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Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, audit opinion 'limited' ... Financial authorities, "added support as scheduled."

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering from the external auditors of Samil received a 'limited due to the limited scope audit "opinion on last year's year-end closing audit report was published correction 29.

Once designated as a gotta limited opinion Management Company is stopped trading stocks. However, Daewoo Shipbuilding has already been trading stocks accounting fraud allegations standstill since last July. This impacts on the designated managing stocks are expected to be minimal. 2017 When businesses receive a second consecutive year to year Limited comments may be traded abolished. Management Company specified when DSME are excluded from the KOSPI 200 constituents.

This is going to be accomplished on debt restructuring, securities to repay the principal amount of the overall shipbuilding industry crush was pointed out that easy.

Wednesday DSME in relation to that received an audit opinion 'limited' Son Byeongdu finance committee standing committee members is "I will push as planned Daewoo Shipbuilding Restructuring Plan assumes the loss sharing of stakeholders," he said, "Daewoo reason Shipbuilding received limited feedback the solution eliminated by early closing time will be resumed in September, stocks trading, "he said.

Daewoo Shipbuilding side seeking to improve its financial structure to address the limited comments, said it would fulfill the lexical plan.

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Smartphone end plate king Galaxy S8 'public

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] in the first half of this year, Samsung Galaxy S8 strategy was finally published.

29 (local time) UNITED Galaxy S8 unveiled at New York's Lincoln Center is a completely new one 'Infinity Display (Infinity Display)' equipped to minimize the bezel, the 'bezel-less (Bezel-less)' design to maximize the immersive screen It introduced a smart phone design.

In particular, the Galaxy S8 · Plus is more natural and intelligent interface "Bixby" is also the first to support the intuitive user experience available.

In addition, the Galaxy S8 · Plus has equipped 10 nm processors to lower power consumption dramatically industry first, followed by the iris prints ∙ Face Recognition also showcase a variety of biometric technologies.

It provides LTE ∙ WiFi Galaxy smartphone unique power of supporting the download of a dual-pixel sensor and a possible sharp image signal processing algorithm in any situation to improve picture-taking powerful camera, Gigabit-class speeds (Gigabit).

Samsung's wireless division godongjin said "Samsung is expanding sustainable things we can do in the palm of your hand from the release of the first mobile phone in 1988, and has been introducing innovations that are the basis of the future" and "Galaxy S8 · Plus is the new smart phone design, will be presented to consumers new possibilities of mobile life as a new communication way, "he said.

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IC switching devices with existing business operators backlash

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] IC device with a switch and a business card fees has raised the issue three existing members. We have added three to four operators selected disadvantage is the position that you need assistance.

Park Chan for Democratic uiwonsil along with the Small Business Association held the last 28 days' long term cut card fees and emergency meetings of the IC device switching project. The conference announced the Finance Committee, the Credit Finance Association, Van (VAN) providers, small business associations, including officials entry to the IC card terminal switch business and participates fees.

IC switching device business is a small business to replace it with a free merchant IC devices to 100 billion won fund to embellish their card issuer after the spill. This supports the small merchant IC device and it was a business purpose to induce a lowered commission van 100 original levels by 40-53 won level. FSC in June 2015, but the selection of the Korea Smart Card, Credit Card Network Korea, KFTC operators to lower the conversion rate was recruited new players. FSC in the process was assigned a quota of 30% for vans fee of 75 won third place instead of participating collectively applied.

Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, Korea Smart Card, Credit Card Network Korea was forced to argue that the existing participants endure a deficit as large as baensa selection switch IC terminal operators. Three companies asserted that accommodate vans fee cuts for public service was the Credit Finance Association, while putting a lot of money in the van dealer registered for the proposal not project participation conditions, baensa've got to secure the merchant no additional cost advantage only baensa .

Korea Credit Card network, "a large baensa is advantageous in Cash promotion and distribution network dominance" and "existing operators to transition to the existing structure baensa favorable in that it does not retain its franchisees transition destination state," he said.

Korea explained that credit card network, while also building completion committed funding of 6 billion won van system for businesses involved difficulties in management.

A large backlash baensa 75 won the commission pointed out that there is likely to be rather impressive.

Korea Smart Card, argued that "large baensa general fee is likely to return rather than the existing contract fee when opposition with 95 original levels" and "may be contrary to the public spirit of small merchant card fee cuts."

KFTC explained that IC terminal has an annual deficit of 2.5 billion won last year generated based on a conversion price contract.

Three companies said, "We need to expand the IC device can be installed merchants and enhanced support."

Lotte Card, cancer patient treatment support

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Lotte card supports patient treatment not children.

Lotte Card is delivered in the last 29 days Jung sowol 2014 won and heonhyeoljeung 279 sheets of Korea Leukemia Children Foundation healed cancer Busan Lotte Card Center at Headquarters as announced on the 30th.

This contribution is composed of a matching grant scheme to donate the amount you have collected a salary odd Sharing Campaign and company employees donate monthly salary kkeutjeon raising social contribution fund donated by employees. The employee social contribution fund for three years to this year's sponsors for the treatment of digestive cancer patients, the cumulative contribution is 41.21 million won.

Is gimchanggwon Lotte Card CEO, "this employee salaries odd donation is meant for employees to voluntarily continued to heart wishing the children undergoing cancer treatment can spread the dream looking healthy," he said "We Lotte Card Social Contribution ' Love will be conducting various social contribution activities for the neighbors in need through the factory, "he said.

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Bale naked Galaxy S8, what changed me

Open the Samsung Galaxy unpacked 2017 'from the Korea Financial News ohahreum News] Samsung's local time on the 29th, New York's Lincoln Center (Lincoln Center), strategic smartphone Galaxy S8 · Plus and 360 shots are possible camera gear 360 new products It was published.

◇ completely new design

Galaxy S8 · Plus is equipped with the "Infinity display, maximizing the size of the screen and announced a new era of smartphone design.

5.8 Galaxy type and S8 of 6.2-type, plus one ear was minimized to minimize the left and right of the screen display bezel edge finished in personal skills SEC bottom bezel.

Also, get rid of a button on the front was a sleek design complete without an afterthought. Front bezel by applying black color gives a sense of unity as a whole will be in the front of the smartphone display.

Galaxy S8 · Plus screen size provides a comfortable grip keeps a compact design keojyeotji only about 18% compared to its predecessor, it can also be used comfortably with one hand.

In addition, the Galaxy S8 · Plus can find more information in the user as "Infinity display screen. In addition, I also much pyeonhaejyeot multi-window using multiple applications, even while watching a video running your keyboard to send a reply to a text message does not support the video is obscured.

Galaxy S8 · Plus provides an immersive viewing experience to mount a QHD + (2960x1440) Super AMOLED display on 'Infinity Display "design.

The aspect ratio of 18.5 for September, as well as well as the content of the original 16: 9 ratio has been optimized so that you can enjoy all the content of the movie 21: 9 ratio.

◇ intelligent user interface, Bixby first support

"Bixby (Bixby) 'will showcase the new communication system between your smartphone and the user as an intelligent interface that Samsung has exclusively developed.

Galaxy S8 · Plus is an intelligent interface via deohaejyeo Bixby existing touch interface, users can more easily and conveniently use your smartphone.

Bixby accepts information through a variety of input methods, such as voice, touch, a camera, it is possible to understand the user's situation and context to provide a user customized service. Samsung Electronics plans to make almost every feature in an application that supports Bixby also be performed by voice.

In particular, the Galaxy S8 · Equipped with a dedicated button on the Bixby plus left, was able at any time to quickly and easily access to Bixby.

We apply deep learning (Deep Learning) technologies, more you use to learn how to communicate between different devices and users provides a more natural interface optimized depending on your situation.

Bixby is planning to priority support calls, messages, settings, and Samsung's application, and expand the application of the future Support. Samsung also plans to open source software development tools (SDK) allows you to apply Bixby in a variety of applications used in smart phones.

◇ unique feature of the Galaxy strengthen

Galaxy S8 · Plus has further upgraded the Galaxy smartphone uniquely powerful features.

First, it installed the world's first 10 nm processors. Octa-core 10 nm processors are often lower power consumption compared to its predecessor despite CPU performance of over 10%, the graphics performance is improved by more than 21%.

Here the iris, it is possible to lead them through the fingerprint support facial recognition to unlock the smartphone handy. It provides all three biometric technologies currently available.

In addition, through the iris, which provides strong security can use a variety of web site login or Mobile Banking Samsung Pass, a service that can more services, such as safe and easy to use.

It was improved camera performance. Autofocus function is applied to enable a high-quality recording and selpi with a megapixel F1.7 front camera, it is possible to take a bright and vivid picture rapidly in the dark with 12 million pixels F1.7 back camera dual-pixel image sensor, adapted . In addition, Samsung has to shoot crisp pictures without shaking under any circumstances, improve the image signal processing algorithms.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 · Plus will be subsequently released to the world market since April 21, a total of five colors, including Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Gold Maple.

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Card issuers, card loans still aggressive sales to monetary authorities braking

B's living not seen in Incheon never received a card loans - financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] # Phone from the invitation card loans card loans were given one card. Telemarketers said haejundago enable the 15% level of current interest rates of 10% for interest rates right now if eligible. But it hung up did not need the money received such a call to remember that last year was puzzled by bouncing a marketing call.

But the financial authorities and recommended restraint in household debt card loans business management as part naesewoomyeo the interest rate events such as card loans sales still showed vigorous. To refrain from earnest to the business card loans notgetda expand as much as possible before the card loans are coming out of the intellectual movement.

According to the 30th card industry, our Card, Shinhan Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung Card and proceed with the loan card loans, including brand advertising on the portal site. When you search for 'OO card card loans "in the search field link that you can apply for a loan, it is a way out of a call center number.

Through telemarketing and sales card loans also continued. A financial community sites in this article has been a call to encourage the use getdamyeo me cut interest rates card loans that constantly uncomfortable and constantly raised.

In fact, credit card companies look at the number of complaints by type bonds, the customer can consult, institutional policies, and other related complaints, while complaints regarding sales decline in the number seemed to increase.

According to the Credit Finance Association, credit card civil cases disclosure, Shinhan Card last 4 quarters Sales civil cases has increased 291.49% from the third quarter of 47 cases 4Q 184 cases KB Kookmin Card is 100% in 55 cases 110 cases, one card four cases 125% in nine cases, Samsung card showed a 218.2% increase from the 35 cases 11 cases. Lotte Card in Articles 6, 7 cases, our card was declined from 11.8% in 17 cases 15 cases.

Some credit card companies are operating in addition to its credit card loans. Samsung Card, Samsung Card non-users is also a Samsung-prime loans available, Shinhan Card workplace health insurance targeted workers loans, Shinhan Card Merchant representative target individual business loans, apartment owners loans, housewives and freelancers also available immediately loans, Speed ​​Theory II and other operating three cases of loan products. Even if you do not use the card loans it is the length of Shem many extra card loans.

The card uses the high interest rate loan while the user is not forced to jeosinyongja card loans in that emerge as household lending risk.

Credit Finance Association card loans 7-10 grade average commission rate, according to the disclosure, Shinhan Card is of a 20.47% credit card companies card loans had an average interest rate is only 20% more than our card 19.22%, one card, 19.22%, 18.01% Hyundai Card, KB Kookmin 17.42% card, Lotte card was 15.39% pure.

Financial officials said "card loans, cash advance yeoseo week using layers jeosinyongja inevitably higher interest rates.

According to Yun Minsu Principal Researcher Korea Ratings 'Will counterattack cases, the issuer of the card loans Achilles', crowned with the number of loans over the third quarter of last year, three criteria were grade 5-6, grade 7 or less. Yun researchers 'personal cards have assets vulnerable borrowers, including the percentage of potentially vulnerable borrowers represents a rise of 26.5% from end-2013 to 30.6% at the end of September 2016 May' he said.

Credit card companies are strengthening the position hagetdaneun card lending-related risk management. Over the past 24 days the Credit Finance Association organized eight full-time issuer, the issuer held responsible for emergency planning staff meetings. In the meeting, credit card companies have decided to strengthen the quantitative and qualitative management card loans.

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"Toshiba insujeon 'opening ... Foreign four consecutive days SK Hynix BUY

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Toshiba's memory business plans Moline injection in bankruptcy is finalized today. Toshiba has been received the day before noon memory business acquisition reserve auction results, SK Hynix seems jumped into insujeon. In Korea, it comes the observation that foreign investors have four consecutive days SK Hynix's net buying trend continues to expect a Toshiba stake in SK Hynix. Results announced preferred bidder is scheduled 6 month.

30 days Toshiba held a shareholders' meeting to resolve the memory business jet. Stakes related to the preferred bidder is expected to be selected in June, it was announced that it plans to complete the sale by the end of March next year.

Toshiba has received preliminary bids until noon yesterday, saying it had received a variety of arguments offered. According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, companies showed interest in the acquisition is more than ten. The representative explained that Taiwan expects the Hong Hai Group and TSMC, US Micron Technology and Western Digital China, Tsinghua Uni Group in the auction.

In particular, in February, reportedly had been presented to SK Hynix has more than 10 trillion won pony up the takeover premium, subject to the acquisition of a majority stake in the 2-3000000000000 won sseonaen known as insuga when the first bid.

SK Hynix are among the observations that entered the Toshiba shares insujeon emerges analysis does the buying trend of foreigners at the securities market alarming.

Foreign investors yesterday bought 43.9 billion won for SK Hynix. The last 24 days, 38.9 billion won, 27, 106.9 billion won, 28, and net purchases of 26.6 billion won, went on a buying four consecutive days.

The last one semiconductor business analyst in January there are SK Hynix during a successful Toshiba acquisition, expected to increase the skill level NAND bar.

Mirae treated dohyeon Wu researchers Samsung Electronics, Micron-performance from Western Digital Union economies of scale and synergy aspects Intel in NAND business due to aggressive investments by Chinese companies are expected to increase the competitive strength of SK Hynix, Toshiba forecast would be able to. "

However, the outlook is the uncertainty about the sale of the Toshiba itself is strong.

IBK Investment & Securities Lee Seung-woo researchers said, "the Japanese government regarding the Toshiba sold 'plans to apply the" Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, "to the center, the Singapore-based activist fund EPI Shimo funds Toshiba shares 8.14% holding report, Toshiba's next sale is expected to be deployed in a more complicated, he said.

24 days, according to NHK, Toshiba has announced the purchase of EPI funds Toshiba Shimo total issued shares 8.14% to 15 through a shareholding report submitted to the Kanto Treasury. The media have reported large, there is a good chance that the epi Shimo Having this level of interest emerged as the largest shareholder of Toshiba.

However, experts expect the earnings to the second quarter of SK Hynix and are scrambling to actively encourage buying. Purchase an influx of foreign investors the fact that evaluation is not yet due to end semiconductor boom.

Lee Seung-woo researchers said, is D-RAM uncertainty surrounding the approximately neutral conversion and Toshiba sold in the spot price, shaken D-RAM investment-related rumors, such as a memory-related two-seam Samsung, '' but this memory Upton is and dug than in the past, any cycle gotta determined that the wavelength is large, and maintain Overweight for a memory sector, he said.

Peak memory market controversy was weakened as announced second quarter earnings of Micron Technology. Micron announced a second-quarter earnings beat the market consensus of original revenue 46.3 billion, operating profit of 10.2 slightly to one hundred million US dollars revenue 46.5 billion, operating profit of 10.44 billion dollars. Shares of Micron day soared 7.4%.

Eugene Investment & Securities Lee researchers 'SK Despite the competitiveness gap with the performance difference between Hynix and Micron share of D-RAM market, Micron shares rather receive a premium, currently two companies in market capitalization reached almost up to par "said' current share price of SK Hynix explained that it is extremely undervalued. "

In addition, the researchers' SK Hynix's first quarter earnings seasonality entry and D-RAM and NAND flash memory shipments decreased, etc. Despite this, the D-RAM prices around the D-RAM prices for the PC, which initially greater surge than expected to continue to rise sharply and prices of NAND flash memory, such as solid demand and record high, is expected to be much higher than the market consensus (operating profit of 2.2 trillion won), "he said.

First quarter sales increased 15.8% 6.2048 trillion won, and operating profit compared to the previous quarter, SK Hynix is ​​expected that the brokerage is 2.4835 trillion won compared to the previous quarter, up 61.7%. The second quarter is explained that to achieve unprecedented performance.

Meanwhile, Toshiba is planning to sell its stake this time the memory divisions 50 to 100% up to 2 trillion yen (20 billion). Initially, but to sell a stake of less than 20% after spraying the semiconductor division, it said since the financial pressure to reverse the planned sale of 50% stake. In early March, while once again expand the sale of shares to 100% of the stepped bar re-bid process.

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SK Innovation, the Chinese electric car battery plant shutdown

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Innovation's electric car battery packing (packing) plant built in China is reportedly one front downtime from February.

According to SK Innovation is the 30th industry was shut down a 'Beijing BESK Technologies' factory in a joint venture with China's Beijing specialty, the train from Beijing in January.

The plant when supplied with a battery cell production plant in Seosan, Chungnam, SK Innovation has been in charge of the process of packing them.

But last year, the government reported that the order is started while the stem enforce best practices certification scheme against the EV battery manufacturers within the country.

A joint venture factory of SK Innovation is not because this is not the plant that produces the best practices authentication target cell. Nevertheless, Beijing feared trains and electric vehicles manufacturers in China that this could be authenticated if the electric car subsidies not have to disconnect the battery orders.

Accordingly, this plant is reportedly the one ilgam shrink from the fourth quarter of last year finally stopped running. SK Innovation is the second largest shareholder holds a 40% stake in the plant BESK.

In response, SK Innovation said, "We had discussions with the Chinese side of the joint venture in accordance with the strategic determination once interrupted the plant," said "with respect to reactivate the problem looking for a solution to the multifaceted," he said.

However, SK Innovation is the position that this matter has nothing to do with Saad recently become controversial. Best practices certification scheme for battery manufacturers in China, was actually conducted before the controversy Sad diary.

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Wind NH group claim 33 housewife University start dates

[Korea Financial News Lee Donggyu News] wind cooperatives (union president Park Junsik) are among naeoebin is one of 250 people attended, including the last 29 days in the afternoon the 6th floor Auditorium Lee Hoon MP, Oh Gyeongseok NACF, Seoul Regional Director, Han Myeongcheol Jiangxi Agricultural Article 33 group Housewives University gaegangsik he said opened.

Wind NACF start dates after operating for healthy homes and foster improvement of the quality of life of local women in 1987 and welcomes eoyeon 30 years.

While performing the role of local culture and Welfare Center is responsible for the continuing education of the region.

Wind Agricultural Housewife universities to improve the quality of women with opportunities for lifelong education through cooperatives for women Area sikimyeo healthy family upbringing and nurturing housewife join the cooperatives movement, in the country in 1987 as an educational goal is to contribute to the development of local communities It was first discharge operation, a total of 4,793 graduates who until last year, 32 groups, are graduates after completion has been a member of the University Alumni Association organized housewives, corporation, group of housewives who think their homes.

The 33 groups housewife University in the start dates for "Happy Senior Process" to support the elderly living in exciting and rewarding to greet the age of 100 years' my body that I keep - Shake Life Gymnastics' wonderful life put down nicely - "weldaing ' a total of 250 courses and local leaders were admitted, three-month course, including courses for 12 weeks will receive 31 educational lectures.

Start dates and the starting day of the three-month training schedule Jeong Deokhui the broadcaster's "Let's Do response 100 years old," begins with the first lecture after gaegangsik ends.

In addition, rural field experience course for the spread of rural love sports will participate in the circumferential Sillim 'wild plants Festival in Gangwon Province.

Park Junsik union president is "We live in the 21st century, Confucius said of the '學 而 時 習 之 不 亦 說 乎 牙 (learn sometimes Mastering also pleased ahnihanga)" is said to "said" During this training period, 33 groups housewife college you I hope I love the rural and agricultural, home and roots of all of us and one minute, one minute both informative and wish you a rewarding time, a housewife attending college to the messenger that connects our agricultural rural and urban

Please feel 'he said.

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[Jaetekeu Q & A] to lower lending know-how

[Heogwahyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] 1. loan interest rates but also differences depending on which loan yinya, itjiyo are also differences by banks?

That is correct. By default, the lender itjiyo credit loans and no loans with collateral. And even mortgage itguyo again varies by bank. But interest rate is the average bank credit is approximately 2.5 to 3.5 percent higher than 1%. And credit is another difference from the first grade through 10 grade naguyo depending on the credit rating of an individual. But those rates are not only a higher interest rate than a savings bank that insurance companies than banks even between financial institutions. So find out this information in detail you can see out in the Financial Consumer information site operated by the FSS Fine.

2. Depending on the road conditions lending itjiyo the case of preferential treatment?

That is correct. Basically, we preferred the self-banking customers. And trade customers, you need to read the preferential conditions of his company's bank when the workers need the loan because it also signed a preferential agreement with a private company as well as the first. And preferential terms, as well as deposits, itguyo also use a credit card or check card performance. In addition Before loan application You also get a salary transfer or direct debit to be better focused to learn to deal with preferential interest rate conditions is one way to lower interest rates.

3. Which is not to pre-weigh Do you get a loan?

First, weigh the amount of the necessary zest needed or required split time. In addition to monthly repayments also divided as to the repayment date and interest rates vary Sore This also requires a strategy. But it is favorable amortization, even if some of the money collected in the middle should be a loan agreement accordingly. And loans are not the only advantage that pays off quickly. If you repay the loan within the period because even have to pay prepayment charges must consider this point well when specifying the term of the loan.

4. promotion after receiving loans or salary rises itjiyo can receive a preferential interest rate?

That is correct. I'd say this rate cut Claims. This is a legitimate right to the person receiving the loan. If a promotion to ten thousand days during the term of the loan took two salaries, and if the ratings went up, go to the bank you will be able to proudly dangling down interest rates. So there can be adjusted to the rate review, yet now, but also the well-known advantage of the secluded because, in the future, we need leverage.

5. I will not miss even a month and not one month and I heard only some?

That is correct. We've got to know that just a month to pay the monthly interest you will pay interest on my partially. For example, the interest make money this month, unless half lack of pay half and is inside a fortnight later. This is the result of slowing after two weeks without interest arrears. Therefore it is nuggets one month and descriptions are a way to reduce as much as I also much overdue interest, rather than that.

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Seo Incheon Agricultural University housewives start dates 29 group

[Korea financial newspaper Incheon = Lee Donggyu News] Seo Incheon cooperatives (union president Jeong Hyeokgeun) strengthen past 29 am the third floor auditorium gangbeomseok Incheon western Commissioner, gimjaegi Agricultural Incheon Division, Incheon pipe union president, goseokhyeon in southern NH union president, Hwang Uihwan standing strengthen union president, Kim Donghyeon said of one such union president NACF Seosan unsan naeoebin 200 people attended and opened the Article 29 group Housewives University gaegangsik.

Seo Incheon NACF was discharged a total of 3806 graduates had over 28 groups with start dates for the first time housewives University in Incheon in 1988 for 29 years.

Seo Incheon Agricultural University housewives were received from 170 students last February and March was organized by the flowers name, tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils, roses 4 gaeban first planted in flower beds headquarters.

Seo Incheon Agricultural Housewife University is a lesson for the 12 weeks to women with various education courses, starting with the stress of the laws of Yang Jaejin wonjangnim modern health and Investment and the like.

Let's say that this was the moderator unsan cooperatives union president Kim Donghyeon attended the day gaegangsik 2kg rice donated to the college received a housewife hot applause from the students.

Jeong Hyeokgeun union president has the power Housewives college 170 people greeting him, he said unfolding volunteer for contributing to the completion of like rewarding the rural and local communities.

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- Home shopping brand reputation March 2017] · GS Home Shopping Lotte Home Shopping · CJ O Shopping's net

Hit the [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] March home shopping brand reputation survey, Lotte Home Shopping is No. 1, and GS Home Shopping, No. 2, 3 CJ O Shopping is above 2017.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed the past month Big Data reputation as a shopping destination for the six brands.

February was analyzed million by March 29, home shopping brand Big Data 1176 3006 from 28 days in December increased 18.59% than the home shopping brand reputation big data 9919386.

March 2017 Home shopping brand reputation ranking Lotte Home Shopping, GS Home Shopping, CJ O Shopping, Hyundai Home Shopping, Shopping homaen, NS was shopping order.

LGU +, the industry's only Incheon Airport Service Excellence Awards

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea] LG U + has moved from the Incheon International Airport Corporation organized a 'Awards Incheon Airport (Incheon Airport Awards)' Communication 3 quad-the only commercial facility services Excellence Award announced on the 30th.

LG U + Incheon International Airport Roaming Center Incheon International Airport in Yitong three four most Roaming operating the desk and roaming, including building airports roaming dedicated computer system to handle roaming services with one-stop service of customer satisfaction I have been trying to increase.

The results from customer satisfaction survey, LG U + has recorded the personnel services, products, services, average 95.4 points # 1 in Incheon International Airport, commercial facilities, services, etc. to obtain the items the store environment.

In the event that the first episode Incheon Airport Awards, fits this year is to thank the special contribution business in the Incheon airport services recorded the 'World Airport Service Quality "above 12 years consecutive and held annually to raise self-esteem, airlines, in the ground handling company, the four areas of commercial, logistics and awards a total of 20 companies.

The best selection of providers through the Customer Satisfaction Survey 50%, 50% site monitoring at any time, voluntary service performance improvement that additional points are granted evaluated by professional bodies.

Meanwhile, LG U + is conducting a promotion offering a free data roaming for customers convenient travel. LG U + will be available in the Main accommodation booking site 'booking dot com' companies partnered stay free smart roaming data plan, one basic fee of 11,000 won to customers using (one total amount more than 10 million) connected.

LG U + device geurupjang jowonseok Managing Director said, "We will continue to launch a differentiated product roam endeavor to provide substantial benefits to our customers."

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Eugene Asset management, short-term bond funds exceeded 500 billion AUM

It said 30 [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Eugene Asset Management's AUM exceeded the 500 billion won in the 'Champion Eugene short bond fund' for stability and profitability.

The fund, launched in December 2014, has recently had talks sweep funds from 350 billion won only after the beginning of the year in the circumstances it can not find a private investor to investment in internal and external financial environment of uncertainty and interest rate volatility, such as US interest rates 27 days currently set amount of 5500 and records respectively.

"Eugene Champion short-term bond funds' management is a strategy for stability and profitability at the same time to invest primarily in credit rating is due within three months or more short-term bonds and commercial paper e-A2-, the last 27 days based on the class C 1 years of zero return It has demonstrated the highest level of profitability of its kind funds to 1.81%.

Fund manager Eugene Asset Management Yun Seongju director of "funds within the steady inflow operational scale grows diversified investments in various stocks are becoming available, increased the additional possibility of revenue generation" and "virtuous cycle of investment that can continuously make a good performance I will try to make a go followed, "said the future operational plans.

"Eugene Champion short-term bond funds' is being sold through a total of 22 channels up to eight 11 major securities firms, banks, and Samsung Life Insurance and Mirae Asset Life Insurance, fund online Korea, including Eugene Investment & Securities, and continue to go to increase the sales channel plans.

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Latest round of SK Networks President, figure skating national team athletes sponsored yisihyeong

Sponsors [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - latest round of SK Networks President Figure Skating National yisihyeong player (17 years, pangok high) formula.

Latest round of SK Networks President of the 30th National Figure Skating 3:00 in SK Networks Myeongdong Building 13th floor conference room, located in Jung-gu, Seoul, PM has yisihyeong was the official sponsorship ceremony. Donations are delivered to yisihyeong players through the game, the Community Chest of Korea.

Yisihyeong players had consistently accounted for 1-2 place in the various national tournament appearances is selected as a national representative in 2015 standing army, starting from the 71st national sexes skating comprehensive Championships in Gangneung Ice Arena in January this year, the national done.

Yisihyeong player is currently living with his grandmother and mother, twin sister in Namyangju material small multi-family housing. The dirty work of art, and the mother was injured early in 2016 dwitbaraji the players alone players will hit the stop motion crisis.

Latest round of SK Networks said, "I want to help so that the player can grow into a good player committed only to exercise, without any worries," "life, the 'Golden Time' and yisihyeong players for now and just think that ttaera," he said.

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Pulmuone, 10 years, talk show format "open general meeting of shareholders'

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] Pulmuone said on the 30th that held the 2017 Shareholders' Meeting held Pulmuone 'in' House of Literature Seoul is located in Seoul, Korea yejangdong.

Pulmuone Shareholders' Meeting is being held for 10 years as a talk-show format to interact with stakeholders. Day general meeting of shareholders attended the Nam Seung-woo, yihyoyul Pulmuone respective representatives and fluent strategic management director, including five people inside directors, six outside directors and shareholders, more than 150 people.

The Shareholders' Meeting Part 1 dwaeteumyeo progress reports and audit reports sales of Pulmuone, the agenda of such financial statements approved, four outside Directors, audit committee members elected were treated.

Pulmuone last transfer revenues to grow 10% YoY to 2 trillion 30 billion won for three consecutive years won the two-digit growth performance. This is because that if drinks including strategic projects such as this had successfully secured a market Pulmuone said.

Seafood and related overseas market, one US head was above the highlighted through 'or Soya' argument viscosity earnest, it laid the foundation for growing the business in the United States, Japan, China, the big three global market.

The 'open general meeting of shareholders, has to protect the rights of shareholders introduced an electronic voting system, which shareholders can exercise their voting rights online.

Nam Seung-woo Pulmuone representative "Ask the unchanging support and encouragement of the shareholders so that Pulmuone be reborn as a global sustainability beyond company in the world to Korea," he said at the shareholders' meeting.

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HANSSEM 'Korea Best Brand 2017 "selection

In the financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] comprehensive enterprise specializing in home interior HANSSEM global brand consulting group "Interbrand" announced one domestic brand valuation 'Korea Best Brand 2017' took the five steps above, up 36 over the previous year. HANSSEM is Interbrand has entered the top 30 rankings for the second year in the top 50 every year since 2015 the first selection to selection.

HANSSEM brand value was evaluated as the right amount of 31.9 billion won to 498.8 billion won last haeboda.

HANSSEM are large retailers such as 1970 begins kitchen furniture, home furniture, to go to expand the business in building materials, etc., and the possible flag shop professionals and counseling in a space decorated with 'Room (室)' Unit, Lee House, Kitchen and Bath operated stores and online mall and was appreciated that you provide the interior solutions to our customers.

Interbrand has been announced 'Korea Best Brand' into a global brand consultancy that specializes in the selection of the top 100 global brands each year, representing Korea last year, evaluate the brand value of the domestic company in 2013.

1st year had won the Samsung Electronics brand valuation 50.7865 trillion won, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, Naver, SK Telecom was followed. In addition, the company achieved continued growth and innovation, Lotte Chemical, S-Oil, Hyosung will have a new entry in the top 50.

HANSSEM official "brand, as well as current and evaluation indicators look into the future is also the most important assets of the enterprise" and "HANSSEM will continue not settle on the domestic furniture market, one actively as a global company aspects including overseas, the stage I will try to go out equipped for, "he said.

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NH Investment & Securities, 40 housewives presented 'pension' in retirement preparation strategies

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities proposed a national pension aged 40 to prepare a strategy for housewives.

NH Investment & Securities Institute has published a 100-year-old age Happy reports containing the old age of 100-year-old housewife preparing strategy for '40. '

Women's life expectancy is longer than men's retirement also typically longer. This alone is a need to prepare strategic independence retirement without her husband. Jeongjak your old housewife is ready, especially since my husband and children came alive as the center is often did not micheo. Now I buteorado ready to come off the old, and its core is a pension.

40 as for housewives is the National Pension Strategy to consider the 'housewife also can join the national pension through any subscription system,' 'to join a 10-year period for the pension is unconditional fill,' 'danyeoteot at work If such an advantage Increase the duration of maternity Increase Credit If you have more than one child, '' the subscription period utilizing the payment later. Such arbitrary subscriber has shown a steady increase.

This report has been happy introduce 'asset allocation for retirement "and" home buying strategy. Asset allocation for retirement to retire before be different in many ways, the key to the 'target return is lower, so the inflation rate, "" Market forecasts are longer causes "," increase the proportion of cash flow generation and a safe asset' and the like, and strive to lower the risk of aggressive investment tendencies even accept the will ',' rebalancing is reduced as much as possible, '' the proportion of floating assets is reduced.

Institute era 100 years yiyunhak director of "cases these days old spend in a nursing home is a lot, but the most ideal place to spend your retirement is still home," said "lifelong resident and be so require a variety of policy support of the government to manage, but themselves appropriate scale it's important to establish a strategy to buy houses even, "he said.

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Korea Yakult, creating 10 billion mutual fund ... SME partners support

It has created a mutual fund of 10 billion won for the [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters] are large and SME Partnership Korea Yakult.

Korea Yakult said that the 30th Composition 100 billion mutual growth mutual fund signed a Shinhan, Kookmin Bank and the Convention to assist the business activities and the smooth flow of funds SME partners.

Growing mutual fund is a program that provides about 1.4 percentage points lower than market rates when the prime rate benefits partners receive a loan. The current seven business partners being used.

It also funds to pay 100% cash targets 29 mutual growth Convention, including four original sub material, OEM manufacturers.

Korea Yakult is the Fair Trade Commission announced selected as a fair trade agreement implemented evaluating best practices with a bar last year, electric cart development. Electric cart Proceed with SMEs has brought an improvement of more than 300 parts manufacturers to improve technology and sales of about 800 million.

Gojeongwan the Korea Yakult CEO of a company that represents the mutual growth to expand its real benefits that you can experience the "entrepreneurship health social construction of Korea Yakult's partner and win-win partnership should also match the spirit of planning" and "future partners nagagetda developed, "he said.

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Hyundai and Daewoo Engineering · GS · Hanwha, regional tallest apartment Competition

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] 'boyija line for the first half of the top floor apartments area'

Hyundai and Daewoo Engineering · GS · Major construction companies such as Hanwha has raised the heat in the region's tallest apartment competition.

Regional level, the tallest apartment is brand become a landmark of the area after the move is because the high expected future value.

Apartments are located in spots that catch that represents the region in accordance with the applied ornate facade and the latest construction technologies. Here just as well as my commercial facilities Equipped to luxury community can enjoy the leisure and cultural facilities, etc., regarded as upscale apartments that represents the region.

In actual domestic most expensive apartments are the most local tallest apartment.

According to the 30th tallest estate 114 ground layer 46, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, I'Park Samsung 'supply 216㎡ amounting to 52.65 million won per line average 3.3㎡. Following the tallest in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu Cheongdam Xi an average of 51.12 million won 119㎡ supply lines, such as Yongsan-dong Raemian Extended network VC Tooth supply 165㎡ of 56 layers on average 48 million won line-rise apartments are perched in the most affluent area apartment.

The actual transaction is wealthy enough apartments for sale in Cap-rise apartments also have a high level. According to the Ministry of Land apartment sale actual transaction data, the actual transaction amount of the last sale Tower Palace was the highest in Gangnam to 261.767 billion won. Another 53-storey hotel in the Middle East in Haeundae, Busan Haeundae Hill State Weave "is the 217.367 billion won and sold during the year, was the highest market capitalization transactions in Busan.

Such areas top floor apartments have a future and I highly value driven pre-sale to consumers in new markets. Last August, a newly established itself as the ground up to the 49th floor of the tallest apartment in Ansan "Gran City Xi 'an average of a 9.36-to-1 (15,390 people) is the largest mall offer people went off about Ansan.

The first half of the year is also increasing interest in the pre-sale scheduled regional tallest apartment.

First, Hyundai Engineering will be a pre-sale "three kinds Hill River State Park" in April Sejong City 3-3 East living area sodam H3 · H4 block. B2F above ground floor up to 48, 84 to only 6 buildings achieved 141㎡ yarn size of flats 672 and the generation of only 79㎡ office building 64. Only the top 48 floors above ground, the highest among current supplied apartments in Sejong City. There is just opposite of the geulbeot saesaem kindergartens and public kindergartens, elementary and geulbeot geulbeot excellent children's school environment. Also just to the west is Kumkang flows, it is also pleasantly situated in the east mountains goehwa residential environments.

Daewoo E & C also sets out to recruit members 'Nogyang Station SKY59' the game 58 Street Uijeongbu ganeungdong one won in charge of construction in April. The complex consists of a ground layer 6 above ground layer 59 of the high-rise apartment daedanji eight copper-only area 65 ~ 84㎡, a total of 2581 family. The complex is built in a match in northern areas such as Uijeongbu and nearby Yangzhou, Fortune, the tallest apartment in Dongducheon. It is close to the Line 1 Nogyang Station excellent accessibility Seoul, Seoul Ring Road Howon IC are located in the neighborhood.

GS E & C is planning to pre-sale for "Grand City Zai secondary" in the next month Sangnok-gu Ansan Gojan New Town 90 Sadong one block. The complex is composed chamber 2872 three duplex apartments, 498 studio apartment with 2 underground floors the ground up to the 49th floor, size 14 buildings, a total of 3,370 households. The 'Grand City Zai secondary' is a sequel of residential, commercial and cultural complex that combines a two-phase project of the urban development project in 7653 three sizes, "Gran City Jaipur primary" a pre-sale October last year.

Hanwha E & C is a pre-sale next month Jinju Gyeongnam New Pearl yeoksegwon city development district consisting of 424 apartments in blocks E3 furniture and office building 50 Indeed, the new Pearl Green yeoksegwon dreams. Jinju apartment in a brand boasts the tallest scale. The complex will be the second basement, the ground layer 38 up to 3 buildings only area 84 ~ 103㎡ size of flats 420 furniture and office building 1 building-only area 82㎡ chamber 50 pre-sale. Jinju Station KTX excellent yeoksegwon just as traffic conditions.

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FSS, Samsung Bio-Logics special supervision undertaken ... Shares fall

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] decided to embark on the Financial Supervisory Service Special Supervision for Samsung Bio-Logics is accounting fraud controversy had one. This morning on the 30th, Samsung Bio-Logics price has shown a downward trend compared to the previous day.

Financial authorities have reportedly discussed the Samsung Bio-Logics supervision issues in the FSC held the day before the Securities and Futures Commission and thus decides.

The FSS said that the suspect parts, etc. After reviewing the audit report by South Korea's Samsung Bio-Logics supervision of Certified Public Accountants have decided to launch special supervision to ensure this.

Samsung Bio-Logics is a pharmaceutical manufacturer that Cheil Industries and Samsung C & T merger retain the majority stake. In November, Samsung Bio-Logics traded month, found a continued deficit since its establishment in 2011. But the Samsung bio subsidiaries in 2015, the move to fair value upon the corporate value of the book value of the piece obtained a net profit of 1.9 trillion won expedient accounting suspicions were raised.

In addition, the Korea Exchange too high if it is determined that future growth even deficit in 2016 was enterprise days to change preference doubt controversial provisions to enable the public. People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy is a value-priced five trillion pieces of Samsung bio that out after four years operating losses recently established thing, saying the problem had sent a questionnaire to the FSS.

Jin Ungseop Chapter FSS is also a bar chair larger debate on this issue in the past Affairs Committee work report said that "we will decide in consultation with the relevant agencies."

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As long as "maintaining monetary easing ... US rate hike considerations."

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] 'I will therefore expect the growth of the domestic economy will slow and inflation pressures to maintain greater relaxation of the monetary policy stance, the Bank of Korea on the 30th he said.

Wednesday, the Bank of Korea emphasized that "One of the monetary policy operation, considering the interest rates of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) key by default, but will be focused on the domestic macroeconomic and financial stability situation" in the National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee issues report data .

US interest rates are likely to act as a factor of our economy, such as capital outflows increased pressure, increased loan interest burden on households, real economic recovery constraints.

The Bank of Korea when expanding the "If interest rates affect how much journaling is made to gradually prospects depend on future hikes rate the degree that large is not expected, said excessive volatility of price variables in such 'capital outflow has said it will be carried out in a timely manner, the government bond purchases, monetary stabilization securities issuance collapse of market stabilization measures.

In particular, the Bank of Korea noted jeosinyong, interest burden increased likelihood of low-income, vulnerable borrowers with multiple debts as interest rate upturn aftermath. The Bank of Korea emphasized that "would be vulnerable debt problem is closely possibility of increased burden and not to hinder the degree of financial stability and lending insolvency checks.

Consumer price inflation was expected for some time expressed the same level as now. The Bank of Korea explained that "commodity prices will slow inflation factors in petroleum (including natural gas) prices will act as inflation zoom factor.

Won / dollar exchange rate volatility showed a somewhat reduced since the previous level expected to raise interest rates by three times a year in the last 15 days from 2017 to 2019 in the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting held.

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Shinsegae Food, targeting housewives 'olban' promotion

[Reporter Korea sinmijin financial newspaper] announced on the 30th Shinsegae Food has carried out a promotion in conjunction with the Korean restaurant, buffet olban "to attack the home ganpyeonsik main consumers of 30-40 housewife.

Shinsegae Food is coming offer discounts of 5,000 won per payment 5 February buffet olban to customers who purchase a home ganpyeonsik over one million to 31 olban drive gun.

The event nationwide Mart seven (sf one's strengths, Kintex store, Poongsan points, Takeda point, standing suwonjeom, Gwanggyo points, three kinds of points) and Shinsegae Department Store 2 locations (Yeongdeungpo, Gimhae points) Traders one place (configuration points ) it proceeds from a total of 10 such places.

In addition, Shinsegae Food is in partnership with the National E-Mart, Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Group, including the star field of the Kids Café ipjeom play in the distribution channel time until next month on the 24th also conducted olban home ganpyeonsik SNS authentication shot event.

Shinsegae Food said, "This promotion was planned to inform widely olban to 30-40 housewives in the home ganpyeonsik purchased this rapidly growing Easy Recipes" and "will go grow to be the unfolding brand that leads the market with various marketing activities "he said.

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Launched Shinhan Card, Shinsegae affiliate membership card

The release of [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Shinhan card Shinsegae affiliate membership card.

Shinhan Card has announced on the 30th that the 'New World Shinhan Card, launched on April 1 with the New World. Card is released a total of three paper-type discounts, mileage jeokriphyeong two kinds of Credit Card and Check Card 1 species.

"New World Shinhan Card" three species can be Shinsegae membership benefits. Such as the 5% discount coupon offers every 2-5 Shinsegae Department Store Point 0.2 percent and Shinsegae E-Mart / E-Mart Mall 0.1% earned, February every department Free parking is available benefits provided in accordance with the use of Shinsegae's performance.

Of the New World Shinhan Card Standard allows a 5% discount using Shinsegae amount. Online shopping mall, and a separate rental shop trading is the way to be excluded and discount payment. This is the service that is provided separately from the additional 5% discount on membership.

If the previous month performing more than 1.5 million won to 03 million, not less than one million won less than 1.5 million won to 2 million, is more than 50 manwon less than 1 million won is off to one million. Up to 5000 according to one source, month performance can be discounted until January 6.

Use Shinsegae amount is also included in the previous month earnings.

One Person Cinema ipjeom Shinsegae Department Store to get a discount. It sat at Shinsegae Department Store ipjeom cinemas and is available with a discount of 3,000 won for payments over $ 25 on Sundays twice a month, regardless of the price to the previous month's performance.

E-Mart, Starbucks / coffee bean, coffee shop, Kyobo / YES24 such as providing an online bookstore, GS Caltex / S-Oil gas stations, etc. Various 'Life Care' (Life Care) 5% discount merchants like.

By incorporating up to the previous month if the performance is more than 1.5 million won February won and not less than one million won less than 1.5 million won by one man 5000 W, not less than 50 manwon less than 1 million won is off to one million.

Regardless of the previous month's earnings bus / subway public transport fees, SRT (handwriting to train) charge gives a discount of 3%.

Air Miles jeokriphyeong 'New World Shinhan Card Sky Pass "and" New World Shinhan Card Asiana Club miles will be credited to add a spinning liquid in the New World Department Store.

All merchants lump sum, oil and air for installment payments for the 1500 sugar 1 miles, Asiana Airlines gives to earn 1,000 Mileage raw sugar 1. Until January 10,000 won regardless of the previous month earnings also offer a 5% discount New World Duty Free.

Since January is the amount of credit sales at home and abroad to get cash back up to b clients over 10 million it won that year opened 50,000 won 5% of the overseas spinning liquid until December.

"New World Shinhan Card Check" is haejugo Ponts Sat, 2,000 won for payments over $ 25 on Sundays at Shinsegae Department Store ipjeom cinema, regardless of the previous month's results, the national star once per day at Starbucks stores, payment for every 500 won to 3 times a month to give a discount.

The MY Shinhan point by industry if the performance of not less than 30 mm manwon may be 0.5 ~ 1% earned.

Shinhan Card said, "had a chance to give the New World customers a special service only Shinhan Card available delighted" and "Trying to make future Shinhan Card and Shinsegae smile one minute one minute customers in close partnership, of course , it said it would continue to work with to help you become Shinsegae department stores around this place as my No. 1 department store area. "

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[Food & Beverage Short - McDonald 'signature burger nationwide launch 外

Announced [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] △ McDonald coming launch of premium handmade burger 'signature burger "from 31 days across the country. Signature Berger recorded last August 2015 the monthly average since the release of more than 20% sales growth, and the menu at being loved by consumers. Meanwhile, McDonald's opened a store for the future introduction of digital experiences, including separate 30-day orders for pick-up and for domestic arc in Sangam DMC.

△ SPC Samlip release the "floating snow to eat two kinds of cupcakes, it announced on the 30th. This new product can be purchased at the nearest convenience store with two kinds, such as "Snow cream cake, put a mask Capone cheese over into the 'Snow tiramisu, strawberry jam and cocoa powder into the cream cheese and coffee on the sheet cake sheet.

△ announced on the 30th that the Coffee Bean Korea's right to release the spring classic in coffee, Costa Rica Honey "and the luxury Assam tea (tea) of India, Assam Gold Tips', and three kinds of" Earl Gray chiffon cake. In particular, Costa Rica Honey beans will be sold and only available in-store and online shop coffee bean season in limited quantities.

△ announced Baskin Robbins has come forward '31DAY' a day for 31 days. '31DAY' is an event that provides a size upgrade to half-gallon (3,500 won just two) where you can taste six different ice cream when you purchase five kinds of delicious ice cream you can choose to hold families (19,500 won) size.

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Credit Finance Association "domestic issuer, the Philippines entered the answer."

[Gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Korea] suggests that the domestic credit card companies report that they need to actively penetrate the Philippine market.

30 days Credit Finance Association, through the Philippine Card Market Status and Opportunities "report was presented to the implications for the Philippine market opportunities in the domestic credit card companies.

The report noted that the Philippines would be reduced gradually card market growth and cash payments. The Philippines is still a form of payment, financial infrastructure is less vulnerable to major cash card payment acceptance rate. However, we expect to gradually reduce the proportion of cash payments in the financial inclusion program, the impact of the Philippine central bank.

Most of the credit card payment in the Philippines is achieved by debit card. However, the Philippine economy and the middle class and the youth labor force growth is explained would be a major contribution to growth in the credit card market in Philippines. △ △ financing no annual fee credit card △ △ cashback rewards program benefits, including price incentives also predicted that Bring the power of the card market.

Domestic issuer that is also serves a variety of opportunities in the Philippines card market report it said. Philippine e-commerce market is growing at the fastest pace in Southeast Asia, it is expected to increase the demand for payment card accordingly. In addition, the Philippine government to advance its expansion of foreign banks expanding foreign stake limit of its banks from 60% to 100%, and has abolished the discriminatory regulation of foreign banks.

However, the Philippines is because the card issuer to increase the market share of the local bank requires a thorough review of the competitive landscape of the domestic financial institutions when jipip Philippines.

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KB securities, asset management apps 'KB WM CAST' renewed version released

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] KB Securities has launched a 30-day mobile asset management applications 'KB WM CAST' renewed version that provides a wide range of asset management can be said on the 30th.

KB Securities 'KB WM CAST' is as from the analysis of domestic and international stock markets financial products recommended, asset allocation strategies, market trends and investment strategies, short videos of economic common sense, such as KB Securities 3-4 minutes around a variety of content investment know-how intensive the It is provided. Applications are available regardless of time and place. The last in 2015 after the industry's first launch has achieved more than 40 million downloads.

KB Securities has added features focused on the renewal of this simple sign-up process as possible with a click through, either directly to the selected interest categories, such as new program offers push notifications when you upload your convenience. 'easily! briefly! fun!' In three out of the general principles under the economic program format, the public is not accustomed to the economy by constructing the image to look more like an entertainment program also so that anyone can easily understand and experience.

At the same time, and this renewal took place a program revamp. He organized the 'KB Securities WM House View' to view the global market concentration analysis of financial products and benefit from inflation and economic recovery of the country, it will be updated from time to time, depending on future economic change.

Lee Wangyu IPS Director is "Through this renewal possible live broadcasts implementation of the latest financial information became put the emphasis on professionalism and improve convenience, such as interface development to increase the enhanced loading speed and readability than existing services" and "the future aggregate sectoral expert know-how planning and production of a variety of investment content, and will continue to expand our services to provide financial information, "he said.

'KB WM CAST' are available and then download from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, details will be when you contact the KB customer Securities Center.

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Hanwha Life to launch 'good insurance' Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and the MOU

It sets out to convey warm through the [financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] Hanwha Life donated riders with Green Umbrella Children's Foundation as a 'good insurance'.

Hanwha Life entered into an agreement for the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and donations from insurance operations 63 Building 29. There Cha Namgyu ceremony Hanwha Life CEO, Lee Jehun Green Umbrella Children's Foundation President and had the official 10 people attended the two companies.

Hanwha Life and Green Umbrella Children's Foundation is promoting a project for young people to independence after the nursery through the MOU.

Hanwha Life plans to raise funds through donations rider. If you obtained the consent of the customer to pay a premium debit donate receive discounted rates (base premium of 1%). Hanwha Life will earn an additional contribution by the customer as a matching grant scheme. Green Umbrella Children's Foundation will donate a selection of insurance for youth participants to move on and signed the contract.

Donations insurance riders are pushing this time is expected to launch in April. Last year conducted a product developed to reflect the 'insurance contributions' idea won the targets in the 1st Hanwha college life insurance ideas competition'. Through the 'good insurance' which contains the means to contribute to society.

Seo Jihun Hanwha Life promotion mounting said that "this project is to go beyond a simple donation CSR activities that combines life insurance business and social responsibility," he said, "We in the insurance industry and linked social contributions will practice the basic spirit of love, sharing of insurance."

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Daishin Securities, Myeongdong first period terminates the event great success

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] instead of securities of 1 billion of customer events that continue to celebrate the return of Myeongdong 32 years has been a great success shutdown.

Daishin Securities said it had held for 30 days, "begins at Daishin Securities 3.0 Myeong-dong, Myeong-dong, instead of one, etc. Following Kowloon Instead Financial Group President, najaecheol Daishin Securities CEO attended by Finance Center, the awards event.

This event is an event celebrates the return of Myeongdong 32 years, and prepared to reward our customers' support. It has a new / existing customers of participating securities instead of progressed events until the end of February, deposits, customers who have a financial transaction rather than through securities such as stock trading, fund buying was possible that all involved. 1222 was a total of 10,000 people participated. First place was given to BMW 320D cars as prizes, like two crabs were presented to the gold bull of 10 prizes worth money.

Choemyeongjae O & T General Manager (Managing Director) is called "Thanks to the overwhelming interest of our customers has shown the commemorate the Myeongdong return 32 years this event," he said, "We will provide superior financial products and quality financial services for our customers." said.

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CJ Presidio Way, environmentally friendly agricultural cooperatives' morning Maru supply

A [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] professional catering and food materials distribution company CJ, CJ Group plans to offer a fresh way to NACF's leading premium brand of environmentally friendly agricultural products' morning Maru products.

CJ Freshway has signed a supply agreement for the cooperatives' morning Maru ssangrimdong headquarters in Seoul, Korea in the last 28 days. Depending on the agreement, CJ Freshway mainly supply the 'morning Maru products that were distributed in one-Mart cooperatives in the country through the B2B route.

'Morning Maru Agricultural products are of premium own-brand (PB) has passed through a rigorous screening process, including pesticide residue testing until immediately before the distribution, from the production stage.

CJ Freshway plans to distribute as lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, etc. is expected to deal with items of 49 species, including English, nursery or kindergarten are required relatively high infant ingredients stability facility.

CJ Freshway product team official "NACF" morning Maru has gained a high level of confidence to the consumer in that they can eat believe in peace "and" bringing in a particularly sensitive infants facility safety and hygiene to ease the worries of parents At the same time will allow chaenggil to children's health, "he said.

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[Seoul motor show] Hyundai Connected 4 direction 'safety, convenience, efficiency, non-caustic "

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Motor 'safety, convenience, efficiency, non-caustic, announced the Connected Car Service 4 of direction.

Hwang Seungho Hyundai vehicle intelligent, vice president for 30 days in the '2017 Seoul Motor Show press day held at Ilsan Kintex "building car cloud systems for years, Connected car operating system development, to establish such a global big data center technology leadership in this field and strengthening "and" related to various fields, said "in building a global leading companies and strategic collaborations.

He followed convenience "has established a four-directional, particularly for the Connected Car Service" and "pre-emptive safety along like a regular vehicle monitoring, the car continued to reflect the latest program updates to customers conduct life care development. Mileage advance prediction and used car prices, etc. Expected utilization, reduce management costs, increase efficiency, adding that he would have. "

Removal of the limitations of the connected home by car Vehicle IoT (Internet Of Things: Internet of Things), he emphasized he would offer to come in 2019.

Huang, vice president, "to develop a variety of readers ioT platform construction, communications, consumer electronics, such as through the vehicle IoT technology," said, " 'Home Dukas (Home To Car), katu Home (Car To Home)' the 2019 made ever all possible coming years strive to provide ever

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SK E & C, take the lead in the fair trade culture

[Gimdohyeon Korea financial newspaper reporter] SK construction was decided prior to the fair trade culture.

SK E & C held a 'fair trade fulfillment and happiness ceremony wing council regular meeting, 29, Jung-gu, Seoul Tiffany said building 30.

The Fair Trade system is the implementation of the Convention and the implementation of voluntary agreements in advance for the purpose of preventing unfair trade and competitiveness, large and small partners plan details.

The day the Convention was committed to more strongly adhere to the implementation of the four guidelines for fair trade in order to establish such contracts, supplier selection, management, subcontract management transactions Internal Review Committee, it issued a written ∙ preserved.

In addition to expanding the financial and training support, improved payment conditions, technical development assistance and protection, including support measures for the mutual growth and business partners have pledged to continue to practice consistently.

Day ceremony, the Vice-President and was SK Construction jogihaeng employees, gimhyeongho Shared Growth Committee Secretary-General, 56 business partners, representing over 70 stakeholders, including the present.

Jogihaeng SK Engineering & Construction Vice "will strictly keep the four practices recommended by the Fair Trade Commission," he said, "This process Sanya Building on the transaction fulfillment ceremony plans pyeonagal a range of support, including domestic and international new markets accompanied by expansion and partnership strengthening with business partners "he says.

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Orion, exceeded 100,000 people Facebook followers events

[Reporter Korea sinmijin financial newspaper] announced on the 30th that Orion proceed to the official Facebook fan Cumulative be surpassed 100,000 people commemorate the audit event.

Orion can participate in the official Facebook event next month to six days, and a total of 100 people will be selected through a lottery, gift Orion product per box like a winner.

Orion's Facebook fans can start accumulation in 20 months last July 2015 Authentic operating surpassed 100,000. In particular, how to eat more delicious sweets Orion "video can be viewed and recorded more than 13 million were also evoke the topic.

The Orion is conducting an active communication activities to respond quickly to customer feedback through various online channels. In fact, 'Oh! Potato Dip (Dip)' is' jjikmeok sweets, often inspired by what is referred to a name on the SNS was also changed to "Oh! Jjikmeok potatoes.

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The signed K Insurance, Korea and MOU KFTA

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] The-K Insurance is the 29th signed a country representative teachers' organizations in Korea Federation of Teacher Organizations and business agreements.

Through this agreement, The-K Insurance and KFTA gathered the will to strive together for greater protection of teachers' rights and welfare and common interests.

Accordingly, The-K Insurance has decided to support the teachers' rights protection and development of differentiated insurance products and value-added services that can contribute to welfare, and provide social contribution activities such as KFTA.

The ceremony was concluded at Wednesday's Cay Hotel Seoul Hwang Suyoung The-K Insurance president, general manager and sales person Park Yutaek was attended by President hayunsu, gimjongsik Secretary-General, and President of KFTA Jeong Dongseop Korea Institute newspapers.

Hwang Suyoung The-K Insurance president said "stressed the company's commitment to the welfare whilst staff will spur those efforts through cooperation with KFTA future.

The hayunsu KFTA President responded that "We hope to bear the efforts of both organizations for teachers fruition.

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Cross to re-contest Fisheries banks, but the interview the next 31 days haengjang nakjeom

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] re-assemble the contest Sh Fisheries interested in how the next haengjang of the Bank determined this time that was accomplished through.

According to the financial services industry 30, Fisheries Bank CEO Nomination Committee (Acts cold) is scheduled to recommend a final candidate haengjang one person then proceeds to interview 11 people for 31 days candidacy.

Prior Fisheries Bank is trying to recommend a candidate haengjang last eight days after the interview, but the bar has finally decided to re-contest failed to reach an agreement by next nine days. Jeongbucheuk recommendation of outside directors and the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives recommendations reportedly have mixed opinions of outside directors.

Row cold gotta have two masters government side is recommended by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives three people outside directors recommended a total of five people. Final nominations shall be approved (two thirds) or more rows cold committee four.

Re-IPO, the Bank had four gangmyeongseok Fisheries support material that supports the primary public offering such as standing auditor, yiwontae showed that seven candidates received a total of 11 people, including a new application form current including banks buhaengjang the Fisheries Bank.

In particular, the challenge of reappointment of the current yiwontae haengjang only officials from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the candidates who are noted. Difficult to influence as much as 1 trillion won to ignore the government injected public funds far exceeding the government officials who mainly due to olratgi haengjang place. This is considered haengjang viscosity led business restructuring and independent legal entity launch of Fisheries Bank.

But nakjeom possibility of Fisheries gangmyeongseok thank Bank shares under the support of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives with 100% it is difficult to overlook.

Another financial union National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Branch issues a statement ahead of the 30th haengjang candidate interviews per day has also required the withdrawal of yiwontae haengjang reappointed. The union said it 'Fisheries banks late last year as a separate subsidiary after the first elected haengjang in the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, tubes Pia (+ bureaucratic mafia) who is your position that you can not tolerate. "

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance and Planning Ministry official who then held a meeting matahon the Agricultural Financial Group is also the first officer candidate recommendation committee last 15 days (which is cold) and ahead of the second car being cold.

After the launch in 2012 of the Agricultural Finance Chairman gimyonghwan gather interested in the first two terms if ever. Meanwhile, the cold before being named to the senior officials of the release candidate hamapyeong centered atmosphere silent premature election political situation.

But meantime, it is also likely to raise new candidate that did not reappointed as examples. In the banking industry has focused too gimbyeongwon Central Chairman of NACF NACF has a financial holding 100% equity.

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Shilla Duty introduced mobile app 'Incheon International Airport Directions "feature

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Duty Free As more mobile shoppers this and enhance customer convenience features of the mobile app.

30 days Shilla Duty Free announced a month ahead of Golden Week in May, has introduced the new Incheon International Airport Road Store Locator "feature on the mobile app to be smarter shopping season it is also crowded with people leaving the country.

Incheon International Airport Road Store Locator "feature is a navigation service that guides the fastest path to move to a desired destination, such as Incheon International Airport Duty Free customers arriving in India Chapter and brand stores, Desk, boarding gate.

When you sign in to the app can automatically guide you through the India chapter gives you multiple Duty Free Indian chapter you should visit during, cosmetics, perfume, search the categories or individual brand stores such as bags, wallets, sunglasses.

The Shilla Duty Free is the Aegean introduced a notification restocking last year sold goods, a social network service (SNS) in conjunction login, voice search, push notification service, shopping sharing community established mobile Indian chapter daegipyo ticketing and customer care services' Smart App Awards 2016 'it won the general shopping areas in the target.

Shilla Duty Free said, "that if you take advantage of existing" Mobile India Chapter daegipyo 'features and the newly introduced "Incheon International Airport store Directions" service actively Shilla Duty Free customers to be able to have a more relaxing shopping hours from Incheon International Airport expect, "and" said that the future will continue to improve customer convenience services to build a smart tax-free shopping experience. "

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SPC paseukujji 'Cold Brew Launches enjoy at home

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SPC Group today announced the 30th release of the operating authentic Italian coffee shops paseukujji utilize this new Cold Brew juice and three kinds. This time releases a cold Brewer is characterized by a soft, yet retained a deep taste and aroma of the beans to be extracted unique slow at low temperatures, slow roasted coffee beans of the ultra-high pressure method as Italian techniques.

Also showcase 'Cold Brew Americano', put the milk softer 'Cold Brew latte', have fun adding sweetness of acacia honey, eat up the coffee jelly, honey jelly Cold Brew latte 'with Cold Brew.

Paseukujji said, " 'Home Cafe' in line with the trend at home was to launch a Cold Brew juice to enjoy premium coffee" and "more delicious, and offers to buy when drinking guide so that you can enjoy a cold Brewster, ice cream through Facebook beer, etc. Using a special 'Home cafe recipes "will be provided," he said.

On the other hand, it paseukujji proceeds from a variety of promotions to celebrate the happy point app Cold Brew launched. In Happy orders from March 31 to April 9 further presents a Cold Brew bottle bottle at the time of purchase, and in selected directories in the manufacture sale of beverages and package set a time period from March 31 to April 20 .

The three 2500 won the "Cold Brew Americano" from April 10 to 31 January, 11 April until 20 April, Cold Brew, Blackberry tumbler set "and" Cold Brew 3 Input a set of packages, the 7,000 won It can be purchased at a discounted price.

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Eagle, 17SS pictorial showcase ... "Disclose various spring line"

[Moon Suhui financial newspaper reporter Korea] unveiled a pictorial 17SS in outdoor lifestyle brand Eagle French sensibility.

This was a photo shoot in New Zealand, Queenstown are found intact capture the feel of the only Eagle Classic in nature and the city.

Since the signature line in the trench coat to wear Citi can meet a variety of spring line of differentiated concepts and existing outdoor. Bomeo jacket and high lifestyle utilization ilgyocha jacket is suitable for big spring shows more clearly the French sensibilities in this article only.

Signature item trench coat this article are released every year that are evaluated to match the mix in the spring styling approached by one penny from civil dress denim casual feminine lines and a classic design that can not be found in conventional outdoor place to be.

On the other hand, taken in New Zealand this 17SS pictorial and film-making is available through the official website and this article SNS account.

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[Seoul Motor] HMC "Granger hybrid will lower the entry threshold."

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Motor said the new Grandeur (hereinafter Granger) is a hybrid vehicle to lower the entry threshold of hybrid customers.

Hyundai Grandeur Hybrid unveiled at the 30th '2017 Seoul Motor Show press day held at KINTEX, Ilsan. This vehicle is and has a minicar-class fuel economy of 16.2km / L, the price also won the mid to late 3000 (from 13,540 to 39,700,000 won).

Hyundai has assured that the vehicle further break down the barriers to entry in the hybrid. Vice President yigwangguk Hyundai's domestic sales headquarters "today launched Grandeur Hybrid is increased marketability, while eliminating the heterogeneity of the petrol models," said "to apply the new Grandeur Hyundai Smart Sense 'is applied to and expand the trim three degree of customer choice will be widened to lower the entry threshold, "he said.

He added, "Not only should apply battery lifetime warranty in force in ohnik children," said "The completion of the six hybrid powertrain with model releases, we will continue to lead the medium to large market," he added.

Meanwhile, this year revealed expectations about the planned compact SUV market half. The vice president "comes out this summer, Hyundai's first compact SUV" and "want you also get a lot of attention to design and fuel efficiency, safety and compact SUV with a high commercial value," he said.

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"Botha bio ', to total procurement 3.5 billion won fund size ...

And [South Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] success on the KOSDAQ Listed Companies 'Botha bio' financing of a total of 35 billion, was only financed a total of 12 billion won this month.

28 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service Botha Bio has conducted a rights issue targeted at private investors outside '㈜ Star Bridge, through which was to issue new shares of 3.5 billion won worth.

Issue price of the new shares is 1,182 won per share, and the new shares will be listed next month on the 14th. The number of new shares issued this time will give a total of 2,961,076.

Prior Botha Bio, which had conducted a total capital increase of 12 billion won scale only two months. The last 27 days, Co., Ltd. refugees, Sudan has 80 billion rights issue of targets and 'CS World', the last 14 days, 5 billion capital increase was carried out to target individual investors.

Botha official bio says "gotta offering the finish without a hitch had an opportunity to significantly improve the financial structure of the company, he said, adding it is also seeking funding to advance new projects to procure a capital increase.

Meanwhile, Botha Bio is seeking a capital increase targeted at KOSDAQ listed companies 'diemssi', the amount financed capital increase is scheduled for a total of 90 billion won. Cash delivery date is the 27th of next month.

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Lee Ju-yeol "currency manipulator country, but less likely to have boundaries."

"Should not lower the standards to the current trade promotion law is not likely to specify country of currency manipulation station high boundary" [Korea's Choice Financial News News] Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol attended the 30th National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee issues report said.

The governor Lee Ju-yeol recent G20 'was US Treasury Secretary in the G20 emphasized the transparency of the international exchange rate policy "(G20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting related to gyeonggyegam said was slowing down.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Planning and the Ministry of Finance also Ryu Ilho "America has a problem whether to change the exchange rate operation country basis remains" saying, "If the United States is China's only designated as a currency manipulator country concerned can be based on a tomb" he said.

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SKT 'Who', AI inaugurate domestic voice shopping era

Showcasing artificial intelligence devices "Who (NUGU) 'The new functions of the Korea Institute of Finance ohahreum newspaper reporter] SK Telecom. In this regard, whose new features were added such as 30 are available from one shop functions through partnerships △ △ 11 Avenue baseball game alerts service △ △ Today's fortune was upgraded existing services, such as melons △ △ Order Delivery radio.

Especially in connection with the device AI Commerce is the first time in Korea, SK Telecom.

◇ "Let me know 11th Street Recommended Products"

SK Telecom will guide you 'Recommended Reading Week' feelings and 'Today's Deals' from 11th Street to the sound through the 'Who' and unveiled a new service that lets you shop to buy. The service for only "who" did not service the existing channels of 11th Street, including web / app.

This time, the voice shopping 'service launched offers the convenience and discount shopping at the same time. Simply preset the 11th Street account and billing information, words can order a word If a desired product is applied as a discount price.

"Today's Deals" sell five products that 11th Street is recommended. Customers can purchase the recommended product in the 10 to 90 percent discount. Deals are updated daily at midnight, the price is presented to automatically apply the benefits of coupons 11th Street, T membership points card discount held by the customer.

Information such as coupons, membership can be pre-registered and set up in the 11th Street web and apps. Customers can pay in advance by means of a specified payment.

The book is also recommended. "Miss books" are information-based service that guides you through the week bestsellers. Category and to introduce a selection of best-selling stars like 5, it is also possible to purchase immediately.

Add ◇ professional baseball season right game notifications

Ahead of the opening of the domestic professional baseball through the 'Who' added the ability to check the local professional baseball game schedules, results, rankings voice.

Customers "Tinkerbell. Just a baseball game schedule will be asking me know ", it can be guided to the latest information. Also it tells fortune. The customer is provided through the 'Who' fortune horoscope information, in accordance with braids day.

In addition, melon music service was also upgraded some features, such as adding a "Shuffle" and "hashtag" function. A result that reflects the customer's request. If customers continue to listen to the song Bulletproof Boy Scouts, "Tinker Bell. Bulletproof Boy Scouts me full song shuffle, "he will say. Customers latest music as well, and can choose the music genres such as jazz / hip-hop, you can also request your favorite music.

SK Telecom announced last September dwaetdago also greatly improve the time of release through continuous upgrading of artificial intelligence and voice recognition of the 'anyone'. All add-ins are updated automatically, there is no need to update the firmware to the customer separately.

◇ end of the first commercially available to users dialing AI services

SK Telecom commercialized the "functional artificial intelligence service that sends itself to the first signs of human 'in the middle of a worldwide research is in progress. When you come out this new feature, or causes such useful information to our customers, "who" sends a signal that makes sense to the user's mood, such as a flashing yellow. Customers have a voice command of "Tinker Bell, reminders, let me know," anyone "can be heard to say that you want to present.

SK Telecom plans to inform the customer the information they send home my home IoT devices linked to the annual 'Who' and its 'smart home' service.

For example, andago poor indoor air air purifier sends a signal to the "who," "whom" is "Indoor air quality is bad. Can you turn on your air purifier? "Informs the customer first.

SK Telecom will also allow customers to specify the function can be set to receive audio notifications, reminders, interruptions of time, such as through the 'Who' app.

Currently, anyone "can be purchased in stores, such as 11 Avenue, G Market, Timon, T World Direct for online shopping and Hi-Mart, E-Mart, SK Telecom, Korea's major distributors.

"Who (NUGU) 'sales volumes and sales of more than 10,000 January and recently exceeded the 70,000 are gaining popularity. It is high in a single device is a smartphone, smartwatch sales to the next.

SK Telecom gimseonghan whose business division is called "upgraded some useful new features in real life, such as shopping reflect the voice of the customer," said, "AI has proposed to require a person first, we will develop sustainable features that can facilitate communication." He said.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom will showcase the 'H2C (Home to Car)' service to control the car at home in the '2017 Seoul Motor Show, the largest automobile exhibition.

SK Telecom to introduce 'H2C' is SK Telecom's Smart home and car of Internet of Things (IoT), turn linkage platform to △ find car location △ starting with the 'who' at home off △ headlights, taillights, turn off △ temperature settings, etc. It is the service.

In addition, SK Telecom is also planning to introduce 'C2H (Car to Home)' service to control the lighting, temperature and gas appliances in the house from the car after the next 'H2C'.

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