Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Seoul apartment transaction price exceeded the average first 600 million won

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] surpassed the 600 million won for the first time, the average sale price of apartments in Seoul.

4 days, according to the house price trend of KB Kookmin Bank, three of the end of the Seoul average sale price of apartments is aggregated 600.17 million won rose 1.56 to 598.61 million won in February, the National Bank since December 2008 started the investigation for the first time it surpassed the 6 billion.

Seoul apartment prices fell from 2008 to last until the second half of the average sale price 400 million in 2013 while maintaining the 5 billion won in 2010. The sale price to rebound in the wake of the real estate market, the government announced easing of August 2014 and in May 2015 continued the upward trend since the restoration of the 500 million won for a recently surpassed 600 million won.

Apartment gap between Seoul and the provinces are getting going. The average sale price of apartments nationwide totaled 319.49 million won by a half of the city. The average sale price of apartments 6 metropolitan cities except Seoul was counted as 200 million won.

Real estate experts are looking forward to the possibility that interest rates will rise, and the only possibility of house prices to rise even more lower total supply area of ​​Seoul and supply is limited, it is rebuilt apartments in Gangnam area issues rise somewhat compared to other regions.

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