Sunday, April 2, 2017

Take a very Savings Bank, damage prevention voice phishing merit accolades

It was [Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] very Savings Bank accolades as voice phishing damage prevention merit.

Very savings banks that belong to Cheongju branch manager receives charge of civil fix to prevent the rapid response to customer deposits 150 million won voice phishing scams have received a certificate of appreciation from Cheongju significant contribution to helping the police arrest police said two days.

Last 22 days very Savings Bank customers to visit the 60 women in Cheongju branch was asked to deposit 50 million won terminate halfway.

Min managers detect anomalies such as that you have long-term deposits were deposits continued phones come tell you that, and hastily withdrawing 100 million won in other financial institutions to Phone point and your in business process know that high, and deposits It delayed the termination of business. After several questions customers have greater intuition is the voice phishing-related possibilities.

The civic managers will enable the phone number received under pass your phone to arrest the financial institutions and the police, after confirmation to the customer not the prosecution, voice phishing commits to promptly report it to the police station at the same time reassuring the customer.

Oh centrifugal Cheongju significant police chief is "is intelligent day is helpful at a time when this point the organized voice phishing increasingly growing at a very Savings Bank to arrest the culprit early on and are able to reduce the damage and so glad thank you" and presented a certificate of appreciation said He said "very savings bank so that God will continue as unfair to our customers tell us the voice phishing cases occurred recently and new techniques such as active haeoh damage so far asked for cooperation."

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