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Korea Yakult, upgrades, reduce per campaign

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] announced on the 13th sikindago Korea Yakult is a step in the campaign "campaign to reduce sugar 'third year as a' quality 'in the' amount 'right development.

Reducing sugars per campaign is the first reduction activities conducted by the Dairy Industry from 2014 in order to be reborn as Korea Yakult is a healthy product.

Korea Yakult is reduced approximately 8,072 tons per its products through a campaign to reduce sugar over the past three years. Converting it into lumps (3g) approximately 2,600,009,000, approximately 1.5 ton truck 5380 amount.

Last month, South Korea Yakult is by introducing a 'premium Yakult Light "and" Light Ace' replace the existing plant-derived sugar into sugar Phase 2 started to reduce per campaign. New sugar content is lowered by half compared to existing.

In addition, H. Will the project "is leading a campaign to reduce sugar products. Launched in 2014, Project Will H. Low Fat "is preparing for the sugar content to put two kinds of oligosaccharides instead of liquid fructose lowers the original calorie 'Will' was reduced about 27%.

Keopiryu launched a "Babinski by Cold Brew" product at all did not put additives, including sugars also released 2016 year is 1 year was about 17 million palrimyeo consumers love.

Korea Yakult official said, "We will give back the love of consumers with healthier products through the oligosaccharide, honey, citrus extracts, such as xylitol research of replacing the existing plant-derived sugars into sugar," he said.

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Hite Jinro, marketing, beer making at minus'

Announced the 13th carried out the [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Hite Jinro Hite beer brand marketing 'Extra Cold'.

Hite Jinro 'fall created from freezing. So it is cooler "is going to change the Extra Cold campaign under the slogan product label design and newly appointed brand models.

The actual method of extra cold Hite finished is carried out in the production process information from aged at sub-zero temperatures of the ice freezing jikeon. This was a clean, cool and maximize the natural flavor of lager fail.

Hite Jinro has changed its product label design designed by crystallization of ice in blue and white.

Brand new model features an image of a stylish male jeokyigodo Daniel Henney. The new TV commercial is scheduled to ride the first wave 21.

Hite Jinro official said, "so that more consumers to experience the beer's natural cool and clean flavors of the evolving Hite has plans to expand to more and more diverse marketing activities this year."

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'Exchange rates, oil prices ↓' export and input prices declined for two months

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] Last month, the won / dollar exchange rate and international oil prices impacts showed that export prices and import prices, down two consecutive months.

According to the Bank of Korea, Export-Import Price Index in March 2017, it published 14th March import price index (2010 = 100, KRW) Preliminary fell 2.0% in February than 81.52. 2 Following the month (-2.1%) fell for two consecutive months.

By gwangsanpum this item was down by 3.7%, including raw materials falls, coal and oil products and chemical products were mainly intermediate goods also fell by 1.7%.

The Bank of Korea analyzed that 'import prices fell by the impact of international oil prices and the won-dollar exchange rate.

Last month, the won / dollar average exchange rate fell 0.9% to 1134.77 won two more months (1144.92 won).

March average price (based on Dubai crude oil) were down 5.9%, also a barrel than in February (US $ 54.39) to $ 51.20 per (bbl).

March seafood import price index rose 6.9% over March last year.

Export price index was also down 1.4% off the same level as in February. The susanpum agriculture, forestry and industrial goods fell by 2.2% and 1.4%, respectively.

The Bank of Korea said, "The won-dollar exchange rate fell among the coal and petroleum products, chemical products fell.

Seafood export price index rose 4.9% over March last year.

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Domestic banks overseas branch profits increased by 15% ... Asian accent

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] last year it showed that 15% of domestic banks' overseas branches to embellish increased 650 million US dollars (about 730 billion won) Net profit compared to the previous year.

According to the 14th FSS announced by domestic banks overseas branches operating performance in 2016, domestic banks' net income beat last year's 650 million US dollars (about 730 billion won) in the 40 countries where 178 overseas branches.

This is a scale that corresponds to the beating can be increased 900 billion won (15%) compared to the previous year (570 million US dollars), 26% of the total net profit of 3 trillion won last year, domestic banks.

FSS is analyzed and "net increase in the influence of special interests on securities, non-interest income and the sale of the building, including foreign exchange derivatives was great.

KEB Hana Bank surged neuleotgo the gains, while Hong Kong office buildings for sale, non-interest income as a bad debt recovery of the Brazilian entered the Bank of 54.8% year-on-year to 720 million US dollars. Interest income totaled to 1.36 billion US dollars, up 6.4 percent from the previous year.

Asian accent was noticeably by region.

40.7 million US dollars (36.3%) from a year earlier in Hong Kong has increased 17.9 million US dollars (31.7%) Net income in Indonesia. In Vietnam, it fell 34.6 percent from a year earlier to 25 million US dollars. The net profit decreased in the United States (17.5 million US dollars), the UK (3.5 million US dollars).

Banks overseas branches last year, total assets of the end of 95,800,004,000 ten thousand US dollars increased by 7.52 billion US dollars (8.5%) from the previous year. In Vietnam, Indonesia, China had decreased, while increased local store assets, the UK and Singapore.

Domestic banks overseas branches has increased by 8 during the year end of last year, 178 pieces.

7 Our bank Philippines and Vietnam subsidiaries, while the 15 stores, including NH NH Myanmar subsidiary, Shinhan Bank, Australia, Myanmar branch of the bank the new Japanese branch of Kookmin Bank and Hana Bank, Shinhan Bank Vietnam branch, such as closed done.

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[Brokerage April brand reputation - 1st Daewoo Securities, Mirae Asset, 2nd KB Securities, NH Investment & Securities 3rd

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] April brokerage brand reputation survey, Daewoo Securities, Mirae Asset No. 1 No. 2 2017 KB Securities 3 above was analyzed by NH Investment and Securities.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute to analyze the 23 brokerage brand of big data for securities brands until April 13, 2017 March 12, 2017 13,488,063 pieces found consumer behavior of brokerage brand consumption. March 2017 Compared to dogs and brokerage brand Big Data 12980923 it rose 3.91%.

Reputation Index for a brand is to divide the activities of big data on consumer participation in the brand values ​​and communication value, social value, market value, financial value. The brokerage brand reputation survey were analyzed with the participation index and the media index, index communication, community index, social index. April brokerage brand new Big Data analysis included a media index.

43 million sales in two years 'CJ CJ Cooked Rice keopban'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CJ is the only home of CJ ganpyeonsik (HMR) This brand Cooked Rice keopban "launched two years grown into a national brand that connects the 'Cooked Rice' back.

According to the 13th April 2015 CJ CJ Cooked Rice keopban The first release was sold more than 23 million have two years to the present.

If the monthly average in terms of sales volume stands at about 1.8 million, as if this trend is expected to surpass 50 million by the end of the year, cumulative sales.

CJ CJ has evaluated the success factors that half cup of Cooked Rice "quality competitiveness" beyond the limits of traditional ganpyeonsik.

CJ CJ has conducted a variety of research and development from raw materials and taste, container types and recipes from the product planning stage. Also part of the idea, unfortunately for existing hybrid rice family through consumer surveys have identified the fact that "a disappointment for the taste and quality of the contents, including rice.

This to reflect the same consumer needs, making ganpyeonsik containing Cooked Rice held the highest level of anorexic and if the cooking time of less than four minutes in the microwave based products that can solve your meal without any side dishes showcase the taste and convenience it is evaluated that the hit was all secured.

Showcase the new products constantly since it was introduced consumers to fruition through other hand, actress Park ad a sword appeared to be able to experience the variety of the menu 'Cooked Rice keopban is the meal of the day to make Cooked Rice' has emphasized the message.

Cooked Rice keopban has sold a total of 15 paper, including current and gukbapryu deopbapryu, refrigerated products. There followed, three kinds of new products are scheduled for release this month 17 yukgaejang soup "and" red pepper paste sixth bowl ',' buldal Bowl 'to be introduced to the two new month has continued to expand the family.

CJ CJ plans to increase sales of 100 billion won in the future, hypermarkets and variety through expanded distribution channels for more demand-half cup Cooked Rice, Cooked Rice, and this year keopban outside a convenience store. In particular, domestic as well as the US, UK, Australia and other countries of the local Korean market and ethnic food markets have also gradually appear and are expected to collect new Korean food products.

Jeong Youngcheol CJ CJ HMR Marketing Director said, "The success Cooked Rice cup half will be the case proved that the move to the 'delicious convenient products' under the 'Product Eating Easily' of ganpyeonsik market paradigm," "Cooked Rice is synonymous with instant rice as if, he said Cooked Rice keopban will be focused on taking place synonymous with ganpyeonsik ".

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Incredible, educational content companies TSTC sports Crowdfunding

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] invested crowdfunding platform Inc., began its Baby & Child in the last 13 days of crowdfunding target sports training content company, TSTC in sports funding platform said that 14 days. TSTC Sports is a company that developed the Baby & Child fusion target sports training content and the parish, led by Kim Youngmi representatives who have worked as a sports training professionals for 25 years.

TSTC sport has it sold the convergence of educational content and teaching tools developed for the physical development and creative enhancement of Baby & Child since its establishment in October 2013, full-scale embark on an education program starting from this crowdfunding franchise business to be advertised in the national plans.

Crowdfunding TSTC of this sport takes place in increments of about one month, anyone can participate in investing in microfinance.

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Jin Air, Jetstar and expand interline sales routes

In cooperation with the [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] Jin Air is Jetstar Group after the March sell interline routes linking Vietnam domestic flights.

Following the last 3 Incheon to Osaka - it started selling from February Cairns, Cairns - Incheon-Narita, Narita-Incheon to Gold Coast route, which will expand sales routes interline connections available at this time to domestic routes in Vietnam.

Jin Air has interline routes are Incheon to Hanoi - Da Nang, Da Nang - Incheon to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang - Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City - Incheon, Busan-Da Nang - Hanoi, with a total of five routes Busan to expand at this time. Interline tickets are sold through travel agents and domestic Jin Air call center.

As a result, customers are able to use the binary air to Hanoi, we boarded a jet after arriving in Da Nang, Vietnam Star Group of domestic connecting flights on schedule Hanoi, Da Nang, as well as Ho Chi Minh City.

Jin Air said, "Jetstar Group, as well as Ireland and the air is also scheduled to begin in the first half of interline sales" and added, "We continued to expand interline routes will strive to build a diverse route network, increase customer convenience."

Jetstar Group (Jetstar, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Pacific) has flights to more than 180 routes in 17 countries as one of the LCC group that holds the Asia-Pacific region's largest LCC network.

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Ford, Mitsubishi Vehicles 1000 University Recall

The recall was [standing financial newspaper hyomun Korea News] A passenger car sales revenue in 1000 Womans Ford Sales Service Korea, Mitsubishi Motors. Ministry of Transportation announced that it carried out 14 days produced a defect is found, recalled the relevant vehicle.

Ford Mondeo passenger car sales have imported and sold in Korea is because the service is not a Yun Hwalyu is applied to an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve was found in the possibility to reduce the engine output if the valve is stuck. Recall is a many-to-many 995 Mondeo passenger car production from 21 January 2015 until September 2015, 15 days. That car owners can receive a free repair service in Korea Ford Sales Service Center from the 15th.

Pajero imported and sold in Mitsubishi Motors passenger car was found the possibility of metal debris in the inner parts caused by excessive explosion pressure upon airbag deployment ride magnet due to the collision of injury to the occupants. Recall can be repaired free of charge from the Mitsubishi Motors service center from November 18, 2008. As of December the Pajero passenger car production up to 11 to 21, 2009 that car owners from the 15th.

Land unit 'Collect production defect information of the vehicle in order to ensure the security of citizens from defects in the car. Operates an automobile recalls Center for Analysis' if saying, "When you enter the license plate number on the homepage recall of its vehicles by constantly ever and you can check the specific production flaw 'he explained.

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Overview Green Sample houses to Hanwha, Gwanggyo Convention dreams

(Choegwangho Representative) Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Hanwha finally sets out on the Green in Gwanggyo Convention dream 'pre-sale.

Hanwha is open for 14 days, the only sample of houses located in the new town Gwanggyo key position.

Gwanggyo Green Convention is creating dreams right in front of the park, in the popular Lake Gwanggyo Gwanggyo new city has attracted attention as a residential facility that can be enjoyed by department stores, hotels and convention centers.

This is just a composition in Suwon Convention Center support site facilities stepping up to 5 floors underground and 47 above ground floor in a complex, three buildings with a total area of ​​only 84 ~ 175㎡ 759 household size.

The pre-sale has no regional restrictions, without the need for a subscription account. Group for application fee is 100 manwon one person is possible up to 4 results offer. Hanwha will receive an offer from 17 to 18 sample houses yangilgan day, the 19th winner announced, 21 to 22 policies proceed with the agreement.

Only those can only enjoy one-stop within the complex consists of a complex including commercial facilities such as the Galleria department store, aquarium, hotel, etc. In addition to rich development positives, such as economic convergence Town (2020) and the legal Gwanggyo Town (March 2019) is also high future value.

Gangjinhyeok Hanwha pre-sale warden explained that "the Convention Gwanggyo Green Dreams complex core positioned to benefit from the convenience and future value of Gwanggyo new city."

Gwanggyo Green Sample houses to showcase the Convention dream yiuidong Yeongtong-gu Suwon 1348-4 Street (opposite the school Gwanggyo). Occupancy is scheduled for October 2020.

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[Photo] LG Purifying Care 360 ​​air purifier, "clean booster 'Popular

Due to the [South Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] fine dust impacts of, LG Purifying Care 360 ​​° air purifier, which expanded domestic air purifier market has led to a new trend to 'clean booster' that sent the clean air farther .

More than half of this year, LG air purifier sales product is equipped with a "clean booster. Consumers can look at a 360 ° air cleaner LG's Purifying Care in the 14th LG Best Shop Jiangxi headquarters.

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The Asian financial crisis 20 years, let alone the 4th Industrial Revolution

[Korea Jeong Huiyun financial newspaper reporter] The 2017 deonga any hazard. The remaining 1,997 into a nightmare for most people the last time this year inde financial crisis 20 years standing again at the crossroads of crisis and opportunity.

Magnificent stately Nha frivolous only Sonya, no meaning. Yinya shareholders central stakeholders yinya central argument also seems to be an old paradigm.

Let 's put out the times so that large companies can hardly put back equipped with a platform, as well as start-ups and medium-write freely to SMEs. So it came to increase the revenue synergies 'open innovation' paradigm. Merger acquisition of attractive companies willing to compete if the element itself lacks necessary or not vigorously bought the technology himself, it is also the world's best companies. It had last year, some lawmakers have opened a seminar on "How to stop small cut technology conglomerates' Subject remember. Still, while some large enterprises leading global company that is proud to be self-giving market price (not the right price) is due to a case of mobilizing the immoral ways.

But one which befits the complementary core competencies to future demand. Whether by switching the direction of the core business shareholders, as well stoked the internal members and difficult to succeed without empathy era of internal and external stakeholders will turn into something surprisingly therefore reasonable thinking and perspectives, and styles.

Financial crisis, the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Korea Co., Ltd. The remaining seven months is not even a breath to hide the fact that there is no ability to let go even properly respond to the issues at hand, let alone hagineun 4th Industrial Revolution. Even the shipbuilding industry career set the days remaining to the one who carried away saying the world's largest woohwan passed away whether tough situation.

In national taxpayers' money is guaranteed Dunn Lee Donggeol Development Bank president was not to miss matchwot the outside, but deceived. Do not like there is no financial commitment, the government is taking a bond money lenders put taxpayer money, but trend-led government had traveled pulled the creditors, including the acid DSME management condition worsened again did not stop at all. Once again it provided inside the additional funding notgodo eda voluntary agreements and work out ways to go before facing the 'P Plan "dwaetdaneun mixed to court advantage.

One coming from, follow the ilgam fill the deficit is geuphande therefore always impossible to predict turns in the turnaround repay the debt is too obvious.

The aging vessel replacement cycle is approaching the international oil prices have come jyeoteuni is too vague optimism from the ship will be ordered to resume. If the global shipbuilding industry as a trilateral Kingdoms panse nor no imminent ilgam only domestic shipbuilders. Which company is not so long ago it was abandoned before the domestic production base overseas. In China, one stop over-investment continue to prune is a strong dark horse line garomakah well as the future direction of low-cost orders.

Even if the hand value and the orders started to unwind using the below-cost tenders because of our shipbuilders are geupbakham the right is not easy, but I gather that the experts did work. Orders to leave, even frivolous margin seems much be opaque.

So it applied 10 years ago and spent a lot of money for a whopping 6.3 trillion won in 2008 with no difference trying to take over the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seungyeon decision was 3IP at the last minute is how great takgyeon?

And being 'molchwi' big money or the sale price of 315 billion won 5% of the banking industry suffered because choya last minute to give up, but this situation was to get some return in accordance with the Supreme Court.

Hanwha Group recently met an official claimed that "at that time did not take our mountain (Hanwha side) request to relax the conditions gun was look back misjudgment."

If the proceeds from the sale took her shaved give any money to the ref it will be much healed. Whether jieonjeong surface disposal gains are not accounted gender recover the money that was tied to Daewoo Shipbuilding and ttetda hand side of the road and the thorns walking already a few years will not have to touch the edge.

In fortunate position Hanwha days left clean by isolating the obvious possession of the M & A failures rather be the big ruins.

Criticism parachute executives and dark that rely on connections rather than ability that has led to one creditor monitoring of the global shipbuilding crisis is leading to the sinking of one dugodugo in history.

Why is President Kim Seungyeon abandoned Daewoo Shipbuilding argument was simple. This is because the global financial crisis thundercloud Cali party was ppaeryeo the financial investors have to. Crisis puts pushed come knowing what the starting line in a bunch obvious situation that seemed an appropriate level of flexibility not to insist marked down for the hat would win a large M & A process even count all the results are also good.

So now upside down domestic creditor banks leads to the question whether the bear had gone properly hold the orientation in the process of restructuring the shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding as well as if you are missing a large restructuring insolvent but only dragged time without performance is never less. Hanjin also evaluated the restructuring that is repeated jwachungwoodol ultimately failed predominates.

This does nothing to put deumjik future grow growing beondeut the three power industry. Am lost decade, leftist governments taryeong or nine years was our industrial competitiveness has continued to retreat. Corporate restructuring and beyond the associated field "to interfere routinely issue" even became rather gwanchi financial enhanced immunogenicity enough to come out. Besides the fact that harm the civilian corporate management autonomy does reveal is that it is the country's industrial policy yen while the president is impeached?

Others are there to speed up the vision is now a reality as long as you do not see well can not go ahead jeomanchi'd caught the 4th Industrial Revolution initiative. The Republic of Korea is one wonder what the last 20 years? Social polarization, internal reserves, suitable for small industries, noble union. It is obvious that govern society inde 20th century mindset when you open the discussion again unfold or what tense workshop "second connection" They will never be opened, and the 'infinite di jeoteol world "and a smooth convergence can be achieved, why?

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It signed a comprehensive business agreement for our bank, business news tape - for land trust

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] for land trusts announced on the 14th signed a comprehensive business agreement for a Successful Business News Tay in the past 13 days, Jung-gu, Seoul, Woori Bank headquarters with our bank.

This agreement is a stable middle class rental housing corporate housing purposes (news Tei) in the project, which means I will be the financial services throughout the entire project period and the land trust with our banks.

For land trusts they are now are in charge of 17 business asset management nearly half of the national 35 news tape business, our bank has been selected as Housing and Urban Fund (formerly the National Housing Fund) secretary custodian since 2008. Housing and Urban Fund coming after a business.

Thus, the two companies that contribute to the populace stable housing promised an organic cooperation regarding the new trend news tape business of the middle class residential culture carriers being fed a steady business capital, news Tay subunyangja was able to take advantage of the convenient financial services .

In addition, our bank is planning to increase the maturity of the business by providing banking services through a customized pump for interim virtual account management and trading inventory transfer services, providing tenants with rent expenses, account management business news table.

Day, land trusts, CEO of bakseongpyo "We think that you can contribute through the agreement with the bank significantly to our joint development of the middle class and the country stable housing," he said.

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NH Agricultural Bank Corporate Mentoring 'You Can Start "scholarship for rural delivery

14 hayeotdago passing [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] NH Agricultural Bank of Agriculture pin dalramyeo written tech hacker t prize money in rural areas, human resource development scholarship (CEO Lee Gyeongseop) In the Agricultural Foundation, located in mentoring entrepreneurs You Can Start (CEO gimtaeung) and Yeouido one said.

'I Can Start' is a crowd-funding round, and after the start-up mentoring pins NH enterprise tech innovation center is based on the specialized planning to prepare the agricultural sector and the agri-food value-added services.

In addition, the development of the 'farming school, a crowdfunding service provided to compensate for the experience (experience) in the' NH-KISA Agriculture pin-tech hacker t 'and the last on March 25, held in the Agricultural Bank and the Korea Internet & Security Agency Enterprises Prize It was occupied.

Gimtaeung You Can Start representative "Agriculture pin Tech receiving honors from hackers t has received a variety of business support to move to NH-pin Tech Innovation Center" and "The Company and the NACF itgie common that coexistence and rural hacker t prize money in rural areas Talent was donated to foster scholarship, "he said.

Yichanggi Agricultural Bank of pin-Tech Division said, "Agricultural Bank of NH-pin foster pin-tech start-up in tech innovation center, NH API development, and fostering a pin-tech industry through such testing convergence of ideas, such as agriculture pin Tech one step further and the excavations "and" said it would continue to support excavations in the Agriculture pin-tech start-ups bring innovative technologies in agriculture, like you can start ".

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NH Agricultural Bank - Mapo-gu Office, Spring Flower Planting Volunteer

Conduct [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Banking Support Center (Center Chapter Park Unmok) is Mapo Agency (Mayor bakhongseop) with spring flowers and planting volunteer citizens hongjecheon trails announced on the 14th.

The volunteer work was carried out at the level of pan-NH-dimensional flowers consuming exercise and social contribution activities intended to empower the flower farms fell into anxiety, etc. recession, paeraengyi Caryophyllaceae a softening, demonstration reportage Seca, including Spring Flower 1000 shares It was planted.

And Agricultural Bank official said, "NACF has a slogan of" happy and enjoyable workplace that with Flowers "is engaged in 1T1F (1Table 1Flower) campaign for floriculture consumer base expansion," said, "I will write power for increased flower farm income" said.

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Shilla Duty Free Internet Duty Free Mall Japan Open

Launched 14 days [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Duty Free is a website and mobile app, The Shilla Duty Free Japanese Internet mall. Shilla Duty Free has launched a Japanese shopping mall to increase the convenience of Japanese tourists visiting Korea.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization statistics can visit Japanese tourists in 2016 grew 25% compared to the previous year, increased by 13% last year motivated each year in January and February and 28%.

Japanese mall was introduced, including various SERVICES 'SNS simple subscription system "and" Sold Out Newly notification. If the SNS system easy to join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest in addition to adding the messenger 'line' Account popular in Japan, raised in Japan customized comfort.

Shilla Duty Free Japanese Internet Mall is also conducted various events, invite friends Events 'and' open events celebrating "until April 30, come to celebrate the new opening.

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KT, strengthening infant homes membership benefits

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT is preparing to assume the right to spring outing with the kids and signed Pororo Park, Aqua Planet and the new partnership announced on the 14th from the 17th enhance membership benefits.

Meanwhile, KT has provided the best benefits at the theme park Everland, such as frequently visited as a family membership alone carrier discounts, Lotte Double Discount 70% membership discount.

In addition, KT introduced a custom membership benefits for infant furniture. It signed the "Pororo Park" in partnership with the first carrier receiving a lot of love for the children at home and abroad to provide admission discounts from 17 days.

KT Membership customers, anyone can get your entry fee includes a 30% discount up to a maximum of 4 All Season Park in the country.

This partnership Ole tv right in proceeds Pororo the paid content discounts. From 17 days 'Pororo and his friends' offers content from two weeks Ole tv can enjoy a 50% discount.

Also spotlighted as infant furniture from the 17th place outing included in your 4 "Aqua Planet" stores nationwide from 15% to 4 (Yeosu points to 10%) you can purchase tickets at discounted prices. In particular, the Open Memorial 30% discount events are taking place until 31 May and 63 points in Ilsan.

In addition, KT shall proceed to the "Infant Books Double Deal Events with Interpark Book by May 31. Membership provides discounts of up to 20% on selected infants and parenting books.

Also, it presented to 50 people a chance to win the "Indian Tippi tent, giving the child in April items" haul-free, a free application benefits of membership KT create your own space. 4 Double Discount in May cultural benefits Pixar Animation 30th Anniversary Special 50% discount (50% discount for tickets Monday, General admission ticket 4,000 won discount) 1 year membership is also being conducted.

KT wired Division wireless service personnel imchaehwan Managing Director "Since the beginning of 2017 after having strengthened Schools Alumni Award 'graduation Point offers and one-person households increased' own writing membership, according to this month for families with children, children was ready to benefit "and" We will provide a custom membership benefits for a wide range of customers, "he said.

More information about 'KT membership' is ole com or can be found through the 'KT Membership App, "If you're on a six products of KT (mobile, internet, IPTV, WiBro, internet phone, home phone) KT Membership subscription this is possible.

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Home mobilization agreement food, catering franchises 3000000000 ingredients supplier

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Mobilization Home Food has signed an agreement at the 14th Group headquarters on the catering franchise, "Ikoma Le Korea, '' Shin-stitcher Andy 'supplies and ingredients at the same time.

Mobilization Home Foods is the nation that Ico Le Korea Through this business agreement operating 'and Cine curry "more than 30 stores and the new stitcher Andy operations" Shinya tenya "4 supplies the ingredients for an annual total of KRW 30 billion in store for It is.

And Cine Curry has established its own manufacturing products for the first time in four years after opening, thanks to an annual average of 70% revenue growth in 2012 with Curry specializes in catering franchise factories and distribution centers. Another store is expected to increase by 50 Shop this year.

Shinya tenya is mainly focused menu, including shrimp and eel rice bowl with rice Japanese traditional brands known to have a high popularity in the university.

Home mobilize food official said that "the future, maintain a promising new franchise and ongoing partnerships and plans quickly and safely supplying the ingredients."

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KB Kookmin Bank - for judicial scrivener associations, foreign investment business agreement

Announced that it has signed an agreement for the judicial scrivener association and foreign direct investment (FDI) in the activation of the head office is located in Myeong-dong - South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) over the past 13 days, Jung-gu, Seoul Namdaemunno.

Wednesday, the two companies signing ceremony was attended by employees, including judicial scrivener association furnace availability and KB Kookmin Bank president Kim Namil SME banking group representatives.

Through this business agreement, and the two companies jointly provide professional legal and financial advice related to domestic investment by foreign investors, will promote foreign investment also enabled with improved services proceeded with mutual training and workshops.

KB Kookmin Bank official said, "We expect that by building a collaborative model that combines legal and financial services geumbeon MOU will contribute to the expansion of domestic investment to attract foreign companies."

Meanwhile, KB Kookmin Bank operates a dedicated team and headquarters in Gangnam foreign investment material support for foreign direct investment support, judicial scrivener Association is a membership total of 6,663 patients agent.

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Four companies including Samyang Optics, brother Dean Futures, KOSDAQ pass listed preliminary examination

Announced that the 14th passing through the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] through the committee are listed in the last 13 days the Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Market Division Samyang Optics and Futures brother Dean, Phil optics, behold tial four companies, including the KOSDAQ preliminary examination.

Samyang Optics year sales and net profit for the cameras with interchangeable lens manufacturers posted a 62.8 billion won and 160 billion, respectively. Sponsor is only going 16700-2 issued will share with MAS treatment was planned at 600 won.

Future seuneun brother Dean was achieved last year, and net sales of 56.7 billion won to 9.1 billion won a cosmetics manufacturer established in 2000. Sponsor is the line going from 26,000 to 30,000 won per share, will issue a single financial investment.

Phil Optics is a producer of laser application equipment, it has achieved sales of 177.2 billion won last year, and net profit to 14.8 billion won. Sponsor is 18,000 won 41000-4 going issued will share with Shinhan Investment.

See the tial revenue last year was 38.4 billion won and net profit came in at 7.4 billion won. Instead of a securities underwriter and 14,300 won 12500-1 going issued will share.

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FKI conducted voluntary retirement ... 4 Group withdrew aftermath

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below), Samsung, Hyundai · SK · LG Group, including 'four groups' budgets with a sharp drop in the aftermath of withdrawal, carried out a voluntary retirement for labor cost reductions. The FKI conducted a voluntary retirement is only 14 years since 2003.

FKI announced a voluntary retirement to 180 employees belonging to target more than 13 days the Federation of Korean Industries and Korea Economic Research Institute. The aftermath of last November choesunsil gate occurs, Mir, is criticized for K Sports FKI who performed a decisive role in the Foundation 'ring of adhesion scene "raised major member companies to leave. Four groups have been yours for more than 70% of the FKI dues.

Accordingly, the restructuring of the Federation of Korean Industries was the day prior notice. FKI has already been poured out hanba not help it themselves. Last month, 24 days 'announcement innovation not' in place gwontaesin FKI full-time vice president of the Organization downsizing of FKI according to innovate not presentation erase the feeling provided as a principal member to withdraw, as well as the will of the Federation of Korean Samsung and Hyundai · SK · LG Group no ', saying' it said, and the opportunity to dwaeteumyeon members are coming back to this innovation not announced 'bar.

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[Photo News] Ryu right party presidential candidate, standing in for lecture on

BHS right party presidential candidate [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is doing a lecture at 14 am Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The lecture took place at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce.

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PE Kiwoom May ... Opening Capital largest

Should start operating next month [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] private equity fund management company Kiwoom PE (private equity) are Kiwoom made. The initial capital of 50 billion won to be the largest among domestic private equity fund management company.

14 days, according to the financial investment industry known to be applied during the financial authorities twenty-two months for private equity fund managers in the investment approval Kiwoom. Kiwoom was originally had planned to apply for approval in late February filed late last month in internal affairs.

According to Kiwoom is currently Kiwoom PE is preparing for next month, sales staff to show scale. It is a force of 6-7 levels including representative. The main business is private equity fund management participation as the main point of a sale after the company acquired management control, structural improvements.

The initial capital of 50 billion won Kiwoom PE is the size. Double Kiwoom is investing 20 billion won and 30 billion won will be invested in the remaining subsidiaries, including future technologies, Korea Information Certification.

This is the highest level of capital size of private equity fund managers that are currently registered. The size of the private equity fund management company Capital No. 1 is about 365 billion won to stick Investments.

Kiwoom official said, "it's based on the size of the industry-leading capital strengthening Kiwoom, asset management, venture capital companies, savings banks and investment links between affiliates to raise her investment into a new growth engine.

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Cacao, AI research to enable "machine learning camp Jeju 2017" held

Hold the [South Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Cacao is a tensor flow (TensorFlow) in Jeju Island from July 3 to 28 comes with Korea user group for artificial intelligence (AI) technology enabled 'machine learning camp Jeju 2017. Participants will be recruited through April 20th.

"Machine learning camp Jeju 'is abroad students / general public in the exercise of the cacao and the tensor flow Korea user meetings conducted with cacao Brain, Google, Cheju Island, Cheju National University, Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center, interested in artificial intelligence (AI) this is the destination.

As the keynote speaker at the camp at New York University (NYU) jogyeonghyeon Professor, University of Michigan (MU) Yi Hong lock Professor, Google senior fellow Jeff Dean (Jeff Dean), the participation date, including Google Tensor workflow technology responsible rajat monga (Rajat Monga) AI It is hosting a lecture on technology.

During the period of the camp participants and mentors only proceed with the study was composed of well-known domestic and foreign researchers, including Kim Namju research part of the brain responsible cocoa and Hong Kong Science and Technology (HKUST) Kim Seonghun professor.

Who wish to participate in the "machine learning camp Jeju 2017" can apply at the official site of the camp. The final selection of participants are 20 persons camp in one month, Cheju National University and cacao headquarters and is developing a machine learning program your own from start to finish using a tensor flow with the deep learning / machine learning expert.

Support for living expenses, airfare, accommodation and a 3 million won worth including Google Cloud ticket can also be accepted. It can support, regardless of nationality, gender or age, but plans to preferential treatment for basic understanding and experience of the applicant in this study tensor flow, deep learning.

Cacao Brain Kim Namju Research Executive, said "the participants working on a project with national and international-class machine learning experts and will be able to gain a foothold to grow to machine learning experts," "cocoa Brain 'pursuit of open cooperation and contribute to AI development the 'future plans are to expand the range of activities for the goal, "he said.

Cacao is scheduled to be held in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology dissemination camp regularly at Jeju every year starting this year for research active.

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KB Securities, Spring new non-face-to-face account opening event

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Securities Liiv Mate comes to join the non-face-to-face account opening new events to target customers from 17 days' to KB Securities with Spring! " That conducted the said 14 days.

This event comes and goes to a customer destination to join the 'Liiv Mate' of KB Financial Group Membership integrated platform, ranging from 17 days to 30 days.

KB Securities 'Liiv Mate' subscription customers of non-face-to-face account opening service dedicated mobile application 'Start able' or face non-through KB securities and newly opened your bank account using debit cards over one million, or a non-face-to-face SEC new open an account and pay for each 5,000 points when buying more than 100,000 won re-fund. In addition, customers celebrated a birthday during the event who will pay twice the points re.

Bakganghyeon Support Division is called "Liiv Mate is KB to finance the group's integrated mobile platform, more and more customers KB Securities, as well as KB Financial Group will continue to conduct a new event so enjoy a variety of financial services and benefits of the affiliate" said.

For more information related to the event be confirmed or call us at KB KB securities securities.

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6 Mutual Aid Association, signed two pension funds, welfare facilities joint use agreement

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea 6 Mutual Aid Association (Police Mutual Aid Association, S & T Mutual Aid Association, the Military Mutual Aid Association, for Fire Mutual Aid Association, for local administration Mutual Aid Association) and two pension funds (Government Employees Pension Corporation, Teachers Pension including Korea faculty Mutual Aid Association ) it has signed in the last 13 days the-K Hotel 'direct welfare agreement on the joint use "in Seoul.

The purpose of pension deductions, the Council signed an agreement on this is to promote the development of welfare services operating through mutual co-use of each member directly operated social services and provide wider benefits to its members.

, Pension deductions Council signed last year on August 19 after having signed the 'Member bereavement direct welfare of Intent on joint use "stated the specific benefits information, more time agreement. Each members have made a detailed action plan is possible to use a direct welfare of the joint as possible within a range that does not infringe on a wide range of service operations.

Korea faculty Mutual Aid Association has decided to offer businesses an affiliate The-K Hotel Seoul · Race · · Mt Seorak, Jeju City Room available from 40 to 50 percent discount. This can only get food discounts and sauna discount for each hotel.

Mutual Aid Association and other pension funds also will offer various discounts to retain welfare facilities, such as hotels and resorts. Police Mutual Aid Association Paul A. resort, Police Hospital mortuary, yirum Wedding Convention, haneulchae restaurants, Government Employees Pension Corporation's Cheonan Evergreen Resort & Suanbo Evergreen Hotel, Fire Mutual Aid Association for the discount on Daecheon par Lev Hotel, for Local Administration Mutual Aid Association is the hotel Inter City providing benefits has to.

Mutual Aid Association Chairman, Korea munyongrin staff was able to provide a more diverse social services to each member institution "Through this agreement signed. Look forward to other organizations welfare services hwalbalhae the members of each organization, and I hope it will be even higher member satisfaction through, "he said.

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Oil hits Securities, promulgated PIB Center prestigious universities in China studying and asset management seminar '

Hold the [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Oil hits Securities promulgated PIB center comes 18 days 10:30 child's education and in connection with asset management, Chinese top universities abroad and asset management 'lecture at the point in the distribution piece apartment near the .

The lecture will be delivered on the status and vision of Chinese studying abroad through the successful introduction of China's work force practices prestigious international students, including country's largest Chinese training institutions' Hansol Education to study abroad China Center at Peking University, Tsinghua University. And after oil hit choehyeonjae Securities Global Investment Information Center Zhang expected the Chinese market in recent years show a positive flow and provide future investment strategies.

Oil hits Securities gwondonghun distribution center PIB chapter "Global Lecture 2 Nestled China's economic growth, China's Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc. in conjunction with the worldwide also climbed the ranks of prestigious universities. Study in China is, "said," condition, which is nestled required is not already selected, middle, and children will all be able to get good information about the vision and the Chinese prestigious school preparation for study in China, regardless of age, "he said .

Interested investors can apply first-come, first-served basis, there is no participation fee. Attendees who presents a souvenir. Applications and other details will contact you as oil hits Securities PIB distribution center.

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Nice Sinpyeong, SK Shipping new negative credit rating A- rating

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Nuys credit rating has announced a long-term credit rating assessment, and clear division of surviving company, SK Maritime long-term credit rating over the past 13 days SK Shipping (split the new company) to A- (negative).

Nice Sinpyeong side explained that granted the credit rating based on the creditworthiness of the new company for the receivables transferred as a new corporate bonds in April to split a split bulb SK Shipping issued the first days to divide the company. Nice Sinpyeong short-term credit rating of SK Shipping has a new rating A2-.

Gwak Nogyeong Nice Sinpyeong companies evaluate implementation "SK Shipping has conducted a spin-off as of April 1, surviving company and split the new company the company, before the cumulative losses, including last year's loss (last separate criteria 465.5 billion won) integral to surviving company "he said.

When Kwak implementation will consider that, "according to Lim will take place the 222 billion won capital increase of scale for the company in April a separate reference financial indicators are expected to improve," he said, "but stopped miracle is also expected to expand the ship investment loans in order to improve the actual financial structure with a heavy debt burden is expected to lead the fund explained that the situation needed improvement changchulryeok through securing stable earnings structure. "

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Gold tuhyeop, training for analysts 'analysts' course offerings

"Analysts can cultivate the basic knowledge and analysis of practical skills of [Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Korea Financial Investment Association (Chairman hwangyounggi) The survey analyzed staff Financial Investment Institute (analysts, analyst) to qualify establish a "process from May 26 to receive enrollment until May 10 to come.

"Analysts' course is to acquire the financial investment companies analysts personnel (RA), including the best targets. Through the practical core expertise lectures by senior analyst instructor financial investment analysis practices, and data application techniques applied directly to the financial investment analysis a number of training.

The curriculum has been structured to understand the in-depth analysis and evaluation methods for financial investments. Enterprise value to learning the core skills, data mining process, such as through the program take advantage of such earnings forecast fiscal and revenue model practice, students the activities are expected to be just as after the completion of the research and strengthen competitiveness analysts.

Training period from May 26 to July 1, a total of 8 days 32 hours and is held in Yeouido financial investment in Education Day 2 (Friday • Saturday). Enrollment and other details can be found in the Financial Investment Education Institute.

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Samsung Card, hold 'holgabun Festival

It announced on the 14th that the [financial newspaper gimseunghan Korea News] Samsung Card is a 'holgabun Festival of Urban Picnic concert proceeds to the 37th concert of the "Samsung Card Select.

Samsung Card The Festival is this is the third time the first start in May 2015.

Festival is a picnic type concert with performances and enjoy a variety of domestic famous street artists.

Events planned include a national representative musicians GOD, Kim Yeonwoo, K., Airlie, bolppalgan they produce, such as puberty stage.

Before show start at Digital Square, where you can experience digital goods and services, Samsung Card's event is also in progress.

Venue during the May 7 will be held Sunday at 4 pm at the Jamsil Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium Booking is possible through the Samsung Culture Card website. Also it provides 1 get 1 free on Samsung Card Ticketing tickets.

Samsung Card's officials an opportunity to "have evolved as a chapter in the emotional pragmatism holgabun festival that would shake the holgabun all the daily worries, saying," This year, to experience a variety of digital products and services of Samsung Card It said it plans to show the audience one step further with the completion of the growing digital utility '.

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Wadi's living beer crowd funding to achieve more than 150%

Achieved [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] life with beer crowdfunding is more than 150% of the target's conducted in Wadi.

Life with beer side said that the results achieved to renew the 150% increase since even had yirwot performance to achieve 100% funding in the 10,014 days open 20 hours.

Life Beer said, "has a nationwide 76 stores, and homemade beer is a franchise first brand up, closed down rate of 0%, yield 36%, will have an online IR data presented in such life with beer soft 122% growing appeal to investors the same, "he explained.

In addition, living beer shareholders only prepay available for 10% of the maximum 15% investment to the initial investment of 20 names and over 1 million won investment in this project can be assigned revenue in accordance with the sales of Busan seomyeonjeom in 79 stores nationwide cards were also provided.

Life Beer imsangjin representatives "recently in homemade beer has been focused company has more than 70 stores nationwide life with beer would be given to investors who agree to that progress, local homemade beer Revival Project with the local Brewery 5 places in Busan the same, "he said.

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Schroders Emerging fund 1 year 20.94% rate of return ... Foreign stocks mixed No. 1

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Schroder Investment Management shall record the 'Schroders Emerging Winners Fund is 20.94% one year return of investments focused on promising shares in the key emerging market countries, and the highest rate of return among the industry's foreign stocks mixed funds said that 14 days.

According to the Korea Fund Ratings recorded Schroders Emerging Fund Winners (13, Class A standards) No. 1 of one year rate of return is 9.12% point precedes the industry in foreign stocks mixed fund with 20.94 percent of the 11.82 percent average rate of return than the type. Since the beginning of the year, respectively six months yield 8.64%, and continues a steady rate of return to 6.41%.

Schroders Emerging Winners funds is the core of the operating point to be invested to screening a number of emerging countries among the most promising is a good six or seven key countries apart from the other funds. In addition, the Fund may also possess characteristics that can expand the strategy to appropriately utilize the cash portion of the fund volatility management.

When the stock market is expected to not be as favorable it is possible to cope with utilizing it. Available funds are invested in cash and bonds accounted for 40% of the portfolio kkajida.

Kim Youngsu Schroder Investment Management general manager, "and strengthen the earnings growth outlook for emerging markets, while stabilizing inflation downward further rate cuts this year, including the possibility exists for emerging market prospects of some countries, optimistic," he said.

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KT Navi "trivia Release, go get a gift."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT is 'KT cater Navi benefits offered prizes to target the' KT Navi "Customers ranging from 14 days on May 14 GO! It announced the prize receive a progress GO 'event.

'KT cater benefit Navi GO! Prizes get GO is get it right the participation method the user 'KT Navi "after that drives the page from the event the pop-up window in the app, and then connected to a" correct answer for asking the number of useful benefit to provide a quiz KT Navi.

Weekly raffle of two people among the applicants shall be paid by the customer to the generous prizes MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, 3,000,000 won travel vouchers, 3,000,000 won department store vouchers, tour vouchers 3,000,000 won, paindeu Live T and so on.

500 people every day who provides a tour voucher, Movie Advance, Oro namin C, in real time, winning prizes.

In addition to this' KT cater benefit Navi GO! Also proceeding with a shared event receive prizes GO 'to indicate events on the SNS. If you apply after the quiz, share events going on in 'KT Navi "in your SNS is by lottery among the 300 people participating customers will pay a convenience store vouchers.

Quiz Sweepstakes will be given the opportunity to apply once more to add to customers who participated in the 1st one possible application, however, SNS sharing events. When the actual running, turn on the 'KT Navi, the higher the odds of winning.

KT platform services business manager gimhakjun managing director, "the last two increased interest in January after declaring data charges charge-free for KT customers customers," said, "This promotion has prepared for all of our customers to save the KT Navi addition to KT customers," he said.

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Dongbu Securities, 16 Yeouido standing Investment Seminar held

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Dongbu Securities Investment Conference will be held for 16 days in two cases Dongbu Securities in Yeouido headquarters.

1:00 pm Wednesday will be held investment presentations to the expert Lee Jeongsu Dongbu Securities in Yeouido headquarters a "hands-sale equity investments and derivative utilizing technical analysis' on the 7th floor topics proceeds.

The Investment Conference of the experts imsanghyeon proceeds will be held in the same place as the emitter 2:00 PM, April market analysis and chucheonju 'theme.

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Bangsanju rise to the possibility of North Korea's nuclear test fears

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] and the defense rally as North Korea's nuclear test is likely to Gozo.

It comes ahead of the 15th taeyangjeol is interpreted that bangsanju are showing strong potential concerns on North Korea's nuclear test. 14 Sun 10am 31 minutes biktek are traded around 3.78% compared to the date of the transaction, 180 won right 4940 won.

Biktek bar is showing a downward trend and recorded an upper limit to advise him that the US aircraft carrier in the last 10 days to make a professional manufacturer of defense-related parts dispatched to the peninsula near the sea.

Also the same time Korea Aerospace Industries (0.88%), LIG ​​Nex1 (1.76%), Hanwha Techwin (0.2%), accompanied by a strong showing.

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Kyobo Securities, CFDs (CFD) Investment Seminar held

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kyobo Securities coming that held on January 4 at 6:00 pm on the 20th floor Vision Hall in Yeouido headquarters 19 professional private investors CFDs (Contracts For Difference) Investment Conference in the said 14 days.

CFDs (CFD) is to take stock, buying shares and short-selling positions of indices, currencies, such as an underlying asset, and the kind of over-the-counter derivatives transactions to cash payments only on its trading balance. Equipped with the requirements of financial investments for more than 500 million won it can be used only for professional investors registered with the Korea Financial Investment Association.

Kyobo Securities CFD account is able to deal with more than 1,300 events a domestic stocks as underlying assets in short-selling positions not expired. In addition, it can be used to leverage up to 10 times the maximum payment of margin leverage ratio according to each event can be a variety of investment strategies.

The briefing goes to 1 part Kyobo Securities subject to section gimhyeongryeol Senior Research Fellow, the 'future market outlook and investment strategy, the two parts of International Gift imseungtae exaggerated' easy to understand how to leverage CFD account.

Can attend only dictionary applicants and applications and other inquiries are Kyobo Securities International Gifts When a portion CFD desk.

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Domestic banks following the Asian financial belt axis 'Indonesia'

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Indonesia has emerged as a celebration of the Asian financial belt of domestic banks. In the meantime, local banks are the most balls in Asia was Vietnam. Piggyback preceded the Korean popular personalized service recorded a high growth rate. Typically, Shinhan Bank is enough to reap a profit of about $ 40 billion a year in Vietnam.

Domestic banks are operating in Indonesia have pointed to the following axis of ohreuja financial belt in orbit and to some extent focused sales force in Vietnam.

◇ 1, New 30% growth over

Last year, overseas branches of domestic banks operating in Indonesia has recorded the highest net profit growth rate of 31.7% compared to the previous year. FSS look at the released data last 14 days overseas branch net profit of domestic banks in 2016 was 650 million US dollars in the previous year (570 million US dollars), compared to 90 million US dollars increased among Indonesia, followed by Vietnam, two in asset growth above, net income increased scores second only to Hong Kong. Localization indicators are also first-class.

Hong Kong's rise is substantially the top right of the net profit growth rate of overseas regions in Indonesia Excluding one-offs thanks to Feist Hong Kong Finance Center, disposal gains of KEB, Hana Bank. In addition, because the Hong Kong store assets is 12.35 billion US dollars to more than 2.5 times the store assets in Indonesia (4.75 billion US dollars) more in Indonesia remarkable growth.

Were among the overseas branches of domestic banks that Hong Kong stores posted the highest net profit, net profit year-on-year growth rate was also the highest record of 36.3%.

In terms of region it has recorded a net profit of the Hong Kong store 152.9 million US dollars, followed by the US (75.5 million US dollars), Indonesia (74.3 million US dollars), Japan (64.2 million US dollars), Britain (47.7 million US dollars), Vietnam (4730 million), Singapore (46.3 million US dollars) recorded a higher net income in China (22.7 million US dollars) net.

While in Indonesia, a net profit of stores over 2013 36.1 million US dollars increased by nearly doubled in three years entered Indonesian domestic banks are also being expanded. Were Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank Indonesia launched each bank and our bank La Soda, KEB, Hana Bank has also established a bank KEB Indonesia. In recent years, IBK Industrial Bank is pushing the local bank acquisitions to enter Indonesia.

Indonesia region emerging as a new revenue windows but leaving the bank net profit of existing key Asian markets of China and Vietnam fell. In the case of China, the last area in 2013 44.2 million US dollars, the net profit was increased to 105.7 million US dollars in 2014 fell to 22.7 million US dollars last year. Vietnam was also a decline in net income dalhadeon 72.3 million US dollars in 2015 to 47.3 million US dollars last year.

◇ Union Bank Chairman also Indonesia travel

Hayounggu Union Bank President also went to Indonesia visit. Since last 11 to 12 visit to Indonesia as part global cooperation projects. And President signed a scholarship MOU in the period Jakarta Peroni Yerba Nasu University and 1 billion won to attend the forum to share bilateral finance industry experience, did.

It also signed MOU provides for a free hand, association and establish cooperation channels in Indonesia Bank Association to take advantage of the financial web drama 'The Thing MONEY' to youth financial education materials.

And the president is here to visit the Financial Services Authority and discuss the local advance when difficulties in the domestic financial companies, opening the domestic financial company representatives invited to meetings operating in Indonesia, a local banker invited to meetings and Indonesia may bar you find ways cooperation the two banks Exchange . Domestic banks' expansion in Indonesia is expected to continue.

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Mirae Asset Life Insurance, MBC hand holding the 7th Happy Future Design Competition held

Hold the [financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] Mirae Asset Life prize is 54 million won 7th Happy Future Design Competition of mammoth scale.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance has announced that the proceeds from the competition through its website and SNS on the 17th six weeks to support the customers happy future in collaboration with MBC radio.

During the same period MBC Radio will introduce a story Thursday in the weekly 'of Jeong Seonhui muncheonsik now Radio Era "and announced the winners. This year, the seventh match will reportedly continue focused on spreading the values ​​of "parental love" according to the assumptions the month of May.

Competition is conducted by dividing the web and SNS, the two sectors. Web Application sector are available free essay on parents as the "chest for my parents made me what I am jjinghan Human Story" theme.

5,000,000 won prizes Grand Prize winner will be awarded the Prize five people for each prize $ 3,000. SNS sector's access to Mirae Asset Life SNS such as Facebook, blogs by leaving comments on the short event provides pollen and cake vouchers, etc. for a total of 500 people.

Choeseunghun Mirae Asset Life CPC support team leader, "Mirae Asset Life is getting a great response and progress annually happy future design competition to cheer the happy future of the customer according to the company slogan," the beginning of a happy retirement planning, "said" The competition is an opportunity to prepare a happy future and hope to have the opportunity to express love to feel the importance of the family, including the parents especially, "he said.

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Hite Jinro, bonds issued 143 billion

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] to issue the debentures 143 000 000 000 Hite Jinro 14 days. Corporate bonds issued this time a three-year interest rate is the individual minpyeong rate + 30bp. Hite Jinro was conducted ahead of the demand forecast for the last seven days worth of 120 billion won issued.

Forecasting results in the total capital of 143 billion won more than 120 billion won issued molryeotgo goal was to discuss the results internal to both 143000000000 issued.

Hite Jinro IPO of corporate bonds has been ongoing attention since the introduction of the demand forecast in 2012. In 2014 and becomes the over-booking done all year box office success. In particular, in 2016 ~ 2017 success one after another series of over-booking and stability that demand midalyi was to highlight the investment demand plunged.

Hite Jinro said, "seems to be based on the series of new product success in Suzhou business that shows a stable market share was attractive to investors" and "beer business is also expected to also recover soon performing as long as the constitution improvement in profitability mainly made , "he said.

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Our banks, land trusts and business agreement for

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] our bank (Bank yigwanggu) it has signed the past 13 days, Jung-gu, Seoul sogongro material we 'comprehensive business agreement to a successful news Tay Project "Land Trust (NYSE bakseongpyo) and for the bank headquarters 14 days He said.

Woori Bank, in cooperation with the Trust for the land, and provides financial solutions throughout the entire project period for corporate rental housing project (News Tei) for the purpose of stable middle-class housing. △ project initially targeted at operators reduce the financial burden, Housing and Urban Fund Business loans "to lay the foundation of quality home building, △ moving point, 'offshoring charter capital loans help save housing costs aimed at bunyangja 'and △ interim management for a systematic business news Tay virtual account management, transaction specification provides services, rental / expenses account management system intended for all business operators period, is expected to provide personalized banking services firm.

Yigwanggu our Bank's "Our banks in the forefront of most news tape business in Korea representing real estate trust company, for land trusts and long Housing and Urban Fund staff as a custodian ordinary financing that operate grabbed his hand," he said. "Our bank said it will make every effort to contribute to a stable middle-class housing in close partnership with both companies support the business loan / loan move / place of business management and comprehensive financial solutions. "

Meanwhile, the land trust is responsible for the 17 operations since the current asset management nearly half of the 35 national news Tay business established in 1997.

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Hanwha Chemical 'duty-free' burden keojina?

Concerns have been raised that the last 'duty-free' burden of Hanwha Chemical [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea. A subsidiary of Hanwha Galleria Duty Free deficit march because the high potential additional financial support.

Hanwha Chemical, Hanwha Galleria participated in the capital increase of the last 10 days. Scale participation shares is 4,000,000 shares, the amount of 2000 billion. Through this capital increase, Hanwha Galleria is expected to mitigate the temporary financial structure degradation level.

The problem is that for some time has led Duty deficit Hanwha Galleria, scheduled for the investment Gwanggyo store openings further support the possibility of Hanwha Chemical is raised.

According to the subsidiary Hanwha Galleria-Time World Duty Free, which is engaged in the business of Hanwha Group Duty Free business began last operating losses from 2015. Duty-free business which recorded an operating profit of over 134,320,000 won in 2014, was expanded significantly in loss recorded an operating loss of 14.3 billion won last year 2015. Hanwha Galleria-Time World Duty Free business last year showed an operating loss of 43.9 billion won. This is a numerical value is 207% (296 million) losses enlarged over the previous year. In other words, becoming the department store business is inevitable support of Hanwha Chemical's parent company soared last year, duty-free shops in the deficit situation, which offset the weak performance of duty-free shops.

The future investment of the notice Hanwha Galleria also can raise the burden of Hanwha Chemical. Capital increase carried out in the last 10 days was carried out on the construction funding level of Gwanggyo Hanwha Galleria Department Store. But the situation is expected that the deficit in the duty-free business can be achieved, additional financial support in the context of growing more than two times out.

Times because of Korea Ratings Rating 4 Room, senior researcher in excess of "Hanwha Galleria is financial, but to investors looking for try to enforce an investment due to the capital increase of Hanwha mogeurup Chemical plans to switch to its own business," said "rights issue price investment amount is expected to cover first in Haeundae proceeds from the sale of land 100 billion won, "he said.

He added, "amounts that this capital increase funds flowing into the Hanwha Galleria subsidiary Hanwha Galleria-Time World has been identified as not" "But duty-free business, additional paid-in capital increase supports the possibility of Hanwha amid continuing to decline is still "he added.

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Samsung, South Korea, but super IB 'shareholder eligibility "stumbling block

New Business Plan Is super IB is available, such as [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - equity securities issued to more than 4 trillion won this draft work came as a nose. But surrounding the authorized issuing commercial paper work is expected to emerge as the largest shareholder eligibility requirements showdown variables.

According to the 14th IB financial investment industry giant plans are targeting the end of April into the currently applicable Legislation Review.

Last August, the financial authorities announced the plan to improve investment bank mega development "and proposed a differential benefits to more than 3 trillion won of equity securities. More than 4 trillion won brokerage egen is possible that commercial paper issuance and foreign exchange business.

In the meantime the securities industry had an expectation of capital markets advancing government policy fees increased competition, revenue might think because of the IT system is to streamline such was not the situation.

The main point in short-term commercial paper issued by corporate finance business expansion Equity securities are more than 4 trillion won a position to look forward. But the situation was not a major shareholder eligibility requirements tteoohreumyeo difficult to predict is the bill issued at variable. Entry securities have no problem with the majority shareholder eligibility on the basis of the exception, but in accordance with the authoritative interpretation of the Financial Services Commission and Financial Supervisory situation may vary.

Currently more than 4 trillion won of equity securities is treated, such as MAS, NH Investment & Securities, KB Securities, Samsung Securities, Korea Investment and Securities. According to NICE credit evaluation Average pre-tax profit estimated the loss due to the issuance of commercial paper conducted five large brokerage houses was expected around 21.7 billion won. This is the case, assuming a 4% investment yield, 2% funding rate.

Were the most common Daewoo Mirae By the company 300 billion won NH Investment & Securities 21.2 billion won, it was a net 19.1 billion won of Samsung Securities, KB Securities 18.9 billion won, Korea Investment & Securities 18.8 billion won. When converted into yen maximum was found in an average increase of about 200 million.

Samsung Securities is the largest shareholder of Samsung Life will receive a warning sanction agencies in connection with cases of suicide insurance payments from finance up. This is likely to be a delay in issuing commercial paper work Is being raised due. Samsung Life is the majority shareholder, which has a 29.44% stake in the parent company of Samsung Securities.

Samsung Securities said, "in accordance with the Capital Market Act exemption know that the Samsung Life Insurance suicide issue is not a problem if the examination will not affect the business of the draft Asset Management, including corporate loans, mainly," he said.

Kim Go-Eun becomes slower Meritz Investment Bank Securities researcher income if you start saying "a large brokerage firms are related to the business during the third quarter" as the agency warning of Samsung Life, the largest shareholder of Samsung Securities New business expansion will be limited to one year, "an angry likely lag behind the competition exists, "he was diagnosed.

In addition, a 100% subsidiary of Cornerstone Equity Partners is impossible due to the excess of liabilities over 2015 debt payment status of Korea Investment & Securities may be bankrupt bar.

Is the law the financial investment industry, a major shareholder disqualification may include △ recent case of the five years specified, including more criminal penalties into insolvent financial institutions △ △ subsidiaries up to one year institutional shareholders warning.

Korea Investment & Securities official explained that "the problems are the responsibility of the shareholder to be recognized, but the bankruptcy of Cornerstone has no associates that the financial holding of the subsequent investment failure" and "would not be a problem for business application."

Financial authorities said late cherish Legislation currently being reviewed, but did not deny the possibility.

Finance officials are "not yet out, but there is a concrete plan to hold securities issues arise in relation to the majority shareholder qualification," he said.

Recently she received the Afro-service group is also a major shareholder eligibility intellectual from the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, including with respect to the time 2014 OK Savings Bank acquisition.

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Latest round of SK Networks President "actively considering expansion in South America."

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - latest round of SK Networks President Jung-gu, Seoul on the 13th to meet with a restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil, during the Dorian market share Aung discussed the cooperation.

Wednesday latest round of SK Networks said, "actively review the possibility of entering the South American market, including Brazil, Sao Paulo, as well as future jungyimyeo hope also active exchange with the Brazilian government and business," he said.

SK Networks plans to secure growth through the global market for rental cars, steel trading and consumer electronics, such as the recent acquisition of SK Magic rental business.

Week sexes Doria market is served as mayor of Sao Paulo in January 2017 This visit took place in Seoul, invited on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the twinning signed between Seoul and Sao Paulo City. He was selected as the most influential Brazilian Bar of 100 persons in 2012 and has been mentioned as a future strong Brazilian presidential candidate.

President congratulates the latest round of this day, honorary Seoul citizenship to Aung Doria market share and delivered a commemorative gift.

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Shinhan Bank, May Golden Week Exchange Event

[Sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter Korea - Shinhan Bank 樂 provided Golden coupons and giveaways targets foreign exchange customers since the 17th Month! knock! Enforcement Golden Week events Exchange "that said 14 days.

The event will be conducted as an event for customers to exchange the Golden Week in May, 26 days from April 17 to May 12. Shinhan Bank provides USD 100 dollars more than equivalent to the exchange, including the Golden coupons customers apply the Prizes 9 manmae during the event at the national branches (excluding the Incheon International Airport, Gimpo, Jeju).

Golden coupon can be downloaded at the Golden Lotte Duty Free coupons 10,000 won prepaid card vouchers and voucher amount is 10%, Pocket WiFi Special discounts are offered by default, through the mobile exchange of Sunny Bank Currency Exchange.

In addition, more than USD 100 dollars equivalent exchange, customers can participate in a variety of sweepstakes, including round-trip international air tickets △ △ Eastar Jet Luxury Resorts voucher △ Bluetooth earphones.

Shinhan Bank officials will prepare a variety of events saying "plan your trip in May Golden Week, or will be a good opportunity to exchange customers to prepare for a summer holiday travel abroad in advance", "we will continue to be able to benefit to the Exchange Customer "he said.

And Shinhan Bank also offers a sunny bank, banking, through the S bank offers preferential rates for customers to exchange up to 90%, travel insurance, various additional services such as airline mileage, OK cashback. Customers who are planning a vacation this year are also a good tip this event period exchange exchange after using the "Sunny mobile safe '.

Can also be issued by cash withdrawals and payments is available changeup debit cards (new customer offers four Starbucks in progress, star until May 30, offering mobile coupons) and foreign merchants, even shop window global multi-card without a separate fee for payments in foreign currency account Do.

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Cadillac progress "Cadillac technician skills contest"

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea - Cadillac that goes to "Cadillac technician skills contest (Cadillac Technician Skill Contest) 'technology for improving the maintenance of yangilgan 14 employees and 15 service centers in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province Education Talent Training Center announced 14 days.

Last start right 'Cadillac technician skills contest, the 12th year since 2005 experience to spot an experienced maintenance personnel Cadillac service centers are gathered in one place to compete for understanding and maintenance capabilities on Cadillac vehicles, improving maintenance technology and customer service It has contributed to the improvement. The event has four won about 20 people and participate in the maintenance of national Cadillac Authorized Service Center, the rewards will be awarded for the starter through the practical test to resolve the Cadillac key technical written test and a challenge given direct superior employees.

Kim Youngsik GM Korea Cadillac, Executive Vice President said, "maintenance technology improvements' They're maintenance employees who directly manage the intensive Cadillac vehicles advanced technology in the forefront Malo key personnel of the brand is the most important part of going build trust with customers, customer satisfaction he said that generously support "to provide a service that can guarantee.

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Hungkuk · KDB Life RBC ratio of red light ... Life insurance fund raising rush

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] showed decline in risk-based capital (RBC) ratio of life insurers last year significantly. In connection with the introduction of international accounting standards (IFRS17) attributable to Jin, the evaluation of the financial authorities challenging. Away from the fire insurance on their feet each one is in full swing in the capital increase motion.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service's RBC ratio of 25 domestic insurers but are recorded based on the 541.46% end of 2015 slumped by 341.94 percent late last year.

RBC ratio is calculated by dividing available capital to required capital as a key indicator of how much potential that an insurer may pay the insurance money to policyholders. RBC ratio in the insurance industry is regarded as a leading indicator of the financial strength of insurance companies.

In particular, △ for Hungkuk Life 145.39%, 125.68% △ KDB life shown to fall short of the 150% FSS gwongochi on and off the red light is on capital adequacy evaluation.

There are life insurance industry thus fell RBC ratio is shown to be a significant impact on IFRS17 (New International Financial Reporting Standards), which is introduced from 2021. FSS is expected to embark on strengthening prudential regulations on insurance companies IFRS17 soft landing plan. High interest savings insurance insurers who have continually sold to the market enlarged boomerang returns to the line following the introduction IFRS17. Because the evaluation system of liability (insurance for insurers should be paid) to be changed in the current market cost. Up to reflect the interest rate should be calculated at the time the debt is not much choice but to increase the insurance burden.

As a result, the recapitalization of insurers accelerated in accordance with the clock.

Hanwha Life has recently succeeded in hybrid securities issued. It issued hybrid capital securities in the form of the initial public offering of Hanwha Korea Life Insurance. Issued interest rate was determined by adding to the 270bp 5-year government bond yields to 4.582%.

NH NH Life plans to embark on 3000 billion of subordinated bonds issued during the second quarter. NH NH life is expects to be 200% of its approximately 13% p RBC right through this capital.

The subordinated debt issued in January to 400 billion DGB life being also reviewed 600 billion of additional issue. Insurers of Hyundai and Dongbu is also reportedly to issue subordinated bonds this year.

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Chairman Chey Tae-won 'crush' checks through Toshiba argument 'fighting spirit'

[Korea Jeong Huiyun financial newspaper reporter] SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is more than a crush (反韓) Feelings of swelling in Japan revealed the motivation confidence in the water-rich eminent global competition.

Because Japanese investors and pyeomyeonseo a united front is Chey was promoted finals competition is the father of observations rea end exert ttuksim.

SK Hynix is ​​the consortium that is led by Toshiba (東芝) insujeon semiconductors exert sufficient competitive in the auction.

Chey was confirmed on the 13th that he said "auction in progress now, not binding (binding, legally binding) bid price difference is not significant."

In fact, he also followed the SK Group said that "when the binding is started in earnest begins to vary as a" said to be true.

Chey answered thus in a meeting with reporters after finishing a lecture in Seoul, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology campus in Seoul Dongdaemun day session.

Before the news media at home and abroad are informed that the bar SK Hynix consortium of more than $ 9 billion under the 10 trillion won our money involved in the preliminary bidding.

Whether it is unclear how much is maximum Chairman sseonaeryeo greater amount of confidence in the bidding stage is specifically pyohan.

But it laid a dense pavement since the jump in the first auction yeoseo Dunn emitter collect expect not to throw any seungbusu.

SK Hynix is ​​indeed teamed up with Japanese financial investors spiral insujeon. Paving is to overcome the headwinds of media inciting the sentiments smitten in Japan.

Among the inverse stimulating news of the Japanese media Sankei the newspaper online 14, 9:02 look at the articles easy Korea can not catch up to the Japanese as "technology from the title catching the Toshiba Semiconductor windfall? (技術 で 日本 に 追 い つ け な い 韓国 手 っ取 り 早 く ... 東芝 半導体 は 掘 り writes that 出 し 物 か?) ".

Sankei pointed naenotja the semiconductor business to Toshiba insolvency process would be an opportunity Korea conglomerate SK Hynix climbing a prospect can not catch overtake Japan as Korea's technology quickly follow. The results were also discussed implications that can have a big impact on Japanese industry maintain competitiveness.

Choi, President of Shem through the crush these headwinds said that the only competitor to compete with the mighty deep pockets then apseun gwichu be noted that expand on some reverse-polarity.

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Heo Sehong GS Global representatives, how to achieve traded GS Entec

It is noted sikilji success elected, listed this year as general management and other non-emergency, Director of Entech in GS - standing financial newspaper hyomun Korea News] Heo Sehong GS Global representatives subsidiary.

GS Entec is that elected Heo Sehong GS Global CEO last 11 days no other emergency director has posted 14 days. In addition to the GS allowed representatives Entec has appointed a sonyounggi GS E & R representative, gimhyeongguk GS Caltex management Planning Vice President, gimhyeongseon GS construction plant sector representatives as Vice President Director of Emergency no.

Due to this non-emergency GS Entec Directors representing the Heo is growing again, interest in public GS Entec. GS Global is hanba would describe this year completed the IPO of GS Entec since last December, elected representatives Heo Sehong. In addition to this year's entry permit representatives GS Global Management is a situation where the challenges that remain listed in the GS Entec.

GS Entec should pay a maximum annual interest and principal of compound interest of 7.5% to financial investors it traded this year if it fails to mogeurup the GS Global participated in the capital increase by Entec GS convertible preferred method. The total amount of 125 billion won. When considering the circumstances of the GS Entec recorded last year, GS Global operating profit is expected to propel the GS Entec actively traded.

Meanwhile, GS Entec can take the past three years, earnings are "roller coaster." GS Entec which recorded an operating profit of over 2 billion won 2014 earnings plunged indicate an operating loss of 28.4 billion won in 2015. Last year, the results were returned to operating profit of 148 billion won.

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