Friday, March 31, 2017

This year is extended as long as the financial network closed one hour

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] Bank of Korea plans to extend one hour to 6:30 a hefty payment system, as long as the net financial deadlines at 5:30 pm this year.

The Bank of Korea is expected to decrease 31 days' intended for Funding convenience of a financial institution 'in the' 2016 Year Payment Report "said," the payment deadlock possibility of the closing time payment concentrate lowered as long as the financial network operating risks "he said.

Meanwhile, as long as the financial network is used dwaetgo concentrate after 4:00 pm The business hours of banks end, financial institutions have suffered the end, quarter-end, the end of the year that payments difficulties are concentrated.

However, detailed work by closing time it was to differentiate. If the price of the securities simultaneous payment (DvP) will keep the finish time to 5:30 pm, as the current. The Bank of Korea said, "If you extend the closing time are likely to be sunyeon million settlement pattern was considered a low point demand of the participating institutions for a closing time extended.

Last year, as long as the financial network has participated in the 130 financial institutions, both domestic banks and financial investment companies, local branches of foreign banks.

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