Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mutual credit cooperatives 'deposits 2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation' release

[Korea Financial News Lee, Dong - Kyu News] Agricultural Mutual Finance (CEO Lee Dae-hoon) is two months greet the year jeongyunyeon 2017 released the "2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation bank" containing the hearts of customers appreciate and from February 24 to April 21 nationwide that poetry sold through Agriculture and Livestock said yesterday.

2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation deposits individuals if anyone can sign up and be free to choose such subscription period and interest payment of the lump sum according to your operational plan, it is possible to sign up as a non-taxable or tax breaks. However, the subscription period is at least 6 months minimum subscription amount is more than 5 million won.

NACF ​​provides a generous prizes Spreading five of the many new Spring event with the launch of the product through a lottery for a total of 2574 people of subscription customers gold goldeuba 10 Money, massage chairs, and kimchi refrigerator, TV, and a total of 100 million won worth.

In particular, customers and communicate and loved to direct the Agriculture and Livestock 'we Discussion praise commented employees' unfolding events through a lottery to participate in providing customers in rural love gift certificates, and non-deposit products (insurance cards, etc.) and the concurrent subscription customers with an event for providing the money one gold, red ginseng products.

Lee Dae-hoon CEO, "" 2017 Deposit Lucky Cow Appreciation 'products are prepared to reward the unwavering love and support of customers, "said," We'll showcase a variety of products developed with customer satisfaction, "he said.

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