Friday, March 31, 2017

BC Card Chae Jongjin President "to strengthen the platform dominated the global market."

"I will lead the global market as well as strengthening domestic competitiveness variety of platforms," ​​[Korea's financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Chae Jongjin BC Card President said.

Chae Jongjin president told reporters at the inauguration of President was held in the head office of BC Card in the last 30 days. Wednesday BC Card held a shareholders' meeting and the board of directors and was elected as the new president Chae Jongjin CEO.

Chae Jongjin said "the advent of the digital era, while the financial and new businesses in a variety of industries are entering the payment market," he said, "would have helped to enhance the competitiveness of member companies and clients using the BC Card".

It also emphasized the importance of differentiated marketing platform.

While the president is "domestic, we need to strengthen customer loyalty with differentiated marketing platform with built convenient payment environment" and "Indonesia, technology leadership in competitiveness and pin-tech sectors in the global market had promoted and recognized overseas, including China a must go to secure, "he said.

Chae Jongjin president proposed a plan to 'economies of scope' and 'strategic investment' two strategies for achieving them. And at the same time expand the scope of BC Card and adjacent areas, and ensuring the Breakthrough and the new growth engine for the aggressive investment plans that successfully promoted the next generation system that can flexibly adapt to future changes in market and business.

Through a step further bound to cooperate and spread of a fair corporate culture in various fields to help with the KT group it said it would make every effort to ensure that all employees can be a fun company to work.

Chae Jongjin president, graduated from Kyungpook National University electrical engineering in 1961, born and had served as the first incident after the enterprise communications business division, Enterprise Business Consulting Division, KT Telecop CEO of the KT 1986 years, there bar serving as 2015 BC Card Sales Executive Division .

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