Sunday, April 2, 2017

"If you pay good 1% p flyer" K Bank, 4.19% Minimum loan junggeumri

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] junggeumri showcase loan products are the first domestic professional Internet bank, K-Bank to give preferential interest rates next month if there is no immediate overdue.

According to the 2nd banking industry, K bank to start operating three days are coming when you normally pay principal and interest on the previous month lays out the 'Slim K junggeumri loan "product that can receive preferential annual interest rate of 1.0% in the month. By ratings 1-7 Rating Up is available and the minimum lending rate is 4.19% when applied preferential interest rates.

K Bank "was designed so that Big Data Analytics based on sophisticated credit scoring models apply to customers or superior CITIC lack of financial transactions, user information may benefit from a better interest rate benefits, he said.

If the arrears have occurred prime rate is stopped. However, if you normally pay back the principal and interest is recovered preferential interest rate applicable to the next month.

"Mini-K minus bank account" is a 3 million won loans are available to the 5.5% fixed annual interest rate of only fingerprints submitted without a point to visit or complex documents. This limit increase to reflect the use of performance is possible from 5,000,000 won.

In receiving goods cited a variety of affiliate links.

"Deposit code K 'can be a maximum of 2.0% annual rate in accordance with the subscription period, you only need to enter the partner code without complex conditions, such as card performance. Check preferential interest rates, etc. KT communicate the code that came with promotional character, Kay bank communication Ponts-type check card issued by a bank that is sent during the opening K. promotions or phone installed in the distributor is possible. Etc. GS25 convenience store cashier, Naver page Events Offers page, Timon, 'kay Bank 0 won deal "can also be readily available to affiliate code.

If the amount set in advance maintain one month to choose a "dual-K your bank account, 'and of the' Genie Music Pass 'cash and a digital and a kite 1.68% a way that the deposit level of interest rates to a maximum annual 1.2%' there is also music K deposit.

Debit card is characterized by two main points jeokriphyeong communication costs and discount type. Points jeokriphyeong earn 1% of the amount used in accordance with the previous month earnings K Bank points and cashback communication type returns the KT communications charges 3,000 won.

K Bank also showcase app (App) running on my mobile one-time password (OTP), '# transfer amount "as" quick transfer "for easy transfer to a text message service.

K. Sim Seonghun Bank CEO, said, "will stand at the forefront of financial innovation, to provide greater financial incentives to open an era convenient and unique service," Kay bank information and communications technology (ICT) based on 'Bank Everywhere.

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