Sunday, April 2, 2017

Credit unions, youth cooperatives incubator after

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] sets out the credit unions in the youth cooperative incubator

Credit Union CSR Foundation announced two days dwaetdago selected last March 28 organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, which organized the "2017 Youth Cooperative business incubator conspiracy 'partners.

Conduct hyeoeun new youth cooperative entrepreneurship contests, we receive not received until 21 pm to 6 pm. Youth Cooperative entrepreneurship contest is open to all ideas and start-up if the cooperative is young (only 19 years old 3-10039) configuration with commitment for more than half of the organizations.

Credit unions are excavated to support cooperatives established youth entrepreneurship team to be founded as a cooperative and serves to transfer the operational know-how of the senior cooperatives. In particular, credit unions will support also provided start-up financing, welfare space based on the expertise and nationwide network of youth entrepreneurship training project team and ensure outlets, public relations.

Current Credit Union Foundation metropolitan areas by region (operating credit unions, Dongseoul credit unions, resident credit unions, Gimpo credit unions, Balan credit unions), Honam's (Gwangju credit unions, Gwangju ichthyosaurs credit unions, beolgyo credit unions) and eighty credit unions, Gangwon Gangneung, credit unions, Daegu, Jeju jemin the 'Youth cooperatives founded Supporters' etc. to the 11 credit unions nationwide collaborative institutions credit unions after the configuration is scrambling to work in earnest.

In addition, the Credit Union Foundation supports together followed in 2016, and also to sponsor the project, excellent young team founded cooperative commercialization funding and financial support costs to equip a viable, cooperative credit unions operating in combination for the program this year.

It has a business model that enables a high growth potential to create social value Cooperatives Youth Cooperatives founded a successful outstanding founding team who will support the commercialization funds necessary to stabilize the initial prototype development and services.

If through credit unions succeeded in youth cooperatives founded the team access to finance for credit unions period of financial jungyimyeo cost of support plans, credit unions online integrated business platform operating to support the tax, accounting and administration of the cooperative (CU bizcoop ) to help you take advantage of.

Ipjeom in the form of either a product of successful cooperatives in the commercialization of the online shopping mall (cumall) of the first credit unions or purchase the services of cooperatives in cooperative credit unions, including youth entrepreneurship support team will have a self-sustaining.

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