Monday, April 24, 2017

Hyundai Department Store, the store server 15 '1st Holiday Fair

The rush to the massive promotions [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Hyundai Department Store has a variety of promotions for the client's right to a family Golden Week in May.

First, Mokdong will come and open the '1st Holiday Fair from the 24th to the 7th of next month. A total of 100 billion won in the travel-related goods such as shoes, outdoor, swimsuit, Rash Guards sell 10-60% discount. The event has involved more than 30 leisure sports brand such as Nike, Adidas, North Face, Arena.

The main event of the '1st Holiday Fair will be held from 24 days 30 days 1 day, outdoor windshield exhibition, "May open up' Shoes & Rash Guards halinjeon 'held up to 7 days from May 3 to 7 days' Kipling is a synthesis exhibition such as travel bags.

In Pangyo that opens the "Family Lifestyle Fair at the first basement acting president until next month 5 days from the 1st of next month. Tommy Hayden Hill event, speakers, kids, such as ro-ro Shah sells more than 30 brands in the children participating in the Feb. products from 20 to 40 percent discount.

The proceeds of "family gift sangpumjeon 'at the same place from the 6th until the 7th of next month. Event, sells more than 40 brands, including women's fashion, shoes, men's fashion, Accessories Feb. products involved 20% to 60% discount. Each store is also open event for the family unit customers. Trade Center that showcases the 3M scale model of the castle with the 5th of next month 'maekpo Chalmers' the children from the two-day 10th floor culture hall from the 6th toy brands. The presentation face painting, free popcorn in the same period of the 11th floor sky garden, and clown goes for events such as balloon art presented.

Pangyo point, we go as a character parade Abby Choo, Robocar polyester, golden mirror, the top ttobot Town Musicians of Bremen, parade, children's garden on the 5th floor of the family's favorite month from the 1st to the 5th order.

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