Friday, April 21, 2017

Gimbyeongwon NACF Chairman encouraged the Central, NH after Agricultural Bank of new subscription sales

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) 20 days for Agriculture and for Nongshim marketing practices for Rural Support Agricultural Economics business in connection with use performance and financial instruments preferential conditions' NH 農 心 - Heart acorns in the farmers, launched a Savings' announced on Tuesday.

'NH 農 心 - heart passbook, savings of the farmer' is NH NH fill one 農 心 results (Agricultural Economics workplace using performance) In this case, the teller type passbook subscribers during the monthly average more than 150,000 won various financial fees paid by credit, debit card, Savings for subscribers to provide preferential interest rates of up to 0.4% p.

Specific items recognized 農 心 earnings △ cooperatives created agricultural support center designation foster 强 小農 · Future agricultural management body Procurement △ cooperatives a market Procurement △ Agricultural one-Mart Procurement △ Agricultural Moguchon Procurement △ Agricultural ginseng Hansamin Procurement △ farmers It consists of information to inspire an interest in the promotion and sales of our agricultural produce excellent results in such newspapers.

NH Agricultural Bank is to earn public funding for product sales (annual cup) '强 小農 · Future agricultural management body upbringing (four) rural loved nationwide Headquarters for the business to support the 0.02% in cooperatives created Agricultural Center of Federation of Is expected.

Gimbyeongwon NH Central President also visited the branch on the product release date - subscribe to the 'NH 農 心 heart passbook, savings of farmers "and" heart passbook, savings of farmers sparked our interest in agriculture and agricultural customers simple financial transactions just "he said" products that can help farmers cooperatives will continue, said it would pay a company-wide effort to increase farmers' income and improve rural welfare. "

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