Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory Service "must be enabled warrior rate cuts Claims"

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory "There is likely to be the next economic slowdown persists, or if the warrior potential insolvency extended to the limit, vulnerable borrowers ability to repay weaken when market interest rates" and "warrior will enable the interest rate cuts Claims The river and sea haejwoya efforts to protect consumers' interests, "he said.

Jin Ungseop Financial Supervisory Service is one of the last to the Credit Finance Association and 20 representatives warrior, except for credit card companies attended held a "warrior CEO conference," he told reporters.

Wednesday Jin Ungseop Ledger reportedly stressed that you pay special attention to risk management, household loans in the warrior as a surge in household loan growth.

Warrior representatives participated in the meeting were shared, including more than a full-time business environment, uncertainties recognized Jin Ungseop slowing ledger and the Fed rate hike, and private consumption.

Director Jean asked the strengthening quality management, while still managing liquidity and strengthen autonomous internal control over the issuance of such household lending conditions worsen. Corporate bond issuance of the warrior maintain normal levels, but so as to secure the availability of free liquidity, which increases uncertainty in the domestic and foreign financial markets and funds were also urge that will reliably.

FSS is jeosinyong borrowers proportion is higher or lending growth plan to strengthen the monitoring for high warrior.

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