Friday, April 21, 2017

[Real Talk] grossing assurance yeoksegwon development, investment Growing

A [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] came yeoksegwon Development Zone plugged into box-office certified check expected to solidify its position as the market leader pre-sale.

Yeoksegwon development is not simply improved only traffic environment. Because it is located in a traffic-based Sanya housing, education, health, tourism, culture, commerce and leisure, such as multi-functional business complex is subjected, with expansion.

Including infrastructure such as roads and parks are being established throughout also equipped with various types of commercial and cultural facilities. Like residential district is transformed into a highly organized and planned luxury urban convenience, yet comfortable enough to be promoted. If the consumer to yeoksegwon development projects finish higher affinity than City.

Yeoksegwon development zone to improve traffic conditions, as well as convenience is increasing even deongdalah residential preferences. As the demand for housing in the district Molly ran aimlessly also apartments in this area.

One opening in 2016, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Suseo around the apartments was investigated by the surging price for a short period of time. According to KB Real Estate quotes Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, one apartment prices are formed in April price of 29.14 million won per current 3.3㎡. It is two years ago, prices rose 33.8% more than 20,780,000 won.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Rail Network Authority, etc. while chujinkiro search yeoksegwon development projects in the past 2015 flower color Susaek-dong in Seoul Eunpyeong one real estate market is in the air. Susaek-dong one apartment prices rose by 13.0% (12.18 million won → 1376 million) in two years.

Ownership also rose significantly. The land portion of the actual transaction, according to data Ownership Gyeonggi Province Gwangmyeong yeoksegwon light district in 'gwangmyeongyeok Park Jai' has been attached to the deal premium of about 1 billion. This past February, this apartment-type 84A (21 floors) was traded at 542.63 million won. Given that the sale price of 440 million won was jutaekhyeong the price level rose about 1 billion.

Where the development goes yeoksegwon pre-sale is a booming market. Last October, Daewoo E & C is a pre-sale 'second major regional town Prugio "Choji-dong in Ansan was recorded in the first rank of fierce competition offer an average of 19.5-to-1. The apartments are expected to directly benefit the gallery yeoksegwon development. Last year, Feb. Alumni construction recorded the highest competition of the 'new city of Ulsan KTX alumni gutmoninghil' 10.6-to-1 also supplied to Ulsan Ulsan KTX stations, and finished the offer accepted in the first rank.

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