Sunday, April 2, 2017

To 中 'Saad retaliation' local Lotte Mart business operations extended

A [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] archeological China's missile defense systems (THAAD · Sadd) is likely to retaliate hyujeom situation of China in accordance with local Lotte Mart prolonged.

Lotte two signed a land exchange agreement for the siting of US forces deployed Saad end of January, after Sade grounds provide an explicit decision has been retaliation for the Chinese authorities.

In two days the industry showed that China Lotte Mart did not have sales over the past one month have not received permission to resume operations.

Lotte Mart, located in Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing points ahead of the fire is being checked by the Chinese authorities, it received the sales suspension of one month until July 31. But Lotte Mart Jiaxing point not receive the approval to resume operations in two months seems to be the situation hyujeom lead more than two months at least.

Dandong City two months was the 1st stop operating expire ten thousand months viscosity official was asked to add a business suspension to 27 coming from the Chinese authorities.

Constantly raise new issues in a way that pointed to another part of the case, even though set out to improve China Fire Authority have pointed out, according to local officials. In addition, China is a situation where fire authorities do not rush to the scene checking for the resumption of sales of Lotte Mart stores.

In light of these facts, the Chinese authorities are interpreted as not willing to solve the problem of random way business interruption Lotte Mart.

In the case of Dandong ten thousand months that business interruption measures the Chinese authorities immediately pointed me in the middle, but the Fire related facility improvements Dandong Fire Authority reportedly pointed out, and once again extend the period of discontinued operations to other parts, such as doors replaced.

Where are closed during local Lotte Mart stores in China reaches 87. A value corresponding to 88% of the opening 99, in the industry by 100 billion, a month when these stores closing the door two months may cause damage reported a total of 200 billion won.

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