Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NH Agricultural Bank, the second half of the mobile service open WM

The [Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] NH Agricultural Bank starts as early as the non-face-to-face based Asset Management (WM) build service channel in September.

According to the 26th Agricultural Bank, Agricultural Bank is the ongoing development work for the coming September-October wealth management services' e-WM services "(tentative name) open.

Agricultural Bank of Internet banking Web (web) with smart mobile banking application (app) is the content of the new financial instruments market within the Asset Management "menu.

Agricultural Bank officials said, will build retirement assets, design, investment portfolio, suggesting a non-face-to-face marketing channel leading to the product subscription.

Agricultural Bank presented the 'NH All100 plan "designed to retire the brand focuses on the" retirement planning and asset management specialization, one of this year's focus on business. Agricultural Bank had built a 'All100 plan tablet system' for retirement planning to visit in January, the third wolen 'All100 Plan Lounge specializes in retirement planning consultation decided to expand the existing 202 to 870 nationwide branches.

Of non-face-to-face with banks Asset management services are the 'My Money KB, the KB Kookmin Bank. An app that shows you all the information scattered assets, including savings, insurance, stock screen. It is also associated, as well as financial information, real estate, automotive information.

Robo Advisors in 'em portfolio (M Folio)' App of Shinhan Bank recommended to receive the asset management portfolio, a number of products from the portfolio of a few clicks, you can sign up for one.

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