Sunday, April 2, 2017

[Weekly market fund] biosimilars, healthcare ↑ fund returns

Fourth - South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - March week, recorded the healthcare and biosimilars theme is visible depending on the strong 'Mirae Asset Korea Equity Health Care Trust 1 (CO) Type C2' excellent yields. The fund has invested 10% in the proportion of 20%, the TIGER Celltrion Healthcare ETF.

According to the fund rating agency epeuaen guide 31, domestic equity returns are recorded weekly BM yield (KOSPI TR, -0.38%) was 0.40 points higher than 0.02% and kept for three consecutive weeks plus a rate of return.

With active funds (0.19%) of the actively managed by pursuing exceeded the market return is operating in accordance with the index funds beat the index over (-0.23%) to seek excess returns in a limited range. More types as had most active small and medium-sized stocks rose sharply to 1.04% was the active stocks sector (1.00%) followed. KOSPI 200 index stocks showed a larger decline to -0.30%.

AUM (excluding ETF) domestic equity funds more than 10 billion won, Mirae Asset Korea Healthcare Equity Fund 1 (CO) Type C2 'active equity sector Weekly types yield (1.00%), the yield of 2.05% was higher than 1.05% pt middle of the recorded. Followed by 'Meritz Securities Korea Small Cap Fund [Stock] Type S', 'Meritz Securities Korea Investment Trust 1 [equity] Type S' is recorded for each performance of 1.92%, 1.87%.

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