Friday, April 21, 2017

Park Jinsu LG Chem Vice Chairman 520 shares of treasury purchases ... Add enhance responsible management moves

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] Park Jinsu LG Chemical and Vice President (picture) to purchase an additional 520 shares Treasury shares (143,260,000 won in size) in six months, enhanced responsible management. He carried a total of 11 times in the last share buyback in 2010.

LG Chem has posted the 20th Vice President said the foil purchase treasury shares 520 shares. Acquisition cost is 275,500 won per share, Pak Vice President to hold treasury shares 6,877 shares with this purchase was acquired a stake of 0.01%.

The business community sees the night exposed vice president responsible for the management commitment once again with this purchase. But the overall performance, including breakthrough LG Chem's 1Q12 quarter revenue 6 trillion won last cell business (10 billion won in 2016 operating losses) will have to slow to price declines this night vice is interpreted as a spiral in share prices defenses through the share buyback . Price LG Chem 27 9000 man source (20 days) with a decline of about 15% in the last situation 32 million.

In addition to the night and vice sonokdong LG Chem, based materials business, general manager (CEO) was also the 20th number of treasury shares 910 shares. Total cost of one hand the president is spending 250,750,000 won

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