Friday, March 31, 2017

Samsung and Hyundai Development Consortium, Dongnae Raemian I'Park half pre-sale

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] The pre-sale in the second half of the 'Dongnae Raemian I'Park, one of Samsung C & T and Hyundai Development Collaboration.

Samsung C & T has announced plans to embark on the 31st Raemian Dongnae Dongnae-gu, Busan I'Park general pre-sale on Hot 2-dong 855-2 Street one. According to Samsung C & T official pre-sale will be between November to December.

The consortium built by Samsung C & T and Hyundai Development apartment consists of 4 floors underground and 35 stories above ground, 32 buildings, a total of 3,853 households. This will be a regular pre-sale only 2490 households in 59 ~ 114㎡.

Pool just in order to increase the satisfaction of the residents, and will house a variety of community facilities such as a screen golf, a sauna, a guest room, kijeurum.

In particular, these apartments are conveniently used, and located in a traditional residential area of ​​Dongnae-gu, Busan is already well established transportation infrastructure life.

There is one of the best in the prestigious district of Busan Dongnae district, is also expected to attract close attention of parents with young children and hakwonga one of dongnae station.

In addition, there gotta build the Lotte Department ∙ Sajik Baseball Stadium ∙ Children's Grand Park ∙ Bokcheon Museum ∙ variety of life infrastructure, offices of cultural facilities, such as the Busan High Court ∙ Busan High Prosecutors' Office, including Jinjiang Botanical Gardens as well as shopping facilities, including Lotte Mart within 2km distance.

Occupancy date is September 2020 year.

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