Friday, April 21, 2017

Shinhan Card, hold 'Connected Car Partner Conference

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Card has held the 'Connected Car Partner Conference, along with the 20th Hannam-dong, Seoul, LG U + Building refurbishment, GS Caltex, ohwin in.

4 including Shinhan Card Company, which had signed an MOU for March Connected Car Commerce Promotion.

This conference will explain the Connected Car Commerce to promote the Shinhan card Connected Car-commerce market to build market early and active jarida to attract large companies as partners.

The event was held as a program of the franchise, retail, automotive and so on more than 200 companies participated in the center Connected Car market outlook, business presentations, Q & A, including application partners.

Shinhan Card said, "drive-thru stores jyeotneunde known to be high around about 40% in sales compared to regular stores, merchants have joined the Connected Car Commerce is to get the effect is not as good as with a drive-through facility with a handy takeaway service It is expected to be "and" will be said to be in the country in close cooperation with the Connected car commerce as a partner to get started convenient for customers to provide a safe and secure payment services. "

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