Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Shipbuilding orders ... three months consecutive negative growth outlook is still

But ships orders in the domestic shipbuilding industry [Korea hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing - For the third consecutive month year-on-year increase this year, the prospects are coming out negative. Shaken Business iteoseoda reliability due to a reduction in the order backlog decreased dramatically compared to new orders.

4 days, according to the Korean shipping market analysts Clarkson Research in the UK in March ship orders in one month domestic shipbuilding industry is 140,000 CGT (standard freight tonnage), increased 27.3% compared to record year earlier 110,000 CGT (6 units) to 7 did.

In the last January and February it increased 330,000 CGT (7 units), 420,000 CGT each period to 1550% from the order of (8), such as year, 667%. Thanks to the first quarter of the domestic shipbuilding industry orders were up 345% compared to 890 000 CGT 20 tons (9) the previous year (22).

However, despite an increase in new orders and still negative outlook it continues. This is because the business stability shaken by size in order to plunge the weak performance of the global market recovery.

Clarkson Research in March to contain significant reduction in orders ship worldwide market recovery is not analyzed as sluggish 0.3 May one month ship orders worldwide is 850,000 CGT · 53 chuck March last year 1.52 million CGT · 55 compared to 44.1 the chuck % it declined. 1 increased by 27.7%, 216.9% respectively compared to the same month last year and February, but it is bent upward.

Ilgam of a clear signal of improved market conditions continue to decline also does not appear to. Backlog of domestic shipbuilding industry (the remaining ilgam) posted a 17.67 million, down 720,000 CGT CGT compared to the previous month. After showing the last March 2003, 17.34 million CGT hit lowest level in 13 years. In the country than the order backlog dwijyeotda (CGT 12,723), China, Japan (only the CGT 1858).

Kim Gwangsu Korea Valuation Valuation expert members companies and 'major Korean shipbuilders were last year, operating profit was successful but the turnaround, which the aftermath of the structural adjustment' was largely business stability decreases due to rapid reduction of the backlog of the orders cliff 'said It explained.

Korea Ratings has downgraded the credit ratings of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in the last three days. In particular, Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has fallen to 'BBB + / Negative "investment rating.

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