Friday, March 31, 2017

Interest rates rose only tteoleojineunde, mortgages

All [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] lending and deposit rates of banks last month showed a downward trend. But of household loan mortgage interest rates showed an upward trend yieogan.

Bank of Korea on the 30th released by the look "of the February 2017 financial institutions weighted average interest rate, mortgage rates last month, deposit money banks (hereinafter referred to as the reference newly extended) 1 rose 0.03% points (p) than on an annual 3.19% .

Mortgage lending was 7 months consecutive rise since July last year rose from 2.66% to 2.70% in August. February figure is the highest level in two years since Feb 2015 (3.24%).

Among the additional rate hikes of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) it showed the US central bank is expected long-term market interest rates rise in the country. Total household lending rate of banks was 0.01% p a slight decline from the previous month to 3.38%. Albeit in household lending is only six months since August last year.

Each group got off loans 0.02% p, for example, savings, loans are 0.04% p General credit fell 0.05% p. Fixed-rate share of household loans in banks last month was 1.5% p higher than the previous month to 40.1%.

Decline in corporate lending was greater than household loans. Corporate lending rates are 0.11%, 0.06% is more than in January fell 3.49% p conglomerates (3.09%) p, SME (3.75%) and 0.04% p, respectively fell.

Last month, the bank received the savings interest rate fell 0.02% p to 1.49% fell for two consecutive months. Regular deposit interest rate fell 0.03% p to 1.44%.

Deposit ratio of the product of interest is greater than or equal to 2.0% was only 0.1%. Of the total lending rate (3.45%) of the bank and deposit interest rate difference was reduced to 0.04% in January than 1.96% p p. Deposit rate of non (非) bank institutions and climbed substantially, except for savings banks. Credit cooperatives also climbed 0.04% p, 0.02% p, respectively were 0.03% p to 2.03% rise mutual financial and community credit cooperatives. While the savings banks fell 0.01% to 2.11% p.

If the interest rate savings banks, but low 0.39 percent since last month to 11.36% p Community Credit climbed 0.10% p to 4.02%.

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