Friday, March 31, 2017

4th Industrial Revolution right and need to expand investments in technology companies

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] At the turn of the 4th Industrial Revolution era of funds in the capital market growing ability is one trillion months pageupryeok of new technologies emerged opinions that need improvement.

According to the 31st Seoul Credit Rating & latest technology financial policy, as has started in earnest gotta create indirect financial center (banks loans) that credit rating reflects the company's technology skills (TCB) rating of South Korea companies. Whereas direct financing (investment type) did not have significant indirect financial scale.

Standing Sinpyeong Lee Jiyoung researchers diagnose and said, "The important point efficient capital allocation for excellent technology companies." "But today's funding environment for technology companies have any difficulties will fit a lot of development and commercialization of new technologies."

Korean technology companies have gotta limited funding means the central bank loans, financing from the capital market was vulnerable. Technology finance loan type accounted for 98.75%, dependence on indirect financing of SMEs has reached 99.6%.

TCB loans is expected to expand to 130 trillion won of its own technology through the introduction of a large bank rating system by 2019, while investment-type financial technology scale is not less than 1 trillion won in 2016 criteria.

In order to create an environment in which businesses can grow and have excellent technology funds vulnerable to financial technology companies take advantage of the technology assets it must be one trillion months. This means that you can receive timely supply of capital is needed when the technological experience a temporary liquidity crunch in excellent condition.

The document was presented Sinpyeong technology assessment bodies to cooperate with (WIPS) intellectual property (IP) Asset Securitization and evaluation linked to the serial investment.

The researchers "IP securitization has signed a license agreement for IP then transferred special-purpose corporation (SPC), and resolved by that securitization technology royalties receivable generated by them so that the consumer technology providers to recognize divergence problem with IP values ​​simultaneously there can be, "he explained.

Led by technology companies by securitization some royalty cash flow is confirmed information that enables financing through technology assets, such as patents.

Serial investment that enables the technology company conducted a restructuring assessment to receive capital supply and timely technology companies standing out that the funding from the capital markets through technology and investors to equity investments in the reasonable price on the excellent technology company a Sinpyeong side feedback.

From such researcher, he said "these investments synthetic structure when implemented become reasonable financing of technology companies available in the capital markets, will be a long-term investment culture which has excellent technology can grow to form" "Initially, the government funds it requires risk capital flows, "he said.

This is because you need time to build up confidence in the results of the market for technology assessment did not reflect directly on the existing market.

Standing Sinpyeong side if the government investment products, such as technical evaluation is reflected royalty bonds backed securities through guarantees and serial investments, subordinated investment, including for the securitization structure that can be distributed in the market, building up market confidence, risk capital, government revenue Earn money while he expected would be able to contribute to the voluntary market activation.

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