Friday, April 21, 2017

Our cards, five months of home May Progress 'exhibition, event'

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] We must proceed with the gift card sweepstakes and exhibitions in wibi market for parents and children of the right assumed the month of May.

Gifts Exhibition is open sequentially as a theme. The exhibition goes mobile coupons, including two months beginning on the 17th Children's Day gift for the 24th exhibition in the Mother's Day gift, 29 Coffee & Bakery.

Next month, 8 days leads food and kitchen supplies, 15th, summer shoes, 22 Summer appliances exhibitions, all exhibition will continue from the beginning until the end of the following month.

In particular, the May weekend, one month're ready also charged our card 7% discount events, using our card at checkout to enjoy a more affordable shopping.

There is also a variety of sweepstakes ready for market purchase. Through a lottery wibi target market customers who buy a product from more than 20,000 won △ LG refrigerator signatures (one) △ presents a stylus Tromso (2 patients).

Event presented the same period, new subscribers come △ LG Electronics Red TV (1 people) △ Market reserves 10,000 won (1,000 people) over the draw for customers also goes together.

For more info, including exhibitions and events can be found at wibi Market website.

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