will continue efforts in combating Kaesong tenants support."

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[April 1 NOTES bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] April 1 Parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) deposit yields showed that Kwangju Bank deals with the highest annual 1.90%.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "on the 2nd Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site, I compared the bank deposit average interest rate rose above yields Rank 1 in Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool deposits' annual 1.90% (before tax) .

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages feed)' annual 1.80%, third place Jeju Bank 'cyber preferential term deposits (maturity payment type) "This was an annual 1.75%.

4. The above three items (open 1.70%) and Korea Development Bank 'KDB Hi deposit ", 5th was counted as a" deposit in my hands' (open 1.66%), Daegu Bank.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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Kibo, carried 28 founding anniversary of the trail

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper News] Technology Guarantee Fund has conducted 28 anniversary of the founding hikes.

Kibo has announced the 2nd conduct "Kibo family hiking competition '450 employees, including the President's right gimgyuok the 28 founding anniversary last day are at Chungbuk Songni.

450 employees gathered in Songnisan in major cities such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju are put together under the slogan, security round the course of 4 hours up to the current resting place in Beopjusa called 'youth notation that one is bound.'

Kibo gimgyuok President had encouraged their employees while having to emphasize that "all employees gather wisdom differs tried to grow one step further, as 30 young men from respectable followed over the next two years."

A gimgyuok President inaugurated the Year emphasizes that the one-way communication, but the thoughts and ideas put forward, regardless of rank so that everyone can relate to.

Were the last two had the place to worry freely directions Kibo will go through gimgyuok Chairman of the Management Strategy Workshop held in January pregnancy chapter and branch chapters two days hiking and brainstorm one night, three young employees through, the torque Concert March and they exchanged various opinions.

Kibo has a formal inaugural ceremony at the 3rd headquarters auditorium, it will reveal the future design of Kibo.

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[Weeks · SK Securities recommended stocks] KH Vatec · · DMS Huchems

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ KH Vatec (060720)

From -1 quarter it expected to ADC sales in earnest.

- expected operating profit decreased as a fixed percentage of the sales growth is expected to switch surplus.

- benefit expectations of the mainstream metal frame market.

◇ Huchems (069260)

- is expected to continue up to the boom of the flagship DNT.

- is projected 1.9 million tons per year of carbon emission certificates sales of about 30 billion won profit by it.

Despite record-high quarterly earnings outlook and attractive valuation reserve price is high compared to the past, about 20% discount.

◇ DMS (068790)

- benefit expectations of the flexible OLED investment plans of the Chinese display makers.

- The flagship necessary cleaning equipment used in LCD and OLED process.

- benefit from views of the very large investments by Chinese LCD line display manufacturers.

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[April 1 NOTES bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] April 1 (excluding savings banks) Parking bank time deposits yield the highest product showed that Kwangju Bank to open 2.00%.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "on the 2nd Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures sites, bank time deposits (1 year, isolated, cum earned) I compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' annual 2.00% ( pre-tax) was recorded in the rate of return ranked first place.

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

2nd Guangzhou banks 'time deposits smart collection Dream "and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' This was an annual 1.70%.

No. 3 recorded the three goods' Savings in my hand, Daegu Bank opened 1.65%.

Fourth it was counted as four items (open 1.60%), and 5 above, Jeonbuk Bank Mutual Smart installments (annual 1.55%), including the National Bank 'KB 1 Konomi Smart Savings.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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[Weekly Featured Company, Daishin Securities] KAL · SK Hynix, data fusion

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ Korean Air

- Financial structure is expected to be stable compared to last year, Hanjin Shipping Related remove losses, capital increase commitment.

Net profit is expected to turn positive 10000-5 years, buying opportunities when stock prices decline in the rights offering volume traded in the 28th month.

◇ SK Hynix

- the possibility to acquire it based on Toshiba's stake in the competition lowered the possibility of Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers have increased again.

-2D in NAND supply company has jyeoteum more likely to achieve an operating profit of around 1 trillion won annually in the NAND sector.

◇ Data Fusion

- its core business is to build a network separation system that is engaged in the Cloud System Development Project (Private) and Cloud services business to promote new business projects.

- Last year's performance in SG & A expenses increased due to new product development and business expansion to increase sales and operating profit decreased YoY haeteum.

- derived products dwaeteum losses 2.31 billion won to reflect a one-off. Aside from this, we expect earnings to improve in 2017.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, oil hits Securities Samsung, Dongbu Electricity, Huchems

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]


From -1 quarterly management efficiency effects appear normalization phase entry expectations.

- View point that the Chinese smartphone makers have adopted dual camera competitively serve as positive.

FEBRUARY supply of new products, Samsung Galaxy S8 target component from the second half of July in earnest expected

◇ Huchems

- BASF (BASF) toluene diisocyanate (TDI) of the product, due to the equipment trouble Huchems main dinitrotoluene generated in the super cycle (DNT).

- Malaysia expects to reassess the ammonia plant project financial burden reduced. This year record-high earnings.

◇ Dongbu

- As the court are separated from the Eastern Group to ensure quality 169% debt ratio, Keystone Eco-prime private equity (PE), Korea Land Trust 70 billion won financial investors (FI) participates during an argument.

- synergy with Korea Land Trust in accordance with the market participants in the future Reconstruction Trust market expectations and business requirements bottom-up (Bottom-out) expected.

- cash and cash equivalents 200 billion won, Eastern Express subordinated debt 50 billion won, Dongbu Asset Value Equity market capitalization is sufficient compared to 800 million (10%).

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Credit unions, community credit cooperatives, collective loans interim stop

Mutual banks have suspended the interim group loans per [Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] credit unions and community credit cooperatives. While household's financial authorities as the total amount of the management level there is a growing possibility to increase the loan is difficult unlawful damage of Private Financing of ordinary people.

According to the 2nd banks, credit unions have tentatively stopped Apartment new collective loan deal from the past day. Community Credit also will soon cease lending population. The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs is planning to have each through the Federation of Community Credit Community Credit to stop new lending groups.

Last March 30, the Financial Services Commission had checked my household lending trend 1st Mutual Financial Policy Council held a mutual financial and management status main issues chaired by Vice-jeongeunbo, and discuss the future, such as the oversight provided such direction directed direction.

Remind determine that the household debt growing their household debt to financial institutions such as mutual competitive in the provisional stop to gangeon community credit cooperatives, credit unions focused on asset increase competition.

Late last year, the financial sector based on mutual household loans increased by 34.4 trillion won YoY. 1-2 one hundred million won many January 1 trillion more than 2.1 trillion won 1-2 last year to 3.9 trillion won alone, household debt Increase 8000.

As well as the mutual banks stopped lending group is also strengthening provisioning requirements. Previously, must earn more reserve 30% of the 300 million won more than repaid loans or multiple debtors wateuna to earn an additional allowance of 20% on the precautionary than loans from lending future, 200 million won more than repaid the loan or below normal and critical of the multi-borrower loan do.

In the financial sector people need a loan, if the loan is the second financial control policy, such as mutual banks continue to have concerns that forced the illegal use of Private Financing.

Banking official said, "If you want to suppress the non-banking sector loans as a non-banking sector loans soared to a balloon effect, depending on strengthening bank lending last review common people will borrow money Colorado higher interest rate than the highest court."

This is in addition to strengthening mutual financial targets FSS on-site inspections. The FSS plans to check whether a household loans being made well planned management on a monthly basis.

The FSS plans to the Financial Supervisory Service and the Korea Federation conducted a site inspection for the selection of 316 of 8.8% of the total 3,582 combinations with emphasis on management and combining all critical control combinations. Moving into the second quarter of the FSB of the integration constant monitoring system and plans to build ever-layered permanent monitoring system of the Financial Supervisory Service and the Korea Federation.

Jeongeunbo Finance Committee vice chairman said, "dont strive for interagency and cross each financial Federation, strengthen mutual financial risk management, combined with individual safes are all alarmed."

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Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory Service "must be enabled warrior rate cuts Claims"

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory "There is likely to be the next economic slowdown persists, or if the warrior potential insolvency extended to the limit, vulnerable borrowers ability to repay weaken when market interest rates" and "warrior will enable the interest rate cuts Claims The river and sea haejwoya efforts to protect consumers' interests, "he said.

Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory Service is one of the last to the Credit Finance Association and 20 representatives warrior, except for credit card companies attended held a "warrior CEO conference," he told reporters.

Wednesday Jin Ungseop Ledger reportedly stressed that you pay special attention to risk management, household loans in the warrior as a surge in household loan growth.

Warrior representatives participated in the meeting were shared, including more than a full-time business environment, uncertainties recognized Jin Ungseop slowing ledger and the Fed rate hike, and private consumption.

Director Jean asked the strengthening quality management, while still managing liquidity and strengthen autonomous internal control over the issuance of such household lending conditions worsen. Corporate bond issuance of the warrior maintain normal levels, but so as to secure the availability of free liquidity, which increases uncertainty in the domestic and foreign financial markets and funds were also urge that will reliably.

FSS is jeosinyong borrowers proportion is higher or lending growth plan to strengthen the monitoring for high warrior.

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From the 3rd grade credit rating. 6 also enables use of microfinance

It is possible to use [the financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] microfinance six credit ratings available from one who had less than three days from 7th grade credit rating. Difficult for ordinary people to the economic downturn, such as is in accordance with the "common people, support expansion plans vulnerable."

Jeongeunbo FSC buwiwonjangneun announced the populace financing policy direction, including held March 31, 2017 1st ordinary Finance Council, such details.

Jeongeunbo vice "will expand customized financial support for vulnerable groups with self-supporting chairs and ability to repay" all "this year, ordinary monetary policy will ease the ordinary product support standards for the more active inclusion zoom in and enlarge the limit," he said in a statement he said.

The old people including mitigation policy instruments to support microfinance standards and limits are also expanding. Annual income 30 million won and 40 million won more than six grades was sunny Ron spores, New Hope, Change or less deurimron basis of this criterion is relaxed character than 4,500 million won and 35 million won annual income less than six grades.

Supported limit is enlarged. Microfinance is a maximum of 10 million won from 5,000,000 won livelihood emergency funding limits, New Hope spores livelihood funding limit will increase up to 30 million won from 25 million won.

Enlarge the sun Ron support of the youth and college students, and is a new residential rental deposit loans.

Youth and university students and expand to up to eight million won and 10 million won re-aged livelihood fund funding limits the maximum 12 million won through a repayment period of 5 years 7 years period is extended every two nyeonssik from four years to six years. Low-income youth and university students can get loans up to 20 million won limit annual interest rate of 4.5% in residential tenancy deposit. Employment through ordinary banking Agency employment support programs successful young people and university students who will support up to 3 million won 4.5% interest rate to the longevity 6 months in emergency livelihood fund triple from 4.5% to sunshine Ron loan janyeogeum rate when employed in SMEs % cut to provide the benefits.

Single-parent families, a 3% interest rate on up to 12 million won limit for multicultural families, including low-income, vulnerable jeosinyong support microfinance away. Assets of youth support single-parent form (single parents), will support such features by indemnity insurance support (dockyard), financial damage to the support of grandparents (‧ multicultural North Korean defectors).

By the end of 2017 plans to improve access to finance to build a policy people in the 33 to 42 people nationwide financial integration support. By the end of this year, expanding integration within ipjeom Welfare + Employment Center is planned to receive support from the convenience of one place to expand to 13 locations provides all of the services.

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Shilla Duty Free, the model proceeds Lee Gwangsu a global fan meeting

He said that two days [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Duty Free has recently spread the Shilla Duty Free and model Lee Gwangsu Chinese and Vietnamese fans fans 'pleasant and beautiful day of Silla that Lee Gwangsu with the' event finished with a great success.

Shilla Duty Free said forward Lee Gwangsu a fan events invite Silla Internet Duty Free China Mall using Vietnamese group customers selected through a lottery among customers Chinese fans visited the Shilla Duty Free through March 14 from 1st March at The Shilla Duty Free Seoul Point .

Shilla Duty Free Model Lee Gwangsu a variety of such surprise events, quiz shows and fans ssainhoe presenting a chance to win a Q & A session with his her treasured to reply directly to questions from fans for more than two hours that the fan meeting proceeds to a fans attended the scene program progress and led to a high response to the fans.

The Shilla Duty Free movies, has held a fan signing event at Singapore Changi Airport, drama and entertainment programs last year, the Lee Gwangsu through the 'Running Man' has gained great popularity in Asia, including China, May chosen as the new model, and in October etc. can spread a variety of events in the Southeast Asian market.

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To 中 'Saad retaliation' local Lotte Mart business operations extended

A [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] archeological China's missile defense systems (THAAD · Sadd) is likely to retaliate hyujeom situation of China in accordance with local Lotte Mart prolonged.

Lotte two signed a land exchange agreement for the siting of US forces deployed Saad end of January, after Sade grounds provide an explicit decision has been retaliation for the Chinese authorities.

In two days the industry showed that China Lotte Mart did not have sales over the past one month have not received permission to resume operations.

Lotte Mart, located in Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing points ahead of the fire is being checked by the Chinese authorities, it received the sales suspension of one month until July 31. But Lotte Mart Jiaxing point not receive the approval to resume operations in two months seems to be the situation hyujeom lead more than two months at least.

Dandong City two months was the 1st stop operating expire ten thousand months viscosity official was asked to add a business suspension to 27 coming from the Chinese authorities.

Constantly raise new issues in a way that pointed to another part of the case, even though set out to improve China Fire Authority have pointed out, according to local officials. In addition, China is a situation where fire authorities do not rush to the scene checking for the resumption of sales of Lotte Mart stores.

In light of these facts, the Chinese authorities are interpreted as not willing to solve the problem of random way business interruption Lotte Mart.

In the case of Dandong ten thousand months that business interruption measures the Chinese authorities immediately pointed me in the middle, but the Fire related facility improvements Dandong Fire Authority reportedly pointed out, and once again extend the period of discontinued operations to other parts, such as doors replaced.

Where are closed during local Lotte Mart stores in China reaches 87. A value corresponding to 88% of the opening 99, in the industry by 100 billion, a month when these stores closing the door two months may cause damage reported a total of 200 billion won.

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Retail 'artificial intelligence' shopping era

It has also focused on the task of actively introducing artificial intelligence (AI) Shopping [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] among the biggest buzzword this year, the fourth round of industrial revolution, the retail industry. On behalf of the store employees and four won a guide way to introduce the features that the application is recommended that the product or need to answer in a timely manner.

Lotte Department is seeking to develop recommendations bots based on artificial intelligence techniques aiming at commercialization in December this year. Be equipped with el operating at Lotte Department Store is being Lotte web and applications 'like bot' is like a department store instructions temples or shop manager and respond by voice or text recommend the best products to customer preferences are planning to offer even store information service to be.

"Recommended bots" In addition to purchasing the individual nature of personal information will even contain information, such as fashion, issues, or even of a particular celebrity style in the current fashion market. If Gorda goods by visiting a store the customer first, I preferred not a product you like, "ages who like these you have bought this'm popular" or "I'm styles worn by the main character, and from the recent well-known drama" and the general behavior of the proposed sale shop managers to introduce the recommended response.

Lotte Group has decided to enter into a business agreement in December last year, the global IT firm IMB To this end, the introduction of cloud computing technology, what 'Watson Solutions. Once the bot is recommended introduction through data fusion including plans to expand the service to supermarkets, other retail groups such as super affiliates within.

Shinsegae Department Store presented its' S Mind AI customer analytics program. New World is a personalized service self-developed artificial intelligence system 'S Mind' is a way of breaking the scheme was passed the same shopping information to all customers, identifying the brand that customers prefer to pass the shopping information accordingly via the mobile application .

Targeting 500 million people Shinsegae customers out recently naemyeo using a variable of about 100, including purchase history and age, sex, region make big data daily, calculate the preferred brand based on it, the shop information about the brand to provide.

Shinsegae this artificial for intelligent systems Building System Planning, Sales Strategy, including the New World staff of 30 people including customers planning team has been hanging put together four years with the New World I & C, University Statistics Professor of the nation's leading data analysis company, system developers. Shinsegae marketing hit higher through this personalized marketing system development, and expects the increased sales effectiveness than 100 billion annually.

SK Planet of the Open Market 11 Avenue showcased the interactive chaetbot the introduction of (interactive robot) capabilities Recommendation Service "digital concierge chaetbot right.

Chaetbot service 'right' one developed by SK Planet is to leverage the message awareness and product search functionality based on AI technology offer the products customers want. Apply deep learning algorithms to learn patterns that can determine the intention contained in the words of customers in various dialog example, it was found to be the best answer from the customer input.

Especially deep learning has customers apply the "word embedded" technologies that appropriate responses found a similar pattern to mean different expressed or form of search queries entered enemy of the technique, chaetbot analyzes also those searches Big Data accumulated 11 Avenue customers during It increased the accuracy of the 'right'. For example, "Please recommend a trail for electric Bob," he say, "I'm viewing this as a small product capacity," said a way to recommend your product to catch the customer's intent.

It has led even tried using augmented reality in AR. Lotte Department Store has presented a 3D virtual fitting service for 3D measuring foot size, last July, in early September. 3D virtual fitting service utilizing the AR technology is a technology that allows you to check the fitting results without having to wear clothes to take advantage of the digital mirror and smartphones. Another subsidiary of Highlands Highlands Cruises, which had launched the AR game fishing "phishing cruise" last January.

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"If you pay good 1% p flyer" K Bank, 4.19% Minimum loan junggeumri

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] junggeumri showcase loan products are the first domestic professional Internet bank, K-Bank to give preferential interest rates next month if there is no immediate overdue.

According to the 2nd banking industry, K bank to start operating three days are coming when you normally pay principal and interest on the previous month lays out the 'Slim K junggeumri loan "product that can receive preferential annual interest rate of 1.0% in the month. By ratings 1-7 Rating Up is available and the minimum lending rate is 4.19% when applied preferential interest rates.

K Bank "was designed so that Big Data Analytics based on sophisticated credit scoring models apply to customers or superior CITIC lack of financial transactions, user information may benefit from a better interest rate benefits, he said.

If the arrears have occurred prime rate is stopped. However, if you normally pay back the principal and interest is recovered preferential interest rate applicable to the next month.

"Mini-K minus bank account" is a 3 million won loans are available to the 5.5% fixed annual interest rate of only fingerprints submitted without a point to visit or complex documents. This limit increase to reflect the use of performance is possible from 5,000,000 won.

In receiving goods cited a variety of affiliate links.

"Deposit code K 'can be a maximum of 2.0% annual rate in accordance with the subscription period, you only need to enter the partner code without complex conditions, such as card performance. Check preferential interest rates, etc. KT communicate the code that came with promotional character, Kay bank communication Ponts-type check card issued by a bank that is sent during the opening K. promotions or phone installed in the distributor is possible. Etc. GS25 convenience store cashier, Naver page Events Offers page, Timon, 'kay Bank 0 won deal "can also be readily available to affiliate code.

If the amount set in advance maintain one month to choose a "dual-K your bank account, 'and of the' Genie Music Pass 'cash and a digital and a kite 1.68% a way that the deposit level of interest rates to a maximum annual 1.2%' there is also music K deposit.

Debit card is characterized by two main points jeokriphyeong communication costs and discount type. Points jeokriphyeong earn 1% of the amount used in accordance with the previous month earnings K Bank points and cashback communication type returns the KT communications charges 3,000 won.

K Bank also showcase app (App) running on my mobile one-time password (OTP), '# transfer amount "as" quick transfer "for easy transfer to a text message service.

K. Sim Seonghun Bank CEO, said, "will stand at the forefront of financial innovation, to provide greater financial incentives to open an era convenient and unique service," Kay bank information and communications technology (ICT) based on 'Bank Everywhere.

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Mercury, the Central American Economic Integration Bank and 300 million US dollars financial sublease agreement

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - the Export-Import Bank of Korea announced that it has signed two days the Central American Bank for International Development of the Central American Economic Integration Bank (CABEI) and 3 billion dollars in purse (轉貸) Financial contracts.

Squadron Finance is a financial technique that is if the Export-Import Bank signed a foreign local banks and credit limit (Credit Line) contract local banks to raise capital within the limit of loans to local companies that have trade relations with Korea companies.

Import Bank is expected to take to support companies entering Korea $ 300 million limit was signed with the CABEI Central American regional infrastructure projects. Mercury official explained that "mercury-free overseas branches to take advantage of the operating point of the local bank knows the local business environment is better able to support small and medium-sized projects mercury can not support directly.

Also the Export-Import Bank has decided to support the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) 7059 million in "Managua bypass road construction projects" to promote the Nicaraguan government.

Choejonggu mercury haengjang said, "of Nicaragua is considering to transfer the Latin American Regional Office as an EDCF cooperation is the most active country in Latin America with offices in Bogota, Colombia, Nicaragua, Managua.

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