Friday, March 31, 2017

SPC Group, ln Lilia merit points open

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] that SPC group is open to a casual Italian restaurant Dawley Lilia "merit points" said 31 days. Ln Lilia merit that took place in the neighborhood of 100 seats, Hyosung Harrington Square 'A Dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 2nd floor Gongdeok Station.

Ln Lilia merit points are operating as 'pub restaurant' concept to meet all of the family unit customers in and around the workers.

"Beef On The Stone ',' Royal kkareubonara", "seafood casserole Fuck Pinot Pasta ', which can be in addition to' Garden Bianca pizza, etc. ln Lilia representative Menu workers on lunch time to eat at a reasonable price" fan steak three kinds' sell.

In the evenings, you can enjoy with homemade beer or wine Buffalo Wings (8900 won), shrimp fry (8,900 won), etc. can taste a variety of the small plates menu and five kinds of homemade beer at the same time, empty the sampler (19,000), the sell.

Equipped even for the famous cloth commercial customers with ribs, rib fan steak (15,900 won), "Specialization for sale 'beef salad (15,000 won), only such merit that menu.

For the family unit customers' plump sausage pilaf (12,500 won), "operates the dongle, dongle meatball pasta (12,500 won), including a children's menu, and was equipped with a children's chair and a children's table set separately.

Ln Lilia said, "ln Lilia is riding a word of mouth equipped with 'pseudo non-Restaurant' to a reasonable price on the taste and quality is gaining popularity" and "will showcase the concept and marketing differentiated by the store's entry focused core commercial areas," he said .

Ln Lilia is an Italian casual restaurant where you can enjoy with the 'Grill (The Grill)' of Italian grilled on charcoal as a means wine gravy and grilled pizza and various pasta and steak and oven where you can enjoy the same flavor beer.

Last Since launching in 2008 Yangjae, Gwanghwamun points, SPC Square point, Itaewon points, including Shindorim D-Cube City Point, Eunpyeong Lotte moljeom, merit points, and operates a total of seven opened to sell wine and beer in the Gangnam SPC Square and IIA ' bar (bar) 'form of' bistro bar Dawley Lilia "has opened three operations.

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