Saturday, February 25, 2017

Eland Park, followed by part-time regular employees also live the king 'unpaid'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] the February salaries of part-time employees who owe the water park Eland in unpaid wages of workers were found to have not paid a significant portion. Park Eland has delivered the 'February salaries delayed payment instructions "to the catering division employees who as CEO last 23 days.

E-Land park is operated by a subsidiary of E-Land and Natural byeolgok Ashley, Kensington hotels and catering and leisure business.

According to the Statement of part-time workers are paid wages chebulaek of Eland Park and New Year Payment molrimyeo example occurred in the financial situation is difficult. In addition, as the company is in the process of using the money to pay half the wages of part-time workers chebulaek salary of full-time employees now been delayed.

Eland Park will pay 100% of the normal salary to match the site to work part-time and contract employees pay day is 25 days. In the case of the manager under field staff, paid on payday, and only 50% of the remaining 50% is due 10 days paid next month. February salaries of headquarters staff are paid 100% in the next month, 10 days.

Kim Hyun - Soo Park Eland representative said "February is the best for normal salary payments, but was difficult to preach the news that some delay salary payments" through the notice said, "I really feel sorry no way inhibit".

In addition, "because important issues that affect the lives of a large staff, but these decisions are supposed to communicate quickly gotta determined by the day I will finally try to do your financial situation normalized, said" the best communication was belatedly "he said.

E-Land park was owed to the fact that the controversy had part-time employees last year whilst 44 360 and does not pay the wages of 8.372 billion won is revealed. Eland Park had paid 30 billion of 83 billion of unpaid wage part-time employees 44 360 people by January 1 will pay the remaining 5.3 billion next month to 31 days.

The E-Land Retail conditions is causing a problem, unpaid wages and social charges, but the wavelength of the park Eland subsidiary of the publicly traded horses preliminary examination last year extended the public review of the Korea Exchange indefinitely. E-Land Retail holds a 85.3% stake in Eland Park.

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A special counsel, Hana Financial Chairman Kim, Jeong - Tai See the Summon

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] special prosecutor Park Young - Soo Kim, Jeong - Tai One team has decided to summon the finance chairman to investigate allegations's aides HR 'defense silse' choesunsil (61 indictment, detention).

A special counsel said it "plans to summon Kim Sun 25 pm for a one banker involved personnel-related charges chamgoin.

A special counsel is planning to investigate whether such a Park Geun-hye, Kim received (job stops) President and indirect personnel favors from Mr. Choi did the one involved in the idealized KEB Bank Global Head of Sales promotion 2.

The general manager is the person who suspected who was the daughter of Choi's refinery in La Pyeongchang land preferential foreign currency loans to people who introduce the shares yujaegyeong Myanmar Ambassador to Mr. Choi.

The Director issued in January last year had returned to Seocho Samsung Town manager after working in Germany, was promoted fast in just a month, two executives of Global Sales Director.

Greetings from solicitation request of President Park Dae Choi anjongbeom time senior policy coordination, jeongchanwoo time through the Finance Committee Vice Chairman (Current Chairman of the Korea Exchange) are emerging doubts dwaetdaneun transfer to one financial group.

Even before the special counsel is not ensured former chief organizer of business promotion personnel reportedly alleged circumstantial bare part of the General Manager.

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Mutual credit cooperatives 'deposits 2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation' release

[Korea Financial News Lee, Dong - Kyu News] Agricultural Mutual Finance (CEO Lee Dae-hoon) is two months greet the year jeongyunyeon 2017 released the "2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation bank" containing the hearts of customers appreciate and from February 24 to April 21 nationwide that poetry sold through Agriculture and Livestock said yesterday.

2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation deposits individuals if anyone can sign up and be free to choose such subscription period and interest payment of the lump sum according to your operational plan, it is possible to sign up as a non-taxable or tax breaks. However, the subscription period is at least 6 months minimum subscription amount is more than 5 million won.

NACF ​​provides a generous prizes Spreading five of the many new Spring event with the launch of the product through a lottery for a total of 2574 people of subscription customers gold goldeuba 10 Money, massage chairs, and kimchi refrigerator, TV, and a total of 100 million won worth.

In particular, customers and communicate and loved to direct the Agriculture and Livestock 'we Discussion praise commented employees' unfolding events through a lottery to participate in providing customers in rural love gift certificates, and non-deposit products (insurance cards, etc.) and the concurrent subscription customers with an event for providing the money one gold, red ginseng products.

Lee Dae-hoon CEO, "" 2017 Deposit Lucky Cow Appreciation 'products are prepared to reward the unwavering love and support of customers, "said," We'll showcase a variety of products developed with customer satisfaction, "he said.

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"Spring Wind solsol ... Luxury hotels, Spring release package quintuplets

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] There are five-star hotel after another basing the spring package jimyeonseo midday temperatures are quite pogeunhae. Sleep, exercise, spa packages and you can relax in the warm sunshine gourmet package including hotel fits that offer outdoor activities that you can fully enjoy the spring are noticeable.

The Westin Chosun Seoul offers a way to welcome spring healthy and energetic through the 'Natural Awakening "package.

Using Dead Sea salt bath, bath salt crystals, containing minerals and 'Heavenly Towel, unwind in a warm shower, and structured so as to regain health healthy Chokeberry drinking and relaxing sleep.

JW Marriott Hotel Seoul is used inbadi measurement service for 15 minutes with a trainer at the Marquis deomal fitness center and can enjoy the "Energy Po Yu 'package and devilish saengttalgi juice and sandwiches that can be proposed for exercises according to the health, vitamins Po Yu launched the "package.

In addition, the Hyatt Regency Jeju, Jeju Citrus Spa Package 'was so full of day-to-day with a refreshing citrus fragrance of blood for 60 minutes.

Stress may blow up American. Lotte Hotel 'Spring Blossom' package in Seoul and offer more fresh seasonal fruit drink in the lounge, the skin was also prepared to gakkul as Estee Lauder anti aging kit.

Grand Sea Hyatt Seoul hotel 'afternoon in the springtime' package includes afternoon tea buffet benefit from the Lounge Cafe Gallery scones, Eccles rare, mille-feuille, waffles, an afternoon leisurely eat served with dessert and tea or coffee, pancakes, etc. You can enjoy.

Outdoors there is a package where you can find well-being and enjoy a picnic in the spring. Sheraton, Songdo and cherry package 'of Incheon Grand Hotel has put together so that you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in Incheon with cherry bentto mulssin feel the mood of spring.

Park Hyatt Busan "Spring Escape" is Sealife Busan Aquarium ₩ 10,000 proposes a breeze walk to the nearest Haeundae hotel offers a discount coupon, 'Spring Blossom package' of Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju enjoy an outdoor picnic and enjoy the spring sunshine It can help provide a DIY picnic box with a bike rental service 2 hours.

After enjoying the spring package at the hotel it can also take home a lush scent of spring. Mayfield Hotel In addition to being able to see the garden full of blooming magnolia yourself, 'Magnolia' package gives customers receive a diffuser containing the Magnolia Hotel Magnolia signature fragrance to make you feel at home, the scent of spring as a gift.

Greenery spring package of the Imperial Palace Seoul hotel gives a cactus or succulent This one contained in the tin case with a gift, the more "Spring Collection" package of Plaza presents the senior florist is directly produced by Herb pots boutique flower brand paper Sturm to provide.

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