Friday, March 31, 2017

Releases, finance, technology and export fused conference held

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Credit Guarantee Fund will hold a financial, technology and export fused conference.

Releases said 31 days had held the 3rd Financial Technology ‧ ‧ exports convergence business meeting in Thurs the 30th Seoul Garden Hotel to target small and medium-sized ventures ‧ CEO and employees with Seoul National University, KOTRA.

"4th industrial revolution! Opening the future of the global Jiangsu enterprise The conference held under the theme of 'is the event SMEs, this provided a joint three institutions to seek financing, Export Development Listening and solutions to matters having difficulties in the field areas .

The event includes institutional main job description followed tailored professional one that targets more than 100 companies involved in: That was the theme of one-site consultation, 4th Industrial Revolution, small businesses and future challenges' with also special lecture at Seoul National gimjanggil Professor .

Releases officials "held a fusion consultations with domestic leading professional organization for SMEs to respond proactively to the changing business environment, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution" and "the future growth of SMEs convergence ‧ through complex linking the support of the relevant agencies It said it will continue to faithfully serve the stepping stone. "

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