Monday, April 24, 2017

Kwon Ohjun President reappointed by performing responded

Kwon Ohjun took the POSCO chairman (pictured), while one quarter of the year [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] record "performance hit" two feet "Flower street" march. The second quarter is also the dominant view that the robust performance such that the average selling price of steel products expected to continue rising.

◇ 1 youngeopik quarter, 1.365 trillion won

POSCO's 1Q11 operating profit this year (consolidated) reported a "earnings surprise" significantly exceeds industry expectations. 1Q11 operating profit of 1 trillion POSCO naetneunde that the 365 billion won a year earlier, which is a high-scale (659.8 billion won) against more than doubled (705.2 billion won).

In the industry to evaluate and improve value-added products and expand sales overseas subsidiaries, including non-steel construction division led to earnings 1Q11.

First, POSCO high value-added steel (hereinafter referred to as WP) 'share of sales grew by 8.9% points from 53.4% ​​the previous year represents the year (44.5%) in the first quarter. Exports also recorded a 47.5% rate. POSCO said, "was a surge in sales of raw materials rise in sales on the rise." Earnings of foreign steel corporation POSCO E & C, POSCO also has a wide smile. POSCO E & C, which recorded an operating loss of 359.5 billion won last year's fourth quarter was to achieve an operating profit in the first quarter of 1345 one hundred million won this year 'turnaround'.

International contributed to the leading steel corporation earnings also improved, operating profit increased substantially. Operating profit of the Chinese stainless steel production subsidiary Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel and POSCO Maharashtra, India Cold subsidiaries are recorded respectively 41.7% and 80% to 52 billion won and 38.7 billion won from the previous quarter.

Park Jongguk Kiwoom Researchers estimate as a "POSCO's 1Q11 earnings are much higher than've been whilst expected," said "Our upgraded to strong performance of the steel part of POSCO, International Steel Corporation to profitability enlarged according to the raw materials rise times (operating profit of 1.2 trillion won) recorded a 13.8% higher than the performance, "he explained.

Joe Morrison (Joe Morrison) Moody's vice president and analyzed that "the first quarter of higher earnings, POSCO has achieved a significant improvement thanks to the steel and non-steel businesses even performance."

◇ hosiljeok expectations throughout the year

Steel sector expansion and profitable turnaround of POSCO E & C, POSCO has proposed a 'rosy outlook. 1Q11 "earnings surprises" are expected effect will continue into the second quarter. In particular, it pointed to the steel raw material prices rise aftermath of the week the average selling price reasons.

Park Hyeonuk HMC Investment Securities researcher said, "Separate operating profit POSCO second quarter of the first quarter and estimated at 836.7 billion won, up 5 percent more (795.4 billion won)," said, "because the first quarter will increase the average selling price of the raw material prices" said. He added that "thanks to the strong first half performance is expected to increase by 22%, POSCO 3000000000000 note of the separate operating profit of 233 billion won this year from the previous year," said "the prospect of the first quarter figures reflected strong performance."

Also backed by earnings growth of POSCO. Construction of POSCO, considering the base effect of last year, operating losses 'turnaround' is an analysis would significantly contribute to the profitable expansion in the future, POSCO Group.

Joe Morrison (Joe Morrison) Moody's Vice President, said, "There is a possibility appears to have favorable for the steel parts to continue slowing performance based on internal and external requirements, first quarter earnings of POSCO E & C will become a major force in the future profits zoom", "POSCO Construction is expected to benefit from the low base effect of last year due to the massive loss, "he said.

On the other hand, the appearance turned the day in one breath prosecutors concluded the tipping Posco to 'victim' for the 'choesunsil Gate' which was pointed out cases of Achilles Chairman Kwon Ohjun 2 groups. Prosecutors Special Investigation Division is announcing the last 17 days' choesunsil gate "investigation results" Park Geun-hye President and choesunsil, anjongbeom former presidential adjustment policy chief to let POSCO established the fencing team to give the operating rights to The Blue Kay choesunsil operations was misconduct, "he stipulated that the President POSCO night before the abuse victims.

Volume president since late last year when a gate trigger choesunsil albeit nakma but possibly also mentioned it succeeded in March last reappointed in recognition of management skill that improves business performance.

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