Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lotte World Tower fireworks D-Day ... Watching attractions Where?

There is increasing interest in the middle of watching every [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - Today (2 days), together Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival is one, held that. Lotte Corporation has introduced the perfect spot where you can properly enjoy the Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival today.

In the day 19:30 from 9:00 Lotte World Tower 30 minutes and Seokchon Lake one unfolds a variety of events including public art project Sweet Swan, DJ DOC, Hong Jin-young, Diamond (DIA) Celebration, Cherry Blossom Festival with fireworks.

Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival is 123 layers, and Tower fireworks show that domestic progress for the first time in the Lotte World Tower's 555m high, at 9 pm Total 750 different firing points than 30,000 fireworks Seoul sky for about 11 minutes It will be put. This famous Taipei 101 tower, the Burj Dubai will Lipa than fireworks produced long time, large-scale fireworks syoda more than four tons of gunpowder weighs only introduced into the New Year's Eve fireworks show tower.

It is also likely to be that the musical sparks are produced in the gorgeous jazz, pop, etc. are held in the Lotte World Tower building to the music of a total of eight towers and fireworks Seokchon Lake West Lake.

Watching per Lotte Bussan plug in is at the Lotte World Tower in the distance closest to the door of the Olympic Park, Peace Plaza, Jamsil Hangang Park, gwangjin bridge, Ttukseom amusement park, maebongsan octagonal pavilion, Techno Mart Sky Park, Jamsil Bridge southern tip.

Day, fireworks are on-site visit is scheduled to relay to live through the Lotte World Tower official Facebook for those in need. Also you can enjoy the 'live broadcast of the comedian' that jangdoyeon, Yu-Mi Kang, huh Anna process.

In addition to the 10,000-seat arena and provided separately Seokchon Lake waterfront lawn to watch the fireworks show is expected to about 16 million people is the largest ever found Jamsil Citizen and Seokchon Lake area.

The Lotte World Tower in addition to the two days 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 Safety management personnel, its own support staff, Secret Service personnel, total 1,000 500 Songpa-gu Office volunteer personnel with security personnel of the police, fire personnel to ensure the safety of citizens including site plans to deploy a total of 1,500.

Specify the gait and additional safety events just Lotte World Tower and the Lotte World Mall the day of the entire order of vehicular traffic in the access and full control over Area A passage is impossible to April 1st 10 pm on the 3rd 6:00 pm Lotte World only the underpass to traffic between Jamsil Seokchon lake is controlled.

Lotte World Tower fireworks show in Dubai Burj be Lipa, Taipei 101, Paris Eiffel Tower, etc. in the Tower fireworks show installation areas that produce the world famous fireworks show held by the best technology, the French group F. (GroupeF) team from the last 15 days 31, prepared the event over 135 hours on the 17th.

All fireworks materials to be installed in the tower was used only the parts that are not separated to avoid falling hazard, separate the tower radius of 40m in less pedestrian traffic for emergency accident prevention time (am to 7 pm from 10:00 pm) safety managers proceeded safely while controlling.

The fireworks used in the fireworks show will be conducted in Device flame 'type Insert the promotion of gunpowder schedule "tasang Flame" not fired artillery and gunpowder to produce a highly diverse shapes over up shot comes out turned consists of an integrated pumping in firing artillery as there is little probability of normal fireworks show over the fallout or dust.

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