Friday, March 31, 2017

Shinhan geumtu, the first real estate fund IPO "Nine Tree 'below ... In 10000000000

Side [South Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporters] to the poor offer of this was high Shinhan BNPP Nine Tree Real Estate Investment Trust 'attention to the first real estate IPO Fund Shinhan Investment Shinhan was below the amount in determining its own equity investments for about 100 million.

31 days, according to the financial investment industry, Shinhan Investment has almost completed a 365 billion won recruits for the result of recruiting "Nine Tree Realty IPO Fund from the last 23 to 28 from a total of recruiting amount of 46.5 billion won about 100 billion won its own funds said the decision to put.

Than previously Aegis Asset Management and Korea Investment & Securities, one asset management, real estate IPO funds of Mirae Asset wanpan they came out somewhat different results.

"Nine Tree Premier Hotel" is a brand of professional Large Business Enterprise Montparnasse business hotel consists of a total of 408 rooms, located in Myeong-dong. Signed a long-term lease agreement with a total of 20 years of the scheme raised the minimum investment security through a guaranteed annual rent of 6 billion won, it is likely that investments Opening ceremony due to the recent situation of Saad and China.

"Nine Tree Realty IPO Fund is to complement the seven-year ban redemption fund type the minimum subscription amount is 5,000,000 won a total of 0.52%, lien fee of 2%. Expected rate of return is 5% a year.

Due to Saad Revenge of China in recent years, the hotel industry Duty sales were hit. For the Chinese tourists to be the main target customers of Myeongdong one business hotel was also close to the maximum 30% reduction.

Industry official said, "The recent real estate funds are popular, but other wanpan the funds were overseas real estate," he said.

In addition, the Nine Tree Fund explained that due to a side Shinhan Investment Shinhan conservative about investment risk rating is high risk with first-class development as such.

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