Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kibo, carried 28 founding anniversary of the trail

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper News] Technology Guarantee Fund has conducted 28 anniversary of the founding hikes.

Kibo has announced the 2nd conduct "Kibo family hiking competition '450 employees, including the President's right gimgyuok the 28 founding anniversary last day are at Chungbuk Songni.

450 employees gathered in Songnisan in major cities such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju are put together under the slogan, security round the course of 4 hours up to the current resting place in Beopjusa called 'youth notation that one is bound.'

Kibo gimgyuok President had encouraged their employees while having to emphasize that "all employees gather wisdom differs tried to grow one step further, as 30 young men from respectable followed over the next two years."

A gimgyuok President inaugurated the Year emphasizes that the one-way communication, but the thoughts and ideas put forward, regardless of rank so that everyone can relate to.

Were the last two had the place to worry freely directions Kibo will go through gimgyuok Chairman of the Management Strategy Workshop held in January pregnancy chapter and branch chapters two days hiking and brainstorm one night, three young employees through, the torque Concert March and they exchanged various opinions.

Kibo has a formal inaugural ceremony at the 3rd headquarters auditorium, it will reveal the future design of Kibo.

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