Sunday, April 2, 2017

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 Discover Be the first. "

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] operates the SEC prior experience zones of strategies smartphone Galaxy S8 · Plus, the largest ever released soon after.

Samsung will exhibit a nationwide Digital Plaza, Hi-mart, ET Land, a hands-on Samsung mobile professional reseller store of carrier Galaxy S ∙ ZONE S8 · Plus in 3,000 specialized places.

The S ∙ ZONE was a convenient way to experience the key features of the Galaxy S8 · Plus from one of the tables. In particular, there can be interactive and interesting to see Galaxy S8 · Plus bezel-less (Bezel-less) design, Infinity display, intelligent interface 'Bixby (Bixby)'.

In addition, Samsung is also operating an experiential zones differentiated premium lounge style in a hot place of 40 places across the country.

Good accessibility, etc. Station, Busan Centum City, Gwangju Yu Square in Seoul Familia, the floating population, many national major department stores, shopping malls, the multiplex in experience zones like much more than the Galaxy S8 · Plus consumers can experience deeper It was so.

In the Experience Zone in the open lounge-style decorated around the Infinity display, consumers intelligent interface "Bixby" iris ∙ face recognition, security utilizing biometric information, and smartphones like, such as a desktop PC 'Samsung Dex' that it can be used like while relaxing the main features of the Galaxy S8 · Plus can enable more immersive experience.

Samsung Electronics plans to go operational experience with John through the new media, video content, SNS authentication and events (Online to Offline) O2O marketing in conjunction with offline and online more intimate rapport with consumers and broaden the contacts.

Galaxy Plus S8 · Experience Zone is expected to be expanded to 80 regions nationwide until May, can be in the nation's major banks points 50 experienced an iris function of the Galaxy S8 · Plus optimize financial transactions.

Meanwhile, Samsung has come to start pre-sales of the Galaxy S8 · Plus since 7 days. Pre-sales product is available from 18 days before the opening of the 21st Korea official release date.

For more information about Galaxy S8 'experience zones can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 microsite.

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