Sunday, April 2, 2017

Online fund supermarkets professional standing is possible to join private equity

It is possible to [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] forward to join any existing public offering funds, private equity funds, as well as in supermarkets, an online fund sales channel. From the second half of the financial authorities are also planning to launch an online site where you can easily compare fund products, and recruitment of IT companies the largest shareholder equity to fund the expansion of supermarkets.

Financial Services Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) has announced the online sales channel funds into and activation plan "that includes such information two days.

Online fund has provided investors temporal spatial accessibility and relatively low fee of benefits. Gotta skip the face-to-face advice and investment recommendations of the counter staff can be sold at a low cost fund. Recently online fund market, but the rapid growth and vision, share sales compared to total fund is still stopped at about 15%.

The financial authorities should promote institutional improvements for online fund status checking, and online activation and strengthening investor protection fund based on it.

And last year, 51 companies from a total of 62 IPO-type securities fund vendors that sell funds through online, which is the 27 securities firms, 16 banks and six insurance companies, one asset management, funds, online, etc. Korea. 41 of the top 51 companies are mostly being sold all counter sale funds and private funds online from the online channel. Especially in the case of seven companies in the fund are sold only counter sale online company that sells only online only funds were only three companies.

Funds in the amount of sales of the last line has demonstrated rapid growth, such as increased 3000000004000 billion (146.0%) compared to 2.3 trillion won in 2013 to 5.7 trillion won. However, the fund share of the total amount still in online sales to have ceased to 14.9% based on 2016 levels. Online fund sales amount of last year, banks and securities firms accounted for 93.8% of total online sales amount (5.7 trillion won) to 5.3 trillion won. The proportion of the funds of the supermarket was a pattern that slowed growth to 5.6 percent. Counter sale funds and private funds between online sales and maintenance fees each difference was cheaper by 40bp, 32bp, about 45% of online-only funds.

FSC is also set to entice online-only funds if the new setting and founded the contest open securities funds (excluding ETF). But it's gotta Supermarket own limited funds of funds, which is a competitive squad as competitive, open online sales channels. IPO funds handled by supermarkets, an open online sales channels funds amounted to the total IPO funds 3608 1084 of 30%.

In addition, the FSC announced its intention to encourage diverse and good fund products can be supplied cheaply to investors through a fund supermarket. In particular, the fund expanded product supply to the shareholders' fund supermarket sign asset management. In particular, we examine whether the fund supermarket equity capital raising and private equity fund accepted. Promote complementary measures, including if necessary the existing shareholders first assignment (10% maintained the rule) hired IT company and the largest shareholder, private equity limited sales volume as a percentage of the IPO funds in parallel.

In addition to support plans to help establish a cost comparison site published the third quarter to investors to easily navigate through the various online sales platforms.

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