Friday, April 21, 2017

Jin Ungseop Chapter FSS, Bank Meeting "to strengthen the internal control management."

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were ordered to strengthen internal controls in place Jin Ungseop the Financial Supervisory Service (photo) met with the CEO.

21 days I am open Shinhan, Kookmin, one, etc. We in 15 breakfast meeting with bankers Jin Ungseop ledger "Each bank strengthened subcontractor management for accident prevention and customer damage prevention, or more transactions Detection System (FDS) operational improvements, He emphasized the will to pay special significance such as customer guidance.

It pointed out recently in connection with security is vulnerable to a subcontractor and theft, information leakage incidents in the target operating automation devices (ATM), caused a foreign deny withdrawals accidents due to negligence FDS operating practices.

Since the start of full-fledged Internet sales of specialized banks Kay bank hyeotda table also concerns regard the competition online banking overheating.

Jin Ungseop ledger that can lead to excessive promotions or incomplete sales related to as "online banking market share, etc. can cause excessive customer recruitment in a competitive process among banks act or incomplete sales, etc. unsound business practices for the 'said' customers recruited in each bank than short-term performance-oriented competition, such as allocation results in the desired direction, such as enhancing financial benefits users should be innovation, financial spread 'he said.

Another was also advised "indiscriminate recovery 'refrain of shipbuilding loans.

Jin Ungseop Director'd take a look to reclaim the overall operating conditions are difficult two euros and uniform, without sufficient consideration of the financial situation of the relevant partners and shipbuilders loans indiscriminately in the shipbuilding sector carefully in banks to avoid financial difficulties the company the thing 'was requested.

Household debt related to Jin Ungseop ledger "in April, seasonally adjusted, pre-sale orders increases such as household lending growth is a concern to grow again after" saying, "in the advanced enhancing bank soundness and goddesses examination dimensional depth of household debt management plan prepared himself Bank It should be a consistent risk management, implementation and smooth introduction of the DSR (total repayment capacity ratio), and urged.

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