Sunday, April 2, 2017

Releases, management normalization after the Kaesong Industrial Complex tenants support

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] Credit Guarantee Fund sets out the KIC tenants business normalization support.

Releases said two days that signed the Gaeseong Industrial Support Foundation and the March 31 joint business agreement and conduct customized consulting to support normalization of Kaesong resident corporate management.

Customized co consulting with new album and the Foundation Kaesong resident companies into joint diagnosis ‧ analysis of and presenting customized solutions according to the consultant production efficiency, market reclamation along and overseas markets such as corporate needs (Needs) for management normalization It is supported collaborative consulting model.

Releases the Foundation plans to eliminate your enemies difficulties of non-financial resident companies according to the Kaesong suspended in the wake of the signed MOU, and continue to work with to help keep the peace bridging the North-South cooperation.

Releases officials said, "This agreement is focused to normalize the management of tenants struggling to Kaesong stopped early," said, "We will continue efforts in combating Kaesong tenants support."

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