Friday, March 31, 2017

Internet Shinhan Life Insurance, Pay as 'cacao pay'

Introducing [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Life Insurance Easy Payment Service "page cacao 'to increase the payment convenience of the Internet insurance customers subscribe directly announced on 31.

"Cacao and pay is based on KakaoTalk it signed up more than 42 million people easy payment services.

This simple internet clients to join Shinhan Life Insurance to pay the introduction of the premium payment is possible only easy payment password you entered is registered in 'cacao and pay no cumbersome procedure for entering the card or bank account information.

Internet insurance can sign up to your PC or mobile and can be joined in an "exciting bout 'services available in mobile app representatives of Shinhan Bank, cards, investment banking, life.

Shinhan Life Insurance offers a range of benefits for customers using the Internet insurance.

Jehyucheo customers such as Shinhan Financial Group Tops Club Premier is a 5 percent premium discount after the 2nd of protection-type insurance. Through Shinhan FAN Club Rewards Service integration of Shinhan Financial Group from 1 up to 60 percent of the time premium you can earn a "My Shinhan points.

Shinhan Life Insurance is committed to providing services and products with the customer's point of view, such as a service that is fun and easy guide as counseling for term insurance, insurance claims outside Flick procedures.

Said, "have built a service-based for the digital environment, which last year established the digital department to introduce a biometric authentication service first in the industry," said "in the future by incorporating new digital technology, customer-focused non-face-to-face service Shinhan Life digital strategy team officials the plan to provide in order, "he said.

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