Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kibo, 2017 The first qualification test conducted by Korea Technology Credit rating agencies

Conduct the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Technology Guarantee Fund 2017 1st Technology credit rating exam.

Kibo is said that two days carrying out the technical credit rating agencies (first class grade 0.3) exam for new training techniques finance professionals on May 20 in Seoul and Busan.

Applications are accepted subject to take online credit rating agencies in the technical qualification to the site 15 days. Successful applicants will be announced Thurs., June 1.

Details relating to the eligibility test conducted this time it is possible to confirm via the technology credit rating Qualification site and customer service center.

Credit rating agencies buy technology is a professional company that holds technical evaluation of intangible assets such as intellectual property or specialized skills, are performing a credit assessment of the overall credit and financial information to calculate a rating or rating this amount.

Through the first introduction of the technology in the 2016 Test Year notation credit rating it has been working in the financial professional skills training of financial personnel to discharge the first class 13 people, 187 people second-class, third-class technology, 823 people Credit rating agencies.

The introduction of a qualifications system this year, the second year will be a new course for the training silmuhyeong technical financial experts. The opening for TCB practical training courses aimed at holders Credit Analyst certification exam passers and technology credit rating of banks.

Called Kibo official "notation is planning to become a qualifying examination and training courses a truly technical financial professionals a comprehensive education institutions through, and plans to pursue a public angry civilian qualify for a stable civilian settlement and enable future technology finance." He said.

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