Friday, April 21, 2017

Hyundai, "Good aengut child care, six months acquired the exclusive license

[Gimseunghan financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai has obtained the exclusive right to use the children's insurance is' Good aengut children INSURANCE.

By acquiring the exclusive license Hyundai other insurers have been unable to sell a similar product for six months.

Of Hyundai 'Good aengut children INSURANCE "Health care is a service that provides thermal management and prevention information for the child, was recognized for providing differentiated services" hurts our children. "

"It hurts our children 'will also open the real-time status information about the heating to the city and nine units, such as a program to provide customized management information in accordance with the heating condition and symptoms of the Spirit, infant, through big data analysis provided in the form.

Hyundai Baek Gyeongtae manager "Hyundai has been leading the children's insurance market, and continues to strive for enhanced product competitiveness and customer satisfaction," he said.

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