Friday, March 31, 2017

Two gyohyeop, Korea Cyber ​​University of Foreign co-development courses open

To develop [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] jointly with the National Investor Education Council (Chairman hwangyounggi, less investment gyohyeop) Cyber ​​Korea University of Foreign Studies (President Kim Incheol) Financial Accounting Faculty in collaboration with 3 credits majors of 'Everyday Life Financial Investment' It was launched from the first semester of 2017.

This course is mostly workers of Cyber ​​Korea University of Foreign Students Special Cooperation Program can be through team teaching of the industry's top experts for a semester learning the basic knowledge and wise investment methodology for financial investment, financial and industrial stocks / It consists of bonds / derivatives / fund / securitized derivatives and investment products and investment strategies, retirement life design through asset management and pensions.

This course is a second grade class and the number of students and courses, each professor of expertise is not boring for a week by describing the student's eye level, regardless of the grade, but fresh and evaluation of the students of informative subjects.

Faculty of investment gyohyeop Lee Heunggeun Senior Research Fellow of the course "students has led the real questions about the financial investment was wonder in everyday life," he says, "that help to multiply and manage the assets required for current and old yeoseo interesting lecture with learning enthusiasm is very high, "he said.

In addition, two gyohyeop plans to continue expanding the Academic (産 學) linking the college financial education to be held within two to three times a semester offline lectures to hear directly from experts in the financial market issues, in addition to online courses.

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