Friday, March 31, 2017

Prefectural Housing, Suncheon, Jeollanam-standing public rental apartment supply three 349

That [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] The Prefectural Housing Supply Public rental apartments in the 349 three Suncheon Jeonnam ohcheondong announced one 31 days.

Suncheon five thousand global block C1 'love' sub-picture apartment is composed of B1, the ground 12 to 20 layers, only the area 6 buildings 63㎡ 63 generations, 84㎡ 286 generation, total 349 generation.

Special offer is fed to the next month 5 days, 6 days General Supply 1 rankings, seven days a regular supplier goes second priority subscription receipt. Winner announcement is expected next month, 13 days subscription agreement winners are held in prefectural Suncheon Houses to 18-20 days.

Rental price exclusive area of ​​63㎡ monthly rent is 249,000 won to 67 million won deposit and rental, charter is 130 million won. Private area 84㎡ monthly rent is 364,000 won to 86 million won deposit lease, charter is 178 million won.

Suncheon five thousand districts will be built within the vast pond 0 won only Sunchon of 1,110,000 ㎡ given Fenugreek country garden 1 Country Gardens and residential district. 1 Water symbol of clean water flowing Suncheon took emitter Dongcheon by the river.

Here's one NH-Mart, E-Mart, supermarkets and traditional local markets such as Home Plus, of course, Mega Box, it is also convenient living facilities available such as Suncheon City Hall, Suncheon Hospital.

Occupancy is expected in September 2017.

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