Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Woori Bank, "wibi pin Tech Lab 2 group 'launched

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] We had a bank (Bank yigwanggu) has been completed in the past three days Pin-tech start-up incubator centers 'wibi pin Tech Lab' 2 groups selected and announced officially inaugurated four days.

February recruiting receipt received, on March 1st document review and secondary presentations and around 13 judges are final selection through interviews, multi-layered inspection of the business value that participation targets pre-founder and one-person businesses did.

2 starter with start-up companies △ ㈜ more coders (Digital Image Coding) group, △ ㈜ M. Lobo (IR curation), △ ㈜ ELFIN (location-based authentication), △ turns on (direct debit platform), △ ㈜ tri World a total of five such holdings (vehicle repair warranty platform). Use of office space and related facilities free of charge in the future provide up to one year and will receive a variety of support programs and financial / IT education, patent / legal advice and consulting, IT systems, both domestic and foreign investors association.

Woori Bank official said, "the general case of small ventures Founder other companies and technology partnerships and work even sleeping partnership as well as be easy to meet collide with the various institutional / financial constraints founder difficult it is realistic to concentrate on development", "made hard it will helped idea will provide a wide range of collaboration and support through pin-Tech Lab wibi aims to succeed in attracting investment and entrepreneurship in the year, further development of the mutually beneficial relationship between the pin-tech and financial sector, "he said.

On the other hand, 'wibi pin Tech Lab' was last August was established in Seoul Yeongdeungpo material to about 100 pyeong, venture capital / 15 dogs mentor institution, attracting the government's one-person enterprises business center business' corporate / domestic Accelerator since the open-equipped to specify such a systematic start-up support environmental groups have welcomed two this year.

Last year, the selection pin Tech Lab 1 group companies have big data, Robo adviser, artificial intelligence, such as a total of seven companies in the sector, through the development process of moving in time-to-market by six cases of commercial service today, the external investment of approximately 2.5 billion won to attract and which signed a cooperation agreement, including 21 cases of services to achieve business success and high earnings mean that. In particular, substantially such that we promote our banking and card association as a platform to develop business partnerships and product offerings, global marketing plan and it continues the specific partnership.

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