Monday, April 24, 2017

Convenience stores 30,000 times ... Heoyeonsu the GS25 'infinite transformation'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] heoyeonsu repeatedly turns on the GS Retail's CEO-led transformation GS25 convenience store and has floated the seungbusu of the "Life hybrid convenience stores.

24-hour convenience store is not going to melt gotman move naturally in everyday life is simply selling products to widen the area from the electric vehicle charging station to banking services, same-day delivery.

GS25 is being transformed into the most active. Delivery of the last 11 days GS25 'post box' has launched a new concept of service delivery convenience, the same day delivery, with quick delivery company hotline. If you are registered on the day of delivery to the customer hotline GS25 is a quick visit to the store pick-up the product and proceed with the delivery within two hours. From the time it registered customers in all regions of Seoul it was built through the system to 4 ~ shipping is done between 7 hours.

The day of completion of the reception on weekdays at 4:00 pm GS25 courier arrived 7 hours and up to my (Seoul), 4:00 pm Since there are not shipped the next business day 11:00 am. Saturday is the only day courier delivery receipt before 12 pm and can only be accepted with no holidays or Sunday delivery or pick-up and delivery on the next business day. Prices are up to 30% cheaper up to 6,000 won from 9,000 won kkajida compared to conventional quick-service. GS25 and post boxes are introducing the same day courier services in 102 stores gu (RO · · Nonhyeon Shrine).

Another representative Huh plans to ensure that the national GS25 be offline banking platform. GS Retail cider partner and the main scan K Bank.

GS25 is also a shareholder of a bank, an Internet professional K Bank has also turned into a financial platform.

Nationwide 10000 provides benefits that are exempt from fees if the input and withdrawal and transfer from ATM (CD) of the GS25 to the card issued to customers opening bank accounts and debit cards Kay in 1,000 stores. Prior GS25 has also introduced a 'cash withdrawal services.

Now that GS25 is being tested, cash withdrawal service 'is the cash withdrawal function we check the mount (IC) card, the amount (1 day maximum 100,000 won too) customers want and buy from GS25 to a 10,000 won units It is to withdraw the service.

The service, together with our bank proceeds from the retail store 3 GS headquarters, Montparnasse Tower, Parque points or small that the system construction has been completed. GS25 is a plan to increase until June 29 to store the service test.

Another GS25 has completed construction of the facility first store in June last year, a convenience store electric charge. GS25 is planning to expand the plant to build electric car charging nationwide GS25 and GS Supermarket in line with the start of electric vehicle charging convenience store in one of seogwi cannon that island, as well as regional electric distribution trends. Rival CU, which had launched a "karaoke convenience store.

Also Dongsung CU Buckeye Park Branch will also support the street performers for amateur musicians. CU virtues University student union that was also provided dressing room and powder room in the store. If the CU Pyeongchang, Phoenix Plaza Center Point is a convenience store that sells scooping times.

Eleven compositions were able to listen to classical music to a convenience store laundry unattended operating system introduced jungyimyeo in Yongsan-gu, Seoul wideumi point of art in the space provided in the store with the theme of "classic flowing convenience store. Henan Star Field wideumi has also introduced a customer chooses to make a lunch dish directly to the service Bob convenience store building.

According to the Korea Association of Convenience Stores industry last year, the domestic convenience store market showed a rapid growth of 18.6% than the 17.2 trillion won in 2015 to 20.4 trillion won. It is estimated that nationwide convenience store can also topped more than 32,600. The industry is observed that 32,000 or more will in the context of the convenience store where sales more sales traction through the store can be extended through the evolution of the platform to enjoy sales growth effects. Further evaluation is holding his head it is time to get out of deseo deulmyeo convenience store market has entered the saturation focus on store openings enlarged.

The actual reason for convenience they provide an opportunity to experience a wide range of services and has only recently begun together according to the convenience store market is growing explosively.

This is the judgment was like growing and aging population of one-person households affected, the industry naturally to customers while creating an opportunity to experience a variety of layers leads to a purchase. Number of stores is only pushed the CU GS25 seemed to look with the results compared to profit last year introduced a sustainable living complex service improvement.

Was recorded last year, sales of 5.6027 trillion won, operating profit of 213.2 billion won in the GS25, which respectively increased 20.4% and 13.1% more than in 2015. 1st CU revenue 4000000009414 eokwa operating profit posted a 197 billion won. The GS25 performance, but the end of the lead companies in the last three numbers of the reference CU stores 11 273, GS25 has led a fierce struggle to put one convenience store industry top spot 11,223 pieces.

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