Friday, April 21, 2017

SK Lubricants, a 3% fuel economy improvement 'SK ZIC X9 FS' release

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] SK Lubricants has announced on the 20th that launched the fuel economy compared to a conventional 100% improvement over 3% synthetic advanced Yun Hwalyu products 'SK ZIC X9 FS'. SK ZIC 'FS' of the X9 FS means 'fuel consumption (Fuel Saving)'.

This product has met the latest standards of ACEA C2 and A5-related fuel efficiency of advanced European Yun Hwalyu market. A5 grade high fuel efficiency and engine protection, C2 grade means that the function equipped to extend the life of the apparatus after the reduce fuel usage.

ACEA ratings in Europe and the United States to apply a higher standard than API Test grading system known in the existing and proposed standards for engine oils objective assessment reflects the views of car manufacturers. SK ZIC X9 FS is giving by meeting two standards at the same time, reducing the burden on to consumers in the engine oil selection.

In terms of performance, price jinyeotda discriminatory competitive compared to existing products. Despite the high production of 100% synthetic Yun Hwalyu it was applied to the prices that are significantly different from conventional pure oil. SK Lubricants is a plan to increase customer satisfaction drivers for 'SK ZIC X9 FS' by allowing the use of high-performance products at prices not higher.

SK Lubricants official said, " 'ZIC X9 FS''re satisfied with the latest standards recommended by the domestic and foreign markets, domestic and imported essential products for both new and the driver," "future, SK Lubricants ahead of changes in market customers provide the required products before and said we will do our best to maximize customer satisfaction. "

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