Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weather forecast 'mutual savings bank restructuring Special Account Management White Paper "published

The publication is a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Deposit Insurance Corporation "2016 Mutual Savings Bank Restructuring Special Account Management White Paper.

Forecast 2 has issued a troubled savings bank reserves PF estate, containing a process for the recovery of input financing, including the sale of various assets, including ships' 2016 Mutual Savings Bank Restructuring Special Account Management White Paper from the savings bank crisis occurred in 2011 one said.

Forecast last year, PF estate, golf courses, marine, art, etc., Ltd is a custom-selling strategy implementation, including consideration of the type of characteristics of the assets acquired in the cleanup process was recovered 517.3 billion won, strict, including property surveys for insolvency officer caused the insolvency of savings banks through the accused it was responsible for recovering non-performing assets concealment of 117.2 billion won best year ever.

Forecasts were recovered 10.2 trillion won by the end of last year, such as the recovery of the year to 2.8 trillion won last year's dividend bankrupt insolvent savings banks on the basis of these results. This achievement is beyond the operating time of a stop recoverable amount is in charge of accounting firm estimated 9.7 trillion won due diligence.

Forecast is an opportunity for economic recovery for the socially disadvantaged, such as reduction in debt of 734.2 billion won for quick debt restructuring scheme (Fast-track) 1077 people troubled savings banks simply debtors 20,000 through the introduction of for the last year, social disadvantaged did.

For a quick sale of nine insolvent savings banks have a four billion dollar investment in Cambodia 10 sites, including Busan Savings Bank has established an office in Cambodia in March this year.

Going forward, efforts to maximize recovery and a proactive risk management policy to focus on to prevent the possibility of additional savings troubled banks.

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