Wednesday, April 26, 2017

KT-Ericsson to test 5G interoperability with Nokia and Pyeongchang 'first' success

[Gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Korea] KT is Ericsson, has successfully linked the Nokia equipment and terminals 5G 5G trial for the 2018 Pyeongchang said Monday.

KT made a successful trial in February 5G line 616 for May 2018 show a global manufacturer and Pyeongchang Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 5G standards as official communications partner. After doing our best efforts to succeed in the 5G data transmission for the first time, and Samsung in October '16.

The 5G interoperability testing took place 24, 25 days at the Nokia headquarters in Finland and Ericsson's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

KT and Ericsson, Nokia has succeeded in connecting the global manufacturers have developed new 5G terminals in such a test "Pyeongchang 5G standards, based on each company's 5G network equipment, Intel developed.

This is the first time succeeded to each other to transmit to other manufacturers made smooth data from 5G network of equipment and the terminal.

The advantage of this time that the terminal 5G 5G technologies for the final version (Version) as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang for 5G trial demonstrate practically reached the final stage, KT said.

Oh Seongmok KT network division president "showcase in Pyungchang 5G trial stability and multiple services, system, device manufacturers between interworking is to be verified in advance" and, in the "Pyungchang 5G pilot through the cooperation of the Ericsson and Nokia Networks It said it would be out at the same time increasing the maturity leading the development of technology for the successful commercialization of 5G. "

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